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Chapter 510 - Ambushed Online

“What’s happening?” Chen Guo only had time to call out in surprise before her screen was filled with resplendent lights. She hastily shifted Chasing Haze out of the way, but she was rooted as soon as she took two steps. Waves of attacks caused Chasing Haze to stay in a stunned state. Her health disappeared in chunks with a whoosh, Chen Guo quickly gulped down a health potion, but it didn’t ease the situation at all.

It’s finished… Chen Guo knew in her heart. Her reaction was too slow. The reason she was able to move a few steps in the beginning was not because the opponents failed to land an attack, but because every character was invincible for the first three seconds the moment they logged on, but after that, the opponents’ attacks were effective. Chen Guo didn’t have time to let Chasing Haze escape at all. In that instant, her eyes were filled with uncountable resplendent attacks that were targeted at Chasing Haze. She only saw a bunch of tightly-packed, varied debuff symbols, which resembled the densely-packed maggots found in corpses, causing her to feel nauseated.

It has already come to this, Chen Guo didn’t expect there to be any hope, she only glanced quickly towards Ye Xiu’s side. She was sure that an ambush this scale was aimed for him.

Tap tap tap tap tap…...

Intense and rapid typing taps came from Ye Xiu. His hands danced across the keyboard continuously without stopping. His expression was very serious, which showed that the situation wasn’t easy to handle. From his screen, Lord Grim was shown to be moving about at high speed. Continuous attacking lights and silhouettes brushed past Lord Grim, making Chen Guo feel worried as she watched. 

The clear sound of the system’s prompt transmitted through Chen Guo’s ears amidst all the chaotic variety of attacks. From this, she knew that her Chasing Haze had fallen.

Chen Guo quickly opened her inventory to take a quick look. She heaved a long sigh of relief when she saw that her weapon didn’t drop. After coming upon the fact that she only dropped a ring, which was an inexpensive blue equipment, she turned a blind eye towards it.

As her ghost floated up, she could see a bird’s eye view from the sky. However, a ghost could only see everything in black and white, so she couldn’t see much apart from the lights from skills. Fortunately, these skills stopped after Chasing Haze was killed. Chen Guo was looking for Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim, when she saw a gray shadow move across her screen.

A character’s ghost is shapeless, so this character had come from her ghost’s position. It was why she felt as if the shadow had suddenly appeared in front of her.

Chen Guo glanced at the shadow that had passed by. Wasn’t that Lord Grim?

A helicopter blade spun above Lord Grim’s head. He had used Rotor Blade, a Mechanic’s skill, to fly across. Then, Chen Guo saw a Witch riding a broomstick fly over. The witch jumped in mid-air and swept her broom towards Lord Grim.

Lord Grim quickly retracted his mechanical rotors and returned fire with his gun before the Witch could sweep him down with her broom.

Bang! Flames spurted out from the gun’s mouth and the Witch fell to the ground. Lord Grim used the recoil from the bullets to fly out. Midway, he drew his sword and crashed to the ground with a Falling Light Blade. At nearly the same time, a sword light shot towards the sky.

Blade-Master Skill: Sky Plunging Blade

The sword light twinkled like the stars in space, brushing past Lord Grim. If not for Lord Grim’s Falling Light Blade, which sped up his fall, he would have been struck by the Sky-Plunging Blade.

Although this strike had missed, a second one followed up shortly after.

A streak of crimson sword light swung towards Lord Grim, who had not reached the ground yet. The Berserker’s Wild Blood Strike allowed the player to slice either vertically or horizontally. This Berserker sliced horizontally across. Lord Grim was unable to dodge the attack while in the air. He lifted his sword and parried the attack. He attacked to defend, making his sword collide with the enemy’s blade.

Parrying was essentially meeting an attack with another attack. The resulting damage would be judged by both side’s attack. Lord Grim was lower leveled and he didn’t use a skill either, so his strike couldn’t compare to the Berserker’s. Wild Blood Strike knocked Lord Grim’s offensive parry aside. The crimson sword light continued to move horizontally towards Lord Grim and looked as if it would cut Lord Grim into two.


It resulted in another rattle. Lord Grim’s sword in his right hand had been knocked aside, while the umbrella’s shaft in his left hand swung forward.

Dual Sword Style!

Chen Guo was surprised. Even though she had played Glory with Ye Xiu for a long time, it was her first time seeing the Thousand Chance Umbrella use a dual sword move. This attack needed its corresponding weapon as a foundation. Out of the numerous weapons that existed in Glory, only Nightwalkers possessed dual blades.

The Nightwalkers consisted of Assassins, Warlocks, Ninjas, and Thieves.

Out of the four, the Assassin could use the Dual Sword Style to full effect. In the Pro Alliance, the player most famed for this was the captain of Team 301 Degrees, Yang Cong.  His character, Scenery Killer, wielded a famous silver dual blade weapon in Glory, Chaotic Winding Shadow Swords.

It would be a waste if an Assassin, who used dual blades, didn’t delve into the Dual Sword Style. Yang Cong had perfectly mastered Dual Sword Style. In fact, the reason he was able to become an All Star was mainly because of his skills and performance. His character, Scenery Killer, couldn’t really be counted as top tier in the Pro Alliance.

The Dual Sword Style was the bane of parrys. Parrying using two swords had its advantages. At this moment, Ye Xiu made use of this advantage to block the Wild Blood Strike using two strikes. With the first parry, his weapon was knocked aside. The second time, he successfully parried against the attack, but it wasn’t enough to completely defend against the Wild Blood Strike attack. The light from Wild Blood Strike still swept across his character, but Lord Grim used the recoil from his parry in order to move backwards.

This movement allowed Lord Grim to escape from being caught by another chain of attacks. If he actually wanted to fully defend against Wild Blood Strike, Ye Xiu could have simply used the Blade Master skill “Guard”. As a skill, the effects were much better than something done through normal means. But at this moment, Ye Xiu needed to parry against the attack, so he didn’t completely negate the attack. If he had used “Guard”, the blow away effect from the Wild Blood Strike would have been reduced by a lot. By parrying, he was able to utilize the blow away effect in order to quickly move and dodge the next chain of attacks.

Lord Grim rolled when he landed on the ground… leaving Chasing Haze’s death camera.

The ghost’s line of view couldn’t be moved around, so when she could no longer see the fight from her screen, she looked at Ye Xiu’s screen. However, his high speed movements always made her feel dizzy. She could all sorts of flickering glows of attacks from Ye Xiu’s screen. Lord Grim was like a storm trooper weaving in between gunfire, using astonishing techniques to dodge.

Health. There would still be a decrease in health after being scraping by the attacks. For example, the parry used against the Wild Blood Strike. Even if he used skills like parry, under the limits of his level, it would be impossible to neutralize all of the damage, let alone a basic parry. However, more importantly, compared to his health was his rapidly decreasing stamina.

Stamina wasn’t only consumed when sprinting. Walking, jumping, rolling, even normal attacks consumed stamina. Lord Grim’s stamina decreased at such a rapid pace because he was using all sorts of movements to dodge attacks.

He was able to survive until now, but what would happen when his stamina ran out?

Chen Guo was very worried, but she wasn’t able to provide any sort of help. She even found it hard to look at Ye Xiu’s screen. Chen Guo peeked at her own screen, and saw people appearing and disappearing from her screen from time to time. Their direction was mainly turned towards the direction where Lord Grim had disappeared to.

Which guild did these people belong to?

Chen Guo noticed the names of the characters who entered her view, but no one’s guild tag was visible. She didn’t know whether they were deliberately hidden or that they just didn’t have a guild.

One, two, three, four, five…..

Ye Xiu played while he counted quietly to himself.

He didn’t have enough spare time to let Lord Grim identify who his opponents were. He could only judge the amount of people by the attacks he continuously dodged.


In the blink of an eye, he counted fifteen.

This was only a conservative estimate, based on his judgement, Lord Grim had dodged fifteen attacks from different classes so far, which indicated that there were at least fifteen characters who were besieging him.

It was a plotted ambush.

Ye Xiu knew it in his heart. The moment he logged on, he noticed the black trace marks on the ground. It was the remains of the Elementalist’s fire attacks. It hadn’t been refreshed yet, which indicated that the attacks were only done recently and that there were players around.

Ye Xiu would obviously be suspicious if there were people around him. He quickly spun his character’s camera around and instantly saw some other marks made by skills other than the scorched trace marks.

There was more than one person!

At that moment, Ye Xiu understood what was going on. The marks dealt by attacks were organized in Ye Xiu’s eyes, so he immediately tried to break out of range of the spell marks.

He was able to do it, but Chen Guo hadn’t been fortunate enough to escape from it.

The opponent’s intention was very clear, but at this moment, Ye Xiu didn’t have the time to think about their identities.

Boom boom boom boom!

A series of explosions. Lord Grim dodged a Launcher’s Stinger, which left a sea of fire behind him. Although he continually used his stamina to make enhanced movements he still couldn’t break away from his opponents. The enemies predicted Lord Grim’s movement and sent out attacks towards where he would be.

Apart from the wave of attacks in the beginning, the opponents no longer had the intention to kill their target in a single wave. The attacks were never ending and continuous, meaning that they were planning to grind Lord Grim to death. It was the very same technique Ye Xiu had used with Loulan Slash’s group to kill Sun Xiang.

Who would have thought that the skill he had just used would be used by someone else on him.

Fortunately, their skill level and teamwork were inferior to Loulan Slash’s group and Ye Xiu’s experience was far greater than Sun Xiang’s. By avoiding the significant attacks, while taking the insignificant attacks, Ye Xiu was able to allow Lord Grim to survive the enemy’s assault.

However, this wasn’t a good long-term plan. Dodging attacks like this consumed too much stamina. Even if you ignored the limitations of his own energy or his character’s HP and stamina, Lord Grim was only Level 54. If he continued on like this without fully escaping from the pursuers, he would certain die.

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