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Chapter 447 – Unspecialized Combo

To the spectating pro players, they didn’t actually care who had won or lost this match. In their eyes, Huang Shaotian and his Troubling Rain were simply little white lab mice. It didn’t really matter how they had tussled. Their main focus was on Lord Grim and the weapon that was in his hands.

Huang Shaotian might only be a little white lab mouse, but he was certainly an elite one. With him as a reference, it made it easy for them to see how difficult an unspecialized character was to deal with.

They only discussed a few words, before finally returning their focus back to the match. In a one on one match, it would only last a few minutes. There wasn’t much time for them to freely say what they had wished.

After being struck by a Dragon Tooth and launched into the air with a Sky Strike, Troubling Rain wasn’t able to fall back to the ground for awhile. Lord Grim chased after him and seized this aerial opportunity to combo in a few hits.

There was nothing Huang Shaotian could do. Ye Xiu’s comboing was perfect. If he had tried to get away with something like a Falling Light Blade, he would only be wasting his cooldowns.

As an expert opportunist, he was also very good at being patient. Huang Shaotian continued to chatter as he carefully paid attention to Lord Grim’s attacks.

Skills, angles, timing, weapon forms, length. Every detail had to be noted and it was possible for an opening appear at any time.

This is the difference between an expert and a noob.

Noobs are unable to see through a difference in particulars. Veteran players might be able to see through the difference, but they are unable to seize it. Experts can see through the differences, but might only be able to seize it at times. Someone who is able to seize it often is considered a God……

Ye Xiu and Huang Shaotian were both Gods.

Huang Shaotian watched Ye Xiu’s attacks attentively and resented them so much that his teeth were starting to itch. His voice began to grow louder.

No one was perfect. Even if it was Ye Xiu, there was no way he could do every detail perfectly. However, he was good at distributing his attention. This was because even though some details might not have been performed perfectly, the other side probably couldn’t be able to take advantage of it.

This was how Ye Xiu played. It could even be said that his combos were full of holes. However, if a hole can’t be taken advantage of by the opponent, then it couldn’t really be considered a hole.

His combo didn’t stop however, giving the crowd some time to discuss amongst themselves.

“He’s not going to just get comboed to death, right?!”

“Unspecialized have so many options!”

The pro players went into a discussion. They could understand the reason why Huang Shaotian was unable to escape from the combo. For this to be possible, it had to be an advantage in the classes. Unspecialized characters had numerous skills at their disposal. Moreover, they were all low-leveled skills with quick start-up times and short cooldowns. By using these skills to create combos, the comboing was very flexible and adaptable.

For example, in some cases, a regular class only had one option to continue the combo. If the skill was on cooldown, the combo would naturally stop. Or perhaps if this skill needed a certain set-up to use, then the combo would also stop. On the other hand, unspecialized characters would rarely come into these types of situations because they had so many skills to use. In any situation, they had multiple options they could choose from. Most of the time, the unspecialized could just pick whichever one was most convenient to keep the combo going.

“You can say that in theory, but with 120 different skills, who could create such an unbreakable combo without needing to take time to think?” Someone asked.

The public chat suddenly went quiet. Someone sent out an injured emoji, making everyone start a train of messages again.

Pro players wouldn’t be a stranger to any skill in the game. Because of different amounts of experience, everyone had different understandings of how to use a skill in real battle. Knowing these skills and stringing them all together were two completely different matters though.

“Huang Shaotian, show some more spirit!!!” People began cheering for Huang Shaotian.

This didn’t necessarily mean they wanted Huang Shaotian to win. The more they watched, the more they felt like they needed to study the unspecialized character. They hoped to see more from this match and hoped that Huang Shaotian could force Ye Xiu to reveal more things.

As for what exactly those things were, they didn’t know either because no one had studied unspecialized characters before.

“Shut up! You come down and show some spirit!”

“D*mn, you still have time to look at the chat?? You must not have much to do!!!!”

“You think this is relaxing!?”

The current taunting wasn’t simply there for fun. This type of agitating could be considered a type of trash talk, but it was also being done in hopes of encouraging Huang Shaotian.

“Brother Yu, losing like this is too unsightly! Punish him!!!” Some even complained to Yu Wenzhou.

“Ha ha.” Yu Wenzhou only laughed, but didn’t say anything. He had been watching quietly the entire time and had only talked privately with his teammates sometimes. He hadn’t said anything in the public chat.

“Brother Yu, what do you think of this match?” Some directly asked him. Yu Wenzhou truly was someone worth asking. For one, he was a very experienced and qualified Glory player and two, he was extremely familiar with Huang Shaotian.

“Shaotian is probably going to lose.” Yu Wenzhou didn’t hide and replied.

“Why?” The asker continued to ask. The others stopped what they were doing, waiting for the reply.

“Unspecialized characters have so many options. Experience will be needed to deal with one. But who has experience fighting an unspecialized? That’s why Shaotian probably won’t be able to keep up. Ye Qiu isn’t a noob either. He surely knows this well. Did you guys notice? Not one of his combos are conventional ones. Aside from a Dragon Tooth into a guaranteed Sky Strike, have you seen two skills from the same class being used one after the other?” Yu Wenzhou slowly typed.

Yu Wenzhou might not have been the only one to notice this, but quite a few hadn’t. Everyone listened and took note. Soon, quite a few of them made sounds of them understanding it.

“Huang Shao, your captain is giving you advice. Did you hear it.” Someone took the chance to taunt him.

“F*ck off!” Huang Shaotian wasn’t like Yu Wenzhou and gave a prompt reply.

“Brother Yu, he actually dares to tell you to f*ck off!” That person turned his head to report it.

Yu Wenzhou didn’t take note of these jokes and didn’t reply. He continued to watch the match very carefully.

Huang Shaotian already knew about all of this.

This was why as he watched, he thought to himself, looking for possible ways for these low leveled skills to be used. Once he understood the reasoning, he could then make a prediction. If his prediction was correct, he might be able to break the combo.

If this was during the season, a lot of time would have been taken to study this opponent. But Huang Shaotian was already being comboed up in the air before he began doing this work. It was very likely that he wouldn’t be able to get anything out of it before he died.

As a result, Huang Shaotian wouldn’t hurt his head over this and memorized the previous sequences. He thought about what openings might appear in these sequences and prepared for them. Next, he needed some luck. He needed Ye Xiu to repeat a combo sequence, which would then give him an opportunity. Completely seeing through the possible combinations for the 120 skills while in battle was impossible.

Troubling Rain’s health continued to drop. Huang Shaotian didn’t get discouraged nor did he lose hope. He continued to wait.

When he needed to be patient and when he needed to concentrate, he could still blabber and trash talk. Huang Shaotian truly wasn’t ordinary.

Huang Shaotian often narrated his moves, but unfortunately he couldn’t make any moves, so he switched to narrating Lord Grim’s moves. In order to maintain his style, he was just randomly spouting words. It didn’t matter if the skill being used and the skill being narrated didn’t match. Then, he would add a “Wow! Amazing!” or a “What am I going to do?” or a “Oh no! I’m going to die!” If anyone listened to him, they wouldn’t think he was a hunter waiting for a catch.

Even though he said all this, no one replied. Huang Shaotian felt like Ye Xiu definitely wasn’t wearing his headphones. If Ye Xiu had been pretending in order to make him shut up, with him still blabbering so much, it clearly hadn’t worked! It was possible he had already given up on the plan. And since he’s been so quiet for so long, he probably hadn’t heard him.

“Shameful!!!” As he said this, he began filling the screen with words.

The crowd wailed.

This was the type of style everyone wa familiar with. In the Pro Alliance, voice was prohibited, so only typing was allowed. As a result, Huang Shaotian would do his taunting in the public chat. There was no prohibition today, so he had used his mouth. It was a rare clean chat, but it had suddenly erupted.

As he typed, Huang Shaotian didn’t let up with his waiting.

“Don’t give me a chance! If you give me a chance, you’ll die……”

Everyone thought he was just bragging, but the opportunity actually came!!

After a Striker’s Collapsing Fist, Lord Grim used a Witch’s Shadow Cloak to pull him in. This was a sequence Huang Shaotian had memorized. At this moment, right after the Collapsing Fist, he made his preparations. Lord Grim flung his sleeves and a dark shadow flew out.

Huang Shaotian was able to react. He let out a Rising Phoenix Slash. Troubling Rain looked as if he had stepped on the dark shadow as he pounced towards Lord Grim.


That instant, quite a few had shouted at their computers and then the chat immediately burst into astonished emojis.

Everyone had thought that Huang Shaotian would be comboed to death by the unfamiliar unspecialized. Who would have thought that he would be able to turn the situation around and counter attack?

“Shaotian, how mighty!!!” Quite a few began typing.

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