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Chapter 532 - A Peaceful Way

In Poison Fang Swamp, players from Herb Garden, Misty Castle, Tyrannical Ambition, Samsara, Excellent Dynasty, Blue Brook Guild, Blossom Valley, and Void Walk wandered around on the lookout.

The guilds discovered the boss at different times. The first guild to see the boss weren’t stupid, but they couldn’t kill the boss in time. After the other guilds noticed the boss, the first guild immediately gave up on attacking the boss and the situation resulted in a deadlock.

None of the eight guilds dared to act rashly. They were naturally waiting for their guild leaders to make a decision. A Level 65 wild boss wasn’t a small matter. The guild leaders personally set out to handle it.

When the eight guild leaders gathered together, they felt somewhat awkward. Even though they were still competitors, everyone had gotten closer due to recent events. The guild leaders had even assembled the day before to curse at Lord Grim’s activities in the tenth server. Now, they had assembled again, but this time, instead of fighting shoulder to shoulder, they would be at each other’s throats.

Although the guild leaders knew this would happen, it still felt a bit uncomfortable. In the end, allying together to deal with Lord Grim was a different matter. A friend in need is a friend indeed. They had suffered whenever they countered Lord Grim. This shared suffering cultivated a feeling similar to working together to take advantage of another. 

“That b*stard Lord Grim isn’t going to come over and make a mess is he?”

Someone saw a familiar crowd gather around and couldn’t help but turn the subject to Lord Grim.

When he said this, the others gave expressions of approval.

“I just looked. Lord Grim is online. We have to defend against him!”

“That guy just returned from snatching the Aquamarine Knight in the tenth server. It seems like today, it’s very likely he’s fixed his attention on our Swamp Hunter Leipu.

“In the tenth server, he has a guild! Over here…..”

“Loulan Slash!” Someone suggested.

“Even if he doesn’t try and steal the boss, he might go scrap picking with his comrade Deception!” Another person guessed.

“We must take precautions!” After discussing it, everyone nodded their heads. They had reached a consensus in regards to Lord Grim. However, their friendly and peaceful discussion had come to an end. Once they reached an agreement with the Lord Grim issue, everyone was in an awkward situation again.

“Should we scout around the perimeters to see if Lord Grim is here?” Someone proposed.

This proposal was unanimously agreed upon and the mood became harmonious again. At this moment, Blue Brook Guild’s leader Changing Spring couldn’t hold it back anymore and stood out: “Everyone, is there any point in lying to ourselves?” 

The discussion immediately fell silent. Indeed, they were talking and talking, avoiding the issue of stealing the boss and using Lord Grim to keep the peace. It was certainly somewhat deceitful. Even if they allied together to face Lord Grim, they had to face the boss eventually. Not just today either. Fighting bosses was one way for the guilds to compete against each other.

Now that Changing Spring had directly burst the bubble, the other guild leaders felt somewhat embarrassed. Tyrannical Ambition’s Jiang You stood out: “Everyone, Changing Spring is correct. We can’t deceive ourselves, but I think everyone understands our current feelings. With such a strong opponent, disputes between each other will give our opponent an opportunity. I have a proposal. For this boss, how about we find a peaceful way of resolving the situation?”

“A peaceful way”. After these words came out, many of them objected. Because in the history of fighting for bosses, “a peaceful way” was a phrase used too many times. Whenever it was proposed, people would use it as a coverup for darker schemes. Nowadays, everyone had developed a resistance to these words. To everyone, the words “a peaceful way” was the same as “I’m about to take a go at it.”

An experience guild leader like Jiang You understood this. He immediately followed up: “A peaceful way sounds like a joke no? Ha ha, but I believe everyone understands logic. Today, the reason we’re able to take this step is because of a pre-requisite. Lord Grim, Heavenly Justice. I doubt anyone wants to see these two grow. Right now, if we go into another large battle over a boss, we’ll only be giving them more and more opportunities. In particular, we don’t know if they already have the strength to infiltrate into our ranks. When we compete, we don’t know if their people will turn around and stab us in the backs.” 

“Then tell us, what peaceful way do we have?” Blossom Valley’s guild leader Blooming Blossom asked.

Jiang You smiled: “Fight. We’ll still have to fight, but we won’t have to fight such a large battle. We’ll go to the Arena, fight a few rounds, and determine who the boss belongs to. How about it?”

“Not a bad idea. I agree.” Changing Spring said.

“It’s not like we haven’t heard of this method before, but who can guarantee that the losers won’t go back on their words and use this tactic to get rid of an opponent?” Misty Castle’s Misty Lock said in an unhappy manner. It seems like he had fallen for this type of plan before.

“At worst, we can record our agreement and post it online. We can have the people on the Internet supervise it. I don’t think anyone will feel wronged doing that?” Jiang You said.   

These Club guilds placed a great amount of importance on their reputation. If everyone could see the agreement, no one would go back on their word. Once Jiang You said this, no one else spoke up. In the end, Jiang You added: “In order to stop anyone harboring ill intentions, the guilds who lose in the Arena will protect the winner to prevent anyone from disturbing them. How about it?”

Everyone listened. This was to stop anyone from sending out open accounts to cause a disturbance. If everyone supervised the whole thing, that plan wouldn’t work.

“Does anyone have any objections?” Jiang You asked.

“I accept.” Misty Lock said, “If this really works, then I suggest we do the same every time. That way, we can walk towards a positive competition. We won’t need to keep plotting schemes all day and simply compete with strength.”

“Mm, I also accept.” Blooming Blossom nodded his head.

“I also accepted.” Void Walk’s West Riding Wind said.

It wasn’t without reason that these three happily accepted because compared to the Three Great Guilds and even the recently declining Excellent Dynasty, their strength was somewhat lacking. In a competition for bosses, they rarely won, usually because they noticed the boss first and killed it before others found out. As soon as another guild contested for it, they had little confidence in winning.

However, with Jiang You’s suggestion, it would be a PvP between elite teams. Their overall strength couldn’t compare to those guilds, but their elite teams weren’t any weaker. Compared to a contest of overall strength, they had a greater chance of winning. Moreover, if this became the norm, everyone would only need to focus on strengthening their elite teams, which would require less resources.

After all, to get strong equipment for a few characters, whether they had 1000 resources or 5000 resources didn’t matter too much because they wouldn’t even need to use 100 resources.

Those three guilds didn’t object. At this moment, Samsara’s guild leader Three Worlds Six Paths questioned: “How are we going to determine the winners in the Arena? Individual competition? Group arena? Team competition? Or…… war?”

There were several modes in PvP that the players could freely choose between. Unlike in pro competitions, the group arena didn’t necessarily have to be 3v3 nor did the team competition have to be 5v5 with one sub. In Glory, the numbers could be decided by the players. When one side had more than ten players, it wouldn’t be called a team competition anymore, but a battlefield. A 100v100 battle would be a war. 

The pro scene definitely couldn’t play these modes. Have a team train 100 pro players? That would be insane.  

“Okay, like Three World’s said, what mode should we use?” Jiang You asked.

“We’re all under the Clubs, so we should just do it according to the pro rules.” Three Worlds Six Paths answered immediately. He wouldn’t agree to a war. If the scale became larger, then overall strength would be more important. He was afraid Jiang You had thought of this, which was why he had intentionally proposed the idea.

Misty Lock, West Riding Wind, and Blooming Blossom naturally stood with Three Worlds Six Paths. They hadn’t asked about it before because they hadn’t thought of it. As soon as Three Worlds made a suggestion, they immediately supported his idea.

“I have no objections. What about everyone else?” Jiang You didn’t hesitate to reply.

Herb Garden, Blue Brook Guild, and Excellent Dynasty remained. This type of method forced them to give up their advantage. It would put them on the same footing as the other guilds. Tyrannical Ambition might agree, but the others might not.

Among these three, Changing Spring was the first to accept Jiang You’s proposal and didn’t immediately expressed his approval.

The other two saw this and also approved, seeing the general trend. However, the two guilds only said “Then I guess I’ll go with it for now.” Their words implied they would do it this time, but whether or not they continued doing it in the future would depend on the situation.

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