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Chapter 45 – Original Strategy


This was their clear time that Ye Xiu made with Endless Night and the others. This was a very normal time. All of the ordinary five man parties cleared Frost Forest in around 30 minutes.

There was nothing to say about the time, but Endless Night was fuming with rage and grinding his teeth the entire time.

They really did give away the leading fee for free! From the start to finish, Lord Grim never stopped to direct them. But instead instructed them like how he did to the Knight. He simply explained to them the ordinary strategy. If the four of them were newbies, then they would have benefited from this. But to Endless Night and the others, they ran that dungeon for nothing. In the entire course of the dungeon, they couldn’t see anything especially remarkable about him.

In the end, he led the four of them especially oppressively. They were also considered experts, but this strategy was entirely ordinary. It really made them look like idiots.

Endless Night felt that Lord Grim intentionally faked it, so he made mistakes on purpose to arouse the great expert’s inner qualities.

Instead, the great expert patiently explained what Endless Night’s mistakes were. You should do this this and this……

Hearing his three brothers sneakily laughing up their sleeves, Endless Night understood that he truly was being taken as an idiot.

In the end, the only remarkable point was that Lord Grim hadn’t changed classes, but still did as much damage as the two DPSers on the team. His weapon wasn’t bad at least. But what was this battle lance? Endless Night had never seen it before.

“Brother, you’re trying to cheat us!” Endless Night said after exiting the dungeon.

“How can you say that. Did I lead wrong?” Ye Xiu said.

“…….” Endless Night didn’t know what to say. Although his leading was ordinary, there was nothing to pick at; he didn’t miss any details. If it wasn’t for Endless Night intentionally making mistakes, then nothing would have went wrong with his leading.

This at least said that this guy had solid basics. Endless Night tried his hardest to accept this and tried his hardest to believe that the last dungeon run wasn’t a waste of time. I benefited from this. I benefited.

“Are you going to get the White Wolf Bristles?” Ye Xiu asked.

Endless Night’s cheeks streamed with tears again! This guy was the one who benefited.

After receiving the White Wolf Bristles, Ye Xiu said goodbye and left. Endless Night’s character didn’t move. The player also sat in front of his computer baffled.

Suddenly, someone nearby poked him twice. Endless Night turned his head and saw that it was one of the party members who had just dungeoned with him.

On his screen wasn’t the game, but instead a post on the Glory forums.

Endless Night walked over and then heard that person say: “When I heard him lead, I thought it felt familiar, look here……”

Endless Night only glanced at it and almost coughed up blood.

What f*cking basic skills, what f*cking nothing to pick at, that bastard’s leading was straight up from a guide. Not a word different. Of course he wouldn’t miss any details.

“We’ve been duped……” That brother said. Eight White Wolf Bristles! And in exchange they got 100% clear-rate guide with millions of views on the forums.

Endless Night felt even more helpless. He had been asking to be duped! The other side didn’t ask to dungeon with him, yet he even shamelessly forced it onto him. The other side didn’t say he would lead, yet he shamelessly demanded that he led. In the beginning, the other side didn’t read from the guide, yet he insisted that the other side instructed them step by step.

Step by step? Even with their party of experts, they didn’t need to be led step by step. Him putting forward this requirement made his balls hurt. Look, now it really did hurt!

“Beast!” Endless Night grinded his teeth. He went back to his seat and furiously typed to Lord Grim: “Brother, you’re not kind! Did you trick us by using a guide?”

“I wouldn’t. I wrote that guide.” Ye Xiu said.

Really? Endless Night immediately turned his head and asked that brother: “Who wrote that guide?”

That brother clearly hadn’t noticed this. He immediately went back to the first post and said: “One Autumn Leaf.”

Endless Night was extremely angry. He turned back and continued pounding his keyboard: “What are you boasting for. That guide was written by the God Ye Qiu.”

“Right, that’s me!”

Shameless! Too f*cking shameless…… Endless Night was completely speechless.

“I have some stuff to do, so I need to go off. Let’s get in touch later.” Endless Night received this message from the other side.

Escape, this was escape! It’s three in the morning, what stuff do you have to do? Endless Night thought.

In the Happy Internet Cafe, Ye Xiu was currently bringing a few bottles of Cola to the guests.

It was quiet the entire night.

At seven in the morning, the guests began shutting down their computers one by one and left. Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim had leveled to 21. After leaving the beginner village, leveling wasn’t as fast. First, the required experience increased by a substantial amount. Second, there was a dungeon entry limit. Although Level 20s could limitlessly run the Skeleton Graveyard in the beginner village, they would find that the experience gained from Skeleton Graveyard had already been substantially reduced as if they were more than five levels above the dungeon.

After Level 20, apart from dungeons, players had to rely on completing quests and killing wild monsters to level up.

At the very front of the tenth server Level Leaderboards, Ye Xiu saw Blue River, Endless Night, these names, all Level 24. Clearly, they all relied on playing in the new server all day and all night in order to attain this sort of achievement. There was a clear difference between these players who were nurtured by their guilds and normal players. Behind these top Level 24s, the Level 22 and Level 23s were almost empty. But Level 20, 21 were already the extremely hard-working players in the new server. For example, players like Lord Grim and Seven Fields. In this short of a time, they were already considered quite crazy.

Most of the players still hadn’t left the beginner village!

“Morning, Brother Ye!” At this time, the little brothers with the morning shift and the little sister cashier all came to work on time and said hello to Ye Xiu.

“Morning.” Ye Xiu logged out of the game and shut down the counter’s computer.

“Everyone’s busy. I’ll be getting off work.”


After saying hello to everyone, Ye Xiu stretched and returned to the second floor inner rooms. When he opened the door, he heard TV sounds from the living room.

“Boss, you wake up this early?” Ye Xiu said this and entered the room. In the end, he saw the TV on and Chen Guo sleeping on the sofa. She didn’t have any blankets covering her and shrunk into a shrimp ball from the cold.

“Boss, you should go back to your room and sleep!” Ye Xiu went over and slapped her twice. Chen Guo flipped over and held a look of intense hate for disturbing her sleep.

Ye Xiu was helpless and saw that Chen Guo’s room wasn’t closed. He went inside to look for something to help cover Chen Guo. He subconsciously judged Chen Guo’s room with a few glances. He discovered that the room’s floor, walls, and ceiling were all quite new. But on the other hand, the decorations and bed all looked quite old-fashioned. Ye Xiu didn’t think too much of it. He took the blanket on Chen Guo’s messy bed and covered Chen Guo’s body. He turned off the TV and turned around to go sleep in the pitiful storage room.

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