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Chapter 435 – Whoever Moves First Loses

Chen Guo’s words made the two of them cough blood. Even though those words were very reasonable, the two had some inside information. How could Happy Internet Cafe’s experts be random customers? They had to be inside the Internet Cafe, preparing to create a team with Ye Qiu. This boss was clearly lying to them.

The two were thinking in this way, but on the surface, they couldn’t express that “we see through you.” They could only sigh regretfully: “Then do you know when these brother experts usually come?”

“I haven’t really paid attention to that!”

Chen Guo really looked like she was telling the truth. Who knew how many people had been duped by her like this, not understanding how fearsome boss Chen was. Right now, her expression looked completely innocent , the two spies were suddenly entranced by her. They felt as if this sister couldn’t say anything wrong and they must have made a mistake.

Luckily, the two quickly had reason take over and after regaining their composure, they calmly spoke: “Are the computers ready?”

“Area 14, Number 15.” Chen Guo pointed to where the computers were located.

If the experts weren’t there, they could only wait, while talking with the other Internet Cafe guests to see if they knew anything.

The majority of the people in the Internet Cafe played Glory and there were many like-minded people. If they wanted to, making Glory friends in the Internet Cafe was very easy. However, nowadays, computers were essential to households, so those who came to the Internet Cafe were usually already in a group with three or five other friends. As a result, there weren’t too many who would actively look for friends when they were already with a group of friends.

These two spies had come with a different purpose though, so they were different. After sitting down, the people to the left and right of them were playing Glory. The two quickly logged into the game and looked at their neighbors with a smile. The two took the opportunity to go and chat with them. Unfortunately, the their neighbors weren’t frequent customers of Happy Internet Cafe. They had simply come on a whim. It would be hard to get any useful information from these type of people.

Thus, as the two played Glory, they would look towards Happy Internet Cafe’s entrance to see if those four experts would appear. But after sitting for an entire day, there were no signs of them appearing.

Two of those four fake experts were Happy Internet Cafe employees. If Chen Guo didn’t want them to appear, all Chen Guo needed to do was tell them not to appear. The other two might not be her employees, but because they had already changed to Ye Xiu’s side, as supporters, they would cooperate in earnest.

The two spies weren’t able to get anything out of today. The two couldn’t just live in the Internet Cafe, so when it was time to go, they could only pay the bills and leave.

“Do you know these two?” Meanwhile, Chen Guo had secretly taken a picture of them and gave them to Ye Xiu to look at.

“Of course I don’t know them! If they sent two people who I recognized, wouldn’t that just be asking to be exposed?” Ye Xiu didn’t even look.

“Oh, that’s true……” Chen Guo said, “These two will definitely be coming often.”

“What’s wrong with having two fixed customers?” Ye Xiu smiled.

“With their eyes shifting about, I really want to treat them like little thieves and beat them up.” After knowing their identities, Chen Guo couldn’t like them. Any action they did made Chen Guo want to vomit.

“Don’t be in such a rush. Let them suffer!” Ye Xiu didn’t care.

“What about Loulan Slash! Is there any news from them?” Chen Guo asked.

“There hasn’t been any for now.” Ye Xiu said.

“It’s been so long! Why are they so slow!”

“Slow? It’s only been two days!” Ye Xiu said.

“How is that not slow.”

“This isn’t just about a game. This is a business deal and a gamble. Wouldn’t you want to be careful?” Ye Xiu said.

“Tch!” Chen Guo clearly didn’t care.

The two spies went to QQ and reported the situation to Chen Yehui. There was nothing Chen Yehui could do. In the game, they had watched for an entire day again, but the characters of the four experts never appeared.

In order to be experts, there was no way they wouldn’t be playing a lot. Chen Yehui felt that his initial thoughts were correct. Ye Qiu might have prepared for them long beforehand.

If that was the case, the two spies definitely wouldn’t be able to get anything. Thinking of this, Chen Yehui discussed this with Liu Hao and dispatched more spies. Apart from the two who went to the Cafe like usual, they added more people to keep watch on Happy Internet Cafe 24/7. This arrangement wasn’t difficult for Chen Yehui to do. Their work was done through the game, so if he sent people to go to Happy Internet Cafe, they would be playing the game too. It wouldn’t delay their work.

It was just that there were no results after three days.

In game, their characters had disappeared and the experts from outside of the game were nowhere to be seen.

Chen Yehui was anxious. Liu Hao was anxious. The entire Club guild was anxious.

These past few days, there were no signs from Excellent Dynasty nor any of the other Club guilds. One reason was because Lord Grim’s popularity was still on fire. They really couldn’t make any movements with so many people watching him. In addition, they knew that Lord Grim was Ye Qiu, so the Club guilds were very fearful. They wanted someone else to test it out for them and die a few times before they moved.

There was also one other reason. Tyrannical Ambition was a good example of this.

Tyrannical Ambition’s guild leader Jiang You was calm when Ye Qiu entered the Heavenly Domain. Their guild had only gossipped and chatted about it like everyone else and didn’t make any movements. This was because Jiang You was still confident about his previous judgement: there had been some sort of inside conflict when Ye Qiu left Excellent Era, so Excellent Era definitely wouldn’t want Ye Qiu to return. Thus, Guild Excellent Dynasty would definitely go all out to suppress Ye Qiu and they should just wait to watch the show.

As for Tyrannical Ambition, Ye Qiu fighting Excellent Dynasty was simply too good of a show. Both sides suffering would be a delight to see.

Jiang You’s thoughts weren’t complicated or anything. He had talked about it in the tenth server with many other guilds before, so many of the other guilds had this type of thought too. They really didn’t want to move. It would have been so nice if Ye Qiu hadn’t come to play the game. Many people shared this wish.

Thus, if it was highly probable that a guild would stand out, everyone was more than happy to wait a bit.

However, on the first day, Excellent Era had only sent out Liu Hao and two other pro players to move. Their scale was too small. The other guilds hadn’t known about it. As a result, it seemed like Excellent Era was only observing too and couldn’t help but feel a bit worried. These days, the spies in Excellent Era were having a tough time. They were trying all sorts of ways to get information on how Excellent Era was going to deal with Lord Grim.

The peaceful leveling these past few days had made Chen Guo feel astonished. She discussed it with Ye Xiu and after hearing Ye Xiu’s thoughts, she understood that ever since Ye Xiu had stopped the ambush from the three pro players, his plan had already begun.

This was because the Heavenly Challenge had caused his fame to soar, making the guilds unable to do any large movements and were waiting to see what Excellent Dynasty was going to do.

Excellent Dynasty didn’t dare make any large movements either, but the Club behind them helped out by directly sending them pro players. With a 20 level suppression, let alone three pro players, a single pro player would be difficult for Ye Xiu to beat. However, Ye Xiu’s deception had caused Excellent Era to be completely uncertain to how many helpers he had and how good the helpers were. As a result, these past few days had dragged on in this way. During this time, Ye Xiu had come into contact with Loulan Slash. After another contact with each other, Loulan Slash said that he would have his answer today. If Loulan Slash agreed, then Ye Xiu wouldn’t be alone anymore.

“How is it? Do you find it fun?” Ye Xiu laughed, “The top guilds are currently playing a game where whoever moves first loses, but if no one moves, then they will also lose.”

“You really are…….” Chen Guo couldn’t find the words to describe her feelings. Those powerful guilds had been played by Ye Xiu. He had completely figured out their weaknesses and forced them into a tough situation.

However, he also had to have the skill to do so. Without enough skill, how could this situation have happened?

During these past few days, Ye Xiu had went back to the tenth server for one day.

The Heavenly Domain and the tenth server were in different servers, so players couldn’t just switch whenever they wanted to. Right now, the game restricted it so that the player could only switch servers once every day. In other words, since he switched from the Heavenly Domain to the tenth server, he had to wait until tomorrow to switch back.

However, Ye Xiu had used these 24 hours well and with the four players in Happy who had reached Level 50, he formed a team and set records for a bunch of Level 50 dungeons.

Even though his unspecialized wouldn’t gain any experience, four five-player Level 50 dungeon records were now under Guild Happy’s name.

The tenth server Club guilds had thought that they had gotten rid of this devil and had thought that when Lord Grim got to the Heavenly Domain, he would be immediately chased after and killed, so he would never get past Level 50. But who would have thought that this devil would be so evil. Just before he was about to hit Level 51, he returned to the tenth server to set records. How evil! He wouldn’t get any experience in the tenth server and didn’t need to worry about Lord Grim hitting Level 51 while setting these records.

In reality, at Level 50, leveling in the normal server was very quick. This was because starting from Level 50, there were many dungeons available. They wouldn’t need to kill monsters in the wild to level. The dungeons were enough to last for the entire day. Let alone the large scale dungeons, there were 4 five-player dungeons. If they cleared them every day, how much experience was that? 50 to 51 was much faster than 49 to 50. Leveling to 51 in a few days wasn’t a problem.

The reason the guilds didn’t have Level 51 characters was because they had done so intentionally. As long as they didn’t do their Awakening quests, the characters of the 24 classes wouldn’t earn experience either. They had held out so bitterly for so long, but Lord Grim simply came back, waved his sleeves, and left, leaving behind four records under his name.

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