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 Chapter 483 - Is There Space Here?

“Now what??” The guild leaders had a terrible headache.

They had originally thought that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity, but after stationing themselves in Wilderness Town for some time, not only had they failed to achieve their goal, their opponents had killed off several of their men.

A few deaths wasn’t a big loss, but more importantly, they couldn’t see any ray of hope.

The two ran and ran. They would suddenly appear and then disappear. The three guilds had so many people pursuing them, but they weren’t able to do anything except die. What were they supposed to do?

“Target found!”

Another one of these messages came.

“Kill! Kill them for me!! Hurry up and kill them!!!” The three guild leaders ordered.

A minute later, another message arrived: we got wiped.

It was another assembly of three players. These three clearly weren’t opponents for those two. They couldn’t even last a minute.

What did it mean to be able to kill three players in one minute? It meant that it wasn’t a battle. It was a one-sided massacre. Lord Grim was only Level 52, so his DPS was limited. Deception was max leveled, but his equipment was lacking. On the other hand, everyone in the three guilds had a full set of equipment with good stats, yet they couldn’t even last a minute before dying. If they had been sandbags with the same stats, the sandbags would have probably been defeated in the same amount of time.

Their enemies had used the same trick twice. The Ninja would imprison one with Hundred Streams and then focus on killing the other two. Once those two died, they would come back and kill the one trapped in the water prison.

It was a very simple tactic which relied on brute force. There wasn’t anything special about it.

“The enemies are stronger. Let’s have every team be made of at least five people. The backup from outside the encirclement have basically all arrived. We should hurry up and have them join.”

The three guild leaders hastily made adjustments to their plan.

After the two wiped out the three-man team, they quickly vanished. They disappeared so thoroughly, that they didn’t leave any traces behind. The guilds couldn’t even figure out their general location. Their only choice was to scour the streets. Time passed. Apart from knowing their targets were still online, they had no other information on them. Some people were even beginning to doubt the two were still in Wilderness Town.

Just when the three guild leaders were wondering if this was true, a message arrived. The two had appeared again.

“Hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry!” The three guild leaders immediately ordered. Now, every team was made up of at least five players. If it was five against two, they should be able to stall for some time, right?

Sure enough, five was greater than three. They were at least able to stall until backup arrived. However, the two didn’t linger around with the five players. The two also ran away earlier. Everyone coughed blood as they chased with a terrible premonition in their hearts. Their premonition turned real and the two disappeared again without a trace.

The team of five didn’t wipe out, but two of them had still died. The Cleric was hurried over to revive and heal them, but their money and equipment had already been procured cleanly.

“I thought you only wanted Orange equips?”

In the previous two fights, Lord Grim had picked up all the equipment that dropped. This made Deception confused again. He thought Lord Grim was someone who only cared about Orange equipment.

“Yeah, I don’t really want to pick them up, but if I don’t, then they’ll take it back. It’d be better if I had it rather than them.” Ye Xiu said.

“How unfortunate. We can’t kill them all.” Deception and Ye Xiu had completely swapped places. One of them wanted to kill other players, while the other one wanted to pick up scraps.

“Our damage isn’t good enough.” Ye Xiu said.

“We don’t have enough time.” There was nothing Deception could do either. As soon as they engaged with the enemies, the enemies would immediately send out a report to the others. Soon afterwards, a huge crowd of players would come over to attempt to catch them. They could only stop fighting and escape.

Many of the players in the three guilds were exhausted, although there was still one group that was still full of fighting spirit.

“Sis’ Golden Fragrance, where are they!” Someone in the team cried.

This group wasn’t fighting under the guild’s banner, but rather under Golden Fragrance’s name. Most of them were from Excellent Dynasty, but there were also a few non-Excellent Dynasty players. All of them were Golden Fragrance’s personal friends.

“Lord Grim. There are even rumors going around saying he’s Ye Qiu!” One person said.

“It doesn’t matter who he is! No one can bully Golden Fragrance. We have so many people here. We’re not afraid of anyone!”

‘Thank you everyone for coming here. Besides Lord Grim, there’s also that guy called Deception. I think everyone has heard of him before?” Golden Fragrance said.

“Deception? I know him! He’s that scrap picker!”

Deception was still quite infamous.

“Yes, those two. My Armor-piercing Cannon was stolen by them. They haven’t left yet. The weapon is still with them. Please help me get it back.” Golden Fragrance asked.

“Don’t worry! Even if we have to go to hell and back, we’ll help you get your equipment back!”

All sorts of people were trying to win her favor.

“Good. Let’s move out. I just received a message. Our targets have appeared, but they’ve escaped. We’ll head over there.” Golden Fragrance said.

As a result, a team of twenty players headed towards the last reported location Ye Xiu and Deception had been seen at. This team had gathered solely for Golden Fragrance. Even Chen Yehui wouldn’t be able to order them around. He saw this, but didn’t say anything about it.

The players participating in this activity headed towards the location. As they moved towards it, they saw quite a few teams running around. The more they saw this, the more wary they became.

“How many people from the three guilds have come?” Someone asked.

“So far I’ve seen enough people to make up several groups.” One of them was astonished.

Each group could hold 100 players each. It was considered a very large unit of measurement in the game. No matter how difficult a boss was, there was no such boss that a group couldn’t take down. Yet against these two players, the three guilds had dispatched enough troops for several groups.

“There’s nothing we can do. These two guys are extremely cunning. They’re constantly hiding and running. If it was a direct confrontation, we wouldn’t need so many people.” Golden Fragrance explained.

“Then how are we supposed to find them?” The two asked.

“Right now, we’re shrinking the amount of space they have to move around in. Once we’ve shrunken it down to a small enough space, they’ll have to come out.” Golden Fragrance said.

“If the others kill him, then won’t our trip have been wasted?” Another person asked.

“Right, that’s why we have to move faster. There are Herb Garden and Blue Brook Guild players here too. If they kill him and my Armor-piercing Cannon drops, I doubt they’ll give it back.” Golden Fragrance said.

Ye Xiu and Deception were running around. They saw a few individual teams while moving about, but they didn’t attack them. Deception was starting to get impatient.

“Why aren’t we killing them?” After passing by another team, Deception finally asked.

“Look over there.” Ye Xiu pointed in a certain direction.

Deception turned his head to look and saw another team come from around the corner of a street.

“The enemies are gathering together. The amount of space we have to move around in is being compressed. It isn’t a good time to attack. The past few times we had a certain amount of time to finish them off, but this type of opportunity isn’t going to be easy to find anymore. They’re tightening the space between them.” Ye Xiu said.

“What do we do?” Deception asked.

“We’re going to have to move around in a large area. We have to go this way. They don’t have complete control over this area yet.” Ye Xiu led Deception down a different route.

“How do you know?” Deception didn’t understand.

“Remember the enemy teams and observe their positions. Translate it onto the map and predict their movements.” Ye Xiu said.

“......” Deception was sweating just from hearing his explanation.

“Golden Fragrance.” At this moment, Golden Fragrance received Chen Yehui’s message.


“We’ve shrunken their area of movement on this side. I purposefully left a space open. They’re probably going to be heading in that direction. You have enough troops. Finish them! If Herb Garden and Blue Brook Guild surround them, they’ll probably take their items away.” Chen Yehui said.

“Thank you guild leader!” Golden Fragrance was overjoyed when she heard this.

“Besides your Armor-piercing Cannon, take note of Lord Grim’s weapon. If it drops, you have to get it no matter the cost.” Chen Yehui added.

“Okay, I understand.” Golden Fragrance replied.

“Someone will provide you with accurate information.”


Golden Fragrance was delighted. She turned around and told the good news to everyone. Everyone cracked their knuckles. Their only regret was that just killing these two wouldn’t be enough.

After a short moment, Golden Fragrance received a message. It was from a player in Excellent Dynasty, reporting their location.

“Good!” Golden Fragrance checked the map and after studying it, she led everyone to lay in wait for an ambush.

Ye Xiu and Deception weren’t having an easy time running either. From time to time, they had to hide from small teams. It made Deception feel like the enemies really were gathering in one area, but as they moved, fewer and fewer teams appeared, letting Deception know that they were gradually breaking through the enemy’s encirclement. Afterwards, for a long while, the two didn’t even try hiding because no one was there.

“Did we break through the encirclement?” Deception was surprised. Thinking of before, they hadn’t even started shrinking the encirclement yet and he had already had a difficult time running away. Now that he was with Lord Grim, they ran and stopped, neither slowly, nor quickly, and were able to escape from the encirclement with ease.

“Like I said, they’ve gotten a bit careless with their formation on this side.” Ye Xiu smiled.


Deception didn’t have enough time to say anything more, when someone interrupted him. In an instant, many people jumped down from the roofs and buildings. It wasn’t just five or ten people. Deception looked around. There were too many to count.

When Deception saw this, he smirked: “They’ve gotten a bit careless with their formation on this side?”

“Uh, you see, this formation doesn’t count as a part of the previous formation.” Ye Xiu said.

“Now what?” Deception asked.

“Kill them all.” Ye Xiu said.

“What?” Deception thought he heard wrong.

“Look how arrogant and confident they are. This time, they probably won’t ask for backup!” Ye Xiu said.

“That’s not necessarily true.” Deception said.

“More importantly, look who is over there.” Ye Xiu said.

“It’s that girl.”

“Yeah, she lost her weapon, so she wants to personally take it back. If others got it, who would return it to her?” Ye Xiu said.

“So you’re saying, they’re going to just stand there and let themselves be killed?”

“Don’t be afraid. I have a plan.” Ye Xiu said.

“How could I be afraid!” Deception charged directly towards Golden Fragrance.

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