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Chapter 427 – Too Afraid to Rush In Recklessly

After her doubts were dispelled, Chen Guo waited with Ye Xiu for Loulan Slash’s response. Loulan Slash had been silent ever since Ye Xiu finished speaking without any signs of movement. It was the same for the other four players behind him. Their five characters blended into the background scenery. Only their clothing showed signs of movement, fluttering in the wind.

During these types of moments, Chen Guo was obviously less patient than Ye Xiu. Waiting without seeing any response made her uneasy. She really wanted to shoot a few shots at them and see if they were still going to stay silent.

After waiting anxiously for a good while, Loulan Slash finally began to speak: “I’m going to need more time to consider this.”

“My god. What were you doing just before then?” Chen Guo asked.

“We came to the conclusion that we needed more time to consider it.” Loulan Slash said.

“Why does this have to be so troublesome!” Chen Guo said.

“What are you so anxious for? If you’re so anxious, you can join in!” Loulan Slash laughed, while sending a guild invite to Chasing Haze.

Chen Guo fiercely rejected it. On the other hand, Ye Xiu calmly replied: “I’ll be waiting for your reply.” Then, the five players quietly left just like in their first meeting.

“How is it?” Chen Guo asked Ye Xiu.

“They’re quite cautious. But the more cautious they are, the more we can expect from them.” Ye Xiu said.

“Do you think he’ll accept?” Chen Guo asked.

“I’m not sure. I don’t know to what extent they’ve prepared. I’m guessing that’s why they need more time to consider it.” Ye Xiu said.

Chen Guo turned her camera and watched as the five players left.

Ye Xiu had his Lord Grim look around in a circle, when he suddenly said: “It’s so empty.”

“Do you want an emptier place for peaceful leveling or lively place with everyone attacking you?” Chen Guo asked.

“Loulan Slash found us pretty quickly. Excellent Era’s people found us very quickly as well. Tell me, do you really think the other guilds don’t know where we are?” Ye Xiu said.


“I’m getting so much focus trying to get one level. I’m really good at getting a crowd aren’t I!” Ye Xiu mocked himself, while having Lord Grim pull a monster to kill.

“If these guilds know where you are, then why haven’t they moved?’ Chen Guo said, while controlling Chasing Haze to help.

“I’m guessing it’s because I’ve been getting a lot of attention recently.” Ye Xiu said, “As guilds, they have to consider the overall player base’s influence. Even if they’re operating in secret, they still have to be more careful. For this type of issue, they hope to eliminate their opponent without any noise, so it’s making it quite difficult for them because of the attention I’m getting.”

“Did you cause such a storm with your Heavenly Challenge intentionally?” Chen Guo said.

“If…… I hadn’t created a storm, it would have been intentional.” Ye Xiu said honestly.

The truth made Chen Guo speechless for a good while.

Ye Xiu’s analysis of the Club guilds were absolutely correct.

In the Heavenly Domain, everyone had a solid base. Whether it was guild members or open accounts, they had plenty at their disposal. For characters without guild tags, even if they passed by Lord Grim, Ye Xiu wouldn’t be able to tell if there was a problem or not. If the guilds wanted to know where Lord Grim was, it wouldn’t be difficult at all. Before Lord Grim reached Level 50 and before he finished the Challenge, the top guilds in the Heavenly Domain had already begun preparing for him.

In the tenth server, it was as if they had come to terms and didn’t make any movements, waiting for this moment. They would use their advantage in the Heavenly Domain to destroy Ye Qiu’s momentum at Level 50.

It might seem empty where Lord Grim was, but as soon as the announcement was made that he had entered the Heavenly Domain, the bustling activity going on underground hadn’t stopped.

The top guilds had been waiting for this day for a long long time and already had their plans made.

Blue Brook Guild, Herb Garden, Tyrannical Ambition, Samsara, Misty Castle, Howling Heights…….. They had set up a discussion group solely for dealing with Ye Qiu.

But while he did the Heavenly Challenge, his fame soared throughout all of Glory. This was something the guilds hadn’t expected. In a sense, they had once again ignored the fact that their opponent this time was on another level.

A God obviously wouldn’t lose to anyone in the Arena. Not only would he not lose, he also had his unique class and strange weapon. Him being Level 50 beating Level 70 players was also a reality. He would naturally attract a lot of attention. These were all easy to think of, but the problem was, the top guilds hadn’t thought about it. It wasn’t that they were unable to think of it, but rather they had neglected it.

Now they were in a difficult situation.

Getting rid of such a popular character would cost them a hand a foot. They didn’t want the Glory players to begin to discuss: Huh? Who did Lord Grim offend? Why is he being chased after and killed to such an extent in the Heavenly Domain?

On Earth, there was no such thing as an unblockable wall. In today’s generation, gossip could spread like fire for the most random things, let alone something like this.

As a result, until things settled down, the top guilds wouldn’t dare make any rash movements. Only Excellent Era felt like they could make a small movement because they had sent out pro players. However, they had also hit a nail and had to be careful now.

The top guilds hadn’t made any movements yet, but outside in the group chat, their brain cells were exploding all over the ground…….

Lord Grim’s first day in the Heavenly Domain passed by peacefully.

Ye Xiu had killed monsters the entire day. In the middle, he had encountered a few small disturbances, but they were all just coincidences. Whenever players saw the name “Lord Grim”, they would come over to pay their respects. Assassinations, encirclement…… in the end, none of those appeared.

“What are they planning!” Chen Guo felt unsatisfied. She had been worried the entire day, but there were no signs of any movements from the guilds. It made her despise them greatly.

“Isn’t this good?” Ye Xiu laughed.

Apart from this, the customer with the character Ascending had come to Happy Internet Cafe again today. Hearing that Lord Grim had entered the Heavenly Domain, he personally went over to give him his congratulations. Chen Guo watched and understood him well.

On the second day, when Ye Xiu got up, ready to play games, he discovered that his original spot had been taken by three people. The three people were customers too. Ye Xiu was at a loss. He pulled over a fellow employee and pointed there, but didn’t know what to ask.

The fellow employee understood Ye Xiu’s meaning and laughed: “The boss moved those three computers up stairs!”

“Upstairs?” Ye Xiu was puzzled. He looked up to the next floor and didn’t see any signs of chen Guo. He turned around, ready to go upstairs, when Chen Guo came out of the elevator. When she saw Ye Xiu, before he could even ask, she said: “Upstairs, Room 213.”


“Yeah! To prevent anyone from bothering you.” Chen Guo said in a serious tone. Ascending had reminded her. This was going to be the base of operations for their team. When they were gaming, she couldn’t have people bothering them.

“You’ve got good prospects for the future!” Ye Xiu gave his approval and immediately ran to the second floor.

Happy Internet Cafe’s second floor was a more luxurious area. It was specious and quiet. The rooms were for customers who didn’t want to be bothered. Their three computers had been put into Room 213. This room was a four person room. The biggest rooms at Happy Internet Cafe were only this big. However, if they were going to develop a team, the team would have much more than four people. Chen Guo and Ye Xiu went up together. She told him her plans to make a special area on the second floor specially for the future team to practice.

“It’s a bit shabby……” Chen Guo said, a bit embarrassed.

“It doesn’t matter. All the teams were like this in the beginning.” Ye Xiu said, but after seeing that Chen Guo didn’t believe him, he added: “In the past……”

As a result, Chen Guo didn’t say anything more. In the room, her computer was already open and she went down to play Glory.

“I was on for a bit. I didn’t see Loulan Slash.” Chen Guo said. She was already beginning to put all of her thoughts into team related matters. Yesterday, she had slept early, so she would obviously be awake sooner than Ye Xiu. But when she went online, without Ye Xiu, she wasn’t sure what to do. She didn’t dare level up Lord Grim for Ye Xiu. The Heavenly Domain was too dangerous. If she leveled him, let alone a pro player, any elite from the top guilds would be enough to delete her. A 20 level difference was something she didn’t have the ability to deal with.

“Don’t worry. Let’s just continue leveling.” Ye Xiu said as he sat down.

“Okay.” Chen Guo nodded her head.

Tang Rou wasn’t here right now. This sister hadn’t received the same treatment as Ye Xiu and still needed to work. Every day, she would sit at the front desk as the cashier just like always. But for her, leveling wasn’t something she was in a rush for. She could spend more of her time reading guides, studying videos, and expanding her knowledge of the game. These types of things could be done at the front desk.

Tang Rou was currently looking at the set of Battle Mage guides Ye Xiu had picked out for her in the beginning, when she heard someone call out for her. When she turned around to look, she saw that there were two customers who wanted to use the computer. She didn’t pay too much attention and after seeing their credentials, she opened up two computers for them. When she returned their credentials to their computers, she saw that the two were looking around as if they were looking for something.

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