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Chapter 437 – What Class Would You Like to Play First?

The Heavenly Domain had a huge world and thus had many cities. The experience loss and equipment drop chance was higher here than in the normal servers as well. The official statement was that it was done to increase interactions between players, but in reality, it was to increase competitiveness. In Glory, equipment could be bound. However, from a monetary perspective, binding the item wasn’t good. If the item was bound and one wanted to switch equipment, the player wouldn’t be able to sell his old equipment for money.

This made binding equipment a difficult choice. Choosing to bind the equipment would guarantee safety, but it also meant a loss in money. From the system’s perspective, the system encouraged players to bind their equipment. Bound equipment would lose their value in their market, which meant that the system had taken it back. If the equipment was kept circulating, then the equipment would only continue to lose value with each new one that appeared out in the market.

Loulan Slash took Ye Xiu’s group to the city Sword Shadow, which was where their Guild, Heavenly Justice’s, headquarters was located at. In the Heavenly Domain, guilds could possess a certain amount of territory. Of course, the prerequisites for this were power and wealth. As a result, most player guilds wouldn’t ever think of having their own territory. This wasn’t a problem for Club guilds and Loulan Slash’s guild had money to strengthen their power, so they had a much easier time developing than normal players.

After entering the city, they entered the Arena. For top-level cities, there was practically no difference in facilities inside the city. All the necessary ones were there. The only difference would be the amount of small buildings. Each city only needed one Arena. It was the equivalent of a teleport device.

“How about Fixed Field? The equipment on the account cards I have aren’t very good” Ye Xiu said.

“Oh?” Loulan Slash was a bit surprised. Wasn’t he a God? God’s request seemed a little weak!

“We’re testing skill anyways, so equipment isn’t important.” Ye Xiu said.

“That’s true.” Loulan Slash said. An equipment’s quality could be directly observed. All one had to do was look at the stats. Loulan Slash was looking to test skill level, so equipment wasn’t important.

“What class do you want me to play first?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Battle Mage, of course.” Loulan Slash laughed.

“No problem.” Ye Xiu also laughed. Lord Grim logged out and logged in to the Battle Mage account. He didn’t head toward Sword Shadow City and just went to the nearest Arena. He logged onto QQ, asked for the room number and then joined the room.

Loulan Slash, as well as Chen Guo and Forest Landscape, had both joined to spectate. Seeing Ye Xiu enter with a Battle Mage, the old veterans were all speechless.

How could the equipment on him be called not very good? The Battle Mage was practically naked! No one needed to look at his character’s info page. They could see it just by looking at him.

“Wow, it doesn’t even have a weapon!” Ye Xiu mumbled. The Fixed Field only adjusted for the equipment stats. If his Battle Mage didn’t have a weapon, then he wouldn’t even be able to use his class’s skills.

“I have one here. Just make do with it for now!” His opponent was the Battle Mage in Loulan Slash’s group. His current feelings were a bit complex facing his idol. He had an extra Battle Mage weapon on hand, so he threw it over.

Ye Xiu went over and picked it up: “Dang, it’s a spear! This account is a staff style…….”

The staff-style path of Battle Mages used magic wands, not spears.

Magic wands were weapons with high magic attack. Battle Mages were a class that dealt both physical and magic damage. Staff-style Battle Mages relied more on magic to deal damage. Their main method of attacking was through chasers and was one of the features of a staff-style Battle Mage. Staff-style Battle Mages also had higher attack speed. This was because magic wands attacked at an average speed, while spears attacked at a slow speed. Faster attacks allowed for more Chasers. Ye Xiu’s character was a staff-style Battle Mage. If he used a spear for battle, his magic damage would be much lower. But most importantly, his attack speed would be slower. Attack speed wasn’t a basic stat, so the Fixed Field wouldn’t fix it.

“Does anyone have a magic wand?” Loulan Slash asked. There was an Elementalist in his group. Elementalists usually used magic staffs because of their very high magic attack, but some used magic wands. This was because magic wands not only attacked faster, but also cast faster.

“Mine is bound……” This Elementalist was called Ocean Ahead. He had a magic wand, but because it was bound, it couldn’t be traded.

“It’s fine. A spear will do.” Ye Xiu said. This was the type of air that a God should have.

“Then shall we start?” the opposing Battle Mage said. This was the player called Little Bei by Loulan Slash. His Battle Mage character’s name was called Homeward Bound.

“Start.” Ye Xiu replied. Little Bei confirmed and the two sides began to fight.

Five seconds had passed. Neither side had moved.

Little Bei was waiting to admire his idol’s play. Ye Xiu didn’t know his opponent’s skill. Both sides wanted to see the other side move first. In this small boxing ring, the two sides could see each other, but neither side moved.

The spectators were all friends, so when they started seeing that the two weren’t fighting, they decided to yell at them. Go and fight messages came out.

“Yeah, fight!” Ye Xiu said.

There wasn’t any bad blood between him and Loulan Slash and the two had decided to cooperate together, so the match wasn’t anything serious. Little Bei saw that neither of them were moving and also felt it was funny. Following Ye Xiu’s words, he immediately controlled his Homeward Bound to rush forward.

“Oh oh, not bad!” The two sides began fighting, attack after attack. Ye Xiu had already begun commenting.

“Are you going to be a part of the team’s main roster?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Am I good enough?” Little Bei said.

“Depends on the team.” Ye Xiu said.

“Champion team!” Little Bei said.

“Having a dream is good.” Ye Xiu praised, but he was clearly implying that he wasn’t good enough.

“Then I won’t be nice anymore!” Little Bei shouted.

“Oh, oh? You were still holding back?” Ye Xiu said.

After two minutes, Homeward Bound fell.

“You were holding back?” Ye Xiu doubted.

“Shameless!” Little Bei cried. His corpse sent out a word bubble. This was an in-game Arena, so the settings were decided by the players. It wasn’t like the pro matches, where word bubbles were restricted when one died.

“I thought you were staff-styled. Why’d you use a spear style?” Little Bei was sad.

“You’re too inflexible. Who says you’re only allowed to use one style?” Ye Xiu said.

Ye Xiu said this, but in reality, Ye Xiu really only used a spear style of playing. The difference between the spear style and staff style was that the spear style mainly used physical attacks to deal damage. However, the two styles prioritized different skills, so his damage wasn’t as good. Even so, Ye Xiu was still able to easily beat Little Bei’s Homeward Bound.

The victory had looked easy, too. Loulan Slash and his fellow companions all looked at each other. They had been fairly confident in their skill. To be defeated so easily meant that he really was Ye Qiu. If their skill was that far from a God, then being a Champion team really was just a dream right now.

“Who’s next? What class would you like to fight?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Please use the same class!” The next to jump out was the Elementalist Ocean Ahead.

“Ocean, good luck!!” Little Bei shouted.

“Really?” Ocean Ahead laughed. He obviously knew that Little Bei admired Ye Qiu. With his identity appearing to be true, would he sincerely cheer for him?

“Really.” Little Bei said, “But you’ll still lose anyways. Even if ten thousand people came to cheer for you, it’d be no use.”

“F*ck off!” Ocean Ahead cursed. However, he really didn’t have any confidence because he knew how good Little Bei was. Even if he wasn’t Ye Qiu, his skill was the real deal.

Ocean Ahead was more on the cautious side. After the match began, he pulled open the distance and didn’t hurry to move forward. On the other hand, Ye Xiu’s Battle Mage waved his spear and an Elementalist skill, Flame Explosion, shot towards him.

Ocean Ahead hastily rolled and dodged: “What are you doing? Are you going to fight like an Elementalist?”

Just as he said this, he heard a “Bo!” as he got up from his roll. For an Elementalist, he was very familiar with this sound. It was the sound of a Frost Ball hitting.

So unlucky……. Ocean Ahead thought. He felt that if he had rolled left, he would have been fine. But when he looked to the left, he discovered that a Dark Missile had just flown past him.

How quick! Ocean Ahead was surprised. The opponent had cast three spells one after the other. These low-level spells had a low cast time. His opponent had covered all of his options, so he would have been hit by a spell if he went left or right. If Ocean Ahead had rolled right, he would have been hit by a Frost Ball. If he had rolled left, he would have been caught by the Dark Missile.

“Staff styles will learn lots of Elementalist and Witch skills. Didn’t you know that?” Ye Xiu said. His character flicked his sleeve and a purple shadow came out and wrapped around Ocean Ahead.

Sure enough, it was the Witch skill: Shadow Cloak.

Right afterwards was the Battle Mage skill: Sky Strike. Ocean Ahead was launched into the air. A magic Chaser flew out and exploded. The explosion blasted Ocean Ahead towards the ground. Who would have thought that at this moment, Ocean Ahead would fly back up into the air again.


Ocean Ahead was startled. Sky Strike’s cooldown wasn’t that quick.

But when he looked again, he saw an elemental wave above his head and understood what had happened. The knock up skill that had been used wasn’t the Battle Mage’s Sky Strike, but rather the Elementalist knock up skill: Elemental Power.

“The way this account added skill points is quite interesting!” Ye Xiu mumbled and then went up to combo. Ocean Ahead had been caught completely unprepared. He had originally been planning on being careful, but apart from his initial roll, he never touched the ground again until he fell, defeated.

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