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Chapter 455 – Scrap Picker


This was a word that would make any Glory player’s heart leap. Moreover, this was the Heavenly Domain. A Heavenly Domain boss was on another realm compared to one in the normal server. Chen Guo also knew that Ye Xiu could only level in the wild, which meant that this was a wild boss.

The Heavenly Domain was similar to the normal servers in this sense. Wild bosses would randomly spawn someplace every week. But the difference was that wild bosses would only spawn once a week, which meant that every wild boss would spawn a maximum of 52 times a year. The unique equipment and material dropped from this type of boss would undoubtedly be rare and precious.

The top guilds naturally watched for these types of bosses with great attention. At the start of every week, in all of the Level 55 to Level 70 areas, the top guilds would dispatch scouts to wander around randomly 24/7. At the same time, they also bought information on the boss’s coordinates from players who didn’t have the strength to kill one but had found one.

Every time a wild boss spawned, it was likely a huge war would erupt. Lower leveled bosses were a bit better. Normal players had a chance to snatch one. After all, apart from Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim, everyone else in the Heavenly Domain was Level 70, so they had a high level suppression. In addition, even if they weren’t experts, they were all experienced players. Killing a low-leveled boss with friends wasn’t too difficult.

As for high leveled bosses, those would always fall into one of the top guild’s hands. One reason is because high level bosses spawn in high level areas. With everyone in the Heavenly Domain being Level 70 players, most of them played in high level areas. High level areas weren’t as empty as the Level 55 area Lord Grim was in. As a result, if a boss spawned in a high level area, many players would notice it and there was no opportunity to hide it and kill it.

The second reason was because high level bosses were strong. No matter who fought them, they wouldn’t be easy to kill. The longer it took for one to die, the more likely the chance someone could run over to kill steal it. The only ones who could fight to the end with such risks were those with strength.

Thus, for high level bosses, normal players wouldn’t dream of snatching one. But Level 55 bosses had more hope.

“What type of boss?” Chen Guo rushed over to Ye Xiu’s computer while asking. Her eyes were already fixed on his screen. Ye Xiu’s line of sight only exposed half the screen. Something was clearly blocking the other half. From the exposed half a screen, numerous players battling a single boss could be seen.

“This one is…… Wilderness Escort! How could one appear here??” Chen Guo didn’t ask about Ye Xiu’s blocked line of sight and first identified the boss. The Wilderness Escort wore a large felt cap, a pair of leather boots, a corset. His tanned face gave the look of a rough and uncouth male. He was the Level 65 Wilderness Escort of the Eastern Wilderness. However, this place was the Level 55 Chalk Town. The wild boss here should be the Evil Mayor Chalk.

“He was clearly summoned here!” Ye Xiu said.

“Oh!” Chen Guo immediately understood. As the number of players in the Heavenly Domain increased, a wild boss spawning once a week wasn’t enough to satisfy everyone’s appetite. Many players who had played for several years hadn’t even seen a wild boss yet. As a result, in one update, Glory released a “Boss Summon”. As rewards for some quests or for killing a boss, there was a chance to obtain an item to summon a boss. This item could be used at any time and any place outside of a dungeon in the Heavenly Domain. As the name implies, the item summoned a boss for everyone to kill.

This type of item was equivalent to a boss, so it was obviously rare as well. Apart from this, these items couldn’t be traded. As a result, when players who didn’t have the strength to kill the boss happened to obtain this item, they would find a way to contact the top guilds. The player would summon the boss, the guild would kill it, and it could be considered as selling a boss. The price for selling a boss would obviously be much greater than selling information on a boss’s coordinates. With this item, one could find a place with no one around and then kill it in secret.

The people in front of them right now were clearly trying to kill it in secret.

Level 55 areas were without a doubt the most empty places in the Heavenly Domain. They were currently located in the corner of a Chalk Town. If one didn’t wander deep into the town, there was no way they would find this place.

Coincidentally, Ye Xiu wanted to find a place to level with no one around, so he chose Chalk Town. After wandering around, he happened to bump into this place.

The Wilderness Escort was a Gunner though as a boss, it wasn’t any particular class. If you did, you would definitely suffer. If you thought it was a Sharpshooter, he might just send you a Spitfire skill.

“What are you doing? Are you going to try and steal it?” Chen Guo noticed that Ye Xiu’s movements were a bit strange. He only half his screen looking at the situation, which meant he must be hiding behind a window in some room.

“That would be too lacking in principles.” Ye Xiu said, “I’m going to pick up scraps.”

“You….. don’t you feel ashamed!!!” Chen Guo heard this and almost fell over.

Picking up scraps was a term used in the Heavenly Domain because the Heavenly Domain players had a high chance of dropping items when they died. Thus, in a large scale conflict, there would always be players who would do this. They would wear cheap equipment and charge into the battle without any fear. However, don’t make this misunderstanding, these players weren’t a suicide squad to attract attacks. Their target was the equipment that dropped when players died!

This type of activity was called picking up scraps, while the players who did this were called scrap pickers. Scrap pickers were hated by others and if one appeared next to them, they wouldn’t hesitate to kill them. A boss fight was a prime opportunity for scrap pickers. There would always be casualties against a boss.

But what type of person was Ye Xiu! He was a God! Right now, he was camping in a corner waiting to pick up scraps. Such shameful behavior made Chen Guo give him a good scolding.

“Shh!” Ye Xiu actually turned his head and reminded Chen Guo that she was being too loud.

“Do you want to come too?” Ye Xiu whispered.

“Uh……” Chen Guo hesitated. In reality, she didn’t mind picking up scraps when she had the chance to. The only thing she couldn’t accept was that a God like Ye Xiu would do such a task. After all, he used to be her idol once too. Her image of him being shattered was very painful for the fans!

“What…… can you pick up from this?” After hesitating for a bit, she still went to sat next to Ye Xiu. She opened up the game, while telling Tang Rou: “Little Tang, help me log out.”

Room 213’s four computers were arranged with two rows back to back. Chen Guo and Tang Rou had been sitting next to each other. Chen Guo wanted to pick up scraps with Ye Xiu, so Chen Guo was going to switch spots to make it easy to communicate with each other.

“They’ve probably made preparations for this type of summoning. Have there been any accidents?” Chen Guo continued.

“Hard to say. I’ve been watching them for awhile and they might not make it.” Ye Xiu said.

“You…… can you be even more shameful?” Chen Guo was depressed.

“Sigh. If only my level wasn’t so low. I could wait for them to wipe out and then pick up the boss too.” Ye XIu sighed.

“You can’t kill it?” Chen Guo asked.

“It’s a Heavenly Domain wild boss that’s 14 levels higher than me! No matter how good I am, there’s still a limit.” Ye Xiu said.

“What a pity.” Chen Guo muttered. She had logged into the game on this side. She looked at Ye XIu’s screen for his coordinates and then immediately headed over there.

“Hm. Do you want to contact Loulan Slash?” Chen Guo suggested. In the Heavenly Domain, stealing a boss wasn’t looked down upon as much as stealing monsters. Even though there were fewer bosses, that was exactly why people were fine with it. Under normal circumstances, sitting on the side watching others fight without attacking them was already considered quite nice. If you couldn’t kill it, who cares if you saw it first or summoned it, it was time for other people to try.

Most directly stole it away. Usually the Club guilds were the ones who were nice. The Clubs had to care about their image. Even though stealing bosses wasn’t considered as anything bad in the Heavenly Domain, for the Club guilds, it would be bully. Even though they had strength, when they encountered normal players, they had to let them try first. It was quite depressing for them actually.

There was only on the surface though. Underneath, there would definitely be something going on. If they didn’t, then why would the Club guilds go through so much trouble to make so many wild accounts?

“I was thinking that too, but they’re not online!” Ye Xiu sighed.

Chen Guo had just gotten online. When she looked at her friends list, she also saw that Loulan Slash and his group wasn’t there. As for Chen Guo’s original friends, they were all from Excellent Dynasty. The group of people sent over would be from Guild Excellent Dynasty, so they were a no go.

“If you use my account, can you kill it?” Chen Guo asked.

“Solo…… the problem is time! This isn’t like the tenth server, where no one goes to the high leveled areas. Killing the boss would need three hours without anyone noticing. That isn’t very likely.” Ye Xiu said.

Chen Guo was helpless. That wasn’t a possibility. Let alone others, but the team in from them would definitely come back if they wiped out.

“Is picking scraps the only thing we can do?” Chen Guo wasn’t happy.

“Uh……” Ye Xiu hesitated.

“What are you thinking?” Chen Guo could see that he had some sort of plan.

“From a scrap picker’s perspective…….” Ye Xiu had only finished halfway, when a message was sent in the global chat: “Chalk Town, coordinates 45, 74, a Wilderness Escort!!!”

“Wow! Who did this!” Ye Xiu shouted, “He was just about to say what I wanted to. This is something a professional scrap picker would do.”

Chen Guo saw a string of emojis appear after the message on the global chat. She was speechless. She could imagine that a storm would erupt soon. When this message appeared on the global chat, the team killing the boss went into chaos. Two rays of white light shot out as two players perished.

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