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Chapter 423 – Who Do You Think I Am


Chen Guo didn’t have enough time to be shocked, when Ye Xiu yelled this out. She hastily used a Grenade. At the same time, Ye Xiu used his left hand to control her mouse. Her character turned and threw.

Chen Guo couldn’t tell what was happening on her screen, but because it was her Chasing Haze’s attack, she was able to see the result from Ye Xiu’s screen.

The eight missiles that exploded out of the Stinger rained down. Explosions burned all around Lord Grim, but because he was in the same party as Chasing Haze, he wasn’t affected by it. It didn’t matter how many missiles exploded on him. There was nothing to worry about. However, Chen Guo wasn’t able to see where exactly the Grenade had fallen because Ye Xiu didn’t look for the Grenade.

Ye Xiu’s left hand returned to his keyboard. The mouse in his right hand swiftly danced around as the battle continued. The scene constantly twisted and turned. Chen Guo could only watch quietly without knowing what was going on. She didn’t even know if she should have her right hand go back to her mouse.

It couldn’t be said that this was the first time Chen Guo had seen someone use two computers at once. However, normal players could only at most use one computer’s character to follow the other computer’s character in order to gain experience. Ye Xiu, on the other hand, was controlling the other character to attack. Even though Chen Guo was the one pressing the key to use the skill, the attack’s timing and aim were being controlled by Ye Xiu.

In reality, at that time, everything had happened too quickly and Chen Guo had also been shocked. She really hadn’t been paying attention to whether Ye Xiu’s mouse movements had been smooth or accurate.

The next opportunity to see this came quickly though. Chen Guo didn’t know what was happening, but Ye Xiu’s left hand once again grabbed her mouse.

“Satellite Beam!” This time, Ye Xiu shouted out the Launcher’s most powerful move.

Chen Guo was ready. She was already very familiar with how to use these skills. After immediately completing the actions, she looked at where Ye Xiu’s mouse was pointing towards. It was moving very slowly. For a moment, Chen Guo couldn’t tell if it was because he wasn’t very adept with his left hand or whether he was intentionally waiting for some sort of opportunity to appear. Chen Guo only knew that during this instant, the opponents didn’t stop attacking, while Ye Xiu’s right hand on his keyboard never stopped jumping around. What made Chen Guo even more amazed was that after a flurry of actions on the keyboard, his rind hand would even grab the mouse and use a skill……

It didn’t need to be said how fast his right hand was moving to complete what was supposed to be done with two hands with one hand. Under such hasty circumstances, Chen Guo really wanted to know how effective the skills he used were. However, Ye Xiu’s screen was always revolving around so fast that it made her eyes blur. She truly couldn’t see what was happening.

At this moment, Chen Guo saw that the Satellite Beam, which hadn’t been released yet, was about to reach its limit. If the skill wasn’t used now, it would be wasted.

Just as she was about to remind him, the mouse suddenly shot forward and then stopped at a steady position.

With a gentle click, the clouds in the sky split apart and a pillar of light descended towards where Ye Xiu was pointing at. Chen Guo immediately switched her gaze to Ye Xiu’s screen. This time, she was able to see clearly that the Satellite Beam had accurately hit a character.

The target was completely enveloped in the pillar of light. Chen Guo couldn’t tell who had been hit. The pillar of light split into six smaller pillars of light. The other two had to be careful and dodge it. In an instant, sand and rock flew out as the entire area exploded with light.

“Heat Missile!”

After hearing Ye Xiu say this, Chen Guo immediately completed the action. This time, Ye Xiu didn’t wait. His mouse immediately moved and a heat missile shot out from Chasing Haze’s cannon. Chen Guo’s heart thumped anxiously. Just as the heat missile was about to descend, it looked as if it would hit the giant rock. If that happened, it would explode on the rock and the target wouldn’t be affected.

However, the heat missile’s arc just happened to pass by the large rock and then disappear from view. Chen Guo immediately turned her head to look at Ye Xiu’s screen, but Ye Xiu wasn’t looking at the missile. Instead, he rushed towards the target which had been hit by the Satellite Beam.

Chen Guo’s Chasing Haze might not have the best equipment, but they were definitely above average. The three characters being used by Excellent Era had equipment that were only on par with Chasing Haze’s, so being directly hit by such a powerful move like Satellite Beam would definitely hurt a lot. Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim had rushed forward along with a flurry of gun shots. At this moment, Chen Guo could see who the target was. It was the Sharpshooter.

Sharpshooters weren’t like Launchers that only had long-ranged moves. Apart from gun skills, Sharpshooters also had body skills using the leg as methods of attacking. As a result, Sharpshooters always had a few points into these body skills.

Even if they mainly used long-ranged moves, they also had a few close-range skills, which could be used when necessary for cases like right now, where the opponent had closed in.

However, this Sharpshooter’s legs seemed as if they were like lead and couldn’t get them up. Under Lord Grim’s continuous attacks, he couldn’t use any of his skills. For a pro player, being suppressed to this extent was unsightly.

“Bang!” Lord Grim used a Falling Flower Palm. The unfortunate Sharpshooter crashed into the giant rock and bounced back. Ye Xiu followed up with a Knockup skill. Afterwards, a beautiful performance was played. The Sharpshooter wasn’t able to move away from the rock and soon, a white light shone and he was killed.

“Beautiful!!!” Chen Guo cried out. Though honestly, she had no idea how Ye Xiu had crucified the chaser onto the rock.

Chen Guo thought that the two other opponents would continue chasing and attacking. Her left hand was ready at any moment, while she let go of the mouse in her right hand. She had even moved the mouse a bit towards his side, so he could reach it easier. But then everything suddenly became quiet and it seemed like the battle had stopped.

The Elementalist’s magic could no longer be seen and there were no movements from the Spellblade. The two enemies seemed to have disappeared.

“Could they have all been killed already?” Chen Guo was surprised. Didn’t he say that three pro players was too much? How did he just kill the two of them off already?

Chen Guo didn’t know what was going on, but she was too afraid to move her character. She thought she wouldn’t be able to see anything from her screen and was ready to look at Ye Xiu’s screen, when she suddenly discovered something on her screen. She looked carefully and from the large rock, she saw two characters running farther and farther away.

The rock was big, but it didn’t obstruct too much of her view. After Chen Guo saw clearly who the two characters were, she confirmed that they were the Spellblade and Elementalist that had been chasing them. The two of them seemed to be escaping in a hurry too. Chen Guo scratched her head in confusion, but she didn’t want to be too careless. She thought it might be some pro strategy. However, when the two characters looked back towards them, her heart leaped. What she had thought would happen didn’t happen. The two characters really did just run until they disappeared from view.

“What happened?” Chen Guo saw that nothing was happening, so she asked.

“They ran.” Ye Xiu said.

“Ran?” Chen Guo didn’t understand.

“Yeah, you can’t see it from there?” Ye Xiu asked.

“I can see it! I meant why did they run?” Chen Guo said.

“You’re too amazing. You scared them away.” Ye Xiu laughed.

“Nonsense.” Chen Guo said. She wasn’t amazing. The amazing one was Ye Xiu’s left hand. But even so, to scare away two pro players? Chen Guo felt like that was going too far.

“Come down!”

Hearing Ye Xiu say this, Chen Guo’s Chasing Haze jumped down. Ye Xiu gave the equipment Chen Guo had dropped earlier back to her.

“What exactly happened?” Chen Guo continued to ask.

“Ha ha, the synergy between my left and right hand made them feel scared.” Ye Xiu said.

The word synergy had been emphasized by Ye Xiu. Chen Guo stared blankly before suddenly understanding: “Synergy? Did they think that I was……”

“Yeah……. Though let’s hurry up and leave.” Ye XIu said as he moved Chasing Haze away.

“That Launcher was Su Mucheng?” The Elementalist who had already run far away suddenly spoke with a bit of lingering fear.

“Definitely. With that type of control and synergy, who else could that be but Su Mucheng?” The Spellblade replied.

Ye Xiu’s guess had been correct. These three players were Excellent Era pros. The Spellblade was Liu Hao. The Elementalist was He Ming. The two were both using the classes they were adept at and had a 20 level advantage. They even had Wang Ze’s Sharpshooter. Against Ye Xiu alone, they wouldn’t have had any trouble whatsoever.

However, just like how Ye Xiu was extremely familiar with them, they were also extremely familiar with Ye Xiu and Su Mucheng. They had originally ignored the Launcher, especially when she threw out the Stinger and Grenade. They couldn’t tell what she was thinking. It was as if she had just thrown them out randomly. But the Satellite Beam had been too unexpected and directly sent Wang Ze’s Sharpshooter into the abyss. Even if that might have just been a coincidence, the immediate follow up from the Heat Missile had been done so perfectly that there was no way the three could believe that the Launcher was just randomly throwing out moves and praying they would hit.

A Launcher who could coordinate with Ye Qiu so perfectly. Besides Su Mucheng, who else could she be?

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