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Chapter 515 - This is an Ultimate

All of this happened in under a minute.

The guy, who just said “Your time has come!” in a very serious voice, might have gotten his name wrong, but Qiao Yifan still felt gratitude for his words. However, in the next instant, a dirty sneak attack suddenly came at him. Even though Ye Xiu shouted for him to be careful, it was too late for Qiao Yifan.

The two were only inches apart from each other. Qiao Yifan hadn’t seen Wei Chen mutter any spells. By the time he saw the spell coming at him, a black of ray light shot out from the Warlock’s hands and instantly wrapped around One Inch Ash.

“Sigh, young people!”

Ye Xiu and Wei Chen both spoke in unison.

“Shameless, too shameless!!” Chen Guo nearly jumped up in anger. On the other hand, Qia Yifan felt very embarrassed upon hearing the two sigh at him. He was usually a cautious and suspecting person. Whenever something bad happened, he would never denounce the opponent and instead look for how he could improve.

As a result, he regretted how he hadn’t been careful enough. He felt like the two sighing wasn’t wrong. He was too young and too inexperienced…..

At this point, struggling was useless. The Bind Spell didn’t do any damage, but it stopped the target from moving. It stopped the affected target’s movement for five seconds, which was enough to do many things. 

Wei Chen seized this opportunity and he quickly cast another spell. Another ray of black light shot out from his hands and bored into One Inch Ash’s body. This ray of black light didn’t do any damage, but when the Warlock lifted his hands, One Inch Ash also lifted his hands and floated into the air.

Control Spell!

Control Spell was a Warlock skill, which allowed the user to control whatever the black light hit, but continually consumed the mana of the user. The heavier the target was, the greater the mana consumption. If the target was a living thing, like a player, mana would be consumed even faster.

It sounded like a fun skill to use that allowed the user to make a fool out of the target, but in reality, the skill was very easy to break out of. You wanted to control the target for a few minutes? Impossible. You might not even be able to for a few seconds because the spell could be broken with an attack.

As a result, this skill was mainly used to put the target in an unfavorable position or stop the target from moving.

Wei Chen used this opportunity to send One Inch Ash into the air and then prepared to throw him into a wall.

While in midair, Qiao Yifan could already see the crowd of enemies waiting by the wall. Being tossed into them would be like a lamb entering a tiger’s den.

“Do you think I don’t exist!” Ye Xiu shouted. Lord Grim raised his sword and slashed downwards.

“Ha ha, I know you’re there!” Wei Che laughed. He hastily retracted the ray of black of light and One Inch Ash fell to the ground. He immediately moved his Warlock out of Lord Grim’s attack range.

But during this small amount of time, he was able to give his allies enough time to arrive.

A Blade Master and Striker leapt up together and jumped over the short wall.

Lord Grim immediately turned around after completing the slash. He shot out a sword wind using Sword Draw and sent the Striker tumbling back over.

However, Ye Xiu couldn’t reach the Blade Master. These two hadn’t jumped over together. The two had some distance between them, one after the other. The gap between them made it so that Ye Xiu had no way of handling both at once. On the other side, One Inch Ash landed on the ground at around the same time as the Blade Master.

“Ice Boundary!” Ye Xiu shouted. Qiao Yifan didn’t dare to be slow and immediately cast an Ice Boundary.

“Interrupt him!” Wei Chen didn’t react slowly either and immediately gave an order. The Blade Master listened and sent a sword wind at One Inch Ash using Sword Draw.

Qiao Yifan saw how fast the attack was coming at him and knew he wouldn’t have enough time to finish casting. Helplessly, he cancelled the spell and dodged the attack. Even so, the light of a boundary appeared. It was a Sword Boundary.



Ye Xiu ordered. One Inch Ash immediately countered with a Moonlight Slash after dodging the Sword Draw. The timing was perfect. The Blade Master was still in the middle of the Sword Draw animation and couldn’t dodge the Moonlight Slash.

Full Moonlight Slash!

Ghost Slash!

In one breath, One Inch Ash had completed two slashes, sending the Blade Master directly at Lord Grim. Lord Grim stepped forward. He grabbed the Blade Master and threw him towards Wei Chen’s Warlock. Wei Chen was in the middle of casting a spell similar to when Qiao Yifan had attempted to cast an Ice Boundary. He had no choice but to cancel his spell in order to dodge.

“Cast every single boundary!” Ye Xiu yelled and shot through the air, throwing another guy who was jumping over the wall back to the other side. Wei Chen roared in anger: “Why are you all lining up one by one to get over? Just get over all at once!”

It hadn’t been easy getting a Blade Master to help him, so his opponents wouldn’t be able to gang up on him one versus two, but after so long, a second helper hadn’t been able to get over the wall.

The two sides were only separated by a wall, so the players on the other side of Wei Chen could hear his voice loud and clear. They gathered below the wall and jumped up together all at once. Then, a blue light appeared from below the wall. A circle was drawn on the ground. The blue light rose into the air and the incoming players were thrown into the sky via the Rising Emblem.

“F*ck……” Wei Chen cursed, but he couldn’t do anything about it. Under Lord Grim’s protection, One Inch Ash had already successfully cast a Flame Boundary. Wei Chen was in the middle of it. It was already impressive for him to be able to avoid the damage from the flames. Where would he find time to cast a spell? The Blade Master didn’t need to be talked about. In front of pro players, the only thing he could do was attract damage. Under an AoE Flame Boundary, the Blade Master didn’t even have the ability to dodge the flames rising from the ground and was burned from head to toe. Luckily, the enemy was under leveled and the damage taken wasn’t too heavy.

All of their helpers were launched into the air by Lord Grim’s Rising Emblem. They looked like a complete mess in the air, making Wei Chen want to cry.

When they fell, some of them successfully Quick Recovered, while some of them failed. Some of the ones who succeeded were knocked to the ground by those who had  failed. Lord Grim swept them away by using an Earthquake Sword. The ones who had managed to stand were knocked to the ground, while everyone else was sent into the ghost boundary.

Falling Light Blade, Back Throw…...

The damage wasn’t scary, but the most annoying part was the effects. Wei Chen’s subordinates were stacked on top of each other and couldn’t escape from it. It made Wei Chen want to scratch Lord Grim to death. Meanwhile, One Inch Ash continued to pile ghost boundaries one on top of the other. Even though the boundaries were low leveled, with so many boundaries layered over each other, they would certainly have an effect.

“How interesting. With your levels, trying to kill us is too hard.” Wei Chen’s group was in a sorry state, but he wasn’t worried. Lord Grim’s and One Inch Ash’s level disadvantage could be fatal. Even though they had controlled the situation, their damage output wouldn’t be enough to turn the tides of battle to victory. If they had been two Level 70 characters, Wei Chen would have surrendered long ago.

Right when he finished saying this, he heard a loud female voice shout: “Eat a bullet, you immoral b*stard!”


How was that a bullet! It was a gigantic pillar of light!

A Launcher’s Satellite Beam descended from the skies and crashed directly at them. In that instant, the crowd was completely immersed in deadly light. When the pillars of light split, those who hadn’t been immersed in the light were swept into it. Between the two walls was a small alley, leaving them nowhere to run.

This skill didn’t come from a Level 50 character. This time, it was from a true Level 70 character. There wasn’t any level suppression due to the gap in levels. In addition, Satellite Beam was an ultimate.

“F*ck, why did this b*tch also come!” Wei Chen heard the female voice and responded in a very impolite manner because he knew that this time, the situation had turned bad. Don’t look at how the enemies only had three players. Lord Grim and One Inch Ash had strong control over the situation. They grouped them up like NPC mobs. Now, a Level 70 character had arrived. The character was a high burst Launcher too with a Sword Boundary increasing her strength. In addition, the enemy’s Plague Boundary decreased their defense. When the Satellite Beam descended, their health bars dropped like waterfalls.

When the Satellite Beam finished, she followed up with a grenade. Another explosion took another chunk off their health bars. She fired a Stinger, showering them with missiles for another AoE attack. This was all with the persistent damage from the ghost boundaries and Lord Grim adding to the fire. Wei Chen focused on avoiding the attacks, while watching the names on his team list turn gray. There was nothing he could do.

“Where’d that shameless one go!?” Chen Guo’s Chasing Haze stood on top of a wall looking down mightily. Right now, she was a killing machine. She swept across the bloody field, but didn’t see any signs of that Warlock..

“Did he die already?” Chen Guo asked. She had Chasing Haze shoot at the ground. With One Inch Ash and Lord Grim blocking the paths of the normal players, the players had no way of escaping. The field had turned into an execution ground. There was nowhere to run or hide. They could only wait for their deaths.

“He didn’t die. He got over the wall and ran.” Ye Xiu noticed Wei Chen’s movements and even shot at him. Unfortunately, he hadn’t been able to stop him.

“He has no loyalty! He really feels no shame!!” Chen Guo was dumbstruck. Could the guy have actually left his comrades to die, just so he could escape?

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