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 Chapter 484 - Formation

Golden Fragrance had suffered under Deception’s hands twice already. There was no way she wouldn’t be prepared this time. Launchers were a pure long-ranged class. They shouldn’t even be letting their opponents get near. The previous two incidences had been because she was careless. Se wouldn’t make the same mistake again. When Golden Fragrance saw Deception moving towards her, she used Aerial Fire in order to fly backwards.The two players next to her had charged forward ferociously to meet him in battle. One was a Battle Mage, while the other was a Berserker. A spear and a greatsword shot towards Deception.

Deception leapt up and landed with a Bird Fall. His movements were so quick that the other two weren’t able to react in time and were stepped on.

Deception didn’t follow up though. With around twenty enemies around them, the melee classes had already started surrounding them and the long-ranged classes had begun firing at them. There was no time to stay in one spot for too long. After stepping on their shoulders, he flipped into the air towards the back. Even so, he was still hit by several bullets in the air. There were just too many enemies. The enemies were ready for ambushes too and their attacks were focused.

It had only been a single exchange, but Deception was already in a fluster. Deception really didn’t have any confidence in this sort of situation. He only had one more trick in his arsenal.

As soon as he landed, he quickly formed a hand seal. Several shadows flew out from him and began wildly attacking.

In this sort of situation, the skill was used defensively. The shadows scattered around. The enemies couldn’t accurately grasp which ones were which, but at the same time, they didn’t need to care about Deception’s attacks. They threw out all sorts of skills. If the attack hit, then it hit. If it didn’t, then it didn’t. It didn’t really matter.

As for Ye Xiu, there were also players attacking him. He wasn’t as panicked as Deception was though. Using another player as a weapon, he easily swatted away the two incoming enemies. Following afterwards, he followed up with a Gatling Gun. He swept his gun across the field, interrupting several skills from long-ranged classes in the distance.

The mages had their magic staffs pointed at him, but no magic came out. Their pose made them look incredibly stupid.

“He really is powerful!”

Such control over the battlefield was more than enough to astonish these Heavenly Domain veterans.

The rumor that Lord Grim was Ye Qiu had spread far and wide. Though for them to be willing to stand with Golden Fragrance, none of them were loyal fans of Ye Qiu. They were still interested in the God’s skill though. Being able to fight with a God in the game was certainly brag-worthy.

As a result, after seeing Ye Xiu’s beautiful movements, the enemies only grew more excited and attacked more ferociously.

Ye Xiu hastily had Lord Grim roll backwards a few times, dodging the incoming attacks. Some looked as if they were going to hit, but Deception’s shadows suddenly appeared to block them.

A coincidence?

Did he dodge in this way on purpose?

Did Deception really intentionally block it for him?

No one had time to carefully ponder over it. In any case, it had all happened in an instant. Two of Deception’s shadows had died. The fewer the shadows, the clearer the field became. The enemies’ attacks had a focus to them.

Deception glanced around while switching between his shadows. He saw Lord Grim rolling around, dodging the barrage of attacks. This didn’t look like someone who was going to “kill them all”.

“Who has my Armor-piercing Cannon?” Golden Fragrance was excited. She stood out, acting as if she had control over the entire battle.

“Are you going to let us go if we hand over the cannon?” Ye Xiu joked.

“Hmph, if you give it to me, I’ll let one of you go.” Golden Fragrance said.

“So it’s like that. Then it looks like only I can go. He can’t give you what you’re looking for, ha ha ha.” Ye Xiu laughed.

“Demon!!!” Deception’s Shadow Dance had ended. He heard what Ye Xiu said and glared at him in disdain.

Golden Fragrance didn’t know how to reply.

At this moment, shouldn’t he be standing out like a hero and sacrificing himself for his friend? If this happened, she would get her Armor-piercing Cannon back. Deception would get to leave, while Lord Grim would die. She would be able to keep her promise, as well as complete her objective. Her image would be safe and sound too.

But this guy was too shameless. He was actually prepared to sacrifice his friend. Lord Grim would be let go, but she would have her weapon back.

Golden Fragrance hesitated for a moment. After all, even if she killed the target, whether or not her Armor-piercing Cannon dropped or not depended on luck. After he revived, he could transfer the Cannon away. This meant she only had one chance. However, there was a very low chance that the Armor-piercing Cannon would actually drop. Right now, she had a 100% chance to get it back. Should she sacrifice a bit of her status in the guild to let Lord Grim go?

If she went back on her word and killed them both after taking her weapon back…… with so many of her friends watching, Golden Fragrance felt too ashamed to do such a thing.

In the end, she didn’t need to feel ashamed. Her friends supported her.

“Golden Fragrance, this is a really good opportunity. First, take your weapon back and then kill him.” Someone suggested.

“That’s no good!” Golden Fragrance was elated. If someone was willing to offer her bad advice, then she wouldn’t let the opportunity go.

“Don’t worry. We’ll kill him, but let Deception go. We can just say that we never let them choose who could go. Isn’t that perfect?” Another person added.

“Oh, that works!” Golden Fragrance agreed.

Thus, she immediately shouted: “Hand me the cannon!”

“You’ll let me go?” Ye Xiu needed confirmation.

She lost the word battle. Golden Fragrance was stuck. However, her other friends had an idea: “Return the cannon to Golden Fragrance and we’ll let you go.”

“Who do I mean when I say “you”? I’m talking about Deception, ha ha ha ha!” This person explained.

How low……. Even she couldn’t help but look down on him.

“So the deal is set?” Ye Xiu said.


“You won’t go back on your word?” Ye Xiu said.

“I won’t.”

“Hm, let me think about it. I feel like it’s a bit embarrassing for me to accept it.” Ye Xiu said.

“You!” Golden Fragrance obviously understood that she had been played. During this time, their attacks had stopped and the two had time to rest.

“I’m not letting a single one of you leave alive!!!” Golden Fragrance shouted.

“Agreed!” Ye Xiu replied.

Right when Ye Xiu said this, raging flames suddenly roared up from the ground. However, the flames didn’t target Deception or Lord Grim, but rather the players.

All of them stared blankly in surprise. Fire Storm was a Level 60 Elementalist skill. An unspecialized couldn’t learn it, so who had used it?

They still hadn’t figured it out yet! Boom! The sounds of raging flames and violent winds burned their bodies.

“WHO IS IT!!!!” Everyone was astonished. Someone was clearly attacking them.

A shadow suddenly flickered on the ground. They looked up and saw a Berserker lifting a greatsword above his head. The Berserker leapt down from a nearby rooftop and smashed the ground with an Earthsplitting Slash.

There were many skills in Glory which began from high above to down below. The damage and effects depended on the height difference. Earthsplitting Slash was one such skill. By jumping down from the rooftop, the player could take advantage of the extra height between the roof and ground.. This was common knowledge.

How big would the area of effect for the Earthsplitting Slash be?

The noobs in the normal servers might not know, but the Heavenly Domain veterans had an idea. No one dared to face it head on. Everyone immediately spread out.

Another two shadows appeared, but neither of them arrived on stage in as domination of a fashion as the Berserker. Of the two shadows, one of them held a battle spear, while the other had nothing in his hands. One was a Battle Mage, while the other was a Grappler. These two figures took the rear. An Elementalist was standing on another rooftop. His staff was pointed towards where the Fire Storm was blazing. Clearly, he was the one who had executed the sneak attack.

“Who are these people?” Everyone cried out in astonishment. Rumble! The Earthsplitting Slash crashed into the ground and the ground shook. From where the sword hit, a shockwave spread out. A faint sword energy could be seen resonating within the shockwave. This was an effect of the Earthsplitting Slash. If a target was hit, there was a chance the target would turn Dizzy.

Fortunately, they had prepared themselves and spread out. No one was hit by the Earthsplitting Slash, but immediately afterwards, a red glow emanated from his body and he entered a Berserk state.Two scarlet eyes stared in their direction. He crouched down and his greatsword was placed behind him. A bright light shone from the tip of the sword and a bloody mist formed above the ground.

“Crimson Storm!!!”

They immediately recognized this skill. It was the Berserker Level 70 skill, Crimson Storm!

“Interrupt him!!” Someone shouted.

Crimson Storm was extremely powerful, but it had a very slow startup animation. Without any setup, it was unlikely to come out.

However, Crimson Storm wasn’t a skill that was cast like Elementalist skills. As a result, the skill couldn’t be interrupted with a simple attack. There were two ways to interrupt it. One was to use a Grab skill. This could interrupt any skill. The other way is to do enough damage, which was set by the system, to forcefully stop the attack.

At this moment, this Berserker had used an Earthsplitting Slash in order to scatter the enemies. He had done a bit of setting up. It was a bit too late to grab him, but long-ranged classes could still attack.

Long cast time skills couldn’t be used, but they could still send out a few quick attacks.

Bullets and magic flew towards the Berserker. However, Lord Grim suddenly rolled forward and with a “hua!”, his Thousand Chance Umbrella opened up, blocking the incoming attacks.

This was enough. Crimson Storm activated and the Berserker’s greatsword was transformed into a humongous, blood-colored sword. The sword descended towards the ground. The instant the sword hit the ground, it exploded and a bloody mist spread out all around.

“F*ck!” They weren’t able to interrupt his skill and hastily tried to escape, but several of them weren’t able to escape in time. Fortunately, no one had been directly cut by the blood sword. It was undoubtedly a huge portion of the skill’s damage.

The Battle Mage and Grappler had finally arrived. The Battle Mage lifted up his spear and a huge dragon roared towards the enemies. The Grappler closed in on a player, lifted him up, and swept around in a circle.

Grappler skill: Spinning Throw.


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