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Chapter 497 - Many Bullying the Few

“What took you so long?” Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim stood atop the roof. Loulan Slash, Deception, and the others lined up beside him, looking down below.

As for Liu Hao? Hearing Sun Xiang’s voice, he didn’t feel happy at all. When he saw the six players standing together, especially with Lord Grim in the middle, Liu Hao could only feel a sense of loss.


A shadow flew out. Deception threw a shuriken towards Sun Xiang’s Battle Mage.

“Little bug.” Sun Xiang didn’t feel any fear facing these six players. After sneering, he didn’t even attempt to dodge the shuriken. His Battle Mage pulled his spear back and swung through the air. A cold light flashed. Battle Mages added magic to their martial skills, so even though many of their skills were close ranged, they had an extraordinarily long range for melee attacks.

For example, the assault from Dragon Breaks the Ranks extended past the tip of the spear.

Furious Dragon Strikes the Heart had an attack range of up to five body units.

This attack knocked away the shuriken and continued forward without losing any speed. Deception was still in the air and couldn’t dodge it. The cold light struck through his chest, sending him crashing down. The other five followed Deception down. After all, Sun Xiang had just used a high level skill, which had a long ending lag, so he wouldn’t be able to throw out any other moves against them. The five players landed on the ground safely. Deception had taken some damage, but a white healing light quickly brought him back to a healthy state.

“Hmph…..” Sun Xiang had thought of something just now. Loulan Slash moved his hands and unsheathed his sword with a Sword Draw. Before the sword light had even dissipated, he immediately followed up with a Collapsing Mountain. Both skills were low-leveled skills and had little lag. These two moves alone covered the spaces above, below, left, right, in front of, and behind his character.

However, Sun Xiang wasn’t any ordinary player. His character dashed diagonally and brushed past the Sword Draw. He raised his spear in an attempt to knock Loulan Slash out of the air. His decision was brimming with self-confidence. If he failed to knock down Loulan Slash, the Collapsing Mountain’s aftershock would definitely hit his target.

Sun Xiang’s arrogance wasn’t just for show. Sure enough, he successfully knocked Loulan Slash out of the air. He stabbed through Loulan Slash and tossed him into the ground, but before Loulan Slash hit the ground, a ring of fire rose from beneath Sun Xiang’s Battle Mage. However, Sun Xiang noticed it in time. He cancelled his Circle Swing and leapt backwards.   

The column of Raging Flames had just barely been dodged, but before he could do anything else, two legs pincered him while in the air.

Sun Xiang’s Battle Mage swung his spear in an attempt to land another Sky Strike behind him without looking. Sun Xiang always completed these difficult and flashy moves perfectly though. Night Tide’s Aerial Twist failed to follow through on the target and his character was hit by the Sky Strike. Right when Sun Xiang’s Battle Mage was about to land on the ground, the earth shook and a person flew out.

Deception! Underground Tunneling Technique!

This time, Sun Xiang had no way of dodging this move. Deception broke through the earth and slashed his blade across the neck of Sun Xiang’s Battle Mage. A streak of blood blossomed out. Deception didn’t stop there and followed up with an Annihilation.

Both attacks had been extremely quick. Sun Xiang had almost been able to react to the second attack, but he was still a bit too late and was kicked flying.

Sun Xiang was extremely furious. This little weed had somehow given him so much trouble. While flying backwards through the air, he calculated how he would kill off Deception. Then, he suddenly heard a gunshot. Lord Grim’s gun was pointed at him.

It was extremely difficult to dodge in the air. Apart from a few classes which could move through in the air using their skills, it wasn’t possible to make any large movements. Twisting the body was the best one could do, but it wouldn’t help too much. Hearing the gunshot, Sun Xiang slashed with his spear and was able to hit two out of three Anti-Tank Missiles. The third missiles avoided his attack and the explosion consumed his body.

The explosion blasted Sun Xiang in another direction. At this moment, Sun Xiang wanted to hurry and land on the ground, but Loulan Slash had prepared for him. He slashed out with a Gore Cross in the air, which hit Sun Xiang’s body and kept him suspended in the air. Night Tide’s Grappler followed up and slammed Sun Xiang into the ground, creating a small crater.

Grab skills couldn’t be teched out of, so Sun Xiang was stuck in the ground and could only curse furiously in his heart as his opponents continued to attack. Ocean Ahead’s Elementalist cast a Thunder Apocalypse. Thunder roared and lightning descended towards Sun Xiang’s Battle Mage. How was he supposed to dodge?

After the lightning passed, his Battle Mage’s hair stood erect, like a porcupine’s quills. He immediately rolled and got into a crouched position.

“Very good. Nice coordination. Continue!” Ye Xiu said and had Lord Grim make a clapping motion.

Sun Xiang swept his surroundings to look at the situation. However, as soon as he turned a little bit, he saw some movement behind him. These guys were too evil! They were always moving around behind him outside of his line of sight. It was true that Sun Xiang was quite good at fighting against enemies behind him, but attacking behind him relied completely on judgement. In any case, the probability of missing when attacking behind oneself blindly would be much greater than the probability of missing when attacking an enemy in front. Fighting an entire battle in this way wouldn’t work.

Hearing the movement from behind him, Sun Xiang hastily turned around just in time to see a Berserker’s Earth-Shattering Slash striking his face.

If Sun Xiang wanted to dodge, he still had enough time. He knew that as long as there was an attack towards him, there would be others attacking from behind as well. His opponents clearly wanted to keep chaining attacks one after the other.

As a result, he chose to dodge and hastily hopped to the side, finding a location outside of Earth-Shattering Slash’s range. At the same time, he closed in on Ocean Ahead’s Elementalist and prepared to attack him. Before he could make a move, Deception suddenly appeared in front of him with a Shadow Clone Technique and attacked.

“YOU AGAIN!!!” Sun Xiang roared. He was about to explode in anger at having this little weed thwart his plans again and again. Using enough force to break a keyboard, he slammed a button on his keyboard and slashed at Deception. Deception didn’t move slowly. In reality, if he had fought Sun Xiang directly, he would have ended up losing, but it wouldn’t have been without any resistance. Making a few exchanges was still possible for him. Deception didn’t dodge Sun Xiang’s attack. He actually held his ground and attacked back. Sun Xiang saw this and became even angrier. This weed actually dared to fight him face to face? Just when he was about to go all out and let this weed know his place in the dirt, his body was suddenly pulled back and lifted into the air.

Elemental Power!

Sun Xiang immediately recognized the move.

This was the Elementalist’s knock-up skill! Every class had at least one type of low-leveled and basic skill, each with their own unique aspects. Elemental Power was the slowest knock-up skill. It had quite a lengthy cast time to it.

However, Elemental Power also had the greatest range. It could even be considered an AoE move. Under Deception’s distraction, Ocean Ahead had secretly cast an Elemental Power. Sun Xiang had been tunneled in on teaching Deception a lesson and hadn’t noticed it. Of course, by the time Elemental Power had begun sucking him into the air, it was already too late.

Behind him, an ethereal ball of energy gathered in the air. It didn’t look as domineering as the Spellblade’s electric ball visual effect from an Electric Wave Formation though. Just like this, Sun Xiang’s Battle Mage was lifted into the air and then the Elemental Power disappeared into nothingness.

How would Deception miss this obvious of an opening??

Of course he wouldn’t! He directly used a high-leveled skill: Shadow Dance!

Shadows flew across the sky. All of them pounced towards Sun Xiang’s Battle Mage, who was only able to block a few of the attacks. However, Deception wasn’t the only one who seized this opening. Ocean Ahead prepared to cast another spell. Loulan Slash’s Berserker charged forward. Night Tide’s Grappler predicted where Sun Xiang would land and prepared to grab him. As for Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim? He waved the Thousand Chance Umbrella in his hands and healed them with Cleric skills. The actual Cleric, Thousand Falling Leaves, went to who knows where.

Sun Xiang was raging. These trivial weeds were about to beat him into submission?

Sun Xiang turned his camera around and happened to catch Liu Hao’s Spellblade staring stupidly at the fight from the roof.

“Liu Hao, what are you doing?” Sun Xiang roared.

“Oh? You need help?” Ye Xiu responded for Liu Hao.

Sun Xiang’s face turned ashen and suddenly went silent. Asking for help was something he felt too ashamed to say.

“Don’t worry so much! Just ask for help! We’re bullying you few with so many, so you don’t need to feel bad calling for assistance.” Ye Xiu said.

Sun Xiang grinded his teeth, but didn’t say a thing. He didn’t even look at Liu Hao and focused on defending against their attacks.

Liu Hao was also very conflicted. He could have helped him long before this point, but he wasn’t conflicted about this!

From the looks of it, today’s assault was already a failure. Even Sun Xiang was being bullied into a mess by them. Would his additional help even be able to turn the tides? Impossible! If he went down there, he would just be throwing himself into the fire too!

He had come in order to step on Ye Qiu and see him in a sorry state. He hadn’t thought he would be the one to be stepped on in the end. They had clearly lost this battle. Why would he set himself up to be stepped on even further?

However, if he didn’t go up, Sun Xiang would see that he wasn’t helping him. Sun Xiang would certainly be very unhappy with him and that wouldn’t be good either.

Liu Hao hadn’t thought that calling for Sun Xiang would put him into such an impossible scenario.

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