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Chapter 531 - What Are We Here For?

Chen Guo dreamed about the unrealistic possibility, then looked at Thousand Chance Umbrella's stats, finding it to be rather ordinary. No matter what, Thousand Chance Umbrella was only a level 50 weapon. It could not shock a player who had seen a level 70 weapon too greatly. Still, the brilliance of it was not in its stats, but in its unpredictable nature. Chen Guo knew this well. 

“Okay. Let’s hurry up on leveling now!” Ye Xiu said. 

Lord Grim was currently level 54. Once he reaches 55, the dungeons would be open to him. There are countless level 55 dungeons in Heavenly Domain. On top of that, these dungeons have more experience points than the dungeons from the regular servers. Once he reaches level 55 and starting to use the dungeons, his level was bound to skyrocket. 

“Okay. Hurry up!” Chen Guo said and turned to manage things in Guild Happy in the tenth server. 

Ye Xiu resupplied Lord Grim a little in the main city. Just as he was leaving for the wilderness, a stream of messages came rushing down. The alert kept blinking endlessly as the sender continued sending messages. It was none other than Wei Chen, whose Windward Formation just joined Ye Xiu’s friend list two days ago. 

“Where are you?”

“What do you want?”

“Come here!”

“Hurry up!”

“Talk to me!”

Wei Chen burned his cosmo and a storm of messages came crashing down. Ye Xiu read the text one by one and asked, “What do you want?”

“Poison Fang Swamp, location 27586, 45866. Hurry up!” Wei Chen answered immediately. 

“Level 65 leveling area? Why should I go there? I can’t get any experience points.” Ye Xiu spoke. 

“Stop being stupid! Hurry up!” Wei Chen yelled out. 

Ye Xiu was helpless. Lord Grim teleported to a main city near Poison Fang Swamp. Right as he set foot outside of the the teleportation circle, a group of players from Herb Garden came running past. Lord Grim hid to the side hurriedly. In the Heavenly Domain, the main cities weren’t safe areas. It depended on whether the character had any fame in that city. Lord Grim came to Heavenly Domain when he was only level 50, so he couldn’t take any quests. Even killing monsters for him meant overcoming a big level gap. He had no fame to speak of in the main city of level 55 area, let alone the city of level 56 area. A character gains fame through quests. Without a sufficient level, where could Lord Grim possibly find quests? 

Therefore, to Lord Grim, the current Heavenly Domain didn’t have a safe area. Thus, a sudden encounter with people of any guild was not to be taken lightly for Ye Xiu. 

Apparently, this group of Herb Garden was too busy rushing to pay attention to their surroundings. They sped off out of the city the moment they were out of the teleportation circle. Ye Xiu knew that the teleportation circle was too dangerous for him, so he let his character stay far away from it. Lord Grim quickly took another route, even though he and the people from Herb Garden were essentially going to the same place. Seeing how rushed the club’s people were, Ye Xiu was more confident about Wei Chen’s purpose for calling him over. Undoubtedly, the field boss in Poison Fang Swamp refreshed. At the same time, Wei Chen’s Death’s Hand was currently level 60. To advance, he needed level 65 materials. It looked like one of them came from Poison Fang Swamp. 

Unlike the normal servers, Ye Xiu had a clearer memory of the Heavenly Domain. Even after he became a professional player, Ye Xiu still visited Heavenly Domain for fun from time to time. On top of that, when he became a professional player, the max level wasn’t level 70 yet. During his career so far, Glory changed the level cap a couple of times, so the professional players had to level up their characters in the Heavenly Domain. 

Poison Fang Swamp’s field boss, Swamp Hunter Leipu, is a mix between assassin and thief who lurked unpredictably around Poison Fang Swamp.

Of course, “unpredictable” was an adjective given to the character by the system setting. To the players, every field boss was unpredictable because their spawn was too random. However, the bosses were always found not long after spawning. Even as Wei Chen was texting Ye Xiu, Herb Garden's people were heading towards the scene. 

Herb Garden wasn’t the only one. Just as Lord Grim was rushing over, the guilds that had arrived already numbered four. Herb Garden, Misty Castle, Tyrannical Ambition, and Samsara all belonged to Clubs. 

This was truly a close one. Ye Xiu have no idea what kind of schemes Wei Chen used this time to gain an advantage on the big guilds. How rare! Looks like Wei Chen really spent a lot of effort on Swamp Hunter Leipu. 

Ye Xiu thought to himself, not daring to lower his guard just yet. He ran towards the location Wei Chen had provided with incredible speed. He expected the place to be a storm of blades and spells, locked in a fierce battle with the boss as Wei Chen tries to kill the boss before the guilds arrive. Ye Xiu did not expect to find the ominous silence when he arrived at 27586, 45866. 

Just as he was planning to ask Wei Chen through a message, the mud splashed in a puddle near him. A dirty poisonous fly jumped up, lunging toward Lord Grim with its sting. 

What extraordinary reflexes Ye Xiu had! Without even closing the chat window, he tapped out the command. With a silvery flash, Thousand Chance Umbrella folded into a sword. With a Sword Draw, the fly was smacked down in midair. 

Without any hesitation, the fly flapped its wings, flying towards Ye Xiu right after it landed. These kinds of monsters in Poison Fang Swamp held the top place on the list of “least favorite monsters in Glory”. Its small size and quick movements as well as its tendency to hide in the swamp, made it hard to kill for any class. Because of this, Poison Fang Swamp was one of the most extremely disliked leveling areas. 

Still, in front of a god like Ye Xiu, what could a lowly monster do? Although the fly got back into the air pretty quickly, Lord Grim’s sword was faster. Ye Xiu didn’t even bother using Thousand Chance Umbrella’s stats enhancement. With his bare hands, he smacked the fly into a corpse. 

“Excellent skills.” A voice rang out nearby. The owner of the voice was none other than Wei Chen himself. Based on his muddy equipments, Wei Chen lookd like he just appeared out of a mud puddle. 

“Where’s the boss?” Ye Xiu asked. 

“There, be careful.” Wei Chen warned. 

“How can I be careful?” Ye Xiu retorted. They were already deep inside Poison Fang Swamp. Mud puddles of all sizes were everywhere. Even if one knew which puddle hid poisonous flies, avoiding encounters were still impossible. 

“Tch, and you call yourself a god? Useless!” Wei Chen’s Windward Formation led the way. He fished something out of his pocket, lit it, and threw it onto the ground. A thin blue smoke rippled out into the surroundings. Everywhere it went, poisonous flies jumped out of the mud like frightened birds and flew away. 

Ye Xiu wanted to use an insect repelling smoke, but that was a level 70 item. This is where Wei Chen had lost his standards: using such an avoidable thing to label Ye Xiu as useless. 

They didn’t walk far from the location provided by Wei Chen. When Ye Xiu saw that Wei Chen had actually bothered to come personally, an ominous feeling rose in Ye Xiu’s heart. 

“How could you walk away from the boss? You’re not going to tell me you don’t have any plans in mind?” Ye Xiu questioned. 

“As expected of a god! Looks like you are crafty enough to foresee my clever scheme.” Wei Chen praised. 

“What’s the situation now?” Ye Xiu asked. 

“There are five guilds already. No one dares to move yet. They’re all still scheming.” Wei Chen said. 

“What’s your plan?” Ye Xiu continued.

“My plan was waiting for you to come over. That was all. Now you’re here, we can start to plan the next step. Come on, don’t be shy.” Wei Chen’s Windward Formation stepped around a few trees, finally stopped, and called Ye Xiu over. Lord Grim walked over and saw a group of people with familiar IDs. They appeared to be the group that fought with him just days before. 

Ye Xiu greeted the group causally and the group returned the greetings. There were no noteworthy feelings involved. Everyone was facing forward.

What was happening in the front then? Ye Xiu turned Lord Grim’s camera and found himself immediately outraged. There were the players from all the big guilds in the front. Swamp Hunter Leipu wasn’t even in sight. What was in sight was the wall of people built by the guilds that surrounded Swamp Hunter Leipu. They were so far out that it would be completely logically to call themselves spectators. 

Yet here Ye Xiu thought Wei Chen had grasped some advantages. Based on the current situation, they would call themselves lucky if the guilds didn’t start attacking them as kill stealers. 

“Are you here to kill the boss, or are you here just as a killstealer?” Ye Xiu was starting to doubt Wei Chen’s motivation. He felt he had need to clarify this question. 

“Killsteal? Shameless! As a god, do you still have any standard? How could you possible think of kill stealing? Of course we’re here for the boss. Unless we truly can’t kill the boss, then maybe we’ll resort to kill stealing.” Wei Chen retorted. 

“With this situation? Please, teach me how to kill the boss.” Ye Xiu ridiculed. 

“No. You should teach me. Let your despicableness help me!” Wei Chen answered sincerely. 

“How about all of you go out and run around naked? That should get everyone's’ attention. Then I sneak in and kill the boss with one strike. What do you think about it?” Ye Xiu asked. 

“Running around with no equipment is no problem. The problem is how are you going to insta-kill the boss?” Wei Chen replied with a question. 

“I have my ways. You can lead your people to run around naked now.” Ye Xiu answered. 

“Hmm. Wait a moment. Let’s check on the other’s status first.” Wei Chen agreed. 

“You’ve been here for awhile now. Are you done yet?” Ye Xiu was starting to feel a little exasperated. 

“The situation is constantly changing. Look, look! There’s a new guild now.” Wei Chen continued. 

“I saw four on my way here.” Ye Xiu added. 

“Are they same as the ones before us?” Wei Chen asked. 

“Two of them aren’t.” Ye Xiu replied. 

“So, eight guilds are already here. Awesome. I say why don’t we go back first?” Wei Chen suggested. 

“You should have done that a long while ago.”

In the end, despite what they said, their characters didn’t move backwards half an inch. As a matter of fact, they even stepped forward a little to see the situation more clearly. 

“F*ck! Can’t you lower yourself a little? Don’t expose your ID. Your name is like sh*t these days. It attracts flies!” Wei Chen cursed. 

“Hello, fly.” Ye Xiu said to Wei Chen.

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