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Chapter 499 - Opportunity Knocks But Once

“Be careful of your consumption.” Liu Hao shouted.

Sun Xiang and Liu Hao were fighting against many with just two players, so their mana consumption would naturally be higher. Of course, for pro players, endurance was a fundamental skill. Moreover, in game, there was no limit to the amount of potions that could be carried, so they didn’t need to be worried about running out.

When Liu Hao saw how fiercely Sun Xiang was fighting, he became worried about him getting over his head and forgetting something basic like this.

“Who needs you to remind me?”

Sun Xiang replied in disdain. Liu Hao wasn’t happy, but he endured because he had foreseen this might happen. If Sun Xiang had really forgotten, he probably wouldn’t reply back. If he hadn’t forgotten, he would obviously look down on Liu Hao. As a pro player, this type of reminder was very childish.

“Should we back off for a bit?” Loulan Slash finally couldn’t bear it anymore and made a suggestion.

Battle Spirit. If the combo stopped, it would stop at that stage. Afterwards, if another attack came out, it would start over from there. As a result, Battle Spirit was also a very troublesome skill for the user because it was very easy to lose your stacks. This was the reason why the pro scene considered it a useless skill.

Loulan Slash, Night Tide, and Deception had become combo fodder. Every time they tried to surround him, Sun Xiang would always find someone he could attack. If they backed off for a bit and dodged attacks, they would be able to stop Battle Spirit’s stacks from rising any further. Battle Spirit was an easy move to break out of. It was just that their shotcaller, Ye Xiu, hadn’t said anything, so they just continued to persist. By now, Sun Xiang had pushed Battle Spirit into the fifth stage. He now had an additional 2 Attack Speed, a 10% increase in movement speed, and 110 additional Strength. On paper, it doesn’t seem that incredible, but Sun Xiang was far more skilled than any of them in the first place.

The three didn’t even need to look at the density of the gold aura around him because when Battle Spirit reached such a stage, they could clearly feel their opponent getting stronger. Even the slightest advantage became magnified under a pro player’s hands.

“Back off? Ha ha ha, do you think I’ll allow you to back off? Do you know why you three are still alive? It’s because you haven’t backed off yet. If you backed off, I can just choose one of you as my target and instantly kill you.” Sun Xiang said with glee.

Loulan Slash shivered and understood that what Sun Xiang had said was the truth. Battle Mages had Neutral Chasers, which buffed their movement speed. Along with Battle Spirit, no matter how the three went about retreating, one of them would easily get caught. In a one on one, not only would his combo not break, he could also focus his attacks onto a single target. If they went to rescue him, wouldn’t it just turn back into a 1v3 like before? What was the difference?

“Oh? It looks like you actually have a bit of a brain for strategy.” Ye Xiu replied.

Loulan Slash immediately knew that God Ye Qiu had understood this, which was why he hadn’t told them to retreat. He clearly knew that for the three of them, retreating was not the solution to their problem. Right now, he was trying to limit the advantage the other side could gain from this situation. Even though Loulan Slash didn’t know when the turning point would occur, he could only continue to believe in God’s judgement and shotcalling.

Loulan Slash thought as he stole a glance at Ocean Ahead’s side.

Elementalists only had a slight advantage in terms of attack range over Spellblades. If the two sides were of unequal skill, Elementalists could kite Spellblades simply through the Teleport skill. However, in this case, Ocean Ahead was far less skilled than Liu Hao. Kiting wasn’t an option. If it wasn’t for Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim supporting him by attacking from time to time, Ocean Ahead would probably have died long ago.

Loulan Slash’s slight loss of focus actually became an opening for Sun Xiang. Sun Xiang’s attack suddenly fell onto his head.


Loulan Slash heard his humph and reckoned it was a response to Ye Xiu’s words.

“However, it really is just a bit!” Ye Xiu emphasized “a bit”, “If not, someone should have attacked by now! Could no one have noticed that I’m the backbone of this team?”

“There’s no need. I can break your formation just like this. You don’t need to be so impatient to die.” Sun Xiang said.

“Tsk tsk tsk, young people! Opportunity knocks but once!” Ye Xiu said

“Do you really think there’ll be any more opportunities?” Sun Xiang asked.

“We have more people. That’s our advantage. Our opportunity will come from this.” Ye Xiu said.

“Really? How come I can’t see it yet?” Sun Xiang said.

“Because you only have a bit of a brain and that’s about it.” Ye Xiu emphasized “a bit” again and didn’t even put in the “for strategy” part.

Liu Hao was getting worried! He really wanted to tell Sun Xiang not to talk with him, but this young guy loved showing off and liked to provoke others, but if you keep on provoking others, are you sure you’re going to come out victorious? Did the fight with Han Wenqing at the All Star Competition not teach you well enough?

Sun Xiang couldn’t care less about Ye Xiu’s words. On the other hand, Liu Hao couldn’t help but carefully ponder over it.

The advantage in numbers…...

Liu Hao looked around and suddenly realized: the other side was missing a person. Where’s the Cleric? Where’d the Cleric go? There’s a Cleric on the other team!

“Okay, if you want to die sooner, then I’ll give it my all for you!” Sun Xiang didn’t leave any room for discussion and used his actions to express his words.

At this moment, the golden aura around his body looked dazzling to the eye. Battle Spirit had reached the sixth stage. The seventh stage would multiply the buffs, but also required Sun Xiang to reach a much higher combo. Sun Xiang lost his patience. Against these weeds, current stage was more than enough.

Falling Flower Palm!

Sky Strike!

Two skills in a row. In order to continue the combo, Sun Xiang used low leveled skills more often. Low leveled skills had short cooldowns, so they would be used the most often in combos.

Falling Flower Palm shot out. Loulan Slash and Night Tide both dodged it, but the following Sky Strike landed on Night Tide and launched him into the air.

Dragon Tooth

Night Tide ate another attack. Sun Xiang’s Battle Mage stepped out from the encirclement and charged towards Lord Grim. He planned on keeping Night Tide in the air, attacking him as he advanced towards Lord Grim.

Lord Grim was a Level 52 character. A Level 70 Battle Mage buffed with every chasers, as well as a sixth stage Battle Spirit, wasn’t something he could take a hit from.

Loulan Slash and Deception hastily tried to rescue him. However, the sixth stage Battle Spirit seemed to have opened up a completely new realm for Sun Xiang. The strength Sun Xiang displayed leapt by a huge step. If before, every time Battle Spirit went up a stage, their pressure increased, then this was the point where the straw broke the camel’s back. They had no way of resisting anymore.

Strong beyond belief.

Fast movement speed, fast attack speed, along with Sun Xiang’s mechanics, trying to rescue Lord Grim from this situation was impossible for Deception and Loulan Slash. By the time they saw him move, they would be sent flying away before they could even try to defend.

Night Tide was still Sun Xiang’s combo fodder. He attacked Night Tide, while heading towards Lord Grim.

Dragon Breaks the Ranks!

The final attack would hit both Night Tide, as well as Lord Grim. Sun Xiang had calculated it very precisely. Lord Grim might be able to dodge the attack, but Night Tide die regardless. Lord Grim’s low-leveled Cleric heals wouldn’t be enough to save Night Tide. This last attack would be a fatal blow!


A sound of metal colliding, but also the sounds of magic colliding rang out. Sun Xiang only knew that his character had shot back out of his control.

What happened?

This was something completely outside of Sun Xiang’s expectations. He immediately turned his camera to look around. He saw a character flying backwards in the same posture as him. Why did this scene seem familiar?

“IT’S YOU!” Sun Xiang saw the name of the character flying backwards. At the same time, he saw a white light envelop the Grappler’s body. The warm, overflowing white light was completely different from Lord Grim’s faint white healing. These were true Holy Words from a Cleric.

“Yeah, it’s him?” Ye Xiu lazily said, “Clerics can revive players! Don’t tell me you didn’t know that!”

“F*ck, too despicable!!!”

Liu Hao stamped his feet in anger.

Where did the other side’s Cleric go? He finally knew. Their Cleric went to revive the other dead player. The Battle Mage had been the one of lure Sun Xian away. In the end, he had easily been caught and killed. However, by luring away Sun Xiang, his team had been able to kill three of the five players from Sun Xiang’s side. At this moment, they sent their Cleric out to revive the dead Battle Mage.

Liu Hao wasn’t grieved over the fact that their enemies had one less casualty now. He was grieved that the other side had gain reinforcements quickly and shifted the tides of the battle.

Four players was clearly the limit of weeds that Sun Xiang could handle simultaneously.

He could make a combo out of three players and rack up stacks of Battle Spirit. However, four players became a situation like before where he was unable to fight back.

Sure enough, opportunity knocks but once!

Liu Hao was upset and regretful. He should have attacked Lord Grim. Why did he have to follow Sun Xiang’s intent and attack the Elementalist? They wasted such a good opportunity because of it.

Sun Xiang failed to tech out of the fall. Loulan Slash and Deception caught him. Little Bei’s Battle Mage and Night Tide’s Grappler went up to attack him as well. Four versus one. Another four versus one.

Liu Hao wanted to go over and assist him, but a figure suddenly moved in front of him. Lord Grim was blocking his path.

“Opportunity knocks but once. Didn’t I already say this?” Ye Xiu calmly said.


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