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Chapter 436 – A Wall That Can’t Be Avoided

Lord Grim had already returned to the Heavenly Domain, but the tenth server Club guilds had already suffered heavy losses.

He had returned at Level 50 and left behind four records.

What about when he reached Level 52? He could return to set Level 51-52 dungeon records.

At Level 54, he could set Level 53-54 dungeon records.

And then Level 55, Level 60…… all the way until Level 70.

Lord Grim wasn’t there anymore, but his record-breaking spirit was still there. Were the Club guilds of the tenth server going to be unable to get a single record? If that was the case, they were no different than normal player guilds. How would the tenth server players know how powerful they were?

Speaking of this, it already seemed to be the case.

Whether it was compared to the Heavenly Domain or any of the other nine normal servers, in the tenth server, the Club guilds were undoubtedly at a lower status.

Where did their popularity in their tenth server come from? Firstly, it was directly from their own guild’s players. Secondly, it was by relying on the fame of their Club to attract veteran players that had come to the tenth server to start over. New players occupied the majority of the playerbase on the tenth server, but there were still veterans like Seven Fields and Sleeping Moon who had come to the new server to play. They obviously knew of the Club guilds’ fame. Their name alone was enough to attract them.

After that, their way to spread their name was through dungeon records and first clears. On the level standings, the players from their guilds were at the top.

And after that, there was nothing else.

Their only way to spread their name and prove their strength was through dungeon records. In the tenth server, everyone knew that Lord Grim ruled in this area. The guilds had already admitted their defeat here. Why else would no one challenge Lord Grim’s team? They were always thinking of some way to stop them, not beat them.

Without dungeon records, it really was very difficult for the guilds to widen their influence. In the tenth server, the players only knew individuals and not guilds. Even though Guild Happy had taken all of those dungeon records, the players only felt like it was because Guild Happy had Lord Grim. They might not think that the guild itself was powerful.

The tenth server players already had the same thought in their head: wherever Lord Grim appeared was where the dungeon record would be.

This completely twisted the notion of dungeon records. The records were something that required a team to set, but for the tenth server players, they only thought of a single individual. The record didn’t belong to the team, but rather to Lord Grim.

Even if Lord Grim went to the Heavenly Domain at Level 50, the Club branches didn’t feel any better.

This was because the existence of Lord Grim had already influenced everyone in the tenth server. The legends of Lord Grim were deeply ingrained in everyone’s heart.

From now on, even if the top guilds set a dungeon record, the tenth server players would only have one thought: the reason you were able to set a record was because Lord Grim wasn’t there.

Lord Grim was a giant mountain. No matter how hard you tried to go around it, it would be of no use. The mountain would always stand there, looked up at. If you wanted to replace it, the only way would be to flatten it or create an even bigger mountain.

An even bigger mountain? No guild leader would ever imagine that happening. They were against Ye Qiu! Even in the pro scene, there was no mountain that surpassed him. What could a little group of ants do? Be laughed at?

Flatten him? Just mentioning it made them want to cry. Everyone who had tried to flatten him was now a corpse below the mountain, which only made the mountain even more terrifying.

The poor guilds knew of this reasoning, but there was nothing that they could do. They could only quietly forge ahead. If they wanted to go far away, they would need to go so far that the mountain would no longer be in sight. That way, the mountain would be forgotten.

But at this moment, Lord Grim suddenly came back from the Heavenly Domain and set four records. The mountain had appeared again and it seemed like it would never stop appearing. The guilds finally understood that it was never a mountain, but rather a mountain range that spanned the entire world.

The branch guilds were all crying. They only hoped that their main guild in the Heavenly Domain would hurry up and move, so that there would never be a day when he could return. But did the main guilds in the Heavenly Domain care about the feelings of their tenth server branches? Not one bit. They were currently playing a game of “if no one moves, everyone loses. But whoever moves first also loses”.

Ye Xiu was currently leveling. Chen Guo was accompanying him on her Chasing Haze. Forest Landscape was there, too. The four fake experts were there, too. Chen Guo had already bought four suitable replacements and traded them with the four people. The four people took the accounts, contacting their former friends to add them again, while chasing after their God’s footsteps.

The God was definitely going to create a guild, so the four decided not to contact their guild and would wait for the God to add them when the guild was formed.

These past few days, Ma Chenyi of Grand Internet Cafe had sent over the 24 account cards he had lost in the bet. They were all Heavenly Domain characters. Ma Chenyi wasn’t petty either. He sent over the account cards in the same condition as when they had been bought. None of the accounts had their equipment or money taken away.

Among these 24 accounts, there were seven empty ones. The remaining ones had a few pieces of equipment on them. Chen Guo looked over them and saw that they were very ordinary. She hadn’t made an requirements, so Ma Chenyi obviously wouldn’t send over any amazing accounts.

“It wouldn’t be a problem if we created our guild now……” Chen Guo said. Twenty four account cards was twenty four characters. With those four brothers as well as Lord Grim, Forest Landscape and her, they would even have one extra.

“There’s no hurry. We could have created it a long time ago if we wanted to.” Ye Xiu said.

“I know. I’m just saying. Are you going to use these accounts?” Chen Guo arranged the 24 account cards in a neat pile.

“There’s no need for it now, but there’ll be a time for them.” Ye Xiu said.

“Should I give the Battle Mage to Little Tang?” Chen Guo took out the Battle Mage account card.

“No. It’d be better if she reached here step by step. That way, she’ll be able to get familiar with the Battle Mage skills. If all of the skills are pushed to her in one go, her understanding of them won’t be as deep.” Ye Xiu said.

“What about Mu Mu?” Chen Guo took out the Launcher account card.

“Her? She’s very particular about names. I don’t think she would like this Launcher’s name.” Ye Xiu said.

“Yeah, it’s a male character, too.” Chen Guo had looked at this Launcher carefully. The character was male and had a huge face, too. She didn’t want Su Mucheng to use this account either.

“Has there been any news from Loulan Slash?” Chen Guo asked after putting away the account cards.

“Not yet.”

“They said today.” Chen Guo said.

“There’s still a lot of time left today.” Ye Xiu said calmly.

“What if he doesn’t agree? Do you have any backup plans?” Chen Guo asked. In Ye Xiu’s plan, allying with Loulan Slash was a very important step because the fake experts that were currently misleading the enemies wouldn’t last long. There would be a time the guilds would have to move. For example, for Liu Hao’s group, in the worst case scenario, they would have to charge in and perhaps die a few times, but they would at least be able to figure out how many helpers Ye Xiu had at his side. This was something that Ye Xiu didn’t want to see because he didn’t actually have any helpers. He had always been playing alone.

“If he declines…….” Ye Xiu was just about to say something when his chat box flashed. He checked it and saw that it was from Loulan Slash.

Ye Xiu immediately replied, while Chen Guo came over to look at his screen.

“After thinking about it carefully these past few days…….” Loulan Slash messaged.

“Just get to the point!” Chen Guo slammed the table.

Ye Xiu was smiling though: “It’s probably good news then!”

Sure enough, Loulan Slash expressed his approval to working with Ye Xiu.

“I’d be happy to cooperate.” Ye Xiu replied.

“Ha ha, after thinking carefully about it these past few days, we think that a cooperation will definitely be something to be happy about.” Loulan Slash replied.

“What do you plan on doing next?” Ye Xiu asked.

“We’re going to drag you to our guild, of course. Where are you?” Loulan Slash asked.

The two sides agreed on a location and met up. Loulan Slash was leading the same four players from before, giving Chen Guo another reason to despise his ostentatiousness.

Soon afterwards, Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim joined Loulan Slash’s guild: Heavenly Justice. Chen Guo listened to Ye Xiu’s arrangement and didn’t join for now. She and Forest Landscape continued to be free.

“If you two have time, you guys should check out the Glory forums and the eSport websites.” Loulan Slash said to Ye Xiu and Chen Guo.

“You’re going to begin announcing your team?” Ye Xiu smiled.

“Yes. Could we trouble you to have a spar with our brothers?” Loulan Slash said.

“You still want to test if I’m real or not?” Ye Xiu said.

“A bit, but more importantly, we would like it if you could measure our skill level and we also hope God could give us a few pointers as well.” Loulan Slash was quite modest. By calling him God, it was already clear that Loulan Slash believed that Ye Xiu was Ye Qiu.

“Ha ha, no problem. What class would you like to play against?” Ye Xiu asked.

“What class?” Loulan Slash stared blankly.

“Yeah, any class is fine.” Ye Xiu said.

“Because you’re unspecialized?” Loulan Slash said.

“No……. it’s because I have 24 account cards of each class with me right now.” Ye Xiu said, while indicating Chen Guo to bring over the stack of account cards.

“So you really are going to use them.” Chen Guo was speechless.

Loulan Slash stared stupidly for a bit and after a brief pause, he spoke: Then let’s go to the Arena and make a room. God, could you give me your contact information. That way it’ll be easy to find you when you switch accounts.”

“Okay.” Ye Xiu nodded his head and the outside of the game, the two added each other on QQ.

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