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Chapter 511 - Expert Commander

The battle ensuing on Ye Xiu’s screen was a blur to Chen Guo’s eyes. She could still see his status clearly. Lord Grim’s life was dancing on a blade’s edge the entire time. This meant that the only thing Ye Xiu could do was survive longer than her Chasing Haze. It was hard to say if he would be able to escape or not.

What should she do?

Chen Guo was extremely worried. Whether she revived and rushed back or called for help, it would be too late now. Everything depended on Ye Xiu.

Ye Xiu’s normal lazy look often made Chen Guo grind her teeth in anger, but at this moment, she really wanted to see the look on his face.

However, it wasn’t there. He had an expression of concentration on his face. The sounds of rapid tapping and clicking continued to be produced by his two hands. The screen had already made Chen Guo feel dizzy. Now, even the sounds made her feel uneasy.

In any case, she should try to do something!


Chen Guo revived her Chasing Haze and ran in his direction. She didn’t know if she would be able to arrive in time, nor did she know if she would be able to provide any help. She didn’t want to sit there and do nothing.


As she sprinted over like mad, Chen Guo glanced at Lord Grim’s coordinates and health from time to time.


Ye Xiu was still trying to hang on.

Chen Guo hated how she couldn’t just teleport there. Even if she could only block attacks for him, it would be enough…..

Suddenly, Chen Guo realized the room had quieted down.

Ye Xiu’s rapid tapping and clicking ceased.

Chen Guo was alarmed. She immediately turned her head, but discovered his screen was still colorful. Lord Grim hadn’t died. He was hiding behind a stone wall covered in moss.

“Ah? You escaped??” Chen Guo was overjoyed at the good news, but then she saw Lord Grim suddenly run forwards a bit. All sorts of bright effects from attacks could be seen exploding behind him. People were attacking his previous hiding place, but he had been able to run out in time.

“Not yet.” Ye Xiu replied to Chen Guo’s question.

But being able to talk meant that the situation had become much better than before. She looked at Ye Xiu’s current position: Milo Ancient Ruins.

Milo Ancient Ruins was one of the Level 55 leveling areas in the Heavenly Domain. The background lore described this place as the ruins of an ancient city, which had been destroyed a thousand years ago by an earthquake and volcanic explosion. Most of it was already buried beneath the ground. The remnants, visible above ground, had been weathered by time, badly damaged and in pieces.

Milo Ancient Ruins wasn’t a large area because it wasn’t a leveling area with many monsters. The surface remnants were only small portions of the ancient ruins. They were like a line, guiding players towards the real Milo Ancient City, which was buried underground. In the past, Milo Ancient City had been a huge hundred player dungeon, where countless players died.

Chen Guo looked at Lord Grim’s level. He was Level 54, but still needed half a bar of experience before he would reach Level 55. He wouldn’t be able to suddenly reach Level 55 and run into the dungeon to hide. Ye Xiu had Lord Grim run here in order to take advantage of the terrain and shake off his pursuers.

“20 players.” Ye Xiu pushed the microphone on his headphones to the side and spoke to Chen Guo. He was afraid his pursuers would hear his voice and figure out his position. Right now, Lord Grim was hiding in the corner of a stone room and was looking out from a small crack in the wall.


“It’s just a guess, but it should be around there.” Ye Xiu figured out the strength of his enemies while hiding and running.

“Who are they?” Chen Guo asked.

“I don’t know. That’s not important right now. These players are all average in skill, but their commander is very troublesome.” Ye Xiu said.

“Who’s the commander?” Chen Guo was astonished. To be able to make Ye Xiu feel pressure, this person must be at the pro level!

“I’m not sure. I haven’t had the chance to see him.” Ye Xiu was helpless. He had been running for his life the entire time. Figuring out the enemy numbers was already impressive enough. Under the situation where the enemy commander was giving orders through text in a private chat, figuring out who the commander was among 20 people was nearly impossible.

“If I figure out who the commander is and kill him, the remaining subordinates will be easy enough.” Ye Xiu said.


Right as Ye Xiu finished speaking, he suddenly cursed out loud. He hastily tapped his keyboard and Lord Grim rolled out of the corner. Bang! Behind him, a hole suddenly appeared in the stone wall. Bits of gravel flew out into the corner. Only a Sharpshooter’s Thunder Snipe had that sort of penetration power.


Following afterwards, an even louder sound erupted. A small mushroom cloud rose up in the corner of that room. A Launcher had fired a Heat-Seeking Missile into there.

Several characters suddenly popped up in Lord Grim’s line of sight. A Berserker charged forward using Colliding Stab.

The usage of this skill reflected Ye Xiu’s evaluation of their skill. Ye Xiu simply leaped backwards and the Berserker awkwardly stopped in front of Lord Grim. Colliding Stab had reached the limits of its attack range.

Ye Xiu didn’t give him a second chance to try again. Lord Grim knocked the Berserker high into the air and Flung him away.

Another two players followed after the Berserker, but how could they have known their ally would turn into their enemy? One of them jumped to the left, while the other jumped to the right, but they soon discovered that not only had Lord Grim thrown the Berserker at them, he had also lobbed a grenade. It was too late for them to dodge. The grenade exploded and all the three went tumbling through the air.

Ye Xiu didn’t bother with these three anymore and immediately had Lord Grim turn around. He pointed his Thousand Chance Umbrella straight ahead and fired rapidly. Ahead, at a small intersection, a Thief was laying a trap down.When he saw the gun aimed at him, he hastily rolled to the side, but his trap had been hit by the gun. The trap sprung out of the ground and became useless.

The Thief was furious. When the Gatling Gun finished firing, he wanted to jump out and show his fury. Suddenly, a bang sounded out from behind his butt and he was sent flying towards a pile of trash. While in  the air, he turned his head and saw the scraps left behind by a Mechanical Seeker. However, he had no clue where it had come from.


Lord Grim turned around and fired twice diagonally. A Witch, who had been flying out, was hit down and the Spitfire who had jumped onto the roof went stumbling backwards.

Then, the Thousand Chance Umbrella changed into a spear. He released a Falling Flower Palm at the incoming Striker and Grappler and sent them flying backwards. These two were puzzled. Lord Grim had clearly fired in a different direction. How did he turn around so quickly and use a Falling Flower Palm?

In a single breath, he had attacked eight characters. He just happened to have turned around in a circle too. Ye Xiu saw an opening and immediately had Lord Grim charge through it.

“I don’t think any of these eight are the commander.” Ye Xiu suddenly spoke.

“Ah?” Chen Guo was afraid of bothering Ye Xiu, so she hadn’t said anything to him. She didn’t think Ye Xiu would be the one to speak. After a short pause, Chen Guo figured out Ye Xiu’s meaning: “ You’re saying none of those eight players are the commander?”

“Yes.” Ye Xiu nodded his head.

“Or maybe this person is only good at commanding and doesn’t have any actual battle skill?” Chen Guo said.

“It’s possible.” Ye Xiu didn’t deny the possibility.

Lord Grim rolled and jumped. He took notice of a narrow opening ahead and headed towards it. Right when he was about to go through it, an Ice Wall suddenly appeared, blocking his path.

Six players closed in on him from behind. They didn’t give Ye Xiu any time to break the wall. Ye Xiu looked left and right. There were six enemies on his right and three on the left. It was obvious which direction he should head. At this moment, he heard a whirring sound from above. It was an enemy Mechanic’s Rotor Wing. Two winter melon like objects spiralled towards Lord Grim’s head. The stomachs of these things split apart and bombs fell out.

Lord Grim twisted his body and rolled to the left. At the same time, he fired twice towards the two winter melon-like objects.

These winter melon like objects exploded like grenades, turning into two balls of charred metal.

However, the air raid had just begun. A Witch broke through the explosion and flung a Lava Flask at Lord Grim’s head.

Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim had already turned back around. He hadn’t expected the enemy to hide such a move. Lord Grim jumped up into the air. His Thousand Chance Umbrella transformed into a spear as he stabbed at the Witch.


The Circle Swing connected with the Witch and sent the Witch smashing into the ground, but this time, Ye Xiu had been a bit too slow and wasn’t able to block the Witch’s Lava Flask. The Lava Flask shattered and the ground instantly turned into an ocean of lava.

Right when Lord Grim was about to plunge into the lava, the Thousand Chance Umbrella transformed into Rotor Wings and he quickly flew over the lava field.

After flying over the lava field, he charged towards the three on the left. The Warlock among them immediately formed a black ball of light with his hands. The Warlock positioned the Curse Arrow high up and didn’t charge it up. The black ball shot out and transformed into a rain of countless black arrows.

Ye Xiu had no way of dodging the attack by flying up and could only drop back down, but if he were to move any farther downwards, his feet would hit the ground. He might as well just run, so Ye Xiu canceled the Rotor Wings and had Lord Grim land on the ground. Following afterwards, he used the Shadow Clone Technique and instantly teleported in front of the Warlock.

The back throw input had already been entered, and so Lord Grim’s two hands shot towards the Warlock. At the same time, Ye Xiu saw the Warlock’s face covered by his mantle. It was a rough male face with a messy beard. With one look, he could tell it wasn’t a system generated face, but a scan of a real life photo.

“Old Wei?” Ye Xiu shouted out in astonishment.

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