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Chapter 508 - Out of Expectations

The videos were sent and examined carefully for an entire day. In the end, the Clubs grit their teeth and contacted Mo Qiang, who happily accepted the reward. Mo Qiang himself was surprised. He didn’t think that it would have been so easy! Why else would he have made a post online as a cover or record of all of the calls? The other side had taken a close look at the videos, so he thought there would be a huge argument between them, but contrary to his expectations, they simply responded with two words: bank account.

The deal went so smoothly, that Mo Qiang was somewhat astonished. He gave the other side his bank account’s routing number and called Ye Xiu.

“Really? Well that’s good!” Ye Xiu was quite calm and didn’t seem too surprised. This was because he had another window open on his screen. Loulan Slash was crying: “You guys have given us a lot of trouble!”

“What’s wrong?” Ye Xiu asked.

The Clubs have been scammed of 150,000 yuan and it turns out they weren’t just going to swallow it so easily. Mo Qiang? In their eyes, he was just a subordinate, so they didn’t make things difficult for Mo Qiang. Instead, they directly contacted Loulan Slash and sent him a message showing their disdain towards him.

The message was clear. The Clubs wanted to let Loulan Slash know that they weren’t stupid with more money than sense. This small amount of money wasn’t much to them, so if you wanted it, you could have it! We’re too lazy to bicker with you over this matter, but for you to actually plot something like this, we’re definitely going to look down on you.

Loulan Slash felt wronged!

He felt like earning profit like this wasn’t his style, so he had refused to collaborate with Ye Xiu. Who would have thought that the blame would be put entirely on him? Ye Xiu had come off clean without a speck of dirt. Loulan Slash also had to blame himself for overlooking this matter. Those five accounts had been his, so if someone else used them, then wouldn’t it be obvious what the outcome would be?

God replied, “Ha ha ha ha, it looks like I’ve wronged you.” Loulan Slash felt like he had been cheated!

“Just tell them I was the one who did it. Wouldn’t that solve everything?” God followed up with another message, making Loulan Slash feel at ease again. Taking a bit of blame was nothing, but if the other side really had intended on pushing the blame onto him, then he would have felt uneasy.

Seeing the reply and then thinking about his interactions with God, Loulan Slash now truly believed that this God didn’t care about this at all, so God didn’t have any intentions of making him a scapegoat. Everything had just been an accident.

“In any case, they’re already set on believing that I did it. I’m too lazy to explain, so that’ll be that then!” Loulan Slash decided.

“Are you sure you don’t want a share of it?” Ye Xiu asked.

“No need no need.” Loulan Slash jumped. “Even though he had been made a scapegoat, he hadn’t thought of asking for compensation. A leader knew there were things that he should and shouldn’t do. Loulan Slash was clearly a very principled youth.

“The money has arrived!” Mo Qiang was very excited. His entire week of hard work had paid off! The Clubs displayed their demeanor, expressing how this matter was beneath them. They didn’t make any delays and immediately transferred the money over to Mo Qiang.

“Okay, then I’ll leave it with you for now! How are the other matters I talked to you about going?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Senior, it’s only been a day. Give me some time!” Mo Qiang said.

“See you then!” Ye Xiu said.

“It’ll be done, so don’t worry!” Mo Qiang received the reward and was in high spirits. Yesterday, he said how gathering those materials might have be difficult, but he seemed much more confident now.

In the time that it took for him to raise his hands, he had earned 150,000 yuan. In the same amount of time, the money he earned would be completely spent. From start to finish, the money never touched his hands. His trust in the other side was admirable as well.

“Time to level up!” Ye Xiu stretched and continued to kill monsters.


On the Clubs’ side, after sending the money to Mo Qiang’s account, they urgently convened for an online meeting, discussing the issue of the other two player’s bounty.

The rewards for the five open accounts might not have cost much, but money was still money. The money had flowed right out of their accounts and had even left a stain. The presidents of the Clubs may have a certain amount of financial power in their hands, but that power wasn’t their Club’s power. All of these things would be assessed in their annual financial record. The amount of money wasn’t much, but it would still be infuriating. It would make them seem like they had no ability.

For their appearances, this small amount of money didn’t matter.

For internal affairs, it was a deep cut to their hearts.

Heavenly Justice had cheated them of a portion of money. If Deception and Lord Grim cheated them too, they would be making the same mistake twice……. it would be unforgivable!

The loophole for this bounty was too big! Neither the public, nor the private, wanted to continue. Not long after holding the meeting, several presidents decided to withdraw. If someone left, then the burden would be split by the others. No one would agree to that, so after another ten minutes, they unanimously decided to stop giving out the bounty. Next time, if they had to make such a move, they had to be more careful.

The bounties had only been placed a week ago. Not only were there no signs of their target, the five dummies had cost the Clubs 150,000 yuan. This sort of result made them very displeased.

More importantly, the activity had created a huge wave of excitement. Ending it would require an explanation.

The 150,000 yuan couldn’t be spent for nothing. They provided the videos bought for 150,000 yuan as proof for the success of their move. In reality, they grit their teeth every time they saw those ten videos, especially those huge glamorous words “Xiaoqiang Productions”. The more they watched, the more annoyed they became and had the opening titles deleted.

Those five dummies had been dealt with, but those other two’s bounties had to be explained too!

Unfortunately, they hadn’t been able to kill either of them a single time. In the end, they could only express with a magnanimous voice how Lord Grim and Deception had committed crimes and then hid like cowards, abandoning their five brothers and letting them die over and over again.

Because everyone was very busy right now, we’ve decided to stop the activity and we can’t promise something like this will ever happen again. Scrap pickers, behave yourself!

It turned out that, for a majority of the players, they actually believed the Clubs had been hugely successful. The videos shared to the public were highlights picked from the ten video files. As a result, the normal players didn’t know about the loophole that had been exploited.

This time, the Clubs had used scrap pickers as a pretense to justify their actions. Who would have thought that their actions would actually help get rid of them? Afterwards, a lot fewer scrap pickers appeared in the Heavenly Domain. The players were smart. Facing the annoying scrap pickers, they used the actions of the club-backed guilds as a threat. The bounty had benefited the community and the Clubs were praised for it.

However, these were all things that came after a period of time. Right now, who did this affect the greatest? Ye Xiu, of course. Even though the danger was still there, he didn’t need to worry about how every piece of grass or stone might suddenly turn into an enemy.


Killing monsters over the next two days went relatively peacefully. Lord Grim steadily reached Level 54. With the amount of time Ye Xiu had spent playing the game, his leveling speed after level 50 was considered quite slow, but what choice did he have? He couldn’t run any dungeons.


Starting from this day, Ye Xiu was no longer busy with only in-game affairs. He started spending time outside the game studying and researching.

Why? Because the upgrade path for the Thousand Chance Umbrella was limited to this.

For Level 55, 60, 65, and 70, Ye Xiu needed to look all over the Glory world to find suitable materials for it.

In addition, the materials needed for these next few stages would be much more expensive than before. This was because starting from Level 55, the Heavenly Domain existed, making it even larger than the old Glory mainland, so there would naturally be many more items available. Finding suitable materials out of all of the materials available would require a lot of research. Ye Xiu became even busier.

As for Chen Guo, she was still the boss for the Internet Cafe and had other priorities besides the game. Every day, she would have to spend some time patrolling the Internet Cafe. Like usual, the first thing she did in the morning was get up and go for a walk. Outside the entrance to the cafe, she sucked in a breath of fresh air and stretched her arms. When she looked ahead, a person was crossing the street, heading towards Happy Internet Cafe.

When he arrived in front of the door, he gave Chen Guo a smile.

Chen Guo looked at him. He looked to be a bit over thirty years old and looked intelligent and capable. This type of person didn’t seem like someone who would go to an Internet Cafe first thing in the morning. He probably had something urgent come up and needed to use a computer.

Chen Guo studied him, while giving him a smile back. Who would have thought this person would be the first to speak: “Is Ye Qiu here?”

“Ah!” For a moment, Chen Guo was in a daze as she stared dumbly at this person. She suddenly felt like he looked a bit familiar. Was he a pro player? Chen Guo quickly recalled all of the pro players she recognized, but couldn’t register a match.

“Is he here?” The other side saw Chen Guo lost in thought and asked again.

“Oh, come with me.” Chen Guo nodded her head and led the person up the stairs. He was looking for Ye Qiu and because she wasn’t anyone too close to Ye Qiu, she didn’t feel like she had the right to ask about his business.

Right when she got upstairs, the door to the room opened and Ye Xiu walked out with a cigarette in his mouth. Ye Xiu saw Chen Guo and then looked in surprise at the person behind her.

“He came looking for you.” Chen Guo made way and introduced him.

The expression on Ye Xiu’s face didn’t change much. He simply nodded his head. He held open the door and invited the person in.

The person also nodded his head and then walked into the room with a smile on his face. Chen Guo followed after him, but she wasn’t as nice to Ye Xiu. She immediately asked him out of curiosity: “Who is he? He seems kind of familiar. I feel like I should recognize him!”

“Excellent Era’s boss.” Ye Xiu smiled as he walked into the room.


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