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Chapter 438 – The Opponent Is Too Strong

Loulan Slash’s group were even more shocked this time.

If Little Bei’s Homeward Bound had lost without much suspense, then Ocean Ahead had lost in an almost ugly way.

Being directly comboed to death in the air was something that was rarely seen in the Pro Alliance. No matter how amazing a God was compared to an aspiring pro player without any experience, the gap shouldn’t be that large.

“What happened?” Loulan Slash asked when Ocean Ahead came down from the field.

“His timing is too good. He predicted what I was planning on doing every time.” Ocean Ahead said.

“What you were planning on doing?”

“Yes, he saw through it all.” Ocean Ahead said. Just from this, it could be seen that their skill wasn’t ordinary. They at least understood what went wrong when they lost.

“Little Ye, you go next!” Loulan Slash said in a heavy voice. Whether they won or lost wasn’t something they cared about, but losing two matches in a row so miserably was a bit shameful. Even if their opponent was a God, they weren’t regarding themselves as normal players. Their goal was to become pro players. For pro players to have such a large gap between them, wouldn’t that be a joke?


The player called Little Ye played on a Grappler called Night Tide.

“Little Ye, good luck!” Little Bei cheered. Night Tide didn’t make any small talk with Ye Xiu like Ocean Ahead before him. He entered the match and the two quickly began fighting.

For this match, Night Tide had completely eliminated his attitude of just playing for fun and giving it a try. He was taking it seriously as if it were a real match.

Grapplers were a class that required to be in a close range to do anything. Ye Xiu continued his previous strategy when he was against Ocean Ahead. He used Elementalist and Witch low-leveled skills to maintain a distance between them, while being prepared to use Battle Mage attacks at any moment.

This match wasn’t as lopsided as the previous two matches. Loulan Slash could finally relax. Little Bei and Ocean Ahead were feeling a bit embarrassed. Night Tide wasn’t any better than them. It was clearly a matter of attitude. If they had taken it seriously, they wouldn’t have lost so easily to the God.

Of course, their unpreparedness was another important reason. In a situation where both sides lacked information, Ye Xiu’s experience as a God was a huge advantage.

Although Night Tide had lost, he had lost in an acceptable manner. After he came down, Loulan Slash personally went up to fight.

There was still one more player in their group of five called Thousand Falling Leaves, a female. Her class was a Cleric and it didn’t seem like she was going to go up and fight. This meant that she was a support Cleric. Fighting 1v1 was pointless.

“God, please instruct me!” Loulan Slash said.

“Sure, sure. In the Fixed Field, your Swordpoint is a bit of a waste.” Ye Xiu said. In the Fixed Field, the stats of each character were adjusted, so both sides were at the same level. Swordpoint converted the item hotkeys into physical attack, but this value would be adjusted, so the two sides’ stats would still be on the same level. As a result, he wouldn’t be able to showcase Swordpoint’s incredible damage.

“We’re testing for skill, no? Equipment isn’t important.” Loulan Slash said.

“Taking advantage of Swordpoint’s power is one way to showcase skill!” Ye Xiu said.

“Mm.” Loulan Slash nodded his head. He had obviously done his research when he chose this weapon. This didn’t mean that he should raise his physical attack to the limit. If all 12 item hotkeys were filled with weapons, then the weight would be too much of a burden. Thus, how many item hotkeys should be filled required a lot of experimenting.

However, in the Fixed Field, none of this mattered. Loulan Slash said a “Let’s start” and then the two began fighting.

Loulan Slash didn’t dare be careless and fought seriously like Night Tide.

“Oh oh…….. You’re okay. You’re a bit better than those three.” Ye Xiu commented, while fighting.

“Thank you!” Loualn Slash replied. But this wasn’t any news to them. They had sparred against each other many times before, so they knew who was better and who was weaker.

“It seems like God is still better though.” Loulan Slash followed. Halfway into the battle, from their respective health left as well as the circumstances, Loulan Slash was in a disadvantageous position.

“I should be.” Ye Xiu laughed.

There wasn’t any twist to this match as it quietly ended. In the end, Loulan Slash wasn’t able to take a match from Ye Xiu’s hands. Four of their players had went up to fight, but all of them had lost. Even though they said that winning or losing didn’t matter, it was still a bit hit to their confidence.

Before, they had only looked at videos, watched match VODs, and then compared themselves to the pro players and Gods. This was their first time fighting against a genuine pro God and truly experienced the gap between them. It wasn’t important that none of them were able to take a match. The important point was that the gap in skill they had felt from these matches wasn’t something that could easily be closed.

At this moment, they lacked the fearlessness of youth that Tang Rou had even when she couldn’t see the gap.

“Again?” Loulan Slash discussed with his teammates, when he heard Ye Xiu ask happily: “Would you like to challenge any other class?”

“Uh……. how about your Lord Grim!” Loulan Slash finally said after discussing with his team.

“Oh, that…… that’ll be even tougher.” Ye Xiu said. He switched accounts and logged onto Lord Grim. The 20 level gap was adjusted by the Fixed Field. Loulan Slash went with the same arrangement as before and each player fought one match.

In the end……. Loulan Slash regretted deciding to fight Lord Grim.

All four of them lost even more miserably than the previous time.

Against the Battle Mage, Little Bei and Ocean Ahead had been somewhat careless. In addition, Ye Xiu’s play style had caught them off guard. Night Tide and Loulan Slash had taken it seriously and did much better.

But for this round, all four of them played very seriously. And before they went up on stage, they did preemptive thinking and planning, but the result was even worse than last time.

Against an unspecialized who had access to the skills of all 24 classes, the four clearly didn’t have the experience nor the decision making to keep up. After returning from losing, the Cleric Thousand Falling Leaves quietly said: “Even if this was a Group Competition, you guys still would’ve lost.”

In other words, the total damage all four players inflicted on Lord Grim wouldn’t be enough to take down his health bar. It could be said that Ye Xiu had won 1v4.

All four were silent. It wasn’t that they hadn’t expected a gap between them. They just didn’t think that it would be so large. Their previous confidence felt naive and arrogant.

“Nice!” Chen Guo didn’t empathize at all with the other side and praised Ye Xiu.

“That’s how it should be.” Ye Xiu laughed.

“That’ll be it for today……” Loulan Slash said. His tone clearly showed how disappointed he was.

Everyone left the Arena and stood outside the entrance. For a moment, neither side talked.

“What’s wrong? With how you guys are, you guys don’t seem like you’ll be competing in the Pro Alliance!” Ye Xiu said.

“With such a large gap, how could we even hope to compete?” Little Bei couldn’t help but say what he was feeling.

“What? Did you guys really think that you could become Champions as soon as you entered the Pro Alliance?” Ye Xiu said.

“That was just a joke.” Loulan Slash said, “But we had always thought that we were good enough to enter the playoffs.”

“And then if your luck was good, you might be able to miraculously become Champions, am I right?” Ye Xiu laughed.

“Uh…… that…….” Loulan Slash felt a bit embarrassed because that really was what they had been thinking. This was because the playoffs was in an elimination format. Sometimes, one mistake could lead to dropping out of the playoffs. Luck was undoubtedly a very important factor in these types of moments. If one’s luck was really good, then winging one’s way to becoming Champions really was a possibility. As a result, they had a lot of these types of dreams when they privately spoke to each other.

“Slow and steady, one step at a time…..” Ye Xiu said.

“If we enter the Pro Alliance right now, what place do you think we would get?” Little Bei couldn’t help but ask.

“Are you the only ones in the team? Do you have any other teammates?” Ye Xiu asked.

“We have six players. One of ours hasn’t been able to come on these past few days, but his skill level is around the same as ours. We’re planning on finding some way to get more.” Loulan Slash said.

“Digging out pro players?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Probably.” Loulan Slash said.

“Which pro players are you looking at?” Ye Xiu asked.

Loulan Slash hesitated. With the team’s preparations at this stage, they already had a list of players they wanted. After their application into the Alliance was completed, they would immediately begin getting in touch with them. However, this sort of thing was more of a secret. Loulan Slash wasn’t sure if he should tell Ye Xiu or not.

Ye Xiu didn’t wait for him to reply and continued: “You’ll definitely need pro players and they must be veterans. Please don’t think of using you six as the main roster and finding four or five others to be reserve players and then switch them around every match.”

“Uh…….” The five were all sweating like mad. That was clearly what they had been planning.

“In the Pro Alliance, you’re all just rookies!” Ye Xiu said, “You need to find veterans and from them, you’ll learn a lot of things.”

“Okay……” Loulan Slash replied.

“There’s more.” Ye Xiu said.

The five listened carefully.

“Don’t take today’s matches too seriously.” Ye Xiu said, “It’s not that you guys aren’t good, it’s just that your opponent was too strong.”

The five cried. They even forgot to put out emojis or it.


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