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Chapter 500 - Glory Doesn’t Suit You

With the Cleric arriving on the scene and with Sun Xiang in a situation where he was facing four enemies at once, protecting himself was hard enough already, let alone attacking back. Thousand Falling Leaves was clearly enough to do this. Ye Xiu seized this opportunity to personally intercept Liu Hao.

“Ocean, you take care of the other side.” Ye Xiu said to Ocean Ahead. He didn’t know Ocean Ahead’s real name, so he used his ID instead.

“You want to fight me alone!” Liu Hao’s expression became serious. If he couldn’t defeat Ye Xiu with an 18 level advantage, it would tarnish the name of pro-players, but because the opponent was an unspecialised character that knew him well, Liu Hao didn’t dare to let his guard down.

“Have Little Bei come over.” Ye Xiu had more to say before replying to Liu Hao, “I’m racing against time, so I don’t have the time to fight you one on one.”

Liu Hao nearly coughed up blood…. Two against one. One of them was Ye Qiu, who he already had no confidence in defeating in a one on one. Now, there was also a Cleric on the enemy team. Liu Hao stood no chance.

Liu Hao had steeled himself for this, but Sun Xiang’s sudden activation of Battle Spirit had rekindled his hope. He had even fantasized how tantalizing it would be to step on Ye Qiu, but life is full of uncertainties, and his moment of happiness barely lasted for a short while before the tables were turned once again.

Liu Hao no longer had any expectations of his teammates coming back to reverse the tides of battle. The other side’s Battle Mage had died nearby, so he had been able to return to battle immediately. However, their side had died and respawned in the city. There was no way to know how long it would take for them to rejoin the battle.

As for seeking help from Chen Yehui, it was meaningless to Liu Hao. What he wanted was to reverse the situation, not to be rescued. Even if Chen Yehui sent an entire army to their aid, it would be completely meaningless. It only meant that Liu How would lose face in front of even more people, despite them not knowing his real identity.

Ye Xiu didn’t even talk much and sprang into the action right away. After battling him for a few seconds, he had even adjusted his character’s view, observing the battle raging on the other side while fighting against Liu Hao,while directing his four companions in a loud voice, a classic example of multi-tasking.

Liu Hao was so angry that he almost coughed up blood, but he was helpless. He wished that he could kill Lord Grim instantly with one hit, but the problem was that he couldn’t!

Let alone defeating Lord Grim, he wasn’t faring any better than Sun Xiang. Ever since the opponent’s Battle Mage had shifted his attention towards him and joined forces with Lord Grim, Liu Hao was completely at the mercy of his opponents.

He had no experience in fighting an unspecialized character. Although he was familiar with the Battle Mage class, the fear in his heart was quite large as he had been brought up being thrashed by this class. If the Battle Mage’s ID had been One Autumn Leaf, with such an advantage on the opponent’s side, Liu Hao would already have ran away long ago.

In a situation where both of them were beaten badly by the enemy, Liu Hao could not find an excuse even if he wanted to.

Sun Xiang, however, excelled in provoking the enemy instead, but in his current situation, what could he do? Besides, his provocations never bore any good result.

“Watch your positioning. Loulan, don’t give him an opening!”

“If you want to use Fling, face the wall!”

“Ocean go further to the front, there’s no danger!”

“Deception your damage output is weak…..”

Ye Xiu was constantly giving instructions to the other four while fighting against Liu Hao, and he didn’t forget about Little Bei who was beside him once he was done, “Don’t only think about using your high-leveled skills! He’s not so bad that he’d give you a chance to do that so fight properly!”

“You can even notice that!” Little Bei was surprised.

“Don’t you know? The technique you’re using was created by me.” Ye Xiu said.

“What technique?” asked Little Bei.

“You’ve made some changes, but the principle is still the same…… “ Ye Xiu gave Little Bei a lesson about Battle Mage technique.

“Look at this, Sky Strike can be used like this.” Ye Xiu even gave him a demonstration.

“He dodged it.” Little Bei pointed out.

“Bro, I’m level 52.” replied Ye Xiu.

“Not bad. Why haven’t you taught me that yet?” Tang Rou, who was watching, interjected.

“Really? I could’ve sworn I told you about it before?”


“I definitely did, you must’ve forgotten about it.” Ye Xiu replied.


“If that’s the case, then do you want me to show it to you right now?” Ye Xiu replied.


“Watch closely!” Ye Xiu replied, and made the same move with a sudden strike.

“It landed!” Little Bei was surprised, “Why did he not dodge it?” and he imitated Ye Xiu’s movements.

“Hey, I landed a hit too!!” Little Bei grew more excited.

“Huh?” Ye Xiu felt that something was off. He didn’t follow up on the knocked up Spellblade. On the other hand, Little Bei kept attacking hit after hit on his opponent.

“Hey, when did I turn so amazing?” Little Bei was extremely surprised. Had his skill level reached another realm after being instructed by God Ye Xiu? The person in front of him was the vice captain of Excellent Era, as well as a famous pro-player, but he still managed to land a lot of combos on him in the air.

“Hold it, stop attacking.” said Ye Xiu.

“Huh?” Despite being puzzled, Little Bei stopped his attack.  Liu Hao’s Spellblade landed on the ground.

“Pro player?” asked Tang Rou. A pro-player that fell without using a Quick Recover, what kind of nonsense was that?

Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim walked up to him without attacking, and stepped on his character while shouting, “Are you there? Are you there?”

There was no reply.

“Are you serious? He disconnected?” Little Bei finally found out that something wasn’t right.

Disconnection was a thing from the past, but there were still valid reasons that could cause it, such as a power outage, or maybe the cable got chewed of by rats. It could also be that the computer itself exploded. These were reasons that were severe enough to cause a disconnection.

“He can’t be faking it right?” Ye Xiu was more acquainted to Liu Hao’s craftiness, and Lord Grim poked the Spellblade on the ground again.

But he was wrong about Liu Hao this time. Liu Hao had actually disconnected from the game. Angry that he was being used as a punching bag, he accidentally kicked the power source of the computer. Such a technical error was not his first time.

“What do we do?” Little Bei asked.

“Keep it up! The system will force logout if he was disconnected from the game! Hurry up and kill him.” Ye Xiu increased the strength of Lord Grim’s attacks.

A character that was disconnected in battle was more helpless than a character that was weak. Ye Xiu, being a God of the game, bullied him effortlessly and with Little Bei’s help, reduced Liu Hao’s Spellblade to a corpse in an instant.

As he turned around, Sun Xiang was still holding his ground.

“It not over!” Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim walked over.

“Almost there, almost there.” replied the other four.

“Ye Qiu, fight with me one on one if you have the balls!” Sun Xiang was still hanging on to dear life!

“Are you not embarrassed? I’m only level 52.” Ye Xiu responded with confidence.

Distracted, Sun Xiang took a hit from Loulan Slash. After such a long time of combat, their Cleric was already dead, and the only reason he survived thus far was by drinking potions nonstop. Sun Xiang didn’t want to give up, so he had been counting the potions that he consumed, sustaining his hitpoints and mana to the maximum.

“Sigh, I feel sorry for him.” Ye Xiu said, “Come Little Bei, pick up the pace and take him out!”

With Ye Xiu entering the fight, the situation instantly changed. He was playing more of a support role than a comboer. If a hit didn’t strike at the right time, he would immediately make up for it. With this, the hits landing on Sun Xiang intensified and with fewer openings to defend himself, his health rapidly fell.

Noticing that he had little health left, Sun Xiang became increasingly tenacious, ignoring the damage he received and going all out towards Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim.

Ye Xiu was too lazy to dodge the attacks though. He had Lord Grim open up the Thousand Chance Umbrella, turning it into a shield and resisting the attacks.

“Let me be frank with you,” Ye Xiu said, “With your poor attitude, don’t play Glory, Super Mario or Galaxian might suit you better.”

“You….” Sun Xiang felt insulted. He watched on as Lord Grim’s Thousand Chance Umbrella transformed into a rifle and fired right into his chest. Sun Xiang’s Battle Mage flew backwards and slammed against the wall. He didn’t stand up again. He didn’t revive his character either.

“Dead?” Night Tide could not believe it He walked up to Sun Xiang, hovered his cursor over his HP bar. It really had hit zero.

“They’re all dead?” Loulan Slash’s tone was the same, he adjusted his vision, stopping at all the spots where their enemies lay slain.

“We’re….. Too awesome.” Ocean Ahead said. He didn’t shout out in celebration after winning the battle. He let out a sigh of relief too.

Little Bei and Thousand Falling leaves were silent, but their emotions were similar to their companions. They had annihilated the main force of Excellent Era, which was an unbelievable feat even if they hadn’t been using their professional accounts.

Deception kept quiet as well and after confirming that Sun Xiang’s Battle Mage and Liu Hao’s Spellblade did not revive. He circled their corpses and silently picked up the equipments dropped by those two.

“Hahaha… Why are you so mean? Super Mario? Sun Xiang will be furious.” Chen Guo was more excited than anybody else.

“I was speaking the truth.” mused Ye Xiu, “even Contra wouldn’t be suitable for him. That game even comes with a 2-player mode!”

“You….” Chen Guo noticed that Ye Xiu’s expression was odd even after achieving victory. Happiness? None at all. He even seemed a little sad…..

Sad? Chen Guo shook her head. She must be seeing things, how could he be sad? As she was about to say something, Ye Xiu stood up abruptly, “I’m going out for a smoke.”

“You account is still online!” Chen Guo didn’t forget that the three guilds were still going after them and the appearance of Excellent Era was just an interlude.

“Just help me log out!” replied Ye Xiu.

“Not going to kill them anymore?”

“No more.” Ye Xiu replied.


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