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Chapter 522 - Managing the Guild Storage

Despite having added Lord Grim as a friend, the only guild leader who dared to talk to him at this time was Blue River.

“What are you doing back here again!” said Blue River, emphasizing the “again”. With Lord Grim gone, his workload had been reduced by a lot. Competition with the other guilds was something he was used to no matter the situation, but against this God, he repeatedly suffered setback after setback to the point where he would cough up blood in helplessness. In Blue River’s opinion, against such an opponent, if he could hide, it would be better to hide. This was a thought he had even before the guilds had allied together against Lord Grim.

“I’m here for a boss.” Ye Xiu replied.

“Which boss?” Blue River asked.

“Aquamarine Knight. That’s the name right? The one that drops Aquamarine.” Ye Xiu said.

“What are you going to kill him for!” Blue River continued to be astonished.

“Didn’t I already say it?” Ye Xiu said.

“You want an Aquamarine?”

“Yeah, does your guild have any of it?” 

“No.” Blue River replied bluntly.

“How many times have you guys hunted for the Aquamarine Knight? Which guilds have killed it?” asked Ye Xiu.


“Why aren’t you speaking?”

“I’m not your spy……” Blue River replied.

“You’ve already told me about your guild’s situation…... I’m asking about the other guilds.” Ye Xiu said.

“Of course I wouldn’t know about the other guilds.” Blue River replied.

“Ha ha.” Ye Xiu laughed.

Blue River was depressed, but when he thought about it, the lies that he came up with could only fool noobs. Even if his side hadn’t killed the boss, he should at least know something as simple as which other guilds had killed it, no?

“The Aquamarine Knight has been killed three times so far by Tyrannical Ambition, Herb Garden, and Excellent Dynasty.” Blue River said.

“How could your guild be so weak!” Ye Xiu commented.

Blue River kept quiet. Our guild killed most of the other bosses. Do you think I would tell you that? Blue River thought.

“Have you helped manage Happy recently?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Once in awhile…...” Blue River felt embarrassed talking about this. The guild leader ran over to the Heavenly Domain, but he was still managing Happy quite meticulously. But speaking of this, this opened up a new world for Blue River as a spy. He felt like spies didn’t necessarily have to sell out information. They could also work on improving relationships between two sides and prosper together. This was also a good way of developing his guild.

“How is Happy doing?” asked Ye Xiu.

The question made Blue River feel somewhat confused. The leader of the guild was asking the spy how the guild was doing. What the f*ck was this? Blue River really wanted to remind the other side that he was a spy. However, the phrase “I’m a spy” wasn’t something he should be saying, yet it now turned into a phrase he could casually throw out. Blue River really didn’t have the courage to say it.

“The guild is quite stable and it’s growing quite well.” Blue River said.

“It’s about time to establish the storage system for the guild, no?” Ye Xiu replied.

“Ah…..” Blue River was surprised again.

“Don’t tell me that you thought that I wouldn’t know about that?” Ye Xiu asked.

Blue River remained silent. He wouldn’t dare to think that the God would not know such things. It was just that a person of importance often forgot many things and he hoped that he wouldn’t have remembered this.

“If we don’t set up the storage system, the guild will disperse sooner or later, don’t you think?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Yes…...” Blue River replied reluctantly.

“Hey, does your storagehouse have any excess equipment? How lending us a few?” Ye Xiu continued.

“No!” Blue River rejected it firmly.

“Stingy.” Ye Xiu replied.

“Go figure it out on your own!” Blue River replied. At this stage of development for a guild, the guild storage system was very important. It directly affected the continuity of a guild’s growth. For Happy, it was no longer a matter of growth, but rather, it was a matter of its survival. This guild was always a thorn in the side to the other Club guilds. Using the guild storage system was a method that would allow them to eliminate Happy without bloodshed.

A guild storage system was a system that helped to maintain the stability of a guild as well as something that could show its strength.

A guild’s storage has a much higher capacity than a personal storage and its capacity would increase along with the guild’s level. In a guild, the guild leader possessed the highest authority over the guild’s storage, which meant that a guild’s storage was no different from the guild leader’s personal storage.

But just having a large storage was nothing to be impressed by. The core of the guild storage system were the items stored inside.

How to allocate these items was the most important part of the guild storage system. Currently, all of the big guilds had different ways of setting up the guild storage, but the theory behind them were all quite similar. 

Each guild stored a lot of equipment and materials in their storages. The guild leader had absolute authority over the distribution, which meant that they could be considered the guild leader’s personal property. These equipments weren’t just for show. They were to used by guild members. However, each guild managed the distribution of their stored equipment with their own sets of rules. This is the so-called guild storage system.

Usually, guilds gave each equipment a certain requirement for guild contribution points. When guild members reached a corresponding level, they could freely use equipment within that level. However, these items didn’t belong to the players. They only had the right to use them. The guild leader reserved the right to recall any equipment to the guild storage. This condition was only exempted if the guild leader officially gave a certain equipment to a certain player. The equipment would become his or her property if this condition was met.

If equipment was lost or damaged by a guild member, they would usually be punished by a deduction to their guild contribution points. Guild contribution points would also be deducted by the usage of consumables such as potions and materials. In a sense, guild contribution points could be said to be a form of currency.

How could guild contribution points be earned? Each guild had their own way, but the guild leader also held unlimited power over this. The guild leader could give a guild member unlimited guild contribution points and could also deduct the guild contribution points of any member.

With this, a guild leader would no longer simply be a servant for the guild members. A guild leader with rights to distribute benefits to the members was a guild leader that could command respect.

But this depended heavily on a guild leader’s ability. Guild leaders who handed out rewards and punishments based on impulse wouldn’t win the hearts of the masses and a guild like this wouldn’t last long.

A guild could only maintain a healthy growth with a complete system that had a clear guideline regarding rewards and punishments.

The Club guilds had an advantage in this matter. The could use their immense wealth to build up their storage. For a normal player, to achieve such a large scale with only his or her own effort would be extremely hard. The starting equipment in the storage couldn’t be bad. It had to be rare items that could make people drool and that would be the drive for guild members to grind for guild contribution points to get the equipment. To obtain guild contribution points, they could hand in materials and equipment to the guild. With this, the wealth of the guild’s storage would increase. The more items and materials owned by the guild, the more player-dependent it became.

Benefits seeable with their own eyes were the main reason why players were willing to stay in a guild. Loulan Slash’s ability to form Heavenly Justice, a guild with a scale as grand as the Club guilds was closely related to his status as a money warrior. 

Money warriors enjoyed the same advantage as Club guilds in the early stages of developing a guild. They could pour money in, helping them build up a wealthy guild storage. Despite not having the charisma of Club guilds in terms of attracting fans, they could still depend on their wealth to attract players.

Happy at its current stage could only be considered an ordinary guild. Its rapid growth in the tenth server was mainly due to Lord Grim breaking dungeon records. The players in the new server were noobs who had no knowledge of the guild storage system. Once they learned about it, would their expectations and admiration towards the expert that they idolized be able to stand against the temptation of good equipment? 

Players in the tenth server were already nearing the level 60 stage. At this point, Club guilds were already creating their own guild storage systems. They didn’t do so in the early stages as players levelled up too quickly. Equipments that were low leveled were meaningless even though they had very good quality. At this rate, players that finally had enough points to earn the rights to use the equipment would find themselves no longer in need of the equipments as their levels far exceeded the level of said equipment.

A lot of dungeons were available once players reached level 50, which meant that players could level up more quickly. This greatly diminished the worth of level 50 equipment. People were more tempted by the allure of equipment that were level 55 and above. Core members of the big guilds that were rushing for the level 60 stage were starting to be more conscious of the guild’s storage. The rare Orange Equipments that they came across would no longer be made personal property and they would donate all of them to the guild storage. The equipment that was still rare on the market at this stage became the core of the guild’s storage. Next, obtaining and assigning different contribution points to Purple, Blue, and items of other grades would cause guild members to realize the difference between having a high amount contribution points and having little to no contribution points.

If Happy didn’t implement such a system, they would never be able to contend with the Club guilds. The sheer temptation of such benefits would be enough to cause Happy to fall. Towards Happy, these Club guilds definitely wouldn’t give up the change to topple it.

Deep down, Blue River hoped that Ye Xiu would forget about it as he was quite expectant of making Happy disintegrate without the use of force. In his eyes, Happy was a strong competitor. 

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