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Chapter 456 – Not a Bad Hiding Place

There were originally fifteen players who had gathered to hunt the summoned Wilderness Escort.

In terms of preparation, this team was more than enough to kill a Level 65 Wilderness Escort. Ye Xiu didn’t know what type of accident had happened, but when he arrived, he saw that the situation had already devolved into chaos. Under the Wilderness Escort’s frenzy, the Cleric was frantically healing left and right, but to no avail. The situation couldn’t be rescued. When Ye Xiu got there, they only had 12 players left. The number fifteen had been calculated by Ye Xiu based on their classes.

“Need help?” When Ye Xiu saw that the other side was in a crisis, he had even asked if they wanted help.

“No need!!” The other side were facing the enemy, so it wasn’t possible to tell how many had yelled it out.

Thus, Ye Xiu quietly left, walked around in a circle, and then slipped into an empty room, becoming a scrap picker.

And now, when the message appeared in the world chat, Ye Xiu immediately knew that he wasn’t the only one hiding there.

This other person was undoubtedly a scrap picker too because if he had cared about the BOSS, then there was no way he would have announced it to the world. This type of work was something a scrap picker would like to do. Scrap pickers loved chaotic battles. It didn’t matter if you were killing a BOSS or PKing because of a BOSS. In any case, if there were battles and dead people, there would be scrap pickers.

Ye Xiu understood this sort of shady business. He wasn’t the one to do it though. He had
planning to telling Chen Guo about it, when someone else beat him to it.

“It seems like this corner might not be safe!” Ye Xiu sighed. He had Lord Grim move backwards and begin observing the surroundings to see if there was anyone else on the lookout as well. Only now could Chen Guo see that Lord Grim was in an empty room, next to a window looking at the others outside fighting a BOSS.

“Is it going to get chaotic real soon?” Chen Guo said.

“Yeah!” Ye Xiu constantly moved his camera around, but from out his window, apart from the BOSS, there was no one else he could see.
“Where should I hide……” Ye Xiu mumbled. Outside of the window, a white light flashed and another player died. So far, only six players remained. In addition, the Cleric had already fallen. In a chaotic situation, if the situation couldn’t be saved, the aggro would eventually fall onto the Cleric. Once the Cleric fell, the attempt to kill the BOSS could be considered over.

“You’re still not running?” Ye Xiu saw the remaining six players continue to struggle. But after watching for a bit longer, he understood their intent. They wanted to pick up the items their comrades had dropped after dying. After picking up all of the items dropped on the ground, the six immediately ran away. As expected, these were experienced players. Once they saw the announcement in the global chat, they figured out that there were scrap pickers hiding nearby.

Scrap pickers had their own styles of scrap picking.

Some risked their lives. They charged straight into the battlefield, not caring for their life, and picked up as many items as they could. These types of scrap pickers would certainly die on the battlefield, but they didn’t care about the experience loss. They only wanted to see if they could pick up some good equipment.

Apart from them were scrap pickers who wanted to pick up items, while staying alive. These scrap pickers were more cautious and wouldn’t charge into the battlefield. This was because once you entered the battlefield, it didn’t matter if you were there to steal the BOSS or pick up equipment, your opponents wouldn’t be nice.

“What a patient guy!” Ye Xiu saw that the hidden scrap pickers still hadn’t moved out yet even though the other side had already picked up their equipment and left.

At this moment, the six players were preparing to escape, but the Wilderness Escort wouldn’t let them go so easily. As the group ran and the Escort chased, the Escort would move away and then scrap pickers would have to follow along.

Ye Xiu didn’t hurry and move. He continued to have Lord Grim stay by the window, observing the surroundings. Just as he predicted, when the six players moved away along with the Wilderness Escort, players scurried out from the corners of the streets, rooftops, and rooms.

Ye Xiu sweat like mad. He had thought that there was only one person hiding, but in reality, there were actually so many of them waiting.

These scrap pickers seemed to have a tacit understanding amongst themselves. Either that, or they didn’t know there were others around. None of them seemed too surprised though nor did anyone seem to have any enmity with each other. Everyone had the same thought and immediately chased after the Wilderness Escort.

Ye Xiu still didn’t move. He waited another long while, but didn’t see anyone else come out. If he didn’t move out now, he wouldn’t be able to follow them, so he immediately had Lord Grim chase after.

“Despicable!! How despicable!!” Chen Guo disdained as she chased after with her Chasing Haze. The Heavenly Domain was very big, but luckily, Chen Guo had been accompanying Ye Xiu these days with leveling, so her character wasn’t too far away and it wouldn’t take her too much time to catch up. She constantly glanced at Ye Xiu’s screen for his coordinates up until they bumped into each other at a street.

“Over here.” Ye Xiu said. Chen Guo followed behind him.

“Did they all die?” Chen Guo asked.

“Six ran away. The BOSS is still there.” Ye Xiu said.

“And us?”

“See the opportunity and act.”

“More like see the opportunity and pick scraps!” Chen Guo said.

“Depends on the situation.” Ye Xiu said.

“How come I don’t see the BOSS?” Chen Guo couldn’t see the Wilderness Escort. Ye Xiu couldn’t see it either, making Chen Guo quite puzzled.

“I know where! I’m bringing you to a good hiding place.” Ye Xiu said. Not long after, he brought Chen Guo to outside a wall.

“Jump over.” Ye Xiu said. His character jumped over and used a Rotor Wing to directly hop over. The wall wasn’t that tall, so it wasn’t hard to get over. Chen Guo’s Chasing Haze jumped and used an Aerial Fire. Her character leaped over in a beautiful arc. While in the air, she heard Ye Xiu cry out “Oh wow.” When she landed, she stared dumbly.

“A good hiding place?” Chen Guo asked Ye Xiu.

“Of course. See, just look at how many people are hiding here…..” Ye Xiu said. When he looked around, there were already five people there. When the two flipped over the wall, the five were startled at first, but then one quickly raised his sword.

Chen Guo also reacted quickly. Her Chasing Haze lifted up her cannon towards the other side. One of the people among the five shot forward like an arrow between the two of them. His body turned left and right with his arms in a cross position to the two sides.

“What’s he doing? Is he trying to shoot out a laser?” Chen Guo didn’t understand.

Ye Xiu laughed: “He wanted to move his arms in an X position to tell us to not fight, but he messed up.”

Chen Guo understood. Some Glory people liked to show off their skill and would make small poses from time to time.

“You two, stop talking!!!” The person with his arms in a cross position was very embarrassed. Seeing that the two were still chatting, he immediately tried to shush them. Following afterwards, he gave each of them a team invite.

At the same time, the person who had just wanted Ye Xiu and Chen Guo to be quiet shouted in surprise: “Ah! Lord Grim?”

“What?” A bunch of wide eyed emojis popped up and the others crowded around them.

“Don’t use emojis! Use the party chat!!!” The person whispered.

Ye Xiu and Chen Guo looked at each other and then accepted the invite. Then, he heard the person say in a low voice: “Don’t talk and don’t use the public chat. Talk in the party chat!”

The speaker was called Sparse Fragrance. He was the person who had made the stop pose, but messed it up. This person was the party leader, a Blade Master. Blade Masters really were popular classes in Glory. Everyone else in the party were also Blade Masters.

“What are you doing?” Chasing Haze asked.

No one cared about her though! Everyone was crowded around Lord Grim!

“Wow! It really is Lord Grim!!”

“Are you God Ye Qiu?”

“Can I touch you?”

Ye Xiu sent out a sweating emoji. No one really noticed though. As they talked, they opened his character page to admire his equipment. But apart from the Silver weapon, the other equipment made the Heavenly Domain players want to vomit.

“Big bro, are you really Ye Qiu?” Even Sparse Fragrance was asking! As long as one was a Glory player, everyone knew about the drama going on.

“You guess.” Ye Xiu replied.

“I don’t think you are.” Sparse Fragrance said in a very confident tone.

“Why?” Ye Xiu said.

“Would God Ye Qiu stoop so low as to pick up scraps with us?” Sparse Fragrance replied.

“Ha ha ha ha……” Chen Guo typed, while looking at Ye Xiu to see how he would reply.

“I’m Ye Qiu!” Ye Xiu said.

“Tsk…….” Sparse Fragrance didn’t believe him at all.

“Tsk tsk tsk tsk!!” Everyone followed along. Chen Guo was laughing so hard she couldn’t straighten her back.

“How did you guys get here?” Ye Xiu didn’t mind. He cared more about this question. He had chased after the entire way too and when he discovered that the Wilderness Escort had stopped, he felt like this was a good hiding spot. However, if they came from the front, they would have alarmed the Wilderness Escort, which was why they had looped around and jumped over the wall. He was moving at the same speed as the other scrap pickers and didn’t see any of them jump over the wall, so the others had clearly gotten here some other way. Ye Xiu couldn’t understand.

“He, there’s a small hole there. If you crawl through, you can get in. But since the grass is blocking the way, most people wouldn’t know.” Sparse Fragrance said in a delighted tone.

Ye Xiu was speechless. He may be known as a textbook and God of Glory, but he had no idea there was a dog hole covered by the grass.

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