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Chapter 512 - Old God

“F*ck, why are you so troublesome! Hurry up and die so I can get my 500.” The Warlock, who Ye Xiu called Old Wei, responded in an extremely loud voice. Chen Guo could even hear his voice from Ye Xiu’s headphones clearly.

His hands didn’t stop moving either. The Warlock jumped backwards. He had predicted Ye Xiu would use a Back Throw and dodged it.

“You’re still looking at that 500? Did you not see the statement?” Ye Xiu said, while continuing to attack. Lord Grim shook the Thousand Chance Umbrella and it transformed into a spear shooting towards the Warlock.

“Hm? Statement? What statement?” The Warlock asked.

“The bounty has already been withdrawn.” Ye Xiu told him.

“F*ck, that happened?! Then all of the work this senior did was for nothing? Practicing the team’s coordination and studying your work and rest schedule?” The Warlock shouted.

“Not my problem. Why didn’t you start a day or two earlier? They only just withdrew it.” Ye Xiu said.

“You’re not trying to trick me, are you? What statement? Send it to me.” The Warlock yelled.

“One sec.” Ye Xiu said.

Chen Guo was stunned. Could everything that had happened today have just been an accident? Who the heck was this guy?

Chen Guo was just about to ask, when she suddenly discovered that while Ye Xiu should be finding a link to send to him, he didn’t even have a web browser open. However, he had stopped controlling his character. Lord Grim stood there, not moving.


Chen Guo only said one word, when a shadow suddenly appeared behind Lord Grim. The shadow lifted its hands and cut downwards in a cold arc.

Ye Xiu immediately input a string of commands. Lord Grim stepped to the side and turned around, allowing Chen Guo to get a glimpse of the attacker. The shadow was an Assassin, holding a dagger. The Assassin looked like a wild tiger, undaunted by dangers. Chen Guo couldn’t help but tremble. She recognized this skill: Life-Risking Strike!

Blood for blood. Life for life.

Life-Risking Strike didn’t consume mana, but rather used health. The Assassin’s health burned like mana for a final strike. As long as it hit, the health spent would do true damage to the opponent, ignoring all defenses. In other words, even if it were a weaponless Assassin, as long as he used Life-Risking Strike, he would guarantee that would do damage proportional to the amount of health he burned.

The amount of health that could be burned depended on the skill’s level. The higher the skill level was, the more health could be burned. The max-leveled skill had no limit to the amount of health that could be burned. One could even burn one’s health to zero. However, once the skill ended, the Assassin would certainly die.

Life-Risking Strike could be an instant kill move. It was the only skill in Glory that could kill a full health character in one hit.

Using one’s own life in exchange for damage was fair. The only thing which limited the amount of damage this strike did, was the Assassin’s own health. If one saw an Assassin equipped with Stamina increasing equipment, then one would be extremely wary of this move. These types of Assassins stacked health in order to fully utilize this Life-Risking Strike.

Assassins weren’t a class with high stamina, so they didn’t have much health. After an Assassin burned his health, he would just be an extremely weakened Cloth armor class, but if an Assassin stacked stamina, any class would have to be careful against them.

This Assassin suddenly used Life-Risking Strike.

Lord Grim had a balanced growth, so while he didn’t have a lot of health, he didn’t have too little either. However, his level was low and his equipment were relatively weak. If this attack had hit, the true damage trading health for health was one thing. The skill’s base damage was already painful enough for Lord Grim. In addition, Lord Grim wasn’t at full health right now. An instant kill wouldn’t have been hard for this Assassin to achieve.

Even though Lord Grim stepped to the side, this Assassin had clearly burned a lot of health. Lord Grim had stepped to the side, but the Assassin quick movements from using this Life-Risking Strike made it so Lord Grim’s sidestep not only did not widen the distance between them, but closed the distance. With Lord Grim’s stats, dodging this Life-Risking Strike was clearly too difficult.

Chen Guo thought Lord Grim would certainly die from this strike. Suddenly, a dark light flashed, turning into a six-pointed star. A green goblin popped out from the six-pointed star right in between Lord Grim and the Assassin.

The poor little Goblin didn’t even have time to understand the situation when it made a shrill cry. The Assassin’s Life-Risking Strike smashed into its body.

“F*CKKK!!!!” The Assassin also cried out. The poor goblin had already exploded into a bloody corpse, but the Assassin didn’t feel sorry for the Goblin at all. The Life-Risking Strike, which he had burned almost all of his health for, had struck a weak little house pet. How could he not mourn!

After Life-Risking Strike was used, potions couldn’t be used for a certain amount of time and the user wouldn’t be able to receive any healing spells during this time either. Otherwise, if one could chug potions and receive help from a Cleric, there wouldn’t be any risk involved in using this skill.

Risking one’s life meant no regrets. When Jing Ke attempted an assassination on Ying Zheng, he hadn’t left a path for his retreat.

“D*mn! Even that didn’t hit! Is there still any justice in this world!” The Warlock roared in fury.

“Nonsense. I was prepared for it!” Ye Xiu said, while attacking back at the Assassin. The Assassin had burned his own health in order to kill a measly green goblin. He was still filled with grief and wasn’t able to react. Ye Xiu seized this opportunity to give him a quick beating and killed the Assassin.

Chen Guo heard the two speaking to each other and became dumbstruck again. Both of them harbored evil intents! That Warlock lied to Ye Xiu saying he could leave, but had an Assassin make a sneak attack. On the other hand, Ye Xiu pretended to be fooled, but then took the chance to kill the enemy Assassin. 

Neither of them were sincere, but in any case, it was the Warlock who started it. In addition, the Warlock had set up an ambush as soon as he went online. More importantly….. Chen Guo was definitely  on Ye Xiu’s side.

“Too despicable!!” Chen Guo moved closer to Ye Xiu’s headphones and shouted.

“Where’d this b*tch come from!” The Warlock answered back without a hint of politeness.

“Ambushing us as soon as we log in, how low can you get?” Chen Guo shouted.

“Ha ha ha ha, you can remember this senior’s name if you’d like!” The Warlock laughed.

“Peh, I’m not that shameless. If you’ve got the skill, 1v1 me!” Chen Guo spat.

“Ha ha, are you hot? If you’re hot, I can keep you company. If not, I don’t have that sort of free time.” The Warlock responded.

“Cut the crap! Do you dare to 1v1 me?” Chen Guo shouted.

“Ha ha, how fiery! How about you find a room and wait for me there!” The Warlock chuckled.

His wording sounded very dirty, making Chen Guo stamp her feet in anger. When she looked at Ye Xiu, she saw that he was still controlling Lord Grim to have him break away from the trap. He also glanced at her as if he were looking at a dead person.

“What’s with you!” Chen Guo said.

“Do you know who this person is?” Ye Xiu asked her.

“Who cares!” Chen Guo was so furious that she wasn’t afraid of anyone.

“His name is Wei Chen. Have you heard of his name before?” Ye Xiu said.

“I don’t think so. Who is he?” Chen Guo heard Ye Xiu give a serious introduction to him, so she calmed down a bit. She reckoned his background wouldn’t be small. He was most likely a pro player. However, this name……. Chen Guo tried to think if she had ever heard the name before, but she really had no idea.

“He’s already retired.” Ye Xiu said.

“Oh…… he probably retired a long time ago then.” Chen Guo said. If he had retired a long time ago, it wouldn’t be strange that she had no impression of his name. 

“Yes, before he retired, he was Team Blue Rain’s captain and Swoksaar’s former owner.” Ye Xiu said.

“Ah…..” Chen Guo suddenly turned cold. Swoksaar was the number one Warlock in Glory and was currently in the hands of Team Blue Rain’s captain Yu Wenzhou. Chen Guo thought that this person would be a pro player, but she didn’t think he would be a captain-level player. In the pro scene, the captain of the team was often the team’s best player. Even if the captain wasn’t, the captain would at least be at an All Star level, let alone a captain of a powerhouse like Blue Rain.

“Why is he like a bandit…….” Chen Guo couldn’t help but say.

“Compared to normal citizens, he’s certainly a lot more crude. In those days, when we just entered Glory, he was already considered quite old. He retired after playing for only two years.” Ye Xiu said. 

“Is he very good?” Chen Guo said.

“You know about Yu Wenzhou and Huang Shaotian, right? He brought them up by himself. Their styles were pretty much inherited from him.” Ye Xiu said.

“Disabled hands and a chatterbox?” Chen Guo asked.

“Can’t you think of any positive traits……” Ye Xiu coughed blood.

“Uh……” Chen Guo had clearly said that intentionally. She knew very well just how good Yu Wenzhou and Huang Shaotian were. She just had a hard time imagining how such an immoral guy could bring up two top tier experts.

“Comrade Ye Qiu, can you not hide? Come out and fight me in a battle to the death!” Wei Chen challenged. While Ye Xiu was chatting with Chen Guo, he immediately had Lord Grim break out of the encirclement after killing off the Assassin. Right now, Lord Grim was hiding in a corner.

“Don’t you have any shame! You brought so many people and you’re calling for a battle to the death?” Chen Guo couldn’t help but roar back.

“No one’s stopping you guys from calling for help though? Speaking of which, I’ve been waiting all day. Have you really not called for any helpers? Your b*tch doesn’t count. With that pathetic skill, all she’s good for is lying in bed and playing around with.” Wei Chen called out.

“I’M GOING TO KILL HIM!!!” Chen Guo couldn’t hold it back anymore.

“Calm down.” Ye Xiu urged, “In any case, you’re not his opponent, so why ask to be humiliated?”

“Then what should I do?” Chen Guo asked.

“Let me handle it?” Ye Xiu grinned.


“Ah! They’ve found me again!” Ye Xiu cried and had Lord Grim escape. Chen Guo felt depressed. His current sorry state and his confident “let me handle it” was simply too conflicting.

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