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Chapter 454 – To Make a Big Fuss Over Nothing

For this type of disturbance, each side had their own plans. They all had people within the circle, so they knew many inside things. However, Chen Guo wasn’t a part of the circle. This time, she got a taste of what it was like inside.

If this was in the past, she would have definitely jumped out and shouted her support for Ye Xiu. but now, she finally understood the background behind the dispute and the many schemes surrounding it. Fans would dispute to prove what they thought. Would the people being talked about actually care what they said? They might not.

Ye Xiu’s indifferent attitude made Chen Guo even feel as if it were a bit cold-hearted. She wondered how many pro players had this type of inner quality. However, Chen Guo did believe that slamming the table in anger because of this kind of small matter didn’t fit for someone within the circle. Chen Guo acknowledged that this type of ruthlessness and reasoning was needed, but she wasn’t sure if she would be able to learn it.

She hoped that there would be a day Excellent Era would be unmasked and hated how Excellent Era fans could completely change sides in a single night. Their false statement had struck a direct blow to Ye Xiu, but all Chen Guo could see from him was indifference.

Even the hype created from the collaboration between Loulan Slash and him seemed as if it had just been done out of convenience, while giving himself a path to retreat at the same time. Did he actually plan on using this type of disturbance to attack Excellent Era or someone else? No. Not at all.

In reality, those who thought that they had suffered a blow had really just been caught up in the storm. They thought they were the goal, when they actually weren’t.

All Ye Xiu did was take advantage of what he had to help Loulan Slash create some hype for his team.

“What about you? What did you gain from this?” Chen Guo asked.

“Me?” Ye Xiu said without taking any time to think, “Didn’t I already say this before? The more attention Loulan Slash’s guild gets and the more attention Lord Grim gets, the harder it is for the guilds to make any movements.”

Chen Guo suddenly felt dizzy: “So you’re saying, this was all just to continue leveling in peace?”

“Of course!” Ye Xiu nodded his head.

Chen Guo wanted to cry. This type of leveling environment was a given for a normal player. But for a God, why did it have to be so complicated? He led the entire Glory scene into a frenzy, forcing all 20 Clubs to make a move. Millions of players had crowded together discussing and arguing. The media platforms made several headlines in a row…….

Comrades! It was all just a big misunderstanding…….

The truth behind everything was that this God just wanted to level!

Chen Guo didn’t want to be the only person to know the truth. She wanted to share it with the world and wanted everyone to cry along with her.

“I’m going to bed……” Chen Guo swayed back and forth as she walked away.

“Go ahead! I’ll be going to sleep soon too.” Ye Xiu said as if nothing had happened.

Who cares about you!! Chen Guo repeatedly said to herself. At this moment, she suddenly felt that the Clubs were completely correct to hunt him down. He just wanted to level peacefully and in order to do that, he brought the world into chaos. What was this guy made of?

That night, Ye Xiu didn’t go online again. He browsed around the Internet and then went to bed.

The next morning, a few slower news platforms released some articles. Being a bit slow, they had more time to report everything in more detail. However, Chen Guo wasn’t interested in reading them. Once she thought of how much trouble this could bring to Happy Internet Cafe just for Ye Xiu to level, Chen Guo immediately felt weak.

“Are you going to level later you finish eating?” Chen Guo said. She stressed the word level with a bit of a mocking tone.

“Of course.” Ye Xiu spoke as if he hadn’t heard Chen Guo’s tone of voice.

“Will a crowd come to watch?” Chen Guo asked.

“Hard to say. Though if it’s just normal players, then I’m confident I can escape.” Ye Xiu said.

“I hope you succeed.” Chen Guo mocked.

“Thanks. You guys take your time.” Ye Xiu got up and went to the second floor to play.

“What’s wrong?” Tang Rou could hear that Chen Guo’s tone wasn’t right.

“Did you know? He……” Chen Guo said everything on her mind to share her pain and then cursed at him a whole bunch.

“Ha ha ha ha.” Tang Rou couldn’t stop laughing when she heard it, “I think he did pretty good!”

“What’s good?” Chen Guo said.

“Don’t you find it bold making such a big fuss over nothing?” Tang Rou said.

“You’ve been completely ruined by him.” Chen Guo shook her head in disappointment.

“He he.” Tang Rou chuckled. Chen Guo couldn’t find any sympathy from Tang Rou, so she stopped talking about it.

Chen Guo didn’t take it to heart. This wouldn’t stop this disturbance from ending. In reality, the great debate brought about by this had only just begun.

That morning, reporters contacted Excellent Era asking about their thoughts on Team Heavenly Swords denying that Ye Qiu had joined their team.

Excellent Era had already been prepared. They didn’t try to prove that Lord Grim was Ye Qiu and instead, they expressed calmly that it didn’t matter if Ye Qiu joined Team Heavenly Swords or not. No matter what he planned for in the future, Excellent Era would give him their blessings, but would also face him with a professional attitude. As for Heavenly Swords, Excellent Era congratulated them for their success in making it into the Alliance and wished them good luck in the future.

When asked about their thoughts on Lord Grim, who was able to defeat Huang Shaotian, Excellent Era answered that they weren’t scared of any opponent. They didn’t mention Heavenly Swords and declared that they would definitely make a comeback next season to win the Championship.

These sort of words and replies were commonly seen. Apart from this, their words also implied that they didn’t find the new team as a threat and didn’t put them in their eyes.

Besides Excellent Era, the pro players who affirmed that Lord Grim was Ye Qiu were given another round of interviews.

These pro players had all seen Ye Xiu speak in the group chat and then followed into the game to find Lord Grim, so they had been very certain of his identity. However, Team Heavenly Swords declared that Ye Qiu hadn’t joined them. They caught the word play involved in these statements, but none of them jumped out to prove Lord Grim was Ye Qiu because for the Clubs, such an action wouldn’t help them in any way. As a result, everyone just went with the flow. Heavenly Swords could do what they wanted. They weren’t going to get mixed up with them. So as to avoid what happened last time, they sent out their iconic players to act as live promotional signboards.

Some players ran over to look at Heavenly Justice players. After the news came out, Team Heavenly Swords was looked at exceptionally well by many. Some of the more exaggerated analysis claimed that with Heavenly Sword’s strength and resources, they would definitely make a huge impact in the Alliance and might even win the entire Championship as the dark horse.

These discussions made the other Clubs a bit scared. However, they had seen their strength after their fights with Huang Shaotian. All of the pro players at the scene had a good estimate of their skill levels and didn’t see them as a threat.

The reports downplayed one part though. Heavenly Sword’s introduction to scene had cost quite a bit.

As for the “mystery man” who beat Huang Shaotian, everyone knew he was Ye Qiu. Team Heavenly Swords said that Ye Qiu hadn’t joined their team, which was quite a weird roundabout way of saying things.

After the discussions.

Ye Qiu couldn’t formally join now because of his recent retirement, so of course he couldn’t join. But the two sides could have made an agreement for him to join next season.

This was a guess that the Clubs had agreed upon as a possibility. However, all of them simply acted as if they didn’t know this. They laughed over the interviews and didn’t say too much.

There was only one pro player who said things different than the rest: Tyranny’s Han Wenqing. Facing the reporters’ questions, he coldly threw down: “Did Heavenly Swords ever say Lord Grim wasn’t Ye Qiu? Who else could Lord Grim be but Ye Qiu?”

That day, the interviewed players from all of the different Clubs all replied with similar words. Han Wenqing’s reply immediately stood out. Everyone else’s interviews were suddenly thrown to the side and only this reply was reported.

In reality, Team Heavenly Sword’s little wordplay may have tricked most players, but the media reporters were good at these types of tricks and were aware of it long ago. They had already prepared for it. Now that a pro player directly said it, it was as if they had obtained a treasure.

As for the interviews towards Heavenly Swords, they refused to reveal Lord Grim’s identity.

Lord Grim being Ye Qiu instantly became very believable, so the Clubs’ analysis of an agreement and then joining in the future had also been analyzed by the media and reported out.

The credibility of such a statement was extremely high.

Lord Grim had went in a huge circle. In the end, he was still Ye Qiu. Quite a few fans treated the entire course of events as a drama novel. The media wasn’t done yet though. They obtained views from a few reporters, commentators, and normal players.

The view that he would come out of retirement and join became widely accepted. Everyone unanimously believed that Lord Grim was Ye Qiu and had determined him as a part of Heavenly Swords. They were convinced that Heavenly Swords was just saying all of that to make things unnecessarily complicated.

Chen Guo said she didn’t care, but in the end, she couldn’t help but read the reports. The results made her feel dizzy: “Everything just went around full circle. Why’d it return to this?”

“The topic stays hot. The media likes it. Heavenly Swords likes it too.” Ye Xiu said.

“It looks like your identity has been seen through.” Chen Guo said.

“It would have happened sooner or later.” Ye Xiu seemed as if he didn’t care.

“Why does Heavenly Sword refuse to say it? Did you ask them to?” Chen Guo asked.

“They only know that I won’t join them, so it’s better to not say it. You think about it.” Ye Xiu said.

“Think about what! Just say it!” Chen Guo said.

“I’m busy! BOSS!” Ye Xiu called.

“What?” Chen Guo flew over when she heard this.

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