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Chapter 479 – Self Defense Counter-attack, Start!

“No, that’s not right……” Deception felt like Lord Grim’s reasoning was completely skewed, but he couldn’t find any holes at the moment, so he could only mutter weakly.

“Of course it’s not right. Whether or not you’re PKing for items or scrap picking, none of them should be encouraged.” Ye Xiu said.

“Then what was the point in saying all that?” Deception stared.

“I was helping you understand that occasionally scrap picking isn’t too shameful, but scrap picking professionally is just as shameful as PKing for items. Plus, the efficiency between scrap picking and PKing is completely different, so not only is crap picking shameful, it’s second-rate. If you treasure your time and your life, I suggest using the time you use to pick up scraps to PK for items.” Ye Xiu said.

Deception really was about to cough up blood. Where did he get treasure your life from?

“Then why are you scrap picking here?” Deception didn’t let up.

“That’s just something I said.”

“Then what are you going to do?”

“Didn’t you see me defend myself?” Ye Xiu said.

“Self-defense? You can log off right now, so why aren’t you logging off? What self-defense!” Deception remarked.

“Why should I log off? I have to defend myself. If they kill me, I kill them back. I’m a man! There’s no need to explain!” Ye Xiu said.

Deception was just about to log off, but he stopped himself. This f*cker. Isn’t he saying that if I log off, I’m not a man? I’m a man! Most definitely!

“Why aren’t you logging off?” Ye Xiu asked.

“I’m a man! There’s no need to explain!” Deception said.

Ye Xiu laughed, but didn’t say anything more. Lord Grim stuck out his neck from behind a wall to look around and then quickly retracted it.

“There seems to be a lot of people in this team!” Ye Xiu said.

“What team doesn’t have a lot of people…….” Deception glanced and saw ten or so people together, a very normal team.

“Five or less is easier to deal with.” Ye Xiu said.


“Because I’ve done more research on this number.” Ye Xiu said.

“Research what?” Deception asked.

“How to kill them.”

“Demon…….” Deception was dumbstruck. Someone who studied how to kill a team of five all day, if he wasn’t a beast, what was he?

“Jump up and see if there’s anyone above.” Ye Xiu directed.

Deception acted quickly. In addition, he didn’t need need Ye Xiu to tell him to be secretive. After jumping up, he stabbed his ninja blade on the wall and used it to quickly take a look above.

“No one.” Deception said.

“That means there are only these ten people. How do we get them to split up……” Ye Xiu muttered to himself.

“Rush out. I go left and you go right. They’ll have to split up to chase us. You’re familiar with this map. Plan out a route. After escaping from them, we’ll meet up and attack back!” Deception wasn’t someone with no suggestions.

“It’s not good.” Ye Xiu denied it.


“What if they don’t split up?” Ye Xiu asked.

“How could they not……..” Deception didn’t completely say the word “not” when he suddenly stopped. He recalled how the others had immediately ignored him after seeing that Lord Grim was there. It was very likely they wouldn’t split up……

“Should we go on the roof first?” Deception suggested.

“It’s not a good option. If we have options, it’s best not to go up on the roof. It’s an open area making it easy for them to see us.” Ye Xiu said, “Let’s go here first.”

Deception turned around. Deception followed. A few steps later, they went into another building.

“No window!” Deception discovered.

“Go to the second floor.” Ye Xiu said. It was a two storied building.

The second floor had a window. Lord Grim went to it and only exposed half his body, while telling Deception to hide.

From this window, he could see the street below. The team of ten people stopped at the intersection for a bit. After looking around, they split into two teams. One team went forward, while the other two headed towards them.

One step, another step. The five player team walked outside of the second floor door and stopped.

“Go in and take a look.” One person in the team said. Two people entered the room to look.

Deception understood what the other side meant by giving them more options. Even an entrance to a room could be used, not just an intersection. It was just that they didn’t seem to have any choices right now. Apart from the window in front of them, they had no way to escape. If they went out through the window, they would land in front of the other three people.

“Now we can only go on the roof right?” Deception said.

“Why run? This is a good opportunity to attack back.” Ye Xiu said.

The footsteps below could be heard. Soon, the two players were walking up the stairs.

“Focus on one.” Ye Xiu didn’t speak. He switched to using messages. While they were running, the two had created a party.

Deception quietly took out his ninja blade. As the footsteps grew nearer and nearer, the heads of the two players could be seen sticking out from the stairway.

“The one on the right!” Ye Xiu typed. Lord Grim had already thrown a grenade over. Deception wasn’t slow either. When he saw the message, he immediately used a “Storm Sword”. This was a sword buff. Only Ninjas could learn this skill.

The spinning blades spun in circles as they flew towards the player on the right. Deception also followed after it.

Smoke and flames exploded. Lord Grim’s grenade had set off. The air from the explosion split the two players apart from each other. One of them was sent up, while the other was sent down.

The player on the right was then hit by the Storm Sword. Deception closed in and stepped on his shoulder. He jumped up and while landing, he swung the rope back to use a Neck Binding Technique, forcing the player onto the second floor.

Everything happened in an instant. When Deception dragged the player onto the second floor, the one on the left hadn’t even finished rolling down the stairs. Seeing one go up and the other go down, Deception started thinking.

Was that intentional? Was it even possible to time a grenade that precisely? The grenade just happened to be between the two players.

A low-leveled skill with many uses.

The air of a great expert!

Deception thought, but his attacks didn’t stop. He turned his head and saw that Lord Grim wasn’t helping him. He was standing at the window, watching the scenery.

“What are you doing!” Deception was angry. It’s a hard to come by opportunity, so why aren’t you taking it? And you call yourself a killing specialist?

Lord Grim immediately turned around and fired twice. Then, he turned back to watch the scenery again. The two shots seemed like a half-hearted response to Deception’s shouts. Deception was furious, but these two shots were very accurate. His movements had been extremely quick, yet the two shots didn’t miss.

“Are you done looking!” Deception attacked quickly. Even though it was only a one on one, that player didn’t have any way of fighting back. The player was pushed to the window, almost getting knocked outside.

“Woah, be careful. Don’t push him out.” Lord Grim used a Knee Strike to send the player back.

“Hurry up and attack!” Deception was worried. The other side didn’t only have one person. The other side had five and the four could come and assist him at any moment!

“Okay!” This time, he finally got the response he wanted. Lord Grim had finally come out. Even though the damage he did as a Level 52 was very limited, it was still faster than not doing anything. With the two working together, the player quickly died.


An equipment dropped onto the ground. Deception was just about to pick it up, when he saw that Lord Grim was still looking out the window as if he didn’t care about the equipment. Deception suddenly also stopped.

“What are you looking at?” Deception was curious. What was there to look at!

“The stratagems once said: If the enemy’s power is not revealed, then there might be traps. Therefore, one should not take the enemy lightly. One should try to figure out as much as possible about the adversary. To do so, one can fake some attacks to force the enemy to reveal their cards, just like baiting a snake out of its nest. Do you understand?” Ye Xiu said.

I’m going to stab you! Is that okay?”

“Dodge!” Ye Xiu yelled as he jumped out the window as well.

“F*ck!” It was a bit sudden. Deception hadn’t thought of doing this and followed after him.

There was quite a lot to see out the window. There were many people moving about, heading towards this direction.

Lord Grim pointed his gun downwards and fired Anti-Tank Missiles. Three missiles shot out. Deception watched as the bullets as they flew through the air. How accurate! The three Anti-Tank Missiles headed towards that building’s entrance. The team of four were still through the entrance to the building.

Lord Grim used the recoil from this attack to stay in the air longer. The roof across the street was lower than the second floor’s window. By using Aerial Fire, he was able to directly go across the entire street.

Deception’s Ninja couldn’t do this, but after blasting the four players below with Anti-Tank Missiles and gunshots, they were in complete chaos. Deception landed without any problems. It was just that when he looked around, he could see many running in this direction. Deception didn’t dare delay. He climbed up onto the roof. Lord Grim was already ahead of him by a bit.

“Faster.” Hearing Lord Grim urge him to hurry, Deception increased his speed.

Their running was very frantic. Going up and down, many of the places required a certain level of skill to reach. Deception didn’t have time to look at their route and didn’t have any time to ask any questions either. It wasn’t easy keeping up. He couldn’t help but think of the difficult trials from the Heavenly Domain Challenge.

At first, Deception heard a lot of “Kill him!” or “Over here!” But soon afterwards, the voices gradually quieted down. Then, they went out of combat again and escaped once again.

“How unfortunate. We could only kill one!”

It was only until this moment when Deception caught up to Lord Grim did he heard him sigh.

Even though Deception wasn’t running in real life, but he felt his arms and legs weaken after doing this. One reason was because he had been nervous. Another reason was because he had to put in a lot of inputs while running about. He seemed to understand that the instant the two began fighting, the other side immediately called for backup. That guy had been standing at the window side looking below from up above to see where the enemy backup was coming from. After gathering the information necessary, he was able to create a route to break past the pursuers. It was terrifying and dangerous. In any case, if it was him, he would have definitely gotten trapped. Deception didn’t doubt this.

“Our self-defense counterattack, officially begins!” Deception had just thought he would be able to relax for a bit, when he heard the guy make a declaration.

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