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Chapter 513 - There’s Someone Behind You

Ye Xiu’s shout seemed quite pathetic, but his hands continued to input commands in a steady and orderly way. He even had time to talk. His current situation was much better than it had previously been.

Even so, Ye Xiu was far from having the advantage. Even though he had successfully killed off an enemy Assassin, he relied on the Assassin killing himself. The Assassin had burned most of his life by using Life-Risking Strike. If Ye Xiu couldn’t finish off the miniscule amount of health remaining, he didn’t deserve to play the game.

Following afterwards, another flashy show started and Lord Grim began hiding in corners again. The opponent’s commander might be strong, but he didn’t have that many people under his command. More importantly, Milo Ancient Ruins wasn’t a leveling area. Back in Wilderness Town, Ye Xiu not only had to avoid being seen by three guilds, but he also had to make sure he didn’t aggro any monsters, since it would have  made it that much more troublesome.

But Milo Ancient Ruins? Ye Xiu had already lit a cigarette. He was having quite an easy time playing hide and seek.

“If he has such a background, then is this Blue Brook Guild’s doing?” Chen Guo saw how Ye Xiu seemed to be relaxed, so she didn’t need to stay silent.

“It doesn’t seem like it.” Ye Xiu shook his head, “Blue Brook Guild would have brought a lot more experts. At the very least, they wouldn’t have given him a random group of players, no?”

“Then if he’s not doing it for the Blue Brook Guild and there’s no bounty, then what does he want?” Chen Guo was puzzled.


Suddenly, she heard Wei Chen shout: “Listen to me, Ye Xiu. You’re completely surrounded. Coming out and dying is your only path left. Logging off would be very shameful of you. Resisting would be a waste of time. Hurry up and come out. Give me that five hundred yuan, so I can go eat dinner.”

“D*mmit, didn’t I tell you that the bounty was already withdrawn? Do you really not know about it or are you just faking it?” Ye Xiu replied.

“What was that? I can’t hear you clearly. Speak louder.” Wei Chen yelled.

Ye Xiu immediately shut up. Wei Chen was lying. He wanted Ye Xiu to speak up, so he could figure out his position!

“You don’t want to fight and you don’t want to log off. You’re hiding to stall for time. Are you really waiting for helpers to arrive? Are you forcing me to call for more people? F*ck, if I call more people, that five hundred won’t even be enough for me to buy water. Even with the 20 people I have right now, I’d still have to pay a bit out of my own pocket for a meal!”

Ye Xiu heard Wei Chen cursing and making a huge fuss over the five hundred yuan, but Ye Xiu had a hard time believing that Wei Chen didn’t see the announcement that the bounty had been withdrawn. After thinking for a moment, he suddenly said to Chen Guo: “Do you have any friends in other guilds? Ask them about the bounty.”

“The announcement was very clear. Didn’t we see it already? Even if they went back on their word, it shouldn’t be so quickly!” Chen Guo didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“No. I’m asking whether or not the guilds might have made another move internally.” Ye Xiu said.

“What?” Chen Guo was a bit surprised, but quickly understood.

She had been in the Heavenly Domain for so long. She wasn’t familiar with any of the big names, but she still had friends in other guilds. She asked them about it and they confirmed what Ye Xiu said.

“You’re right. The guilds all have a bounty on you. It’s five hundred every time you’re killed! Some of the guilds even have contribution rewards.” Chen Guo hurriedly told Ye Xiu.

“So he really is after the money!” Ye Xiu was speechless.

“How tragic.” Chen Guo commented. She could understand if he were a normal person, but according to Ye Xiu, he was a God-level player with an incredible background, and yet he was leading others just for five hundred yuan. It was quite tragic. How was he going to split the money with 20 people? Each person would get 25 yuan? Or was it the killer takes 300 yuan and everyone else gets ten yuan? In either case, it was quite pitiful…...

“That might not be the case. It’s more likely he’s just looking for fun. If he has free time and there’s an event with five hundred yuan as a reward, why not do it!” Ye Xiu analyzed his opponent’s motive.

“Ah, he’s going to find me soon!” Ye Xiu said to Chen Guo and noticed the enemies were beginning to close in on his hiding place, so he immediately jumped and moved out.

By moving out, his location was revealed, but at least, he had taken the initiative. It was better than the enemies suddenly ambushing him and forcing him out.

“B*stard, running again. You really do have some skill. You’d better not log off today. Let’s see how long you can run for.” Wei Chen saw Lord Grim and immediately had his subordinates chase after him.

“More like you’d better not run.” Ye Xiu retorted.

“F*ck, you can still talk, while you’re running away. You really are Ye Qiu!” Wei Chen yelled.

The two fought back and forth, while shouting at each other nonstop. Chen Guo was staring speechlessly for a long time and then suddenly realized that this was what it was like when two pro level players fought! The trash talk never stopped.

“What are you planning on doing?” Chen Guo was somewhat at a loss. Ye Xiu didn’t have any helpers he could call on. Loulan Slash and his friends weren’t online. Apart from them, Ye Xiu didn’t know anyone else. He isn’t waiting for me, right? Chen Guo was worried. She really hoped she could help, but if he was actually placing his hopes on her, then she would feel very pressured.

“My helper is almost here.” Ye Xiu said.

“Who? You’re not talking about me, right?” Chen Guo asked. Ye Xiu’s glance at her made her want to die.

“If you check the system announcements, you’ll know sooner or later.” Ye Xiu said.

Chen Guo was puzzled. What did getting a helper have to do with the system announcements? Just when she was going to ask, she realized that Ye Xiu was busy.


A huge fireball flew in front of him, cutting off Ye Xiu’s escape path. The pursuers from behind had already arrived, cornering him in a small alleyway. Wei Chen had been shouting at Ye Xiu at how he kept on running and wasting his time, but now he had successfully found another opportunity to kill him!

Ye Xiu had nowhere to go in front or behind him. He saw a big chunk of the wall missing to the right of him and immediately had Lord Grim run up to it. He flipped over the wall and escaped.

He didn’t land on the ground after jumping and continued to fly using Rotor Wings.


“Sh*t, he’s too crafty! Hit him down for me.” Wei Chen’s Warlock was right outside of this gap. This had clearly been a trap set by him. A Thief had set several traps beneath the gap. If Lord Grim had stepped on them, he wouldn’t have any chance of escaping. However, Ye Xiu had seen this scenario in his head and didn’t land on the ground.

On the ground, several gunners shot at Lord Grim.

Rotor Wings wasn’t very quick and it wasn’t very nimble either. However, under Ye Xiu’s control, it appeared exceptionally agile, dodging all of the incoming bullets and making the enemy Mechanic watch on in astonishment.

Wei Chen wasn’t someone who simply ordered others around. He kept a close eye on Lord Grim and maintained a certain distance from him. He calculated how soon Rotor Wings would end and cast a Chaotic Rain at the place, where Lord Grim would stop.

Lord Grim landed just where Wei Chen predicted he would land, but the Thousand Chance Umbrella became an actual umbrella. Lord Grim walked straight out of the rain.

Compared to other shields, the Thousand Chance Umbrella was more convenient at blocking moves from above too.

“F*ck, what a despicable weapon!” Wei Chen cursed. Lord Grim had been forced into a position he wanted, but he didn’t think Lord Grim would just be able to walk out of it like that. He had a limited number of subordinates with him too. His opponent wasn’t someone who could be stopped by just one or two people.

“Team 3 come back. He won’t be going to your area. Head towards area 3958, 2564. Team 1 cut off his escape path. Team 2 circle to the left and converge with Team 4. Four players who have high movement speed come and see if you can circle in front of him.” Wei Chen was ordering everyone in the team chat.

Wei Chen gave orders, while circling to the right. His peak had passed already and he wasn’t as skilled as before. Of course, against normal players, he was an exceptional expert, but in the pro scenes, he wasn’t much anymore. He still had confidence in stalling for time against Lord Grim though. After all, he had a huge level advantage.


Wei Chen had his Warlock hide behind a line of collapsed stone walls, while looking forward. Before, he had been chattering nonstop with Ye Xiu, but now he remained silent. Right now, he didn’t want to expose his position. He heard Ye Xiu’s voice come closer and closer and prepared to attack at any moment.

He’s here!

Lord Grim directly jumped over the stone wall and landed not far away from Wei Chen’s Warlock. Wei Chen was ready and immediately fired Curse Arrows to block his path ahead.


Under Wei Chen’s practiced hands, a curved ray of black light shot out from his Warlock towards Lord Grim.

Lord Grim hastily turned around in an attempt to dodge it, but the ray of black light seemed to come to life as it also turned.

“Oh! Hand control!” Ye Xiu shouted as he rolled forward. The ray of black light turned, but only hit air. Wei Chen once again had the ray of black light move downwards, while beginning to cast another spell.

Hexagram Prison!

From the sky to the ground, a purple and black prison of light began to form around Lord Grim. If Lord Grim touched the light prison, he would immediately be sealed inside the Hexagram Prison.

“There’s someone behind you!!” Ye Xiu shouted.

“Only a little kid would fall for that!” Wei Chen ignored him.

“There really is someone.” Ye Xiu was still yelling at him.

“A ghost?” Wei Chen continued to look down on him.

“Ha ha, there really is a ghost. A ghostblade.” Ye Xiu grinned. A blue light flashed from beneath Wei Chen’s Warlock and an Ice Boundary formed.

At the same time, Chen Guo checked the system announcements and finally noticed something.

System Announcement: Tenth Server player One Inch Ash has completed the Heavenly Domain Challenge and has entered the Heavenly Domain.

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