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Chapter 517 - Death's Hand

Wei Chen had experience with chasing, so he anticipated One Inch Ash’s slash. With a sigh, Windward Formation leaned to the side, wishing he could dodge and keep running. If it were any other ordinary player, Wei Chen’s move would be sufficient enough, but how could Qiao Yifan be considered an ordinary player? Even the most insignificant pro player was still an expert. They couldn’t be compared to normal players.

The sword light followed Windward Formation’s twisted body, Wei Chen saw it coming. He couldn’t do anything about it except attempt to dodge more drastically. If it were a 1v1 battle, it would have been better. Wei Chen would’ve been able to handle it, but Lord Grim wasn’t far away. By the time he escaped from One Inch Ash’s sword, Lord Grim would be there to take his place.

He now realized this was a dead end. His plans to enter the dungeon were hopeless.

Wei Chen immediately changed his mind, Windward Formation turned around and said to One Inch Ash: “Little brother, I can see that you’re a good man. If you pick up any of my equipment, you have to return it to me!”

Qiao Yifan was surprised. After a short pause, he answered “Okay”. As he was answering, he didn’t dare to move carelessly again. The previous experience remained fresh in his memory. Qiao Yifan was very good at learning from experience. 

Right after he answered, Windward Formation quickly stripped off all of his equipment and pushed his chest forward: “Quick, kill me now!”

Qiao Yifan’s hand shook once again. He suddenly realized that his state of mind was still far from that of a top pro-player. He didn’t know who the person in front of him was, but he could at least tell that he wasn’t a normal player. Even among pro-players, there weren’t many geniuses like this guy.

“Quick, attack faster! Use more boundaries! Hey hey hey, you shouldn’t be this slow even if you’re level 55. Are you deliberately holding back? No no no, you should seize every possible opportunity to attack your enemy with the fastest speed. This is the only efficient way to reduce accidents, avoid mistakes, and decrease the effect of luck!” Wei Chen even started lecturing Qiao Yifan.

Qiao Yifan remained silent. Everything this man said sounded reasonable, but these words at this moment felt very weird and out of place.

“Boy, you did it on purpose!”

Finally, when he saw that Lord Grim had arrived and he still wasn’t dead yet, Wei Chen grunted in dissatisfaction and sent an angry face.

“Hahaha, he’s an honest man, but he isn’t stupid. Step aside Little Qiao and watch how I tidy up this old man.” Ye Xiu smiled. Lord Grim stabbed directly towards the naked Windward Formation extremely quickly.

“F*ck! You want to tidy me up by yourself?” Windward Formation re-equipped all of his equipment immediately, downed a huge potion, and said: “Little fellow, step aside, I don’t want to hurt you.”

Qiao Yifan’s One Inch Ash actually listened and stepped back two steps. Ye Xiu stopped him in a hurry: “Qiao, why do you still listen to him! Get behind him and cut off his escape path.”

“Ye Xiu, you son of a b*tch!” Wei Chen’s trick was once again seen through and he cursed out rage. Windward Formation released a Curse Arrow shortly after.

It wasn’t focused towards anywhere. The light ball twisted and arrows flew out in all directions.

Wei Chen wanted Windward Formation to escape during the chaos, but Ye Xiu had already seen through his plan. Lord Grim used a Z-Shake to charge through the gap between the arrows and lunged at Windward Formation’s head with his spear.

Windward Formation had to dodge. Warlocks didn’t have many options in close range battles. All the strong skills had cast times, but when the enemy was close, who had that sort of time? Elementalists could teleport into a better position, but Warlocks couldn’t.

When a Warlock was attacked at close range, their only option was to dodge. They could also use moves like parries, but their physical damage was too weak. Even Dual Sword Style wouldn’t work. The result would be a knocked back by a powerful skill like Lord Grim’s Wild Blood Strike.

Bind Spell!

Cut Spell!

Wei Chen cast a few instant skills in an attempt to fight back, but his opponent wasn’t any ordinary player. He had the level advantage, but the effects of the advantage were all within Ye Xiu’s calculations. After considering these factors, Ye Xiu attacked Wei Chen. As a result, it was only Ye Xiu’s damage output that was a bit lower. Their ability to control the flow of battle were at about the same level.

If Wei Chen were a melee class, he could try to confront Ye Xiu head on and suppress his opponent, but as a Warlock, his level advantage was worthless in close combat situations.

A few moments later, Chen Guo’s Chasing Haze arrived. Seeing the black cannon aiming at him, he wouldn’t be Wei Chen if he didn’t have any words to say.

“Fine, today I recognize my defeat! You outnumber me, so I surrender!” Wei Chen said.

“Whether you’re outnumber or not is an entirely different matter. I can’t believe you’re still boasting when you’re about to die.” Ye Xiu wasn’t Qiao Yifan, so his hands weren’t shaking at all. In fact, he continued to attack fiercely.

“We have to make an arrangement! This silver weapon is the result of my painstaking labor. If I lose it, you have to give it back!”      

“Sure, I will return anything as long as it’s not the silver weapon.” Ye Xiu said.

“Sh*t, don’t pretend that you don’t understand what I’m saying!” Wei Chen said in a great rage.

“If I don’t make you suffer, you won’t remember how powerful I am.”  Ye Xiu said in return. 

Wei Chen was originally going to stop, but he started operating madly again. However, if his madness could have helped, he would have done it earlier. Now, he was only trying to sting Ye Xiu a little before he died, but how could Ye Xiu give him the chance?  Ye Xiu beat him up in a frenzy. Windward Formation’s life came to an end. A Circle Swing stabbed him and smashed him into the ground.

“Come out, silver weapon!” Ye Xiu shouted.

“Ye Qiu, go to hell!” Wei Chen cried.  Windward Formation landed on his head and died.

“F*CK, Ye Qiu, are you a f*cking summoner?! GO TO HELL!” At the exact moment of his death, Wei Chen opened his equipment window. He immediately started cursing again. Ye Qiu was like a summoner and called out his silver weapon.

“Hahahaha, Old Wei, go cry!”

Ghosts couldn’t make a sound nor could they hear any sound. When Wei Chen saw these words and a laughing emoji floating above Lord Grim’s character, who was circling around his dead body, he almost died due to shock and rage. He opened his friend list and tried to add Lord Grim as a friend, but he got rejected immediately. Ye Qiu had turned the option to receive friend requests off.

“Ye Qiu screw you screw you screw you!” Wei Chen cursed angrily, even though he knew  the person he was cursing would never hear it. Several people close to him in the Internet Cafe stood up: “F*ck, which sh*t eating dog is cursing at Ye Qiu!!!”

“This senior here! You got something to say?!” Wei Chen slammed the table and stood up. A dozen or so people also stood up with him.

The arguers saw that he had a dozen or so hoodlums by his side and suddenly lost confidence. Even though they felt offended on their idol’s behalf, their own safety was more important. As a result, one of them nodded: “Good man! Cursing Ye Qiu? We’ll join you!”

This shameless man was among the minority. Most of them slinked back into their seats when they saw the other side was more aggressive.

“Go play your game!” Wei Chen gave this person a dirty look. He didn’t even have the heart to curse. He knew full well that these tricks were useless against Ye Qiu, absolutely useless.

“What happened, Brother Wei?” One of his bros came up to him and asked.

“D*mnit, I lost my weapon.” Wei Chen said bitterly.

“Fuck!” All of his fellows shouted and looked to Wei Chen with the same murderous look, “What should we do?”

“Do what? Go play your games.” Wei Chen shook his hand. He saw Lord Grim was still showing off and chose to revive at the city. What the eyes didn’t see wouldn’t grieve him.

“Ah, he’s gone.” Ye Xiu felt that it was a bit of a pity when he saw the body was gone. He had a strong opinion against the fact that he couldn’t communicate with the dead. It’s a game, why does it have to be so serious? Wouldn’t it be great to hear the complaints of those who lost their weapon?

“Check the weapon, hurry!” Chen Guo couldn’t wait. She has been rattling and raring to see the silver weapon since Ye Xiu picked it up.

“Okay, okay!” Ye Xiu opened his inventory as he spoke. Before he had the silver weapon, he couldn’t see the weapon’s stats, only the color of the Windward Formation’s weapon. Only now could he see the weapon’s stats in detail.

This silver weapon was a Warlock’s Scepter.

Death’s Hand, Level 60

Weight 3kg, Attack Speed 2

Physical Damage 530, Magic Damage 777

Intelligence +45

Dark Element Strengthen  +20

Dark Element Resistance +20

Magic Critical Attack Chance +10%

Magic cast speed +10

Cast Distance +2

“Amazing!” Chen Guo could tell if a weapon was good or not.  It was a true silver weapon just by looking at the base stats. The attributes were higher than an orange weapon. The intelligence,  dark element strengthen, magic critical attack, magic cast, cast distance…These were all very useful additional attributes for Warlocks. This was the embodiment of a silver weapon’s value.

Other than the stats being better than that of an orange weapon, the additional attributes of the silver weapon were customized according to the player’s need. You could create whatever you liked, whatever you needed if you just put in the effort.

Just by looking at the attack attribute alone, Death’s Hand was equivalent to a Level 70 Purple weapon. The value of Death Hand’s was way above a Level 70 Purple weapon with all the additional properties. Even a Level 70 Orange weapon wouldn’t have all these useful stats together, let alone a Level 70 Purple weapon. 

“It’s not even Level 70 and it doesn’t increase any skill levels!” Ye Xiu could still find faults in it.

As he was speaking, someone messaged him on QQ, Ye Xiu opened it and laughed. It was Wei Chen. He couldn’t find Ye Xiu in the game, so he looked for him on QQ.

“Son of a b*tch! Give me back my silver weapon!” Wei Chen cursed.

“Don’t disturb me, old Wei. You just threw me under the bus on global chat, Now I have to concentrate on dealing with people you sent after me. If by any chance I died, and your Death Hand’s dropped…what do you think would happen?” Ye Xiu asked.

“F*ck, then why are you still online? Are you waiting to die?!”

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