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Chapter 424 – The Mysterious Chasing Haze

Ye Qiu and Su Mucheng were without a doubt paragons of the idea that 1 plus 1 is far greater than 2. Despite it being a 3v2 and Lord Grim at a 20 level disadvantage, the instant they realized that the Launcher was Su Mucheng, the three thought: We made a mistake…….

After the Satellite Beam directly hit Wang Ze’s Sharpshooter and the six smaller pillars of light trapped Liu Hao and He Ming, the perfectly timed Heat Missile right afterwards made them completely give up any intentions of fighting.

They weren’t matches for the golden duo.

Even though they weren’t happy with it, they still had to admit that rushing in stubbornly would be asking for death.

As a result, Wang Ze’s character was killed, while Liu Hao and He Ming decided to run away.

“SU MUCHENG!!!” Liu hao slammed the table. In that instant, his hatred for Su Mucheng might have even surpassed his hatred for Ye Qiu.

On the side, Wang Ze and He Ming looked at each other. Right now, the three of them were sitting together, so communication was easy to do.

He Ming was about to say something, when they suddenly heard someone humming nearby, startling the three of them. Soon afterwards, they watched as Su Mucheng passed by the the window in front of them.

The three froze.

After a long time, Liu Hao asked absentmindedly: “Who was that?”

“It seemed to be…… Su Mucheng?” He Ming was also lost in thought.

Among the three of them, one of them was in the secondary team, the other was in the main team, while Wang Ze was a substitute. As the lowest position player, he got up and stuck his head the window to see. He looked outside and watched as Su Mucheng walked farther and farther away.

“It’s Su Mucheng…….” After Wang Ze left the window, he was no longer absentminded anymore.

“How could she be here?” Liu Hao seemed to have gotten even more lost in thought. Su Mucheng had clearly been controlling her character in the game. How could she suddenly appear outside of their window? Was she a ninja?

The answer was very simple. It was just that Liu Hao couldn’t believe it. Just before, he had been certain that the Launcher had to be Su Mucheng, but in the next second, Su Mucheng passed by his window. It was as if she were simply stepping all over his face like it was nothing. Did she really just hum and sing happily? Liu Hao was furious!

“If that person wasn’t Su Mucheng, then who was she?” He Ming was a bit more realistic.

No matter how much they thought about it, they couldn’t understand. If that player wasn’t Su Mucheng yet was able to coordinate with Ye Xiu so perfectly, could they have guessed wrong and that player had really just been throwing out random attacks blindly? But those moves were a bit too precise and accurate. They were also chained so perfectly that there was no room for them to retaliate……

“Chasing Haze.” Wang Ze spoke the character’s ID.

“Is that the name of that player?” Liu Hao had fixed his attention on Lord Grim and had ignored everything else.

“Doesn’t that name sound a bit familiar?” He Ming recalled.

“There was a really popular video of her some time ago…….” Wang Ze said.

He Ming suddenly remembered: “The video of that Launcher instant kill was this same character no?”

“What is it?” Liu Hao had been focused on the team during this time, so he hadn’t paid attention to anything in game.

He Ming opened up a browser and quickly found the video. Soon afterwards, he played the video and the three circled around the computer to watch it.

Such a precise and accurate combo definitely indicated that the player was an expert. But it wasn’t easy to say how good the player was exactly because her opponent wasn’t able to show any of his skill. Apart from the very beginning of the match, where he was able to do a little bit, after the first attack, he didn’t even get a chance to struggle.

“At least, his skill isn’t at a pro level.” He Ming was pointing to the Blade Master.
“No sh*t.” Liu Hao said a bit rudely. In the middle, there was a clear opportunity to escape, but the Blade Master wasn’t able to seize it. This type of skill was far from the pro level. There was no need to point it out.

“However, this Launcher’s skill seems to be quite good looking at this short chain of attacks.” He Ming said.

“This video is popular?” Liu hao asked.

He Ming really wanted to say “No sh*t” too, but he would be saying it to the vice captain and didn’t dare do so. He just highlighted the viewcount and said: “See, it’s very high.”

“Has this person ever been contacted by the Clubs?” Liu Hao asked.

“I’m not sure…… “ He Ming said.

Wang Ze stood on one side. He didn’t feel like he was in a position to interrupt them, but the two were missing a very obvious but important detail. Finally, he took up the courage and spoke: “Look at that Chasing Haze’s guild.”

“Guild?” He Ming asked. He pulled open the video and paused on a good still shot of Chasing Haze. He took a look at the guild name and saw that it actually read Excellent Dynasty.

Liu Hao and He Ming stared dumbly.

“Excellent Dynasty…… could it be Su Mucheng’s alternate account?” He Ming guessed.

“The person controlling that character couldn’t have been Su Mucheng.” Liu Hao. It wasn’t possible to immediately appear right outside the window just after playing the game.

“Go into the guild and take a look.” Liu Hao said.

As a result, He Ming logged into his Elementalist, Emotionless Magic. Even though it wasn’t a God leveled account, it was still a pro player’s account, so it gathered a huge amount of attention. As soon as Emotionless Magic went online, the guild chat immediately erupted. But right now, the three couldn’t care about all this. He Ming hastily checked the guild member list, but found no such character. He looked at the video again and confirmed that he had gotten the name correct. Then, he immediately logged out.

Liu Hao was helpless. He could only pick up his phone: “I’ll go ask.”

The call was obviously to Chen Yehui. He would obviously be more clear on the character in-game.
The pros had no idea what was going on, but as soon as they asked Chen Yehui, they were able to get a clear understanding of the situation. Anyone who was a part of a guild in the tenth server knew that this battle was a challenge by Poplar Beach to Lord Grim! Liu Hao was stumped for words after hearing Chen Yehui say this. Afterwards, he asked Chen Yehui on this Chasing Haze’s skill level.

Chen Guo’s skill level and character weren’t bad. In Guild Excellent Dynasty, she had a decent reputation. But because she wasn’t someone who played the game as work like Chen Yehui, no matter how good of a reputation she had, she wasn’t a core member of Excellent Dynasty. Chen Yehui hadn’t had any impression of her until after the video exploded into popularity.

In particular, after knowing that Ye Qiu had played on this character, he knew that the owner of this character had some sort of relationship with Ye Qiu. He had been thinking of some way to exploit her, but then not long ago, she suddenly left the guild at about the same time Ye Qiu created Guild Happy in the tenth server. Seeing this chain of events, it would be hard to say if she had any direct relationship with him, but at the very least, if Ye Qiu played on her account, the two should know each other. This meant that her relationship with him couldn’t be shallow, right?

Liu Hao wasn’t able to contain his emotions after hearing Chen Yehui’s explanation. Right afterwards, Chen Yehui used this chance to ask how the request of killing Lord Grim was going. This question poked right into Liu Hao’s sore spot. Liu Hao replied with a dark tone: “What’s the rush” and then immediately hung up the call.

“This…… she might be someone in Ye Qiu’s proximity.” Liu Hao told his findings to He Ming and Wang Ze.

“Is she someone that Ye Qiu is training?” The two asked.

He Ming glanced at the video again: “She seems to be quite skilled. Maybe the reason why the Clubs didn’t try and recruit her was because she had already tried out before?”

“No. That was Ye Qiu playing on the account. They seemed to have gotten to know each other awhile ago.” Liu Hao shook his head.

“Ye Qiu? So you’re saying that the Chasing Haze in this video is actually Ye Qiu?”


“If Ye Qiu’s the one playing, then it means that her skill level really isn’t that good, which is which is why she needed Ye Qiu to come out!” He Ming guessed.

“That’s not right either. At that time, the opponent had challenged Ye Qiu. However, Ye Qiu didn’t have a suitably leveled character, so he borrowed it to use.” Liu Hao said.

He Ming’s and Wang Ze’s expressions darkened. This meant that they had no way of knowing how good Chasing Haze really was. If she really was as good as she showed today, then she’d undoubtedly be a terrifying force. They had even mistaken her to be Su Mucheng. How scary was that?

Right now, they were just hoping that it was all a misunderstanding, but even if she wasn’t Su Mucheng, seeing today’s performance, she must have been good enough for Ye Qiu to use as a substitute for Su Mucheng, right? That would mean her skill level couldn’t be much worse than Su Mucheng’s. Could the three of them defeat the duo? They couldn’t log into their pro accounts to use in game, right?

The three uneasily paced back and forth.

He Ming’s character had logged off because he had to log into Emotionless Magic. Liu Hao was stopped there in the wilderness. Wang Ze was at a revive point and was in quite a desolate area.

They didn’t know what to do right now. Suddenly, Liu hao’s character suddenly took damage and his health rapidly went down. Liu Hao had just been thinking of how to deal with Ye Qiu, when he was suddenly attacked. He jumped in surprise and immediately rolled forward, while turning around to look behind him. He saw that it wasn’t Lord Grim. It was a character he didn’t recognize at all. The opponent was probably someone who thought he was AFK, so he attacked. This was the environment in the Heavenly Domain. A 20% experience loss at death was bad enough, but there was also a very high chance of dropping something, which pushed players to PK.

As soon as Liu Hao saw that it was some unknown character, he immediately flared up. If even a nobody tried to bully him, how could he bear it? Liu Hao attacked in a fury as if the opponent had killed his father or mother and destroyed the opponent.

“You’re looking to die! Hmph!” Liu Hao looked down on the character who had just died.

He Ming and Wang Ze quietly wiped away some sweat from their foreheads. It looks like their vice captain was under a lot of pressure!

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