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Chapter 521 - Where Dreams Start

Chen Guo didn’t even want to eat after she heard what Ye Xiu had said. She quickly finished her dinner and went about learning the requirements for the qualification tournament.

On the official website of the Glory Alliance, Chen Guo soon found a complete introduction and advertisements for the qualification tournament. As soon as she opened the site, she saw the slogan for the qualification tournament: the place where dreams begin.

Cheesy! Chen Guo thought to herself and hastily went digging for information. As she learned more and more, she found that it was exactly as Ye Xiu had described to her. The only difference was that the official publication had a more of an advertisement tone to it. It said that every participating team “had a chance to fulfill their dreams”. Teams with outstanding performances were said to be “living their dreams”. The pro teams that re-entered the Alliance were said to have their dreams “saved”. 

But the most appealing ones were the players who were discovered through the qualification tournament and were selected by professional teams. For these people, the qualification tournament was truly what the slogan had promised, a place where dreams began.  

After Chen Guo read through everything, she became so excited and so eager that she wished that the qualification tournament would start tomorrow. They would first “have a chance to fulfill their dreams” and then “live their dreams”. Finally, the qualification tournament would “save someone’s dream”, while the others would “begin their dreams”. 

How do we sign up? 

Chen Guo couldn’t wait to find out. Then she found out that that signing up was extremely simple. The sign-up page would open at the end of the season. All she needed to do was follow the instructions provided by the website. 

Why weren’t the pro games over yet?

Chen Guo immediately became anxious. She went to check the regular season’s timetable. There were eight games left in the regular season, which meant that there were still about two more months until the end of the season. 

“Don’t be so hasty! The later the competition, the better it will be for us.” Ye Xiu was behind Chen Guo for a while. He saw she was checking this and that, and guessed her thoughts.

“True. We still need a lot of preparations. At least, you guys have to be max level first.” Chen Guo said. 

“Obviously. The other equipment will come along later on in the process.” Ye Xiu said. 

“Right now, you and Wei Chen are the only ones with silver weapons, so we are far behind on equipment! What if we meet god level character fully armed with silver equipment?” Chen Guo said. Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim had already fought against top players like Wang Jiexi, Han Wenqing, and Huang Shaotian in the game, but he hadn't met any God level character yet. The time when he had fought against Troubling Rain was in the Fixed Field. 

Why were God level characters worshipped?  There were three main reasons. First, the player had excellent skills that gained them fame through battle. Secondly, their skill points were high. The higher the skill points, the better the skill levels. It would enhance both attack damage and crowd control effects. The third was equipment. Equipment directly enhanced the character’s stats. If characters like One Autumn Leaf, Troubling Rain, Vaccaria, and Desert Dust were stripped of their equipment, they would be no different from any other max-level character in the game. 

Ye Xiu was trying to create a new team. From a player’s aspect, at least, they would have to have a top player like Ye Xiu. All the others could improve their level through practicing, but from the equipment aspect, they were far behind. Even though Ye Xiu and Wei Chen character had silver weapons, they couldn’t compare to a character fully armed with silver equipment. The gap between two full set of equipment was obviously not the same with the differences between two pieces of equipment. As for skill points, that was something one cannot ask for. If one was extremely out of luck, one might still only have four thousand points after playing for ten years. There was nothing one could do about it, so Chen Guo did not even mention it.  

“Yes, equipment is a huge problem. As you can see, there is a lot that we need to do this year. Winning the qualification tournament is only a small part of it.” Ye Xiu said. 

“We can work it out!” Chen Guo said to Ye Xiu, she was also saying it to herself. 

“We have to!” Ye Xiu said. He returned to his seat and started working immediately. 

The second day, Chen Guo started rearranging the work schedule in the internet cafe to free Tang Rou from the front desk. She then posted an advertisement for employment and headed back to the reserved room. Her main task was still leveling with Ye Xiu. She wished she could be a pro player, but her age wouldn’t allow her to. She was too late to be trained. She didn’t possess Wei Chen’s talent, nor his experience.  

Experience needed time to accumulate, that was for sure, but it didn’t necessarily mean that with the accumulation of time one could definitely gain experience. The forming of experience needed studying, thinking, and processing. 

One had to actively work their brain to accumulate experience. 

That was the exact reason why many old gamers might be playing longer than new pro players, but were less experienced than pro players. 

Was it because pro players went through more battles? Of course not. The attitude was key. If the gamers played for fun, they were passively accumulating experience. What about professional players? They actively accumulated experiences, one battle, one game, one recording…They were constantly reflecting on these things. 

Therefore even though Chen Guo had played Glory for many years, and had a lot of experience, the experience was divided into levels as well, and her experience level was honestly quite low. 

She had to help everyone else in her own way under her circumstances. 

Ye Xiu was leveling in the game. Outside the game, he received a QQ message from Mo Qiang. 

“I’m here, what’s up?” Ye Xiu replied to Mo Qiang. 

“I have two bad news, which one would you like to hear first?” Mo Qiang asked. 

“Just tell me…”

“All your money is spent, but I don’t have everything you want.” Mo Qiang said. 

“What’s missing?” 

“Aquamarine. It’s not because there isn’t enough money. I’ve asked everywhere, and there is no stock of it anywhere. If there were, I would definitely have bought it for you.” Mo Qiang said. 

“Well, thanks! It looks like I’ll have to figure that one out on my own.” Ye Xiu said. 

“I’ll keep on the lookout for it as well.” Mo Qiang said. 

“Okay. What about the others, do you have those?” Ye Xiu asked. 

“I got them. You can come over and grab them. Damn, I’m too afraid to even go out of the city with these precious materials. What if I were killed and lost them, that’s one hundred thousand yuan right there! Even I want to hire a killer to kill myself, just to get these materials.” Mo Qiang said. 

“I got it. I’ll come get it soon, but can you teleport somewhere close to where I am?” Ye Xiu replied. 

“Sure. Where are you? I’ll head over.” Mo Qiang said.  

In the Heavenly Domain, there were teleport portals between large cities. Otherwise, if gamers had to travel everywhere on foot in the vast lands of the Heavenly Domain, the Glory game company would have been bombed. 

In some level 55 bordering cities, there were as few people as the level 55 levelling area. Within the Heavenly Domain, except for a few level 55, 60, and 65 characters who were abandoned from the time when these levels were the level caps, most characters were level 70. Gamers were active mostly in the Level 70 areas. The lower levelling areas were lonely, and the cities seemed desolate.  

Arriving at the agreed place, Ye Xiu saw Mo Qiang’s character. Its name was Run Cockroach. The class of the character had a dirty style, it was a Thief. 

Seeing Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim arrive, Mo Qiang clicked his tongue in wonder at his mix and matched equipment. He then traded every material he had bought. 

“How are you going to get your hands on the Aquamarine?” Mo Qiang asked. 

“I’ll go back to the normal server and ask around, see if I can steal a boss!” Ye Xiu said. He used the word “steal”. In Glory, it was almost impossible to kill a map boss in harmony. 

“Oh, the new server. Your level shouldn’t be too disgusting there, right?” Mo Qiang said.  

“Yes, but at your level, that would really be disgusting.” Ye Xiu said.

“Hahahahaha, with this level, I couldn’t do it even I hacked the system.” Mo Qiang laughed. 

“Well, I’ve got to go. I’ll talk to you if I need anything.” Ye Xiu said. 

 “Okay. Come find me when you have big deals!” Mo Qiang said.  

“Of course, of course.” Ye Xiu sent Mo Qiang’s Run Cockroach away and saved the materials he had received. Even though the rare materials weren’t complete, it could upgrade some forms of the Thousand Chance Umbrella, but because he was in the Heavenly Domain, if he were to upgrade the Thousand Chance Umbrella now, according to the irreversible rule, the Thousand Chance Umbrella would not be able to return to the tenth server. Therefore Ye Xiu didn’t do it at the moment. He notified Chen Guo and teleported Lord Grim back to the tenth server. 

The tenth server. 

A normal system notification showed up. It would be common for anyone, but the tenth server exploded in an instant.

“F*ck, Lord Grim! Why is he back!!!”

Numerous Guild leaders received this notification because they all had this top expert as a friend. The expert had gone to the Heavenly Domain, and none of them had deleted him. It was nice to keep him as a distant memory. In the end, it worked in an unexpected way. Last time Lord Grim had returned, everyone was melancholy. They saw him break a few records and then leave. What did he want this time?

The tenth server hadn’t seen Lord Grim for a long time. The guilds were finally developing in their expected direction. They had dungeon records under control. Players gradually realized the strength of the big guilds. Happy was popular in the beginning, but with Lord Grim gone, there were no new records to excite the player, so right now it was out of the big guild’s line of sight.

But now, Lord Grim returned! Did he want to break more records and leave? The tenth servers were finally forgetting about him, why did he have to return at such times? Was it planned?

The core members of the big guilds were coughing blood after they learned of this news. They really wanted to throw a protest in the streets. 

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