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Chapter 504 - Unending News

Even though Ye Xiu didn’t have a cellphone, he still frequently used QQ as a communication tool. When he had retired, many people had messaged him, but he ignored all of them. Back then, Mo Qiang had asked him about it too and, now that he had been contacted, he used this opportunity to chat.

“It’s quite a long story. Let’s talk about it when I’m less busy!” Ye Xiu avoided the subject.

“Are you really planning on creating your own team?” Mo Qiang asked.

“I have thought about doing so.” Ye Xiu said.

“So this is to help raise money for it?” Mo Qiang asked.

“Not entirely.” Ye Xiu replied.

“It looks like you’re not having an easy time. This bro won’t take half then. I’ll just take profit from two of the accounts.” Mo Qiang said.


“Thanks!” Ye Xiu didn’t refuse.

“I say we just have those five accounts party up and then kill them together.” Mo Qiang clearly wasn’t very insistent on chatting and quickly returned back to discussing business.

“I’ll leave it up to you then!”

“Alright! Just wait for the money to arrive!”

With the deal completed, Ye Xiu turned his head. Chen Guo was still beside him and had a complicated expression on her face.

“Hey, it isn’t easy starting from scratch.” Ye Xiu said.

Chen Guo was startled. She felt as if her heart had been pricked again. Ye Xiu took out a cigarette and told her he was going out for a smoke.

Chen Guo went back to her game. Right now, quite a few people were talking about the news. Some people just randomly sent out coordinates, saying Lord Grim was here or that Lord Grim was there. They were making fun of the guilds. Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim wasn’t even online.

Not just Lord Grim, but Deception and Loulan Slash’s five open accounts weren’t there either. The players could only shout loudly. If their targets weren’t online, what could they do?

The guilds were obviously paying close attention to them. Them not being online was a success for them in a way. After all, their goal was to stop Ye Qiu from levelling.

Ye Xiu finished smoking his cigarette and returned. He logged into the game. On a different computer, Chen Guo’s Chasing Haze received a notification indicating a friend had logged on.

“You’re still going to keep playing?” Chen Guo was astonished.

“Why not?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Be careful!” Chen Guo said.

“Yeah, I know, but I’m only going to leveling areas without many people. I’ll take a look at the circumstances and see whether or not there’ll be people wandering around hoping to catch sight of me.” Ye Xiu said.

“I imagine there’ll be quite a few people doing that.” Chen Guo said. She understood a player’s mind. Five hundred yuan wasn’t much, but it wasn’t a small amount either. One of the main purposes of the game was to strengthen one’s character. If the five hundred yuan was spent on a piece of equipment or an item, it would definitely be able to purchase a top quality item. There would be players who would try to test their luck.

“Mm, if it doesn’t look good, I’ll run.” Ye Xiu said.

“If you really need an unspecialized account, you can just look for someone to level it up for you. It wouldn’t take very long.” Chen Guo said. She understood that Lord Grim himself wasn’t worth much. It was mostly the Silver weapon that was valuable to them. Apart from a few bored players or collectors, there probably wouldn’t be any other unspecialized characters out there. However, a studio wouldn’t care. As long as you needed one, they would level one for you. It was just a matter of how much you paid. All he had to do was transfer the Silver weapon to the new account and character. If he did that, wouldn’t he be able to avoid all of the hunting and grinding? Lord Grim could also be used to earn some money too. This was what Chen Guo was thinking.

“Ha ha, I’ll do it if I don’t have any other options!” Ye Xiu said.

Chen Guo heard this and knew he had already thought about it before, so she didn’t say anymore.

“Where are you?” Chen Guo asked. After Ye Xiu told her his location, Chen Guo immediately had Chasing Haze head over.

As she moved towards his location, Chen Guo discovered a few players moving in a similar direction as her. It seemed like quite a few had noticed that Lord Grim had come online. Everyone knew Lord Grim’s level too. He could only move about in the Level 55 leveling area, so they immediately headed towards it.

“It looks like quite a few players are heading towards the Level 55 leveling area.” Chen Guo said to Ye Xiu.

“Ha ha, the leveling area is so large. They won’t be able to find me so easily.” Ye Xiu said as he continued to level up. He was still in Wilderness Town, a Level 55 area.

As he killed monsters, Ye Xiu looked for a place convenient for observing the surroundings. He didn’t move around randomly either. If he didn’t see anyone around, he would stay there. If he moved around randomly, it was more likely that he would bump into someone.

Even so, he wasn’t able to kill monsters peacefully the entire time. After a period of time, Lord Grim finally noticed a player heading towards him. With his current situation, it didn’t matter if the player was in a guild or not. Now that a bounty had been place on his head, it really was as if he had become a street rat. He wasn’t just any street rat, but a street rat worth five hundred yuan.

Chen Guo was concerned about Ye Xiu’s situation and switched to a computer next to Ye Xiu to play. She constantly glanced at Ye Xiu’s screen. She saw how unsafe Ye Xiu’s leveling was and would turn her attention to his screen from time to time. Fortunately, Ye Xiu had lots of experience and an incredible amount of skill. Whenever he saw a player, he immediately hid. With the distance between them, the other side wouldn’t be able to see Lord Grim’s ID clearly, so Ye Xiu hadn’t been in any danger yet.

“Are you sure someone isn’t following you?”

Chen Guo was worried that someone might be following Ye Xiu. However, it was Ye Xiu who reminded her of something.

Chen Guo stared blankly. She turned her Chasing Haze around and immediately saw a bunch of players following her. She couldn’t hide her surprise after turning around.

Chen Guo suddenly understood. Some of them might have known about her relationship with Lord Grim, so they tried to see if they could get their five hundred yuan through her. Thinking of this, Chen Guo began to sweat. She really had been looking for Lord Grim. If Ye Xiu hadn’t reminded her, she would have guided a whole bunch of players over to his location. She had been concerned about Ye Xiu’s situation and nearly caused a disaster.

“You don’t need to worry. Nothing will happen. People will watch you closely if you’re online and might look for you if they need something. How about you go play in the tenth server for now? You can help manage the guild while you’re over there.” Ye Xiu said.

Chen Guo looked at the crowd of people behind her. There was nothing she could do about it, so she accepted Ye Xiu’s suggestion. At the tenth server, she had an account which was in Guild Happy too. Her position there wasn’t low either. Her character’s level might be low, but the guild knew that her main account was a Heavenly Domain character.

As a result, Chen Guo began managing the tenth server guild. Ye Xiu was having a difficult time in the Heavenly Domain. Even though he hadn’t been killed yet, his leveling speed had been greatly affected. Chen Guo had been very anxious at first, but when she saw that Ye Xiu didn’t seem to care at all, she became more at ease.

On Saturday, an unexpected result appeared in the Pro Alliance. In the match between Excellent Era and Thunderclap, Excellent Era had been completely crushed.

Ye Qiu had retired and Sun Xiang had taken his place. After a period of ups and downs, Excellent Era seemed to have returned to their best shape. Even though there wasn’t any hope of making it to the playoffs this season, with their recent results, Excellent Era had once again become a strong competitor for next year’s championship.

But in this match, everyone in Excellent Era showed a terrible performance. The end result was 1:9. Throughout the entire competition, they had only won a single point from the individual competition. The rest of the competition was plagued with mistakes. Excellent Era’s players looked as if they had something else on their minds.

Especially during the team competition. Xiao Shiqin’s Team Thunderclap was relatively weak in the individual competition and group knockout competitions, but with a Master Tactician leading their team, no one would ever underestimate them in team competitions. In the team competition, Excellent Era lost magnificently.

The media was stunned. Excellent Era fans were also stunned. Even the victorious Team Thunderclap was stunned. In the post-match interviews, when Thunderclap’s Captain Xiao Shiqin was asked about Excellent Era’s loss, he couldn’t find anything good to say because there simply wasn’t anything Excellent Era had done well during that battle. In the end, he lied saying “their performance wasn’t bad, but luck just wasn’t with them today.”

Happy Internet Cafe didn’t stream Excellent Era’s matches like usual, so there weren’t as large of an audience. However, there were still quite a few players who watched the match on their own. That day, Happy Internet Cafe was also in an uproar. Excellent Era’s disgusting performance made many jump out and praise Chen Guo for not streaming their match. It was their one bit of salvation from the disaster.

The customers, who had watched the match, all looked as if they had eaten a fly. They ran out the door and began throwing rocks at the nearby Club Excellent Era. This match had even taken place in Excellent Era’s home stadium. Those who had watched the match live had gathered around, refusing to leave and shouted angrily at Excellent Era.

Excellent Era wasn’t a stranger to this scene though. Their performance in the first half of the year had been very bad. Fans had done this before.

However, no matter how poorly they had performed, the hate they got had never been this bad. Today’s performance could be described with two words: unprecedented brutality.

Just when everyone’s hopes had been rekindled, Team Excellent Era dumped a bucket of cold water over it. The disappointed fans gathered around in the winter cold and refused to leave for a long time. Excellent Era could only look at the scene in shame. The spokesperson, manager, and team members all went out to apologize as well as promise that they would do better in the future.

However, were they actually sincere in their promises?

Sun Xiang, Liu Hao…… Excellent Era’s main team all had dead expressions on their faces.


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