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Chapter 448 – Can You Hear Me?

“Pro players are too amazing!!!” Loulan Slash couldn’t help but exclaim.

Their little group was a bit biased. After being beaten by Huang Shaotian so brutally, everyone hoped to see Ye Xiu win gloriously. They already saw Ye Xiu as one of their own.

They all felt quite happy seeing Troubling Rain being tossed around in the air like a rag doll. However, besides that, Loulan Slash was also feeling a bit disappointed.

The match with Huang Shaotian left quite a deep impression on him. He had played Glory for a long time and had experienced many PvP matches, but none of them had moved him so much like that match.

The sudden retaliation that reversed the situation, the sudden drop from heaven to hell ….… Even though Loulan Slash was the one being pushed around, which had made him very sad for awhile, he had to admit that Huang Shaotian’s finishing blow had been brilliant. He had not only won the match, but he had also devastated his morale.

If this was the Pro Alliance final, an abrupt reversal would feel worse than death. Who knew how long it would take the person to recover?

Thankfully, it had only been an ordinary spar. Loulan Slash wouldn’t feel depressed enough to cough up blood. In that moment, Loulan Slash suddenly had an epiphany. It was no wonder Tiny Herb hated Blue Rain so much after getting robbed of their Champion title. Huang Shaotian’s one-shot-kill style may be very exciting for the onlookers, but to the people at the scene, it was so very painful!

Now, Loulan Slash was a spectator. Even though from his feelings, he hoped that Ye Xiu would win, deep down, Loulan Slash also wished to see Huang Shaotian create such a situation again.

Unconsciously, Loulan Slash had already become enamored with the thrill of the defining strike. He even imagined himself being a similar type of player. This would become the focus of his daydreaming for a long time.

However, Huang Shaotian being stuck in the air the entire time was a bit disappointing, up until the unexpected Falling Phoenix Slash broke Lord Grim’s combo. Loulan Slash immediately became excited and blurted out praise for it. Luckily, he had only said pro player. If he had called out Huang Shaotian’s name directly, he would definitely be looked down on and despised as a traitor by his friends.

Falling Phoenix Slash: The blade rises, the phoenix falls.

Huang Shaotian wasn’t just looking to escape, but also a strong comeback.

“Upward Slash!”

Huang Shaotian yelled as he followed up with an Upward Slash. Lord Grim was launched into midair.

However, Huang Shaotian didn’t rely on the opponent being airborne. Combos didn’t required the subject to be in the air. Being airborne just made it harder for the opponent to break free. An unspecialized character like Lord Grim had a wealth of skills to break free from the combo. For Huang Shaotian, being airborne wasn’t important. What was important was his ability to keep hitting Ye Xiu.

“Triple Slash!!”

Huang Shaotian yelled and used Triple Slash, which was a typical movement option used by Blade Masters to quickly get away or to shrink the distance between an opponent. With Huang Shaotian’s skillful manipulation, Troubling Rain dance around Lord Grim in a triangle. The three slashes all landed on Lord Grim.


“Moonlight Slash!”

“Upward Slash!”

“Formless Phantom Blade!”

“Headwind Strike!”

Huang Shaotian yelled out skill names out constantly. The skills he named didn’t match the ones he was using. Huang Shaotian just went on randomly. If the audience could hear him, they would even hear him chanting the casts for mage skills.

At the same time, Huang Shaotian stopped sending messages.

He was very good at multitasking, but facing this powerful opponent, he finally decided to dedicate all his hand speed onto performing.

This was a rare chance that he had fought hard for. He needed to focus to deal as much damage as possible to Lord Grim. If he failed and his opponent found another opportunity to lash back, he would probably never find another lucky chance to reverse the situation.

“Die Die Die Die Die!!!”

Huang Shaotian roared, attacking more ruthlessly than before. His performance, on the other hand, was more cautious than before as well. He needed to try his best to ensure 100% perfection on his performance. It was the only way to ensure Ye Qiu wouldn’t have a chance to overturn the situation.

The blade danced furiously and continuously. In this nonstop wave of attacks, there were other skills that did not belong to the Blade Master. Regular attacks, Spellblade, Ghostblade, and Berserker were all in the mix. These class were all under the general class of Swordman, so their Level 20 and under skills could be learned freely. How one chooses from these skills is completely based the person’s preference. Huang Shaotian had long stopped struggling over which skill to learn and which skill he needed to level up. He had grasped his character’s skill combination a long time ago. He could whip out round after round of combos instinctively. All he needed to do in that moment was to focus, to be fast and steady.

Huang Shaotian knew his opponent did not have the same problem as he did. Ye Qiu’s mind wouldn’t be a slow like how he struggled with the unfamiliarity of the Unspecialized class. Was there anything in Glory that God Ye Qiu, Glory’s textbook, would not know? Among all the combos of Blade Master, there was nothing that was a secret to him. Some of the combos were even created by him.

Huang Shaotian’s performance was undoubtedly incredible. After the unspecialized’s combos, he followed with an excellent combo of his own. The onlooking pro players were surprised by the excellence of Huang Shaotian’s performance and applauded him. However, the one they really wanted to see was Huang Shaotian’s opponent. They wanted to know if unspecialized had ways to forcefully end Huang Shaotian’s combos. If Lord Grim actually died in one breath under Troubling Rain’s constant assault, they would be really disappointed. They would rather watch Troubling Rain die under the constant combos than Lord Grim. At least, they could see more of an unspecialized’s combo that way.

“F*ck!” Huang Shaotian cursed.

He was unable to continue his perfection to the end. He missed.

That tiny mistake would not even be considered as a mistake in front of a regular opponent, but in front of another God…..

Huang Shaotian did not waste time on daydreams. He already started to prepare for Ye Qiu’s revenge. Painfully, facing this Unspecialized, Huang Shaotian had no idea what strange skill to expect.

Despite the numerous thoughts, not even half a second had passed since his mistake.

Thousand Chance Umbrella opened unexpectedly and shot towards Troubling Rain.

“You b*tch!!!” Huang Shaotian was met with another “screensaver”.

“The same move won’t work on me twice!!!” Huang Shaotian yelled out while filling the public channel with the same message. At the same time, his character jumped back, trying to put some distance between himself and the Umbrella as fast as possible.

Despite the intensity of this moment, seeing Huang Shaotian’s messages, many could not help about complain,”What! Huang Shaotian! Could you be a Knight of the Zodiac?!!!!”

“Leo’s Knight of the Zodiac!!!” There were some who knew Huang Shaotian’s astrological sign.

“Lightning Bolt destroy him!!!” Some pro players, who knew of the Knights of the Zodiacs well, shouted enthusiastically.

In the end, Huang Shaotian did not use Leo’s Lightning Bolt. He chose to use the Blade Master level 70 skill: Formless Phantom Blade.

“D*mn! You’re seeking your own death!!!” The pro players cried out in shock.

Without any set up, Huang Shaotian just threw out a Formless Phantom Blade. If Huang Shaotian wasn’t asking for his own demise, then what could he possibly be doing?

“Wait! Ye Xiu is holding a shield, he can’t see it now!” Someone called out as if he discovered a new world.

“He can’t see it, but he can hear it!”


In this instant, everyone recalled the difference. This was a regular Arena. Originally, Huang Shaotian would be chattering ceaselessly, but he switched to sending messages non-stop half way through the match.

Based on the fact that he voluntarily retaliated, one could see that Huang Shaotian didn’t switch to messages because he was bored, but rather because he figured that the opponent could not hear him.

In conclusion, facing Huang Shaotian’s irritating chatter, Ye Qiu had abandoned his headphones.

His view was currently covered by the umbrella shield, and without a headphone, there was no way for him to know that Huang Shaotian was using a Formless Phantom Blade so shamelessly.

All sorts of thoughts were spinning around in their hearts, but all of this happened in a split second.

While everyone believed that Ye Qiu did not know about Formless Phantom Blade, a silhouette flashed behind Troubling Rain.

Because Lord Grim stayed where he was, still holding an opened umbrella, Huang Shaotian unleashed a beautiful Formless Phantom Blade, ready to crush Lord Grim into nothing.

Everyone sent their prayers in silence and sent emojis of a can’t bear to witness face.

At the same time, Huang Shaotian didn’t realize the impending disaster until he destroyed the elusive figure in front of him with a strike.

Last time, all the combos came in the air.

This time, all the combination of skills came from the back.

“F*ck f*ck f*ck!!! You can hear me!!!” Huang Shaotian roared, trying to shatter Ye Qiu’s eardrums. He also typed this comment into the public chat channel to show how despicable Ye Qiu was.

“Tsk tsk tsk.” The audience signed. This was the classic example of being tricked by one’s own wisdom. Everyone lamented over Huang Shaotian’s demise while admiring Ye Qiu’s persistence. Ye Qiu not only survived under Huang Shaotian’s sound attacks against all odds, he also tricked Huang Shaotian into think that he couldn’t hear anything.

At that time, Loulan Slash felt he needed to speak up to clarify God Ye Qiu’s circumstances.

“He really can’t hear anything. “ Loulan Slash.

“Before he went down the ring, he asked me to mute it.” Loulan Slash was the admin of the room

“Oh….” People murmured in realization.

In the ring, Huang Shaotian, of course, could see the messages posted in the public channel.

“Cheater! You have to tell the participant before you change the rules!!!” Huang Shaotian watched his Troubling Rain fell in front of Lord Grim as he cried out internally. He finally adjusted his view just now. Back attacks were just as troublesome as aerial ones. This time, Huang Shaotian did not last long enough to see another chance to reverse the tide.

“Hm? Were you talking the whole time?” Ye Xiu, who just won, asked in the channel.

In disbelief, no one answered his question.

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