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 Chapter 485 - Attack Like Fire

Each of them displayed skills with incredible effects. In an instant, a Fire Storm turned the streets into a sea of fire. A Crimson Storm covered the ground with pools of blood. A Dragon paved a path through the blood. A Spinning Throw created a single spot of blank space. None of Golden Fragrance’s people had died, but they were instantly forced to be on the defensive against these attacks.

“Don’t let them run!!!”

Golden Fragrance was a Launcher, so she stood farther away from the carnage. None of the attacks had reached her, but when she saw the encirclement split apart, she hastily let out a shout.

“Relax, none of us will run!” Ye Xiu replied. After Lord Grim covered for the Berserker, he rushed through the pools of blood created by the Crimson Storm. It was a bit of a dirty move, but it was certainly effective.

The Cleric on the rooftop cast a heal and a white light surrounded Lord Grim’s body.

A Shield could only reduce damage. If it were possible to avoid the attack, then it would be best to avoid it instead of blocking it. Lord Grim was only Level 52. By protecting the Berserker from all the incoming attacks, his health had dropped drastically.

Deception threw out a shuriken and his character followed behind Lord Grim. He wasn’t surprised by this. Before these people had joined the battle, they were already in the party. He had known that there were helpers coming. He and Lord Grim were simply stalling for them to arrive!

“Who are these guys!” The players on Golden Fragrance’s side were shouting furiously, but they didn’t recognize any of the names of these players. None of them had a guild tag either. Where had they come from?

These four players broke into the crowd of confused enemies. They followed along the path that Lord Grim took and attacked the players forced away by the Crimson Storm.

When these character focused on one target, their strength was incredibly ferocious. In the blink of an eye, one of the players was beaten up and killed.

“Ice Wall, left side!” As soon as Ye Xiu shouted this, the Cleric immediately cast an Ice Wall. Ping! Ping! Ping! Walls of ice formed, blocking the path of the incoming enemies. These enemies didn’t go around them. Instead, they attacked the Ice Walls and broke through them, but in just this brief moment, another one of their allies had fallen.

“What are you doing, Cleric?!”

Two allies had died instantly without any chance for them to be rescued. Golden Fragrance furiously pointed her finger at the Cleric on her team.

“Fast…… too fast…….” The Cleric could only tell the truth. Everything had happened too quickly. Lord Grim’s team had six people. They would surround one person and then attack like fire. Lord Grim’s team was blocking the view and the visual effects also covered the name. The Cleric couldn’t even tell who they were attacking!

He could jump up and see who was being attacked or look at the team list in order to see who was being attacked. However, these methods were way too slow!

By the time he jumped up to see the name and landed to cast the heal, or if by the time he figured out whose health bar was dropping rapidly, the health bar would be empty and he wouldn’t be able to heal them anyway.

This was how two of them had died already. It wasn’t an instant kill, but it was close. For these Clerics, their skill level wasn’t good enough to keep up with the pace.

The Ice Walls shattered and the group of players rushed forward. Then, they saw Lord Grim flick his sleeves and a Shadow Cloak flung out.

Shadow Cloak was a Grab skill. It didn’t do much damage, but it had a fairly wide area of effect. When the Shadow Cloak came out, the group of players wanted to dodge, but because they were clumped together, blocking each other’s paths, many of them weren’t able to avoid it.

The several that had been wrapped up in the Shadow Cloak were squeezed together into a tight space.

Rising Dragon Soars the Sky!

Thunder Apocalypse!

Whirlwind Strike!

Flame Cut!


Lord Grim and the other five in his team attacked at practically the same time. Their timing was slightly off, but the Shadow Cloak had bound several players together, making them unable to escape.

Shadow Cloak didn’t do much damage. It was mostly used to interrupt an opponent’s attack, which was why Grab skills were so useful. In addition, it was good at gathering monsters.

Of course, in this case, the Shadow Cloak wasn’t gathering monsters, but players instead.

The following five attacks might not have been their class’s strongest skills, but they were most definitely the most suitable at this moment.

Magic rippled. Thunder roared. A tornado whirled. Fire blazed. An earthquake shook the ground. The caught players were blasted into the air. Not a single one of them came back down.

Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim had followed up with a Collapsing Mountain after using the Shadow Cloak. Lord Grim’s attack power was weaker than everyone else’s, but it was still something. If he didn’t seize these type of openings, he didn’t deserve to be called a God.

As soon as this wave finished, everyone immediately unleashed another wave of attacks. Everything happened extremely quickly and, in an instant, five players had already died.

This sort of strategy was often employed against monsters, especially low-leveled ones. The strategy was to gather the monsters and then kill them all in one go. However, now it was being used in a PvP scenario. In just two waves of attacks, five players had been wiped out.

Golden Fragrance was still trying to get the troops back in order! Even though the sudden entrance had caused their formation to go into disarray, when she saw that it was just four people, Golden Fragrance didn’t think too much of it. Her side still had the advantage in numbers, so what if another five came? Her side would still have three times the number of players that they had.

Who would have thought that these five would be able to kill off seven of her allies in just 30 seconds?

Golden Fragrance wasn’t even able to finish repositioning her troops. She was still figuring out where everyone was supposed to go. By the time she checked the team list and prepared to arrange them appropriately, seven names had already turned gray.

Golden Fragrance was shocked!

After the shock came helplessness. Her opponent’s offense was as swift as the wind and as fierce as fire. And her? Her mind was completely blank. She had never seen such a ferocious assault before. Her knowledge wasn’t able to keep up. Her experience wasn’t able to keep up. She had no idea what to do in this situation.

In addition, the people on her side were sloppy. Their strategy was simply to take advantage of their numbers to bully the opponents. Tactics? Coordination? They hadn’t thought this far. Even though a few of them inside were friends or had played with each other often, it was useless. Against the opponent’s ferocious assault, everyone was like Golden Fragrance. They didn’t know what to do. They couldn’t figure out any way to break their opponent’s strategy, apart from a few ----- the few being attacked. When the blade sliced down from above them, they would instinctively defend.

But what could this type of defense do?

The players who were able to dodge the Shadow Cloak could only watch as their captured comrades fell and then their opponents immediately switched over to them.

In the blink of an eye, another two died. So far, apart from hitting Lord Grim’s umbrella shield once and breaking an ice wall, they hadn’t been able to do anything else.

The group who had been trying to break through the ice wall only had three players left. They were the ones with a disadvantage in numbers now.

The remaining three were so scared that they had even forgotten there were others in their team. After seeing two more players die, they immediately headed towards the alleyway. All three of them had a similar single thought resonating in their minds: run!

Running was their only option.

Running was the only thing they could do.

What other choice did they have? The three didn’t know and didn’t have the time to know. They were trying their hardest to run, but…….

A shadow flickered and appeared in front of them. Another shadow came from above.

Sword Draw!

Ninjutsu - Bird Fall!

Lord Grim and Deception had used the Shadow Clone Technique to instantly move there. The three had only thought of running and nothing else, so they hadn’t thought of this possibility.

A sword light flew towards them and two feet stomped down. The three players flew backwards. Behind them was the Grappler, who grabbed one with his left hand and the other with his right. He suddenly leapt into the air and his two legs caught the last one.

The Grappler grabbed all three of them.

He had used two Grappler skills simultaneously: Flying Hands and Aerial Twist! It was possible to perform both at the same time.

With the two legs twisting and two hands flying, the Grappler threw all three into a ball and then landed on the ground.

The Berserker, Battle Mage, and Elementalist were already prepared and immediately attacked. Lord Grim and Deception followed up with their offense. After a single wave of attacks, the three players turned into three more corpses.

Twelve players!

As of now, nearly half of Golden Fragrance’s team had died. It had only been a minute since the fight had begun.

It wasn’t like Golden Fragrance had no sense of tactics. She focused on the Cleric on the roof and had her subordinates target that Cleric.

This wasn’t a wrong choice. In a team battle, if the enemy’s Cleric was killed, then the battle could be won much faster.

However, common tactics were naturally used during normal situations.

Kill the Cleric first? Truthfully, Golden Fragrance had felt that she had been too careful in her preparation for it. It wasn’t a normal situation. Her side had such a large numbers advantage. Did she really need to make a plan?

Sure enough, it really wasn’t a normal situation.

Cleric? Was the Cleric even useful in this battle? Golden Fragrance was doubtful. While twelve of her allies died, the enemy Cleric hadn’t done any healing.

Quick! Too quick!

Killing twelve players in one minute. This was how fast a one wave strategy was. However, a one wave strategy was generally only used when one side had a clear numbers advantage and a levels advantage. According to normal theory, her side should be the one doing this. Why had it flipped? Why was their side being the one being crushed?

“Too strong! Let’s retreat!”

None of them were noobs. If they weren’t able to figure out the huge difference between their strengths, then that would be a noob.

“Let’s retreat. I’ll call for backup!” Golden Fragrance hastily called.

“You’re going to run? You’re making this difficult for us…… I keep my promises. If I say no one escapes, then no one escapes!” Ye Xiu’s voice rang out.


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