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Chapter 516 - In Close Pursuit

The space between the walls had already become hell. It hadn’t been easy for Wei Chen’s Warlock to escape from it. He hadn’t left yet though and was on the side sneaking around like a cat.

What did it mean to have your troops defeated in a landslide of a battle? He was currently witnessing it. Two thirds of his team of 18 were instantly obliterated. Of the remaining six, two of them were close to death, while the other four were still fairly healthy. Wei Chen didn’t know why, so he asked them immediately!

When he asked, he found out that they were behind the wall on the other side and were sneaking about as well! These four heard Wei Chen’s orders and went over the wall together. However, they weren’t close enough and jumped a tad bit later than the others. Before the four had jumped, the rest had already been sent tumbling through the air by the enemy’s Rising Emblem. Thus, they didn’t dare be too careless and circled around to find a different area to enter from. Then, they witnessed their comrades slam into the ground and get blasted to smithereens.

At that moment, they weren’t sure if they should still rush over and help! Suddenly, they saw Wei Chen’s Warlock roll over and flip over the wall. The enemies even shot at his butt, so they immediately abandoned their original thought and retreated too.

“How sad! Be careful. Make sure you don’t get discovered.” Wei Chen said.

“You should be the one who should be careful! They’re heading towards you.” The remaining four reminded him.

“F*ck, then hurry up and come out so you can distract them!” Wei Chen threw his previous thoughts of concern out the window.

“Sh*t! You’ve got no sense of shame!!!” Even his own allies couldn’t bear it anymore.

The sounds of gunfire and explosions echoed throughout Milo Ancient Ruins. Amidst the noise, Ye Xiu shouted: “Old Wei, there’s no point hiding. Coming out and waiting for your death is your only route. Give me five hundred and I might consider letting you live.”

“Ye Qiu, go kill yourself! This senior vows to fight to his death!” Wei Chen replied.

“Don’t stop attacking! Don’t stop attacking!” Ye Xiu reminded Chen Guo, “As soon as this guy is out of combat, he’ll log off immediately. Don’t forget he has no morals.”


A missile exploded near Wei Chen’s Warlock. Even though it didn’t injure him, this type of attack would keep him locked in combat. These guys just fired randomly, making it so he couldn’t escape from combat. Ye Xiu was right. As soon as his combat status cleared, he would definitely have log off without any delay.

“Think of your brothers. They sacrificed their lives for you. How can you be alright with being the only one to survive!” Ye Xiu continued to shout.

“Quiet down. You killed them all.” Wei Chen said.

“If you hadn’t ordered them to come back and save you, they might have survived. They’ve already lost faith in you.” Ye Xiu said.

“Shut up. They’re already on their way here.” Wei Chen responded.

“Your bluff won’t work on me. Even if you called all of Blue Brook Guild, you will still die today.” Ye Xiu said.

“You really have incredible foresight! Blue Brook Guild’s troops are about to arrive. Not just them either. Look at the world!” Wei Chen shouted. An announcement came up on the global chat.

Windward Formation: Lord Grim in Milo Ancient Ruins. Hurry and come!

“Ha ha ha, you think they can save you?” Ye Xiu looked down in disdain. Windward Formation was the name of Wei Chen’s Warlock.

“You’ve got guts not running.” Wei Chen said.

“I’ll leave right after I kill you.” Ye Xiu said.

“Say it when you find me.”

“Did you really think that our attacks were randomly aimed? I already know your position. You haven’t escaped from combat yet, right? So it’s not hard to figure out your position. Do you hear our footsteps? Probably not. We’re crouching as we walk. Watch your back!” Ye Xiu suddenly raised his voice.

“You’re going to die!!!!” Chen Guo was the one who got scared.

“It’s to scare him.” Ye Xiu said, while gestured to Chen Guo to look at his screen.

“Here?” Chen Guo whispered.

Ye Xiu nodded his head.

“Shouldn’t we get closer?” Chen Guo asked.

“No need. If we get closer, he’ll notice us. That spot is a good position and has good range of vision, so here is the limit.” Ye Xiu explained.

“But even if we hit him, the distance is too far. He can still run.” Chen Guo lamented.

“We’ll take it a step at a time!” Ye Xiu wasn’t in a hurry.

As a result, Chen Guo positioned her Satellite Beam towards the spot Ye Xiu indicated: a place covered in straw.

The Satellite Beam descended from the skies. However, any player with a bit of reaction speed would easily dodge an attack like this without any setup. The three saw Wei Chen’s Windward Formation come out from behind the pile of straw and quickly escape from Satellite Beam’s range.

“Cancel your attack. Gatling Gun!” Ye Xiu called. His Lord Grim was already after him.

“Ah……” Chen Guo felt a bit unwilling to cancel her ultimate, but she still followed his orders. She took out a Gatling Gun and fired at Windward Formation.

Windward Formation’s movements didn’t look natural at all, perhaps it could even be considered a bit ugly. However, his erratic movements were effective and he dodged the bullets. This type of movements would be much slower than Lord Grim, who was running in a straight line, and the distance was quickly closed. As soon as Chasing Haze’s firing ended, Lord Grim immediately used his own Gatling Gun. Ye Xiu’s technique was much better than Chen Guo’s. Windward Formation’s movements suddenly became even uglier and wasn’t able to completely dodge all the bullets. A few of the bullets connected.

These stray bullets wouldn’t do much damage, but they still affected his running speed. Wei Chen was very gloomy and shouted: “Ye Qiu, do you have the guts to fight with this senior 1v1!”

“Okay, stand still. I’ll fight you 1v1.” Ye Xiu replied, but didn’t stop shooting.

“Pei, who would believe you.” Wei Chen spat and continued to run.
“Same to you.” Ye Xiu laughed.

Qiao Yifan’s One Inch Ash never stopped attacking. Right now, he was at the forefront and had closed in on Windward Formation. Chen Guo’s Chasing Haze was chasing him now too. Gatling Gun was a Level 20 and under skill, so it didn’t have a long cooldown. If they kept on doing this, it was only a matter of time before Windward Formation was caught.

“We’re about to catch him!” Chen Guo was very excited. She was looking forward to obliterating this immoral guy.

“Hard to say.” Ye Xiu frowned.

“What do you mean?” Chen Guo said.

“There’s a dungeon ahead.” Ye Xiu sighed.

“Dungeon?” Chen Guo was startled and then looked ahead. Sure enough, ahead was Milo Ancient City’s dungeon entrance. Dungeons only had a lower bound, but no upper bound. Thus, Windward Formation could enter it. If he entered it, they wouldn’t be able to chase him.

“Isn’t entering this dungeon the same as dying?” Chen Guo was puzzled. Even though Milo Ancient City was a Level 55 dungeon, it was a hundred player dungeon. It wasn’t something that a solo player could clear, not even a pro player. Progress could be saved in hundred player dungeons, but saving progress didn’t mean one could leave the dungeon. It was similar to a pause, so one could come back when one had more time to continue progressing further.

“If you die in a dungeon, at least you can’t drop your equipment.” Ye Xiu said, “Did you not notice? His weapon is a Silver weapon!”

‘Really? I really didn’t notice! Where did he get it from? Did Blue Rain give it to him?”

“I don’t think so. He probably made it himself. He’s been playing for so many years, so it isn’t a surprise that he has his own Silver weapon.” Ye Xiu said.

“Do you think he wanted to kill you for your Silver weapon?” Chen Guo guessed. She still couldn’t accept that a former God that would actually stoop so low as to get five hundred yuan from a bounty.

“Probably not. Five hundred yuan is just a cherry on top. He’s mainly playing to have fun.” Ye XIu said.

“......” Chen Guo was somewhat speechless, but she could feel it. Wei Chen was cursing and fighting Ye Xiu, but he wasn’t actually angry. It was like sparring with an old friend. The two mocked each other and trash talked for fun.

However, their trash talking went beyond what Chen Guo could bear. Wei Chen was truly too immoral. Even Ye Xiu had his limits. In any case, Chen Guo didn’t dare be certain. Ye Xiu making her cough blood in anger over and over again was already enough.

“Senior, I don’t think we’ll be able to catch him.” Qiao Yifan had good judgement. After hearing Ye Xiu’s intent, he calculated their speed and Wei Chen’s speed and made a guess.

If they had reached this conclusion, Wei Chen naturally would have too and laughed in glee: “If you want to kill this senior, you’re still too green.”

“Give your mouse to me!” At this moment, Ye Xiu suddenly spoke to Chen Guo.

Chen Guo was slightly startled, but having experienced this before, she quickly handed the mouse over to Ye Xiu. Ye Xiu took it and began controlling Chasing Haze to use Gatling Gun.

The bullets flew out and Wei Chen hastily tried to dodge them. A few of the bullets hit and caused Windward Formation to stumble a few steps.

Wei Chen was alarmed. There were still more bullets coming at him. He tried dodging again, but got hit by another bullet.

If he were a normal person, he wouldn’t have been able to react so quickly. However, Wei Chen immediately understood what was going on and cursed: “Ye Qiu, you shameless b*stard. You’re even using such methods! Where’s your spirit of fairness?”

“Then stand still. I’ll fight you one one one.” Ye Xiu said.

“Ptui!” Wei Chen spat. He clearly didn’t trust Ye Xiu at all. However, with Ye Xiu helping Chen Guo, the Gatling Gun’s effects were extremely different. In addition, her level was higher, so the effects from Chasing Haze’s Gatling Gun were much greater than Lord Grim’s. Qiao Yifan’s eyes lit up and he recalculated it. He wouldn’t have thought of doing such a thing.

One Inch Ash grew closer and closer and Chasing Haze’s firing became more and more dense. Lord Grim began firing with Chasing Haze.

‘Okay, hit him with anything you want!” With this done, Ye Xiu handed the mouse back to Chen Guo and immediately began controlling Lord Grim again. Lord Grim followed up with the suppressing fire. They finally caught up to Windward Formation.

“Slash!” Ye Xiu shouted and pounced on Windward Formation along with One Inch Ash.

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