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Chapter 51 – The Weapon That Couldn’t Be Hidden

When Ye Xiu heard Tang Rou yell “Again”, he didn’t waver in the slightest. He only steadily gripped his mouse and was ready to kill and behead the girl again. However, after he heard the yell this time, he didn’t enter the stage. Ye Xiu stood up and saw Tang Rou’s shriveled-up empty purse.

“Finally no money?” Ye Xiu laughed.

This guy…….was waiting until I emptied my purse before stopping!? Tang Rou slowly stood up: “Wait for me to get more.”

“Sis Tang, forget about it……” The surrounding people that knew her all tried to persuade her.

“Little Tang……” Chen Guo also went over to block her. With this girl’s competitiveness, Chen Guo didn’t doubt that she would try until she went bankrupt. The most loathsome part was that Ye Xiu. After winning, he didn’t even try to give her a way out of this embarrassing situation.

In the end, she heard Ye Xiu say: “Forget about it! This type of recklessness isn’t fun…..”

Still mocking her! Chen Guo was furious. She turned around and right when she was about to say something, she heard Ye Xiu follow: “You should learn it properly first. You should at least figure out how large the gap between me and you is. You can’t win in Glory with just hand speed. If you want to fight with me, there will be plenty of chances later.”

Chen Guo was startled. This was actually sensible and reasonable. This guy finally said some real people talk. But at this moment, how could the ignited Tang Rou pay attention to this?

Tang Rou’s footsteps had already stopped and she stood there lost in thought. The surrounding crowd went silent. All of them seemed like they were waiting for some great conclusion. Chen Guo suddenly saw something move from the corner of her eye. She turned her head to look. It was Ye Xiu giving her a meaningful look and gesturing at her. This shameful guy actually wanted her to hand him the money!

Chen Guo was angry! But she knew that with Tang Rou’s temperament she definitely wouldn’t let him return the money. Now at this moment, she ignored Ye Xiu and waved her hands at the spectating crowd: “What are you looking at? It’s already over. Go, go.”

The spectating crowd saw that Tang Rou didn’t move, so they didn’t either. Instead, they surrounded Ye Xiu and asked: “Brother, what weapon is that?”

Only players that didn’t play Glory wouldn’t care. When this question was asked, even Chen Guo pricked her ears up. On one hand, she wanted to hear the answer, but on the other hand, she wanted to comfort Tang Rou. She was just too d*mned busy.

“Ha ha, it’s nothing. It’s just a thing I made myself.” Ye Xiu said.

“Self-made weapon??” Someone reacted quickly. He immediately understood what the four words “I made it myself” meant and blurted it out in surprise.

The crowd immediately went into an uproar. Self-made equipment, that was high-end content that normal players couldn’t even dream of touching. Glory had operated for ten years. The methods to self-making equipment that were published online were at best Orange-level equipment. The truly legendary Silver equipment that surpassed Orange equipment could only be seen in the professional leagues. Why would these professional clubs give away methods to making these sort of Silver equipment to the public?

“Brother, can we take a look at it?” Someone asked Ye Xiu.

“Sure!” Ye Xiu laughed and let everyone look at the Thousand Chance Umbrella.

While Chen Guo put her hands on Tang Rou’s shoulder, she said “Go go go, let’s go up and rest a bit.” At the same time, she couldn’t help but stretch out her neck to see what exactly Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim held in his hands. Seeing this appearance, Tang Rou also couldn’t help but laugh: “If you want to go look, then go look!”

Chen Guo heard this and turned her head to look. Tang Rou wasn’t depressed like she expected, so she immediately felt relieved. But she still brought Tang Rou upstairs and said with authority: “Humph. I’ll go look later. If he dares to not let me look, then I’ll fire him.”

The surrounding crowd that looked at the Thousand Chance Umbrella’s attributes were all in awe. In addition, most of these players were playing in the new server, so they were very familiar with low-leveled weapons. With just a look, they could tell that this was a genuine Silver weapon! The legendary Orange-weapon-surpassing Silver Weapon.

“Amazing! How did you make it?” Someone blurted it out.

Ye Xiu smiled but didn’t speak, so no one continued to question him. Even the previous person who blurted it out felt a little bad. Which self-made equipment wasn’t made with blood, sweat, and tears? Who would ask for him to just casually give out his blood?

“What a pity! It’s only Level 5……”
(TLNote: Only the Lance Form is Level 15. The other forms are still Level 5)

“The server just started, that’s all! If you start collecting materials now, can’t you get it to Level 70?”

“Really? I heard that self-made equipment only looked at materials and not the materials’ levels!”

“F*ck, you understand huh? If you understand, go make one.”

“I heard, that’s just what I heard……”

The players commented one after another. Ye Xiu only smiled at what he heard, but didn’t join the discussion. Normal players only had a smattering of knowledge on this sort of high-end content and couldn’t really get anywhere with it. But a legendary self-made Silver weapon really did appear. This was already something everyone could talk about. However, all of the players didn’t forget to add: it’s a pity it’s only Level 5.

Level 5 Equipment. No matter how OP it was, it still wouldn’t have any value. Everyone understood the reasoning. Although most players knew that self-made equipment could be upgraded in the editor, upgrading was just as difficult as making. A small mistake could ruin the weapon. Level 5……. the starting point was so low. The amount of upgrades it needed was too big. Everyone all subconsciously thought that instead of upgrading it, it’d be better to just directly make a high-leveled one.

“Brother, are you going to make any other professional-level Silver weapons?” Someone knew how to ask the important questions. Compared to this Silver weapon, the talent that could make such a Silver weapon was of much more value.

“No more. This was something I just randomly threw together.” Ye Xiu said.

“Brother, if you’re ever going to make anything. I’ll give you the materials, just name a price.” There was still someone who wouldn’t give up on self-made equipment! Ordinarily, they all felt that it was something too out of reach. But today, someone who had one appeared.

“I really can’t. If I could, would I be sitting here?” Ye Xiu said.

The person, who had been unwilling to give it up, went silent. That was true. Someone who could make self-made equipment was definitely a more valuable talent than normal experts. They could close their door and get rich. They could also join a professional club’s tech team.

“Brother, do you want to dungeon? Let’s go together!” At this moment, there were even people who invited Ye Xiu to play. They were clearly also from the tenth server.

“I’ve already reached the entry limit.” Ye Xiu laughed.

“Let’s play together when there’s a chance!”


After paying their respects and saying kind words to try and make friends with him, the crowd gradually dispersed. Ye Xiu let out a sigh. Truthfully, self-made weapons were too precious. They were supposed to be hidden from the outside. In Glory, players couldn’t use the system to check on other people’s equipment, so it was relatively good for hiding them.

But the problem was that the Thousand Chance Umbrella was too unusual. What game had this sort of transforming weapon? Players with a bit of common sense could figure out that it was self-made. And in an actual battle, the weapon’s greatest value and features had to be displayed, so it wasn’t possible to hide such a weapon.

Ye Xiu sighed. Right when he closed the equipment interface, he saw Chen Guo rush at him like lightning from the second floor. After running behind Ye Xiu, she asked: “What weapon? What weapon?”

“Self-made weapon, see for yourself……” Ye Xiu helplessly opened it again.

“Wow……” Chen Guo admired it. She was like every other player, with a hundred thousand questions to ask, but she also knew that it wasn’t appropriate to ask these sorts of things.

“You’re playing as an unspecialized character because of this weapon?” Chen Guo asked.

“Smart.” Ye Xiu commended.

“You’re too secretive.” Chen Guo discovered that she needed to re-evaluate Ye Xiu. This sort of person that had been kicked out of the professional circle was more profound than she had originally thought! Although she herself didn’t know exactly how skilled the pros were……

“When have I ever hid secrets from you?” Ye Xiu asked in reply.

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