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Chapter 467 – This is an Opportunity


This time, Chen Guo really did look down on him. What textbook? What God? What idol? None of them could stop Chen Guo’s disdain towards him.

Peeking at someone one else’s screen. What shameful behavior! On an online platform, you might not have the chance to peek even if you wanted to, but they were in an Internet Cafe. In an Internet Cafe, this sort of behavior was common. Groups of friends would sit together to play Glory. As a result, they would shift their eyes around like little thieves. Every time Chen Guo saw this, she would always feel the same: dirty, extremely dirty!

Chen Guo already felt dirty enough following a God to pick up scraps. Seeing how shameless he was being, Chen Guo almost couldn’t bear it. In order to win, he wouldn’t hold back anything!

“You really don’t feel any shame!!” Chen Guo didn’t care about bothering Ye Xiu anymore and began shouting in his ears.

“Stop moving around randomly! You’re blocking the screen!!” Ye Xiu was still looking at Chen Guo’s screen.

Chen Guo swiped her mouse and turned her character’s line of sight away.

“Shameless, shameless!” Chen Guo continued to criticize him and asked Tang Rou: “Isn’t he too shameless?”

“Hm? Really?” Tang Rou was actually doubtful.

Chen Guo worried. Tang Rou was only a person! She had been too careless, letting her play with Ye Xiu. Now she no longer had any sense of justice when watching Glory. How could she be so nonchalant over such shameless behavior?

“Isn’t peeking at someone else’s screen immoral?” Chen Guo wanted to bring Tang Rou back onto the right path.

“But…… you do it too?” Tang Rou said.

“Ah…… that’s just everyone playing together. That’s not related.” Chen Guo laughed.

“Isn’t he playing right now too?” Tang Rou asked.

“Uh……” Chen Guo was stumped.

After thinking for awhile, she realized that she had thought wrong. She had been replacing Ye Xiu with the image of the idol she had in her mind. If others peeked at someone else’s screen or even if she did it herself, she wouldn’t feel bad. It was fine as long as they weren’t using it as an advantage in a fight.

But what about Ye Xiu? She had always treated him as a perfect God. As a result, when Ye Xiu acted in this way, she would immediately be unable to bear it. In other words, she cared even more about Ye Xiu’s image as a God than Ye Xiu himself.

Was she being too harsh?

Chen Guo suddenly thought of celebrities from other areas. Common mistakes made by normal people would turn into huge news by the media if these celebrities did this type of mistake. Public figures seemed to have been burdened with a strong sense of responsibility by society. Was acting like this because Ye Xiu had been hiding behind the curtains the entire time? Was it because he didn’t want to feel restricted from the spotlight being on him?

Chen Guo thought as she quietly returned her camera angle back to where the two were fighting.

“Hey!” Chen Guo called Ye Xiu, telling him he could look.

“Thanks!” Ye Xiu replied and immediately turned his head to look. His nonchalant look as if he had done nothing wrong made Chen Guo angry.

Show restraint! Patience! He’s just playing the game. If we were in a guild war and I had this opportunity, I probably wouldn’t let it go either…… Chen Guo reminded herself.

“Your little trick is of no use.”

Chen Guo heard Deception speak and suddenly felt the urge to smash her computer on this guy’s head. Your opponent’s trick was of no use? What do you mean no use? It’s not like you’re looking at my screen. Why are you so happy that I’m restraining myself! Was this some sort of brilliant tactic?

During this time, Deception rolled away. He threw the long string in his hand and ninja blade turned into a flying blade. The attack range grew longer and could be retracted as well.

Lord Grim stepped to the side. He moved up and brandished his sword. His mouse clicked on the ninja blade flying at him and blocked the attack. This was truly a brilliant move. If this was any other time, Chen Guo would have stars in her eyes, but now, she restrained herself from cheering.

Using this opportunity, Deception once again pulled away from the conflict. Having stuck for this long, Deception was clear that pulling such a distance away from Lord Grim wasn’t an easy task. This was his chance to escape.

Deception was just about to run, when a cold light flashed and Lord Grim chased after him. However, Deception had already figured out the length of his opponent’s weapon. His ninja blade had only been just enough to reach him, which meant that a sword wouldn’t be able to hit him.

Who would have thought that this sword light would actually flash in front of him? Deception looked carefully in surprise. His opponent had actually thrown his sword.

Deception thought this was an accident. What type of attack was that supposed to be?

His ninja blade had a string attached to it, so he could pull it back when he threw it. Normal weapons could be thrown too, but once you threw it, it was the same as discarding it. He would actually drop his own weapon in order to make such an attack?

Deception couldn’t understand, but he couldn’t miss the opportunity. As a scrap picker, once he saw an item, it had to be picked up. This was the fundamental essence of the profession.

Deception swung his blade and knocked it down. It was the same as what Ye Xiu had done. He was ready to pick up the sword after it landed on the ground. But when he looked at his opponent, his opponent’s hands didn’t stop and continued to charge at him. He had another thing in his hands.

What is he trying to do?

Deception was at a loss. His ninja blade had already knocked down the sword. At the same time, he heard a “Ka!” The thing in his opponent’s hands seemed to have picked up the sword. And then…… and then the sword didn’t drop and continued to fly towards him.

Deception couldn’t dodge in time and was hit by the attack. It didn’t do much damage to him though. Just as he was about to continue running away, he was suddenly launched into the air. He spun around in midair as his head crashed into the ground.

“Circle Swing????” Deception shouted in surprise.

“That’s correct!” Ye Xiu said.

“You you…… what class are you? What’s with your weapon?” Deception could speak quickly too.

“I say, aren’t you reacting a bit too slowly?” Ye Xiu was shocked.

Deception checked Lord Grim’s character page: “Level 52? No class???”

“Ah?” Ye Xiu was surprised. He thought his opponent had known about this long ago.

“There’s no info on your weapon…… this is…… a silver weapon?????” Deception was still shouting.

“Brother, do you not read the news?” Ye Xiu was lost in thought. He even stared blankly towards Chen Guo. Chen Guo’s Chasing Haze wasn’t far from them. She could obviously hear the two of them speaking.

This Deception clearly didn’t know who Lord Grim was.

“What news?” The guy even asked.

“Brother, it’s been all over the place recently. I can’t believe someone from Glory doesn’t know! I’m very surprised.” Ye Xiu said.

“…….” Chen Guo was speechless. This type of introduction must make the other person want to roll his eyes. Don’t you feel embarrassed talking about yourself like that? It was the truth though.

“Who are you?” Deception asked, when a bunch of shouts could suddenly be heard.

“Over there!”

“So it turns out those two were partners!”

“Don’t let them run!!!”

Ye Xiu quickly turned his viewpoint around to look. The troops from the Three Great Guilds were charging towards them. He and Deception had been fighting with each other for too long. The Three Great Guilds had been in chaos in the beginning, but as time went on, they finally realized that they had been set up by Lord Grim into a pointless fight.

Once they regained their composure, they asked their superiors for instructions on what to do. Their superiors slapped the table and cheered in response!

Why hadn’t the guilds acted against Lord Grim yet! It was because his fame was too high right now. Chasing and killing him would attract too much attention. The Club guilds cared about their image. If they were going to chase and kill someone, they needed a reason others could accept. They had to be especially careful for a public figure like Lord Grim.

But now, he had come out and killed two of their guild’s captains and caused a huge fight to break out. This could be used a reason. In addition, Lord Grim was seen to be together with Deception.

Deception could be considered famous as well, an extremely infamous figure. Everyone who had their equipment stolen by him all wanted him dead.

The top guilds had noticed him and had initially tried to pull him in. After all, they could all see that Deception was an expert. One of their missions as Club guilds was to discover experts, rope them in, and then send them to the Clubs.

But this Deception seemed to never come out. His friends list was closed. Whenever they happened to bump into him, let alone negotiate, if he didn’t steal your equipment, you got lucky. In the end, the Club guilds tempered themselves and made preparations. Whenever there was an activity, they would guard against his scrap picking. Whenever there was a chance, they would try to get close with him. But up until now, it’s said that anyone who has tried to get close to him has died. Of course, the top guilds wouldn’t admit this. Letting this type of news spread was too shameful.

Seeing Deception and Lord Grim together, the core members of the top guilds seemed to have a sudden realization.

They were a set!

Lord Grim had sowed discord. Deception had picked up the scraps. These two were working together!

“KILL!!!”” The Three Great Guilds swarmed. Their numbers had even increased.

They finally had the opportunity to chase and kill Lord Grim. Moreover, this was also another opportunity.

Because of Deception.

After reporting this situation to their superiors, the top guilds immediately made a decision: whether or not they really were together, they were to kill them both in one bite.

“Record! Record the two of them together!!” The orders came down.

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