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Chapter 452 – Counterattack with the Truth

“D*mn! Excellent Era is too shameless!!!”

In the end, the newspaper reports didn’t cover all of the information. That evening, several more reports came out with more details from the numerous pro players interviewed that morning. The program couldn’t show every single conversation from each pro player. The spotlight would be on the Gods, of course.

With a single exception, as if they had agreed upon it, all of the guilds directly confessed that they had ran over to watch because they suspected that Lord Grim was Ye Qiu. However, none of them said it in a completely certain tone of voice.

“Probably? Playing an unspecialized requires knowledge and proficiency with every class. From what I saw from Lord Grim’s performance, Ye Qiu is without a doubt the number one suspect.” This was what Team Tiny Herb’s Wang Jiexi replied with.

“An unspecialized is a class that cannot be controlled by a single person. But to be able to control one to such a degree, I believe that Ye Qiu is certainly capable of doing so.” This was Team Wang Jiexi’s answer.

“Hm, probably Ye Qiu…… because…… he’s very strong…….” Samsara’s Zhou Zekai.

“At that time, all of the Gods were present. To be able to fight with me to that extent, by using a process of elimination, he would be Ye Qiu.” This was Huang Shaotian’s reply. He was the person who everyone wanted to interview. He was the one who directly fought with him!

“What about Zhang Jiale?” The reporters asked about a God, who had also retired.

“Zhang Jiale? I called him before. He said he wasn’t him.” Huang Shaotian said in a serious tone. He had clearly known that Lord Grim was Ye Qiu long before this, but right now, he looked as if he had only figured it out after fighting him.

“Then what are your thoughts on the match?” The reporter asked.

“I lost. But as a pro player, losing is a very common occurrence, even more so against an opponent like Ye Qiu. More importantly, this match let me see all sorts of different things. Those who haven’t played the game since the beginning probably don’t even know that there is such a thing as an unspecialized playstyle, yet now one appears in front of us. I don’t know if you guys saw the match recording carefully or not. Ah! That’s right! Do you guys have a recording of it? If you want one, I have one. I can go get one for you guys real quick, if you want……” Huang Shaotian spoke frankly with the interviewers.

They didn’t even need to try and dig deeper and they already had so much content to work with, perhaps even too much content. They didn’t know if the space given to them was enough to write it all down. It seemed like they would need to pick out the important words from all of the other excess.

The reporters were always happy to interview Huang Shaotian.

Apart from Huang Shaotian, the other people they needed to interview was of course, Excellent Era.

For Excellent Era, Ye Qiu would always be a topic that would never go away. As long as they were in the Glory scene, Ye Qiu and Excellent Era would always be connected with each other.

Every player was asked why they went to watch the match. Sun Xiang, Liu Hao, and the others who watched it said the same as everyone else. They expressed their suspicions that he was Ye Qiu, which was why they had went over to look.

Afterwards, when they got to the special relationship between Ye Qiu and Excellent Era, Wang Sheng gave a statement.

First, he said how Ye Qiu had still wanted to develop in the Glory scene and how he was very perplexed that Ye Qiu would choose to retire.

Next, he also talked about Lord Grim’s identity as Ye Qiu and how he couldn’t understand some of his actions in the tenth server, especially the conflicts with Guild Excellent Dynasty.

After that, he mentioned Lord Grim’s recent addition to Loulan Slash’s Guild Heavenly Justice. Wang Sheng expressed that he respected any choice Ye Qiu would make and gave him his blessings. However, the Glory Alliance was still a competition, after all. Even though Excellent Era and Ye Qiu would always be friends forever, whether they were in the professional scene or the game, everyone should have a professional attitude. Lastly, he gave Excellent Era and Ye Qiu his best wishes.

“Shameless! Too shameless!!!”

Excellent Era’s spokesperson gave his statement. The eSports channel broadcasted this segment. Chen Guo, who was watching while eating dinner, slammed the table and shouted. Ye Xiu, who had been sprayed all over with food in the morning, immediately took up his guard. He grabbed his bowl and ran far away from her.

“I can’t believe he had the nerve to say that.” Chen Guo was furious at Wang Sheng.

Hiding far away, Ye Xiu took up his bowl and filled his mouth with food: “This is nothing. You really haven’t seen the real world have you.”

“How can you be so calm!” Chen Guo didn’t understand.

“In terms of his responsibilities, I felt like he did quite a beautiful job.” Ye Xiu said.


“If you can’t even bear this, you’ll be coughing blood in the future.” Ye Xiu said.

“Hmph, I won’t be so shameless!” Chen Guo said.

“You won’t. But what about your opponents? When the time comes, they’ll spread all sorts of rumors, mixing up truth and lies. And when the reporters look for you to ask questions, you’ll just curse at them and call them shameless?” Ye Xiu said.

“Then what should I do?” Chen Guo said.

“Beat them up in the matches!” Tang Rou interrupted in a determined voice. Chen Guo looked over, a bit surprised. She immediately realized that Tang Rou wasn’t happy about the interview either. She just hadn’t slammed the table like her.

“Mm, counterattack with the truth. No matter how powerful they are, they can’t beat that.” Ye Xiu said.

“Then how are you going to use truth to counterattack this time?” Chen Guo asked.

“By eating dinner peacefully here.” Ye XIu said.

“What type of counterattack is that!” Chen Guo frowned.

“There’s still a long way to go. We’ve only just started.” Ye Xiu said dully.

That night, the interview created a huge uproar.

In these interviews, Loulan Slash’s team may have been mentioned, but only a relatively small amount. Many had already guessed that Lord Grim was Ye Qiu in the morning news, but now the entire pro scene had admitted it. Even though the pros said this and that, they all had the same meaning: he was Ye Qiu, no doubt about it. However, even if you didn’t believe the pros, it was too difficult to actually ask Ye Qiu because everyone knew that Ye Qiu never accepted interviews.

The reports were still busy, hoping to dig even deeper. They wanted to find some way to contact people who were close to Ye Qiu like Su Mucheng. They tried contacting Loulan Slash…… the interviewing wasn’t over yet.

As for the Glory community, the discussions going on amongst them were growing larger and larger.

All of these discussions made Chen Guo quite depressed.

Wang Sheng’s statement expressing how he couldn’t understand Ye Qiu’s actions, how he was perplexed, and then his blessings, made Excellent Era fans who didn’t know the truth very unhappy with Ye Qiu.

After being deceived by Wang Sheng’s statement, they couldn’t that Ye Qiu would betray Excellent Era like that. Their cherished memories of Ye Qiu all became doubts towards him.

These feelings had begun being planted ever since rumors that Ye Qiu was planning to create his own team sprouted. And now, Ye Qiu had ran over to Loulan Slash, who was famous in the game for having lots of money. The players couldn’t help but suspect that Ye Qiu had left for money. At this moment, the discussions online were filled with criticism and hatred for Ye Qiu.

Chen Guo knew the truth and felt angry and sorry for Ye Xiu. She looked at these alone and didn’t call over Ye Xiu to look, up until she couldn’t take it anymore……

She turned around and peeked at Ye Xiu’s screen. To her surprise, he wasn’t playing the game, but rather skimming over these discussions. Chen Guo quietly went over and stole a glance at Ye Xiu’s expression. He looked very calm and relaxed.

“You aren’t going to play?” Chen Guo asked.

“Now? It’s not a good time. Too much commotion. I should avoid making any appearances for now.” Ye Xiu said.

“Avoid for how long?” Chen Guo was depressed. Now that Lord Grim was Ye Qiu, Lord Grim would be like Troubling Rain and have crowds of people gathering wherever he went. In addition, with so many angry players, Chen Guo suddenly felt extremely uneasy.

“It won’t be very long.” Ye Xiu grinned.

“What are you planning! Tell me!” Chen Guo could see that Ye Xiu definitely had some sort of plan up his sleeve.

“You’ll know soon!” Ye Xiu said.

“When is soon?” Chen Guo asked.

“Look at the news!” Ye Xiu said.

“News? What news is there going to be at this time?” Chen Guo didn’t understand.

“It’ll be there.” Ye Xiu said.

Chen Guo went over to browse the Internet, but didn’t see anything after checking several big sites.

“Where?” Chen Guo yelled, just as she refreshed again. A new pieces of news really had come out.

Team Heavenly Swords had officially been announced!

“Team Heavenly Swords?” Chen Guo stared blankly. Even though Loulan Slash had already told them about his team, he hadn’t said what his team name was. Heavenly Swords was undoubtedly the team Loulan Slash was planning on creating.

Chen Guo immediately clicked on the news article. With everything all written down already, the news conference for it must have ended a while ago. The spokesperson for Heavenly Swords had stated that their application had taken two days to pass, which was why they had only conducted a news conference now. At the news conference, they also officially announced that their team name would be Heavenly Swords.

Apart from this, another huge announcement had come from Team Heavenly Sword’s spokesperson. The announcement made clear that Team Heavenly Swords had not recruited the former captain of Excellent Era, Ye Qiu.

“This…… this……” Chen Guo suddenly felt dizzy as she stared at the headline.

“See, this is the truth.” Ye Xiu had seen the news too. He stood up and looked at Chen Go with a smile on his face: “That’s not a bad counterattack, right?”

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