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Chapter 439 – A Strong Alliance

Ye Xiu’s habit of predicting everything was something Chen Guo had experienced many times before, and it didn’t feel like it was strange anymore. However, seeing the dead-like reaction from Loulan Slash’s group, she felt quite delighted looking at their misfortune. Chen Guo couldn’t feel happy about how Loulan Slash was running his operation and felt very happy after Ye Xiu gave them a good beating.

Ye Xiu’s comforting wasn’t very helpful. These five were still in low spirits. They had once been looking forward to it, but after the battle was fought, it all became a nightmare. There was even a bit of lingering fear when they thought about it. They were secretly celebrating that they had only been talking about it amongst themselves before. If they had announced how extraordinary their team would be, then when they entered the Pro Alliance, people would treat them like a joke.

After all, in eSports, most players were young, especially in the pro scene. Loulan Slash’s group wasn’t old either and also had youthful thoughts. They had thought of hiding their true strength and then when they entered the Pro Alliance, they would scare and astound everyone, knocking those pro players from their feet. It would feel great. But now, they finally realized that their thoughts were too naive and ignorant.

When they watched the matches, they hadn’t felt like pro players were a big deal. They could do everything the pros could do; things like hand speed had been practiced until they weren’t a problem. They hadn’t thought that when they fought a real God, it wouldn’t be like how they had imagined it to be. In practice, they could easily reach 200 or 300 APM, but in a real battle, they weren’t able to put it to use. The combos they had practiced so thoroughly had been broken in a few moves by their opponent.

Loulan Slash’s group wasn’t able to escape their crushed morale, but the announcements that they had planned had already begun.

The news first spread through the Glory forums.

In these forums, quite a few discussions concerned Lord Grim. In these discussions, messages popped up pointing out Lord Grim’s circumstances and whereabouts: Lord Grim had joined Guild Heavenly Justice.

Even though Heavenly Justice didn’t have branch networks in the normal servers like Clubs, they were already a huge name in the Heavenly Domain.

In reality, many players felt that once they had reached the Heavenly Domain, the normal servers would be things of the past. Any achievements made in the normal server weren’t worth bragging about. Thus, the long term plans of the Club guilds in the new servers were mainly ignored by the vast majority of players. They only cared about the Heavenly Domain. And here, Heavenly Justice was a rare player guild that had the power to compete with the Club guilds.

On one side was a very famous player guild. On the other side was an immensely popular mystery character. With the two combined, they immediately began stirring up the forum users who were slowly beginning to lose interest in Lord Grim. Gossip immediately began to fly around.

The Clubs quickly received this news. They didn’t even need to look through the forums. For a guild like Heavenly Justice, even though they weren’t considered main competitors, they still had to take precautions against them if they suddenly jumped out. The Club guilds were responsible for their image and the balance of power between themselves. But how could a player guild care about this? They simply did something if they thought it was “cool”, so their movements couldn’t be predicted. For a ticking time bomb like this, the Club guilds would plant a few spies there and gather some intelligence.

Members like these could see guild announcements, so they quickly sent the news to their guilds.

After observing for several days, the Club guilds hadn’t thought that there would be such a result. They hadn’t dared to make any casual movements against Lord Grim with his recent fame. Now that he had joined the famous Guild Heavenly Justice, moving against Lord Grim would be even more troublesome.

The information coming out of the forums was attracting everyone’s eyes and leading everyone’s discussions. This made the Club guilds feel like this was becoming a bigger and bigger problem, but it didn’t stop here. All of the big eSport platforms soon came out with another piece of news: Guild Heavenly Justice’s leader Loulan Slash was planning on creating a team to join next season’s Pro Alliance.

The information being spread in the forums might have just been gossip, but the official announcements from these eSport platforms wouldn’t bring false news.

This piece of news was quickly spread to every place a Glory player might step into.

Loulan Slash was already quite a famous player in Glory. His name alone was enough to attract many eyes. News of him creating a team would naturally receive a lot of attention.

More importantly, with the previous news that Lord Grim had joined Guild Heavenly Justice, everyone immediately understood: that wasn’t Lord Grim joining a guild. Wasn’t that clearly saying that Lord Grim was going to join Loulan Slash’s team? It was no wonder that such a famous expert like Lord Grim hadn’t been scouted out by the established Clubs. He had already been roped in by Loulan Slash.

Many players knew that Loulan Slash was a player with lots of money. However, no one knew exactly what his background was. The amount of news that had been announced wasn’t actually that much. It was just that Loulan Slash was planning on creating a team to join next season’s Pro Alliance and that Lord Grim had already joined Guild Heavenly Justice.

Once the Club guilds knew of this piece of news, the problem would no longer be pondered over only by the guild leaders. This issue had already been thrown to the upper levels of the Clubs.

Facing a team wasn’t something that the guild leaders had the power to create countermeasures for.

In today’s Pro Alliance, every season, the two lowest placing teams in the Pro Alliance would be eliminated. Afterwards, two teams would join the Pro Alliance to fill up the vacancies. The Glory competitive scene hadn’t been around for very long, so they hadn’t reached the point where they could have a complete secondary league. For now, they could only use this type of elimination format.

How did they choose the two new teams to enter? The Alliance had their own way of selection. The Clubs obviously knew what the requirements were. With the season at this stage, it was about time for next season’s team selection to be done. An announcement at this time was quite reliable. Moreover, these Clubs had their channels and contacts. After inquiring about it, they confirmed that this news could be trusted.

The Clubs didn’t dare stay idle facing a team.

In today’s Alliance, a new team didn’t necessarily mean a weak team, especially if was supported by strong investment. With the power of money, it was very possible to directly create a luxurious team. At the same time, they would make the market a mess as well as disrupt the Alliance’s structure.

The new team’s leader, Loulan Slash, was a famous player known to have lots of money. Moreover, no one knew exactly how deep his pockets were. The Clubs had no choice but to be wary, especially since Loulan Slash had somehow pulled in Lord Grim.

The players didn’t know who was behind Lord Grim, but the Clubs knew this very clearly. That was God Ye Qiu. If it wasn’t for his retired status, he would have definitely broken the headlines. Even though Loulan Slash couldn’t use him in the next season, creating a powerful team wasn’t just a possibility with the ability of a textbook and God by his side.

After this news was verified, the Clubs immediately held an emergency meeting.

Ye Qiu alone was something they had to be wary of, but it wasn’t anything scary. However, now that he had actually found a powerful backer, they immediately became uneasy. Some were even beginning to wonder whether Ye Qiu suddenly retiring from Excellent Era was because he had already made an agreement with Loulan Slash.

Loulan Slash planning on creating a team and applying wasn’t something that could be done in a day. Reaching the requirements necessary for applying wasn’t work that could be accomplished in a short amount of time. They wouldn’t be surprised if Loulan Slash had already been planning for a year or two. When did Ye Qiu make an agreement with him? To make Ye Qiu give up on Excellent Era, which he had led for seven full years, and to even make Ye Qiu retire in such a fashion, just how attractive was Loulan Slash’s team?

The Clubs thought too far into it and had come up with all sorts of conspiracy theories for the entire thing. Only Excellent Era knew the inside story behind Ye Qiu’s retirement and as a result were able to keep a clear mind. However, Ye Qiu rising back with such momentum was something they didn’t want to see either.

Moreover, on Excellent Era’s side, through Liu Hao’s and Chen Yehui’s efforts, they had received information the other Clubs didn’t have: Ye Qiu had already netted a group of powerful experts, and it was very likely that this group was Loulan Slash’s team.

As a result, the Club wanted Chen Yehui to gather information on Loulan Slash’s guild and begin analyzing which of those from the guild might be the hidden experts.

Witch, Striker, Assassin, Launcher. Every Heavenly Justice player that used these classes were watched. Club Excellent Era’s experts were currently wondering if they should use an open account and test them out.

The problem was that Heavenly Justice was also a guild with the maximum ten thousand players. If they averaged all the classes, every class would have around four hundred players. With four classes, that totaled around one thousand and six hundred players.

If they went to test them, the amount of work would be too much. Not only that, their movements would be too large. Loulan Slash had just announced that he was going to create a team. If this Heavenly Domain guild suffered an ambush, it would definitely attract a lot of unwanted attention. No Club would want to attract the public’s eye in this way.

They had to think of a way to create a conflict!

Excellent Era was trying hard to think of a countermeasure against the newly rebooted Ye Qiu.

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