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Chapter 441 – Flood

Ye Xiu’s words gave Loulan Slash some ideas about building a team. Developing one’s own style would take awhile, so his current priority was still advertising and gaining popularity.

Ye Xiu didn’t know if Loulan Slash did this himself or if he knew someone who specialized at advertising. In any case, he had done an exceptional job. His team was gaining popularity from all kinds of information being spread, whether they were true or false. No matter who had done the job, that person had proven himself to be a master at advertising online.

The Clubs became aware of this very quickly.

After making a big entrance that grabbed everyone’s attention, the team was steadily gaining popularity. This team, which was not even in the Alliance yet, already had more attention from the players than some of the lower tier teams.

This team definitely wasn’t inexperienced. Once they came to such a conclusion, they immediately began to be looked down on: with Ye Qiu’s help, even the most inexperienced team would be experienced.

Ye Qiu! He was the source of all their problems. Even back when he was in the Alliance, he was the one of the biggest headaches for every team and every Club.

And he was still giving them trouble despite not being in the Alliance anymore.

The Clubs’ information webs were not as powerful as they believed. Due to this lack of information and that perfect advertising, the Clubs all believed that their sudden rise to fame was because of Ye Qiu. After all, Ye Qiu was extremely familiar with how the Alliance worked. The Clubs were all guessing Ye Qiu’s position in the team. Was he the manager? Or the director?

For less developed Clubs, there were no such positions. This was especially true during the early stages of the Alliance. Besides the owner, the only person who would have any real decision-making power was the team captain. As the Alliance grew, organizations continuously developed and gradually, other positions began having executive powers such as the manager and the director. At this point, the team captain would still have some influence, but he or she would not be the one making final decisions anymore. The team captain’s responsibilities was reduced to the team alone.

With Ye Qiu’s knowledge and experience, Ye Qiu could fill in for any of these positions and would be a very terrifying opponent. In fact, the Clubs felt that Ye Qiu being in one of these positions would be even more difficult to deal with than him competing directly in the matches.

What trick hadn’t Ye Qiu seen in the pro scene? What strategies would work on him? He had been there since the creation of the Alliance. Facing such a formidable opponent, everyone immediately felt like they had a headache.

Loulan Slash maintained the steady growth in popularity and the Clubs were unable to come up with a solution. It was the same in the game. They could do nothing but watch as Lord Grim reached Level 52.

Ye Xiu was still leveling up his character!

To the Clubs, this was a clear signal. This god wasn’t satisfied with scheming behind the scenes. He wanted to step onto the stage with his Lord Grim.

He was already in the declining years for a pro player. Where did he get all of that motivation and willpower from?

Lord Grim’s identity was no secret to the Clubs. Consequently, it wasn’t a secret to the pro players of these Clubs either. Lord Grim was a huge topic among them, especially in places where pro players gathered together.

“What does he want!!!” A pro player yelled in one group chat, opening a new topic.

“Drag him out and ask!”

“Is he still in this chat?”

“Ah! Here he is!” Someone sent a screenshot to prove Ye Xiu was still in the group chat.

“What is he doing? Pretending to be dead?”

“Ye Qiu! Come out come out come out come out come out come out!” Who else but Huang Shaotian would type out so many repeating words.

“Worshiping God…” A few lower leveled pro players greeted Huang Shaotian.

“Who can see if he’s invisible?” The conversion had sped up the moment Huang Shaotian showed up.

“Sister Su definitely has it!”

“She’s not online!” Huang Shaotian started to run the operation of dragging Ye Xiu out.

“Who can see if Sister Su is invisible?”

“Yunxiu definitely can.”

“Yunxiu is online!” Someone shouted out happily.

“Who said my name!” Chu Yunxiu clearly set her name as a keyword, so she was successfully summoned the moment someone mentioned her.

“Is Su Mucheng online?” Huang Shaotian asked.

“Nope.” Chu Yunxiu replied.

“Don’t lie to us! Actually, we’re not looking for her. We just wanted to know how our friend Ye Qiu is doing nowadays.” Huang Shaotian said.

“Why not try mentioning Ye Qiu?” Chu Yunxiu suggested.

[email protected]/* */ Qiu @Ye Qiu @Ye Qiu @Ye Qiu @Ye Qiu @Ye Qiu @Ye Qiu @Ye Qiu @Ye Qiu….”

“See? Nothing happened.” Huang Xiaotian answered.

“Try a different keyword.”

[email protected]/* */ Autumn Leaf @One Autumn Leaf @One Autumn Leaf @One Autumn Leaf @One Autumn Leaf @One Autumn Leaf @One Autumn Leaf ……”

“Should you still use ‘One Autumn Leaf’?” Chu Yunxiu wondered.

The conversation quieted down a bit. Parting from one’s own character was always a sad and painful thing. Ye Qiu was no longer One Autumn Leaf. Everyone grieved for him when the topic was brought up.

“Who called me?” In the end, it was Sun Xiang who showed up.

“……” Everyone was speechless. As of this moment, the only ones sending messages were the God level pro players. The other pros had all taken their seats and grabbed their popcorn as they watched the show unfold.

“I didn’t call for you. I’m looking for Ye Qiu!” Huang Shaotian quickly answered the question.

“Ye Qiu? He’s still in the group even though he’s retired?” Su Xiang was curious.

“Careful.” Huang Shaotian warned, “The admin might kick you out.”

“I’ve never seen the admin come on!” Su Xiang retorted.

“Of course, the admin is also retired. Just like you said, he shouldn’t be here.” Huang Shaotian explained.

“Try [email protected]/* */ Grim’.” Chu Yunxiu pulled everyone back to the original topic.

“Hey! Who called me?” Ye Xiu immediately popped up.

“F*ck me. You were pretending to be dead! Shameless!” Huang Shaotian followed.

“Hi everyone. Long time no see.” Ye Xiu greeted everyone.

Immediately, a huge wall of messages popped up, giving their respects to the God.

“F*ck me! There were so many pretending to be dead!” Huang Shaotian shouted.

“Okay. Done greeting. Bye.” Ye Xiu spoke.

“You only said ONE sentence!!!!!!” Huang Shaotian howled.

“I’m not you…” Ye Xiu began mocking him. The others all responded with an emoji of a person laughing hysterically while hammering the table. A long train of these emojis formed as a result of the fast typing speed of pro players.

“Zhou Zekai! What are you laughing at!” Huang Shaotian saw that even the leader of Samsara, who was known for his quiet personality, was in the train, laughing at him.

“Haha.” Zhou Zekai laughed back.

“Hey! Don’t you dare run away!” Huang Shaotian was almost overwhelmed. After all, trying to make sure that Ye Xiu didn’t disappear while dealing with the train of mockery was no easy task, even for him.

“Here!” Ye Xiu replied.

“What have you been up to recently?” Huang Shaotian asked.

“Leveling up…” Ye Xiu replied.

Another train of hysterical laughter started up. Everyone knew what Huang Shaotian meant, but Ye Xiu’s answer wasn’t wrong. It was a classical example of an irrelevant answer.

“Bastard! Who asked you about that.” Huang Shaotian cried.

“Then what did you want to ask?” Ye Xiu pretended to be confused.

“What are you trying to do by joining that Heavenly Justice?” Huang Shaotian asked again.

“Well, when you’re playing Glory, joining a guild is a very normal thing to do.” Ye Xiu continued.

“Stop pretending to be stupid!”

“Honestly, which one of you would take me in? If there is one, I’ll go immediately. But the problem is that no one will.” Ye Xiu said.

“Come to our Blue Brook!” Huang Shaotian urged.

“Do your words count?”

“No!” This time, Yu Wenzhou answered the question. Because Huang Shaotian had hesitated, the ‘cripple’ had actually beaten him to the reply. Ye Xiu sent an emoji of a person putting his head to the table and hitting the table as he laughed out loud.

“Fight me! One on one! Arena! I’ve been waiting for so long! Let’s see if your unspecialized character is as strong as the rumors say!” Huang Shaotian immediately changed topic in a poor attempt to hide his shame.

“I’m only Level 52. Don’t you feel any shame?” Ye Xiu said.

“Fixed Field.” Huang Shaotian proposed.

“Fixed Field? What can you do there?” Ye Xiu asked. Fixed Field destroyed any advantages in equipment and was a huge disadvantage for a God level account like Huang Shaotian’s Troubling Rain. A God level character’s power came from their equipment advantage.

“Come on come on come on come on come on!” Huang Shaotian taunted.

“Come!” Ye Xiu replied. A train of shocked emojis followed his reply. No one had thought that the two would actually start a match.

Within a minute, the global chat in Heavenly Domain exploded.

“OH MY GOD! Troubling Rain! At Redwoods Road!”

“Swoksaar spotted in the Entresol!!”

“Cloud Piercer…”

“Windy Rain….”

“WTF! Is this the end of the world? Are the Gods coming to save us???”

Even though everyone had logged in in invisible mode, when their characters stood in the crowded maps, the ID above their heads screamed for attention. Their names were shouted out and all ten global chats went in a frenzy.

That didn’t mark the end of this flood of pro players. Other than a bunch of famous God-level characters, there were also many lesser known pro players who logged in. No pro player escaped the watchful eyes of the players.

“So many fake corpses! I hate you all! Shameless!” Huang Shaotian shouted again in the group chat.

“We’re just here to watch. Which room?” Everyone ignored Huang Shaotian’s complaints and started running a new train of questions that demanded the room number.

“Which room?” Even Huang Shaotian found himself in the train.

“Fixed Field 4. Room 2164. The password and the room number are the same.” Ye Xiu finally answered the question.

In the Arena, Room 2164 of Fixed Field 4, Ye Xiu was doing what Loulan Slash had requested and was giving Loulan Slash’s group a few tips. They had just finished a match and Ye Xiu telling Little Bei of some problems he could work on. Loulan Slash was down in the ring, waiting patiently for Ye Xiu to finish.

Suddenly, a character entered. Loulan Slash looked at the ID, and was shocked to find that it did not belong to anyone in his group. Surprised, he exclaimed, “I set up a password! How…”

“How…” It was then Loulan Slash saw the ID of the intruder clearly.

Troubling Rain?????

Loulan Slash carefully checked the ID again and made sure that there was no mistake. There was no random letter or symbol in the name. This ID belonged to none other than the ace of Team Blue Rain, the Sword Saint Troubling Rain.

Then Loulan Slash heard the person across him start to yell, “Hm? Who is this? Where are you? Where are you? Where are you?!”

In terms of speaking habits, the pro player that people were most familiar with was none other than Huang Shaotian. Why? Because he always talked the most in the Alliance. One important aspect of his speaking style was that he often repeated a single phrase over and over again.

Is that actually Troubling Rain? Is he really Huang Shaotian?

“Hurry up and start.” Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim announced in the public chat.

Loulan Slash was at a loss, but obeyed and the match began.

“What are you doing?” Huang Shaotian shouted.

At the same time, the other members in Loulan Slash’s group were all shocked. A crowd had suddenly appeared like a storm. Famous characters had completely surrounded them.

“No way. Are they here to kill us?” Xiao Bei gasped in astonishment.

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