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Chapter 507 - Leave It Alone

Three of the materials required to upgrade the Thousand Chance Umbrella to its Level 50 form only came from wild BOSSes. No other upgrades had required such luxurious materials thus far.

This was because the upgrade process from Level 5 to 45 could be considered relatively easy to accomplish, but from Level 45 to 50, the capabilities of the Thousand Chance Umbrella would be completely branch out. When the Thousand Chance Umbrella had been designed, Level 50 had been its final form. Leaving the extremely precious materials until the final form was done in order to save materials needed for the previous upgrades. Most Silver equipment followed this train of thought. If materials could be saved from previous upgrades, then it was best to save them.

However, the current Silver equipment had their final upgrades from Level 65 to 70, while the Thousand Chance Umbrella’s final upgrade was still stuck at Level 45 to 50.

The current tenth server might not even be able to gather together enough materials needed for this upgrade. However, Ye Xiu was already in the Heavenly Domain and he could acquire these materials through others from older servers. Items could go forward, but not backwards in the Heavenly Domain and normal servers. In other words, items from normal servers could be brought into the Heavenly Domain, but items from the Heavenly Domain couldn’t be brought back to normal servers, unless the item originally came from the normal server. If a player had any sort of item from the Heavenly Domain, the player would have to store it in the Heavenly Domain before going back to the normal server.

After finishing his deal with Mo Qiang, Ye Xiu continued to level up. He played cautiously every day, not allowing anyone find his tracks. Even though this slowed down his leveling speed, he slowly wore away at the patience of bounty hunters. Ye Xiu had predicted this would happen. At first, everyone would be filled with excitement, but after awhile, most people would give up on trying their luck and would stop wasting their time.

Chen Guo saw how the situation had turned for the better, so she logged into her Chasing Haze and began to help him level. Helpers would increase his leveling speed, so Ye Xiu didn’t refuse her assistance.

They killed monsters for the entire morning. After eating lunch, everyone took a short break. Chen Guo took this time to browse the internet. She checked the forums and saw a post created by Mo Qiang. Seeing this, she hastily called for Ye Xiu to come over and see.

Ye Xiu went over and looked. Sure enough, Mo Qiang had posted videos of him killing those five open accounts. It wasn’t all of it though. There would be too many videos and file size would have been too big. He only posted the videos that he had sent Ye Xiu to take a look at. It was only a small portion of all of them. The main content of the post was the text. Mo Qiang told everyone of how hard he had been working for the whole week. This cunning fellow didn’t even mention that the amount he had killed was worth 150,000 yuan. Killing them that many times in the span of a single week would clearly be too fake. Were those five fake? If those five knew that they would be pursued every day, why would they stay online and letting their experience drop?

Just from these videos and this text, it seemed like Mo Qiang had truly gone through great difficulties just to kill these five a few times, which was why he went on the forums to express his joy.

“F*ck these Clubs!”

Ye Xiu was reading through these posts, when he received a message from Mo Qiang.

“What?” Ye Xiu was surprised. Would the Clubs really not reward him for cashing in the bounty? Ye Xiu hadn’t thought that this would happen, but Ye Xiu also needed this money. Getting the materials he needed just through in-game methods would be extremely difficult! Ye Xiu didn’t mind using real life money in this case. The more time he could save, the better.

“They said today is Sunday. Wait until Monday!” Mo Qiang typed furiously.

“Oh…… then just wait!” Ye Xiu saw his reply and broke out into a laugh. It was a very normal response. No one would be willing to work on the weekend or work overtime for something so trivial.

“Do you think they’re going to try to keep on delaying it?” Mo Qiang clearly didn’t have a good image of the Clubs.

“For something like this? Just wait. There’s more to come!” Ye Xiu calmly said.


“Do you think you’re talking to a real person? The Club is still a company. No matter how they run, it’s going to take them awhile to process it. If you get it by next week, then that would already be considered quite quick.” Ye Xiu said.

“I’m just afraid that long delays will cause trouble!” Mo Qian said, “If I knew there would be a delay, I wouldn’t have posted it today. What happens if I rustle the grass and scare a snake?”

“You can always delete posts you know…..” Ye Xiu said.

“Right right right, I’ll delete it first.” Mo Qiang immediately went to do it. Fortunately, he had just posted it, so it hadn’t gotten much attention yet. After deleting it, he repeatedly searched the post on Baidu and let out a sigh of relief after seeing no one had reproduced it.


Chen Guo saw the treacherous dealings going on between these two, but didn’t have the energy to scold them.

That day, at Club Excellent Era, a huge number of fans had gathered at its entrance again to protest. It was Sunday, and they clearly didn’t have much else to do.

Despite protesting, it still showed the fans’ passion. With Excellent Era’s recent performances, they couldn’t just turn a blind eye towards the fans, so they sent some people out to calm them down and provided them with food and drinks. Later, it was said that they invited a few representatives of the fans to go inside and have a chat…..

A chaotic day passed by just like that.

The next day was a business day, so Mo Qiang did the same thing that he had done yesterday. He made a post and contacted the Clubs for the rewards.

“Oh? You killed them? And you have video proof??”

The person who replied today was someone who managed this type of work, not an answering machine.

“Yeah, should I send over the videos?” Mo Qiang asked.

“Sure, go ahead!” The manager clearly didn’t care.

“Okay.” Mo Qiang replied. He sent the files and the other side received them. Afterwards, he commented: “This is for 104 kills.”


“How many?” The manager rubbed his eyes as if he had read the message incorrectly.  He felt like it would only be a few times at most for a few hundred yuan. How could he have imagined that the other side would say 104 times. The amount of money to be paid out for that amount already broke the ten thousand range.

“104 times. If you don’t believe me, you can count. My recordings should be quite clear.” Mo Qiang replied and then sent another file over.


“Why did you send it again?” The manager was confused.

“It’s another file. 112 times.” Mo Qiang said.

“There’s more!” The manager cried.

“Of course.” Mo Qiang said.

The manager received it, while feeling astonished. This was already within the twenty thousand yuan range.

And then a third, a fourth, a fifth…...

“How many do you have?” The manager couldn’t believe his eyes.


“10 files for a total of 1500 times.” Mo Qiang replied.

“1500 times……. 150,000……” The manager was completely stunned. He stared at the files sent and didn’t know what to say.


“I’ll keep working hard!” Mo Qiang said.

“Uh…… wait. We’ll have to look over all of your videos before talking again.” The manager replied. 1500 times, 150,000 yuan, the number was so ridiculous that they seemed fake. The manager felt like he had encountered a scammer, so he had to verify it. As a result, he hastily called over people to watch the videos and confirm the number count.


Ten videos. Fifteen hundred kills. Even though he killed them five times in some of the videos, it wouldn’t be easy to look through them, especially since they had to check if he was hacking.

After working busily for the entire day, the specialists came to a conclusion: there were no problems with any of the videos.

“Are you joking!” The videos weren’t fake. Moreover, the manager had counted the number of kills, exactly 1500.

However, killing them that many times in an entire week only existed in theory. Anyone who understood anything about the game would know that something wasn’t right.

Even the video specialists expressed how even though the videos were clean, the content themselves………

The responsibility had exceeded this manager’s power. It was clearly a fraud, but there was no proof…...

1500 times meant that each player had died 300 times. 5 deaths 1 level, so 60 levels lost.

For five players to have lost 60 levels in one week……. If the five weren’t killing themselves on purpose, then only an idiot would believe it.

“This has to be fake!” The manager felt. Something so ridiculous didn’t need proof. However, he knew the other side must have understood this too, yet he still spoke so frankly. Why was he not afraid?

The manager felt like this issue was a bit complicated and he couldn’t make a rash decision. Moreover, he was just acting on behalf of others. This was something created by all of the Clubs, who had allied together. How could he represent all of the Clubs?

As a result, he decided to ask his boss for help. Anyone would immediately understand something so obvious! No one cared about the stuff on the surface. After all of the Clubs received this news, they pondered over whether there was something more to this.

They could already figure it out easily enough.

Because as everyone already knew, these five accounts were Heavenly Justice’s open accounts.


What were open accounts? Open accounts were accounts with no identity and could be sacrificed at any time. And now, these five accounts had been killed in such a way. Trying to level them back up would be nearly the same as leveling them from scratch. They could already be considered as trashed. However, the sacrifice was worth it! Five accounts, 150,000…...

Heavenly Justice had done it!

All of the guilds now thought that they were the perpetrators. Who would have thought that such a famous guild would do something so dirty.

The Clubs now had an even worse impression of Heavenly Justice. None of them had a good feeling about them ever since their eye-catching step onto the professional stage.

However, in the end……


“Give it to him!” The Clubs decided despite their anger. They weren’t angry towards the money, but rather this incident. They had been scammed.

However, when they thought of Heavenly Justice, everyone still felt cautious. If they prodded at them any further, who knew if they would do something in return. Heavenly Justice couldn’t be underestimated.

Give them the money. Leave it alone. 

At the same time, they began to ponder whether Lord Grim or Deception would do the same. If they also let themselves die, then that would be even more disgusting.

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