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Chapter 530 - Level 50 Thousand Chance Umbrella

Chen Guo saw what Ye Xiu was going to do.

Equipment Editor! All Glory players had access to it, but very few knew how to actually use it. Chen Guo had obviously tried it before, but she just didn’t get it. In the end, her attempts had only resulted in wasted materials and equipment.

The Equipment Editor wasn’t really complicated. It was just a tool, like a pen. Everyone knew how to use a pen. However, some people could use it to write novels, while some could use it to draw pictures. The key was what one could do with the tool.

Chen Guo had stopped at the using-the-pen stage. As for creating literature or drawings, she had just been going in blind.

In the beginning, Ye Xiu simply used a template and placed the materials accordingly. As long as he had the correct materials, everything else was simple, but now, after using the polisher, Chen Guo’s eyes lit up. This time, Ye Xiu would truly be using the Equipment Editor to polish a material.

Even though Chen Guo couldn’t use the Equipment Editor, she at least knew that he couldn’t be careless here, so she didn’t say anything and only gave furtive glances to size up the situation.

Ye Xiu put in the Aquamarine into the polisher and immediately began working.  

Cut, drill, string, smooth…...

Chen Guo had played around with these functions before, but she had just been doing it randomly to a piece of material. On the other hand, Ye Xiu clearly had a plan and a goal.

He gradually shaped the Aquamarine. It couldn’t be shaped using a simple circle or rectangle function. It would be shaped according to the operator’s desires until it became a completed component. 

It had a core for structural stability and places to link together with other components.

Movable area, immovable areas, areas with limited movements.

The structure of the Aquamarine became more and more complex and delicate. All of this was done by Ye Xiu through the polisher.

Simple techniques produced miraculous results. So miraculous that Chen Guo even had a hard time believing it.

Half an hour passed.

The polishing for the Aquamarine took a full half an hour. When Ye Xiu suddenly stopped, Chen Guo snapped out of her daze. She had been watching out of the corner of her eye for the entire half hour. When she came out of her daze, her eyes felt a bit sore. Watching from the corner of one’s eyes for a long time was very draining.

When she saw Ye Xiu stop operating the polisher, she waited for a moment before asking: “Is it done?”

Ye Xiu nodded his head: “It’s done.”

Then, he took out the polished Aquamarine and placed it with the other materials.

He opened up the interface for adding the materials into the weapon. The Thousand Chance Umbrella’s many parts, as well as the dazzling line-up of materials, lay there. Ye Xiu didn’t hurry up and begin. He took a rest, while opening up a document from his email. Chen Guo looked and saw that it was the blueprints for the Thousand Chance Umbrella. She immediately turned her head back to her screen.

This sort of thing was very secretive in the Glory scene. It was like a secret martial arts book. It wasn’t right to look at it without the owner’s permission.

“It doesn’t matter. If you want to look, you can look.” Ye Xiu smiled.

“Can I really?”  

“When I was polishing the materials, you didn’t avoid watching either. What’s so different about this?” Ye Xiu said.

Chen Guo stared blankly and immediately felt very embarrassed.

“I forgot. I’m sorry…….” Chen Guo sincerely apologized. If she couldn’t look at the blueprint, then it meant she couldn’t look at the upgrade process either. Chen Guo had forgotten about this, but it was also because she didn’t have any intention of stealing his knowledge or anything like that.

“I said it doesn’t matter!” Ye Xiu said.

“You’re going to assemble the Thousand Chance Umbrella?” Chen Guo felt too ashamed to sneakily watch, so she changed the subject.

“Yeah, I’m going to take a look at the blueprint again.” Ye Xiu said.

“Good luck.” Chen Guo said. She had already turned her head back. This time, she wouldn’t glance at him working at all.

Ye Xiu smiled and didn’t say anything. He didn’t care if she looked and he obviously didn’t care if she didn’t look. He carefully studied the Thousand Chance Umbrella’s Level 50 blueprint again.

With the Thousand Chance Umbrella’s complexity, learning the flowchart for it was impossible. Ye Xiu branded the theory and its applications to the umbrella into his mind. Remembering the fundamentals would save him time and lead to better results.   

After reviewing the flowchart, Ye Xiu didn’t take out a cigarette to relax and quickly began assembling the Level 50 umbrella.

The room became extremely quiet. There would be usually be some noise from Chen Guo and Tang Rou playing the game, but at this moment, no sound could be heard from them.

They weren’t trying not to make any noise, but rather they deliberately gave Ye Xiu an environment where he could fully focus.

Ka ka, ka ka…….

In the room, only Ye Xiu’s mouse could be heard. One step at a time, without any margin for error.

After a short moment, it was time to put the Aquamarine into it. Unsuitable materials could be polished into the correct shape, but when placed into the desired equipment, the equipment would fail. If one were unlucky, the equipment would be damaged in the process. If one were lucky, the equipment could still maintain its form. However, the equipment would soon break after a few uses.

With the Thousand Chance Umbrella’s complex parts, if a single component failed, everything would fail. The creator had analyzed the structure of each part separately. The results of the analysis appeared in the previous forms of the Thousand Chance Umbrella. This saved a lot of effort in manufacturing it. However, this couldn’t be done for the completed form.


Ye Xiu didn’t hesitate when putting in the Aquamarine and accurately planted it into the weapon. A light comfortable sound rang in his ears. It was the sound set to notify the user that the placement was successful.    

Ye Xiu didn’t pause to take a break. The Aquamarine was only one piece and not the end. He continued according to the flowchart.

He spent another half hour assembling it.

After hearing Ye Xiu let out a sigh of relief, Chen Guo stopped herself from turning her head to look until she heard Ye Xiu personally say “It’s done.”

“Was it a success?” Chen Guo turned her head over. Even Tang Rou stole a glance.

“I’ll have to try it out to see!” Ye Xiu said. He exited the Equipment Editor and returned to the game.

Chen Guo anxiously watched. At the same time, she was somewhat curious about the wonders of this Level 50 Thousand Chance Umbrella. Who knew that when Ye Xiu went back to the game and picked up his Thousand Chance Umbrella, he didn’t look for any monsters. He just swiped at the air a few times and the nodded his head: “It’s a success.”

“That’s….. done?” 

“It’s done!” Ye Xiu exclaimed.

“Just a few swipes? You’re certain there’s no problem?” Chen Guo doubted.

“It sounds like you were hoping there would be problems?” Ye Xiu asked.

“No…… it’s just that... isn’t your inspection too careless?” Chen Guo questioned.

“Ah that’s what you mean. What did you think I would do?” Ye Xiu swiped at the air some more, “See, there aren’t any loose parts. It’s a big success!”

No loose parts…..

Chen Guo was considering whether she should go into her Heavenly Domain account and run over to admire the Thousand Chance Umbrella’s might, but if the end result was just “no loose parts”, what was there to admire?

“Let me see the stats.” Chen Guo said. 

Ye Xiu opened up his weapon’s profile. Chen Guo looked and saw a lot of words.

If she recalled correctly, in the beginning, the Thousand Chance Umbrella didn’t have anything except for the basic stats. Even though the stats surpassed those of an Orange weapon at the same level, without any additional stats, this weapon wouldn’t be very good. It would be at the same level as the lowest ranked White equipment, which had no additional stats.

But this Thousand Chance Umbrella had quite a few additional stats.   

The Thousand Chance Umbrella was currently in its umbrella form. It had 535 Physical Attack and 535 Magic Attack. It also added 10 to Stamina, Strength, Intelligence, and Spirit. 

The same magic and physical attack and +10 to all four main stats.

With just this, Chen Guo could tell that this Thousand Chance Umbrella could be comparable to a pro level weapon.

This was a feature that scepters had, which Knights often used.

Apart from the +10 to the four main stats, Chen Guo continued to look down and thought of another issue: “Do all of the Thousand Chance Umbrella’s forms have different stats?”

“Yeah!” Ye Xiu said and had the Thousand Chance Umbrella switch to the spear form. It added +41 to Strength.

“Then what are your overall stats?” Chen Guo cried out in alarm.

Ye Xiu was a bit startled, but quickly figured out why Chen Guo was so alarmed. He opened up his character profile.

“It seems pretty normal…….” Chen Guo hesitated. After all, when facing a God, she was afraid that she had misinterpreted something because her skill level wasn’t high enough.

Right when she finished, Lord Grim’s stats suddenly changed. His Strength decreased and his Intelligence increased.

“This…..” Chen Guo looked. Lord Grim’s Thousand Chance Umbrella had changed forms. She immediately understood: “It’s not that every weapon gives you permanent stats?”

‘Of course not.” Ye Xiu said, “The stats depends on the form of the weapon being used.”

“You can’t have all of the forms’ additional stats added up together?” Chen Guo felt like if that could happen, then it would be incredible. Wasn’t it a single weapon? All the stats were there, so perhaps there was a way to sum them all up?

‘If that were possible, then why would I need additional stats? My base attack would be ridiculous.” Ye Xiu said.

“Oh…..” Chen Guo didn’t say anything. Sure enough, her imagination had gone too far.

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