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Chapter 445 – The Real Deal

Getting ready to go to bed was just a joke. If Ye Xiu had actually wanted to go to bed, he wouldn’t have gone to fight.

The match began. Huang Shaotian wasn’t sure if the guy he was facing would be so shameless as to ignore the rules and immediately leave the match, so he stabbed forward with his blade. He would fight for as long as he could.

The public chat had been opened up by Loulan Slash again, but after Ye Xiu made the joke, no one followed up with any jeering. Everyone was completely focused on the match.

Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim jumped in order to dodge and stabbed back. His Thousand Chance Umbrella was only the length of a sword, but with a flip, it suddenly changed into a spear.

Huang Shaotian hadn’t done anything yet, but all the spectating pro players sucked in a breath of cold air.

They had heard about Lord Grim’s Silver weapon. The reports had come from the branch guilds in the tenth server. However, no one there was a worthy opponent for a God, so the information on the Silver weapon gave them a general understanding of it, but no one knew exactly how extraordinary it was.

The Thousand Chance Umbrella’s feature was its ability to transform. This unprecedented function attracted everyone’s attention. They didn’t really care about the actual stats of the Silver weapon. What they wanted to know was how did this weapon transform? How long does it take for the weapon to transform? Was there a cooldown? The guilds had tried to find an answer to these questions, but they couldn’t get a precise answer.

Today, under the watchful eyes of these pro players, the Thousand Chance Umbrella had completed a transformation. Their first reaction to it was: fast!

The transformation from umbrella to spear happened in the blink of an eye. A weapon suddenly elongating could already be considered as a terrifying skill. Huang Shaotian had dodged it, but how many had the reaction speeds and hand speeds like Huang Shaotian?

“If we can’t get a good understanding about this weapon, we’ll definitely suffer the consequences!”

Only a short moment had passed and everyone was already thinking this thought.

In the match, Huang Shaotian had avoided the attack. He had an opportunity to strike back, but he didn’t choose to go for it. He was clearly very curious about an unspecialized character and his Thousand Chance Umbrella. He wanted to see just what kind of tricks it could pull off, so there was no need to rush. No rush at all.

But during the next two minutes, all he saw was Lord Grim use his spear and use the same five low-leveled Battle Mage skills over and over again. There were quite a few times where those five skills were all on cooldown. If he didn’t transform his weapon, he would just be asking for a beating. However, Huang Shaotian also stubbornly waited.

“Is your toy broken?” Huang Shaotian couldn’t help but ask.

The reply came in the form of a Falling Flower Palm.

Huang Shaotian dodged it: “Say something!”

Dragon Tooth.

“Hey hey hey hey hey hey!!!!” Huang Shaotian shouted.

Sky Strike!

“He probably took off his headphones!!” Huang Shaotian thought as he grinded his teeth. However, sound was very important to pro players. How loud or how soft a sound was indicated how close or how far the opponent was. This could all be accomplished in Glory. The Pro Alliance had prohibited talking partially for this reason.

After another minute, Ye Xiu was still using his spear. The crowd was getting a bit tired of it. Huang Shaotian was already at the end of his patience. He clearly didn’t want to show his strength for everyone to see. If he was going to show them a Battle Mage and one that was only using Level 20 and under skills at that, then there would be no point in watching anymore.

Huang Shaotian thought as he cursed out loud. Even though he had his suspicions that Ye Xiu wasn’t wearing his headphones, he also had suspicions that he really was listening, but was just acting as if he wasn’t listening to make him give up on his sound attacks.

Huang Shaotian didn’t mind. Talking while fighting was a habit of his anyways, so he continued to blabber, while he attacked with his sword.

Upward Slash!

The sword arced in a beautiful half circle. After several follow ups, Ye Xiu was finally unable to dodge and the sword launched Lord Grim into the air.

If a pro player launched into an opponent the air and didn’t follow up, then the pro player should feel ashamed for being called a pro.

Huang Shaotian wouldn’t miss an opportunity. His Troubling Rain shot forward like an arrow and slashed across with his sword as if he were going to directly slice Lord Grim into two halves.


There was no gunfire, but there was the sound of a gunshot.

Huang Shaotian deserved to be called a God. As soon as he heard the sound, he immediately began to dodge. However, without any gun fire, it was hard to distinguish which direction the gunshot was coming from, so Huang Shaotian could only pray for good luck.

“Pu!” A spurt of blood flew through the air. In real life, a single gun wound could be fatal, but in the game, the damage didn’t matter too much.

Huang Shaotian was a bit sad though because his luck wasn’t that good. From where the gunshot had hit, if he had ignored the gunshot, then he might not have been hit by it.

His awareness was too good, which actually made it a weakness. The opponent aimed where Huang Shaotian might have dodged to. Huang Shaotian moved into the bullet’s path and pretty much gifted himself the bullet.

On the other hand, Huang Shaotian was also happy because the Thousand Chance Umbrella had finally began to show its abilities.

Bang bang, bang bang, bang bang!

Rapid gun firing. The Thousand Chance Umbrella had transformed into a rifle. The attacks would come in waves of two or three. It wasn’t like a revolver or an automatic pistol where they only shot one bullet at a time.

From the rhythm of the Thousand Chance Umbrella’s firing, it was clearly a two shot rifle.

Ye Xiu had Lord Grim shoot, while moving backwards. He was using Aerial Fire to kite Huang Shaotian.

“Aren’t you being too naive?” In Huang Shaotian’s eyes, this was a kindergarten level move. Using such a move against a God like him was disrespectful.

Huang Shaotian watched Lord Grim’s movement. He dodged a several bullets and then suddenly used a Triple Slash.

In a single breath, Huang Shaotian completed the Triple Slash, while dodging bullets at the same time.

Afterwards, a sword light flashed out.

The low-leveled skill Sword Draw came out quickly and had a long range too. No expert would give up on such a useful skill.

Huang Shaotian had closed the distance with the Triple Slash. He had calculated the Sword Draw so that no matter where the opponent moved, his opponent would be in his attack range would have nowhere to run.

Thus, Ye Xiu didn’t dodge. The smoke and fire from his rifle was still up in the air, when he suddenly pulled out a Tachi. He raised the sword up horizontally and Guarded against the slash. Right after, he turned his hands over and sent out his own Sword Draw.

Other skills might not matter, but Huang Shaotian felt that if he were hit by a Blade Master skill, then he would lose too much face. As soon as he saw Ye Xiu come out with a Blade Master skill, Huang Shaotian couldn’t help but start to focus. Ye Xiu had blocked his move with a Guard. Huang Shaotian felt like he should be using more high-end skills. He couldn’t use the same Level 20 and under skills as this little unspecialized character.

As a result, against the Sword Draw, Huang Shaotian countered with a Rising Dragon Slash. Troubling Rain was like a firework and he suddenly rose, dodging the Sword Draw perfectly. Following afterwards, he transitioned from a Rising Dragon Slash into a Falling Phoenix Slash downwards.

Lord Grim was cut into two halves, making the delighted Huang Shaotian stare dumbly.

Shadow Clone Technique!

The experienced God instantly recognized it.

However, why hadn’t he seen it? It was because when Falling Phoenix Slash came out, the user would turn around. In that short instant, his camera would turn away from the target.

During that time, Lord Grim left a Shadow Clone for him.

Where was his real body then?

Huang Shaotian had a premonition. Without hesitation, he immediately used a Falling Light Blade. Troubling Rain crashed to the ground like a meteor. Not stopping to pause, he rolled forward. Only then did he turn his camera behind him. Sure enough, Lord Grim had fallen from the air. As he landed, the earth shook around him.

A wall of clapping emojis filled the public chat. That truly was a brilliant exchange.

Only an experienced God like Ye Xiu would be able to grasp the short instant Huang Shaotian would turn around due to Falling Phoenix Slash, allowing him to use a move without the opponent knowing.

And only a nimble God like Huang Shaotian would be able to realize that something wasn’t right and immediately use a Falling Light Blade to avoid Lord Grim from landing an Eagle Stamp on his head.

Ye Xiu’s move was something the onlookers saw more clearly than the person on the spot. Huang Shaotian might not be aware that Ye Xiu had used the Shadow Clone Technique the instant he had a blind spot in his camera view.

On the other hand, Huang Shaotian’s move was something the person on the spot knew more than the onlookers. This was because even though Huang Shaotian had made such a decision, in reality, he hadn’t known that Lord Grim was above him.

Sure enough, a battle between two Gods at the peak was the real deal.

The pro players were extremely excited.

“Boom!” There wasn’t too much noise, but there had clearly been a small explosion.

Where did the explosion come from?

Huang Shaotian was at a loss. The crowd was also at a loss. Only players of the corresponding class were able to recognize the skill: “It’s a Mechanical Seeker!”

Mechanical Seeker was only a Level 5 Mechanic skill. It let out a kamikaze robot, which would move on its own and look for a target.

This skill was within the level range for an unspecialized character to learn, but when had he used it? How did the crowd not see it?

They would have to study the recording to answer this question. After the Mechanical Seeker, exploded on Troubling Rain, Lord Grim immediately followed up. The Grenade that was thrown out seemed to have been flying in the air before he had even landed. This shouldn’t have been a threat, but once the Mechanical Seeker had found Troubling Rain, everything changed.

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