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Chapter 457 – Professional Scrap Picking

Ye Xiu couldn’t understand why they were so happy about a dog hole, even though it was something he didn’t know about. He had previously seen the group from outside the window and had thought that the scrap pickers were peaceful with each other, but now from the looks of it, these five players all recognized each other. They had partied together to pick up scraps together. If not, how could they have all decided to go into this hiding place through a dog hole?

Nowadays, players knew to make preparations against scrap pickers. It didn’t matter so much for players in a conflict, but for an activity like fighting against a wild BOSS, players would often specially dispatch troops to be on the lookout for them. One reason was to prevent others from causing trouble. A second reason was to prevent scrap pickers from mixing in.

The team from before was an exception. They didn’t seem to be a team with any sort of background. Their main team only had ten or so people. Where would they get the extra manpower to do all this? Thus, they simply went forward with it and found an empty place to kill it as fast as possible.

But the situation had changed now. With the announcement of the BOSS’s location in the global chat, the top guilds would soon arrive along with a bunch of scrap pickers. Finding a good hiding place was extremely important. They would strike when the moment was right. If there was chaos, there would be items to pick up. If there was none, then because they were hidden, they could easily retreat.

Sparse Fragrance’s group denied the possibility of Lord Grim being God Ye Qiu through Ye Xiu’s actions. Towards the so-called mystery man, they just looked at him for a bit, but didn’t gossip too much. They were here to pick up scraps and they didn’t want any accidents to happen.

“When the opportunity comes, we’ll rush out and go pick up items. Don’t hold back each other!” Sparse Fragrance was mainly saying this to Ye Xiu and Chen Guo. The rest were a part of the same group, so they naturally had a tacit understanding between each other long ago.

“Then give me a spot!” Ye Xiu said. It was a bit crowded for seven people in this room. In particular, the five took up the places where the outside situation could be seen. There wasn’t any space for Ye Xiu.

“Give him a spot.” Sparse Fragrance seemed to be this team’s leader. After speaking, someone moved back two steps and let Lord Grim take the spot.

“F*ck, my area! Move aside!” Sparse Fragrance realized that there wasn’t any space for him. After shouting for a bit, he snatched a spot next to Lord Grim.

The Wilderness Escort was still wandering around outside. Before a summoned BOSS was killed, it would wander around for eternity.

“There’s still no one here yet.” Ye Xiu said.

“It’s far. You’ve got to give people some time! Who strolls around here everyday! The Mayor Chalk of Chalk Town has already been killed this week.” Sparse Fragrance said. He was saying that this area’s wild BOSS was already gone this week, so the top guild’s hunting teams had already left this place.

“You know quite a lot!” Ye Xiu said.

“Of course. Scrap picking requires information.” Sparse Fragrance said. A despicable activity like scrap picking sounded like an honest profession coming out from his mouth.

“Then how much longer do you think we’ll have to wait?” Ye Xiu asked.

“From the time the announcement was made, I’d say half an hour or so. So now, it’d be around ten more minutes!” Sparse Fragrance continued, “A Level 65 Wilderness Escort! There’ll be quite a fight for it. The more chaotic the better!”

Ye Xiu understood after hearing this. They weren’t expecting to see the BOSS show off its might because with a top guild’s strength, killing a Level 65 BOSS wasn’t a problem. They hoped to see a struggle between different groups fighting amongst each other for the BOSS. A huge mess like that was perfect for scrap pickers.

“Did you send out that info?” Ye Xiu asked. Even though the name didn’t match with anyone in the group, there was something called a trumpet.

“No.” Sparse Fragrance said.

“Then that means there’s at least one other scrap picker that we don’t know of.” Ye Xiu said.

“That’s why we hid in a good place, so we can carefully observe the situation and strike when the opportunity arises!” Sparse Fragrance spoke in a serious tone.

“What if he also comes in through the dog hole?” Ye Xiu asked.

“There’s no need to talk about that.” This time, Sparse Fragrance didn’t mess up and through poses made from various attacks, he was able to make a sword sliding across a throat movement.

“Oh, then I really got lucky didn’t I? I didn’t get cut by you.” Ye Xiu laughed.

“How dare you!” Sparse Fragrance answered.

This guy! Ye Xiu muttered to himself. This guy had definitely noticed his name when he came in, which was why he had jumped out to stop his comrade. Someone who could beat Huang Shaotian wasn’t someone five normal players could hope to beat.

But afterwards, he pretended that he just noticed the name Lord Grim, concealing their initial plan to kill them. However, he accidentally exposed it……

“This other scrap picker probably isn’t simple.” Ye Xiu said. After this person sent out the message, he still hadn’t appeared. Could he have also waited to see if there were any other scrap pickers? Ye Xiu thought.

“Who cares about him. In any case, we’re all here to pick up scraps. Just don’t attack each other and pick up as many good items as you can. Even if he isn’t a simple guy, he should understand this reasoning.” Sparse Fragrance’s tone suddenly changed.

“Really? Do you have any other specific plans?” Since there wasn’t anything to do, Ye Xiu thought he might as well chat with them.

“In this current age, scrap picking isn’t easy. For example, those people who just charge into the battlefield and pick up items until they die can’t be considered professionals. Nowadays, there’s a certain amount of skill involved and you have to understand the situation clearly before moving out. If it’s too chaotic, then the players can’t distinguish foe from friend and just attack whoever they see. With bullets, magic, sword light flying around, you can’t pick up anything. If it’s too stable, then the experts on the guild will simply kill you before you mix in with everyone. So that’s why you have to pay close attention to the situation. If you’re asking if I have a plan, then of course I don’t have one. I’m also waiting for a certain scenario before I make any decisions.”

Ye Xiu was quite amazed at Sparse Fragrance’s scrap picking theory. It really showed that there was a master in every trade! Moreover, when he heard that there needed to be a certain amount of skill, Ye Xiu looked at their five Blade Master team composition and asked: “In reality, you should have six people, no?”

“Good eye! You really do deserve to be called an expert! You even guessed that!” Sparse Fragrance gasped in astonishment, “In reality, we’re six people. But we’re missing one today, so it’s a bit troublesome!”

“No problem. When the time comes, I can help you guys and substitute in.” Ye Xiu said.


“I’m an unspecialized, so I have Blade Master skills.” Ye Xiu said.

“But you only have Level 20 and under skills” Sparse Fragrance said.

“It’s enough.”

“How could that be enough. Do you know what we’re planning on doing?”

“I know. It’s the Six Sword Formation. Do you know who came up with the Six Sword Formation?” Ye Xiu replied.

“Correct. And I’m Ye Qiu. Didn’t I tell you guys that?” Ye Xiu said.

“Tsk!!” Sparse Fragrance hadn’t replied back, when two of the other players in his group booed.

“He really is Ye Qiu…..” Chen Guo interrupted.

“You even brought a cheerleader!” They continued booing.

“What a sin!!” Chen Guo sighed as she looked up towards the sky. Such a despicable act really did destroy his image. There were so much support for Lord Grim being Ye Qiu, but as soon as they saw Lord Grim was scrap picking, they immediately denied this possibility. From this, it could be seen what the popular consent towards this type of activity was. It had to be known that these people were professional scrap pickers. Even they denied the possibility that Ye Qiu would stoop so low as to pick up scraps.

“Okay then!” Ye Xiu was also silent for a good moment, “To tell you the truth, I know a lot about the Six Sword Formation. In any case, you five won’t be able to do it with just yourselves. You might as well let me try.”

“Do you really think you can do it?”

“It’s not like you guys have any better options right?” Ye Xiu said.

Sparse Fragrance thought for a bit and then said “We’ll see!”

At this moment, one of the other players among the group suddenly asked: “If you say you’re Ye Qiu, then is she Su Mucheng?”

“Ha ha ha ha, how funny! How could I be Su Mucheng.” This was in the game. Outside of the game, Chen Guo directly grabbed Ye Xiu’s arm and continued to laugh: “Ha ha ha ha, he actually thought I was Su Mucheng.”

“Hurry up and let go. If you keep pressing on my arm, I’ll walk out.” Ye Xiu hastily tried to shake her off. His hand was still on the keyboard. When Chen Guo grabbed his arm, she made it so his arm was pressing the forward button. He almost walked out of the room.

Ye Xiu obviously couldn’t type in this situation, so he had to say it out loud. The others in-game could hear him. After a moment of silence, Sparse Fragrance spoke: “Well, it doesn’t matter. In any case, you’re an expert, so let’s act accordingly!

“Okay.” Ye Xiu approved.

Afterwards, there wasn’t much to say, so everyone just sat there in silence. Chen Guo had went scrap picking before, but it had always just been done because she was passing by. She had never done something like guarding a BOSS and waiting for an opportunity to pick up scraps. It was both a fresh and despicable experience.

“There are people coming! No one say anything or use word bubbles!!” Sparse Fragrance reminded everyone. If scrap pickers were discovered, they would be killed on the spot.

“Yes!” Everyone replied. Outside, amidst frantic footsteps, someone shouted: “Over here. F*ck, how’d it get here.”

It was a bit off from the coordinates announced in the global chat.

“The other guilds will be here soon. Let’s hurry and find a spot to lure the BOSS away.” Another voice said.

“No need. There’s a spot here. If you can send the BOSS into it, then you can get it stuck there. From there, killing it will be easy and if outsiders don’t especially look for it, then there’s no way they’ll find it!”

“Oh? There’s a place like this?”

“Yeah! Right over there!!”

“The place they’re talking about…… is where?” Ye Xiu whispered to everyone in the party. In that instant, the seven didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Why did it sound like the spot those people were talking about was where they were?

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