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Chapter 446 – Dying Brain Cells

All attacks had a stun effect, but the amount differed depending on the attack. For example, skills like Dragon Tooth had a stun that could be counted in seconds and were clearly pointed out in the skill description. The majority of skills didn’t mention a stun effect because the hitstun was pretty much instantaneous. It depended on the player’s experience to seize it.

The difference between normal players and experts were clearly reflected in places like these.

Why were experts able to complete combos using a certain chain of moves, while normal players were always easily interrupted by experts using the same chain of moves? It was because experts had a good grasp of the skill’s rhythm. Every time an attack hit, they would always be on point. In theory, true combos that couldn’t be broken existed, but they were too too difficult to perform. No matter how great a player was, the player could only try his best. It wasn’t possible to grasp every attack perfectly 100% of the time.

Ye Xiu’s attack succeeded this time.

Huang Shaotian hadn’t taken the Grenade seriously, but after the Mechanical Seeker exploded, even if he took it seriously now, it was already too late. The brief hitstun, which to most people was nonexistent, allowed the Grenade to hit Troubling Rain’s body.

No matter how fast his reactions were. It wasn’t possible to do anything at this point.

The Grenade exploded and the blast sent Troubling Rain flying. Ye Xiu had clearly calculated this. The positioning created by the explosion was what he needed.

Lord Grim rushed towards that position. Huang Shaotian wouldn’t just let it happen and put up a struggle. However, unfortunately, his movement skills, Falling Phoenix Slash and Falling Light Blade, had just been used and were on cooldown.

If a character could float freely in the air, then being in the air wouldn’t be an opportunity players would chase after. Huang Shaotian didn’t have anything he could use and watch helplessly as Lord Grim met him face on with a Collapsing Mountain, sending him crashing to the ground.

Troubling Rain wouldn’t just fall to the ground like that.

He teched it with a Quick Recover. For an expert at his level, failing a tech was considered a huge mistake.

Huang Shaotian obviously wouldn’t make such a low leveled mistake and his Troubling Rain rolled away.

Quick Recover allowed the character to not get knocked to the ground, but the character wasn’t invincible to the opponent’s attacks.

In a match at this level, an opportunity to counterattack had to be found while teching in order to turn the situation around.

Huang Shaotian’s Troubling Rain hadn’t even rolled one body unit away, when he leaped into the air. His body spun in the air like a spinning top and moved in a trajectory parallel to the ground. The tip of his sword was raised up above his heads. Numerous sword arcs twisted towards Lord Grim.

Blade Master Level 45 skill: Headwind Strike!

Even though Headwind Strike only moved forward, it enveloped a rather large area. In addition, the sword arcs flying forward were completely controlled by the player. As a result, whether one jumped or rolled, it was very difficult to escape from this sword prison. Ye Xiu didn’t face it head on. He didn’t have Lord Grim stop there either, but instead had Lord Grim retreat back.

Sure enough, the instant he retreated back, Troubling Rain looked as if he extended the sword prison and the sword arcs extended another half a body.

This was a trick or perhaps a flourish used by Blade Masters. By controlling the arcs, they didn’t extend the range to the limit at the start and intentionally held back. Someone not experienced enough would think that he was outside of the range, but then be caught off guard as the sword prison pushed forward and enveloped him.

Ye Xiu obviously knew this trick, so he hadn’t stopped and jumped back. He had dodged it, but it had been a really close one. How much distance was being held back depended on the player. A noob wouldn’t be able to perform the trick. Among normal players, as long as one was able to complete such a move, it didn’t matter how much distance was hidden, it would be enough for one to show off. Huang Shaotian’s Headwind Sword had actually hidden half a body unit. In the entire Glory universe, no one else could do accomplish this.

“Not bad!” Huang Shaotian shouted. His move had dispelled Ye Xiu’s offensive, causing his fighting spirit to rise, especially after knowing that Ye Xiu had begun to show the power of an unspecialized. This was what he had been waiting for. After using Headwind Sword, he didn’t wait to land on the ground and immediately swung his sword. But this time, it wasn’t a Blade Master skill and instead the Spellblade skill: Earthquake Sword.

This low leveled skill wouldn’t do much damage. Blade Masters also weren’t a magic based class either. Earthquake Sword would usually only be leveled only once and was used as a control or combo move. Huang Shaotian had timed this skill well and caught Lord Grim right when he was about to land.

Lord Grim quickly unsheathed a sword and slashed to one side, using a Falling Light Blade to slide diagonally to the ground to avoid the attack.

Falling Light Blade was the move that Huang Shaotian had wanted to use when he had been blasted into the air earlier, but it had been on cooldown for him. Now, Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim used this skill in the air as if to taunt Huang Shaotian.

“Shameless!!” Huang Shaotian chattered as he closed in.

Even though he had never fought against an unspecialized before, just from the class’s intrinsic properties, he didn’t need to fight against one to think of a few basic issues.

Unspecialized characters had classes that spanned all 24 classes and undoubtedly possessed a variety of skills. Long-ranged, melee, aerial, unspecialized could use any type of skill. In melee range, unspecialized might use Blade Master or Assassin skills. In long ranged, unspecialized might use Gunner or Mage skills. While moving, unspecialized might drop traps to see if you would fall into one if you fell to the ground.

Right now, the two characters had a bit of distance between them. Huang Shaotian’s Troubling Rain lost his offensive capabilities and needed to close in. Usually, he would want to find some way of getting close to long ranged classes. As long as he was able to close in, it could said that he would have already won half the battle. But against an unspecialized? If he got close, it just meant that he was no longer in a situation where he couldn’t attack. Next, he still had to face a class that wasn’t afraid to be up close.

As Troubling Rain rushed forward, Lord Grim fired his gun, but he didn’t retreat. If this was any other Gunner class, there was no way they would just sit there waiting for the Blade Master to arrive. But an unspecialized wasn’t afraid. If the Blade Master was up close, then the unspecialized could simply switch from a gun to a sword or spear.

While Troubling Rain closed the distance, Lord Grim’s Thousand Chance Umbrella continued to fire. Once the two sides were close enough, the umbrella suddenly transformed from a gun to a spear. The sudden change was similar to what Huang Shaotian had done with his Headwind Sword. Huang Shaotian had been prepared though. After all, he was an expert at doing this, so the transformation from gun into spear didn’t cause too much trouble for him. Troubling Rain turned and also made a slash with a sword at the same time.

“Hua!” The Thousand Chance Umbrella flipped open into an umbrella in front of Troubling Rain’s face. The sword hit the umbrella canopy. Then, Lord Grim pushed the umbrella forward and suddenly, all Huang Shaotian could see on his screen was a giant circle. The drawings on the circle looked quite nice and they seemed to be spinning too like a computer screensaver.

“Too shameless!!!” Huang Shaotian shouted as he moved.

This was a commonly used move done by Knights. They would move their shields right in front of your face. The view seen by the player was through the character’s two eyes, so by putting the shield in front of your eyes, the shield would block your view.

“All the dirty tricks the different classes use really aren’t a problem for you!!!” Huang Shaotian cursed as he continued to move. He had to hurry up and get out of this situation. Using the shield to block your view wasn’t done just to play hide and seek with you. The next second, the opponent could send a sword flying towards you. In order to resolve the situation, one had to quickly pull open the distance. Only with distance would it be possible to see the situation. The only inconvenient part about this move was that the user was unable to see how effective his move was because he couldn’t see his opponent’s screen. It was a move that tested knowledge and prediction.

But as an experienced God and hailed as a textbook, knowing every detail of the game was something he possessed.

Ye Xiu already had a good idea of the distance and to what extent his umbrella blocked his opponent’s view. For someone like him who only need to know the skills and tricks of a class, he might even be more precise than top tier Knights. This was because this didn’t require an understanding of the class, but an understanding of the details of Glory.

The instant his Thousand Chance Umbrella opened up, Ye Xiu knew that his “screensaver” had been successful. Huang Shaotian was definitely trying to pull away to get away from the screensaver. But when Huang Shaotian pulled away, Ye Xiu took away the “screensaver”, but instead of taking it back completely, he stabbed forward and his shield turned into a spear.

“F*ck your sister!!!!” Huang Shaotian cried and was caught unprepared. Troubling Rain was stabbed by the Dragon Tooth. This was a skill with a Stun, so the follow ups couldn’t be avoided. A Sky Strike launched him into the air.

“Too shameless!!” Huang Shaotian’s character was in the air, but his mouth didn’t stop moving as he cursed.

A screensaver could be done by Knights, but a screensaver directly into an attack was something Knights couldn’t do!

Knights had a shield in one hand and a weapon in the other. They were clearly separate, but the previous chain of attacks had never been done before in Glory history. Huang Shaotian had to have caught it.

“He’s hurting our brains……” The spectators began commenting.

“Yeah! How are you supposed to defend against those transformations!”

“If it was just a few transformations, then it would be okay. But this thing has too many. It covers all the classes.”

“It can definitely do all of the classes, but what I’m not sure is whether there really is only six types of classes? Are there any small differences within each class?”

“There’s no way it’s just six. Didn’t you just see that shield into spear come out?”

“What a headache!!” The pros were already certain that fighting against an unspecialized would make their heads hurt.

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