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Chapter 422 – Stay and Fight

Running away to figure out their skill level wasn’t the first time Ye Xiu had done this. The first time he used it was also against Excellent Dynasty’s people. History repeated itself, except this time, it was now in the Heavenly Domain instead of the tenth server, from easy-to-beat Excellent Dynasty players into possibly pro players that Ye Xiu had to respect.

Ye Xiu had chosen the open landscape in order to discover enemies easier, but escaping wasn’t convenient. The enemy could also easily figure out their escape route. However, Ye Xiu wasn’t ready to completely escape yet. He still wanted to confirm his opponents’ identities.

Ye Xiu was undoubtedly the most familiar with Excellent Era’s players. Liu Hao’s Hateful Sword wasn’t able to trick him. The other pros wouldn’t be able to either. Right now, even though they were only running and moving around, every player had small habits that they did. Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim was using Aerial Fire to fly backwards, so he was able to see what the three players chasing them were doing.

The three players had come for them. This didn’t need to be debated. After seeing them run, the three characters didn’t hesitate to chase after them. The Sharpshooter amongst them turned around and also used an Aerial Fire. While Aerial Firing, the character would turn around in midair from to time to time in order to confirm that he was still moving in the same direction as his target. Ye Xiu saw his movements and rhythm and was now eighty percent certain he knew his identity.

“Wang Ze!” Ye Xiu said.

“Ah!” Chen Guo and Forest Landscape shouted. As former Excellent Era fans, they weren’t a stranger to this name. Wang Ze was one of Excellent Era’s pro players and used a Sharpshooter like the one chasing after them.

“Then the other two are Liu Hao and He Ming?” Chen Guo shouted. Liu Hao and He Ming were Spellblade and Elementalist players on the team. Wang Ze didn’t have a position in the main roster yet. Liu Hao and He Ming were both in the main roster and their skill in the pro scene were widely praised.

“Split up and run!” Ye Xiu didn’t answer Chen Guo’s question and said this.

“Split up……” Chen Guo stared blankly. Forest Landscape, on the other hand, listened and immediately headed towards a different direction.

Chen Guo originally wanted to say that if they split up, they weren’t opponents for the pros. But after seeing Forest Landscape run in a different direction, the three players completely ignored him and still headed straight for Lord Grim and her. Only then did she realize that splitting up wasn’t to drop them off as lures, but rather because Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim was their only target. Killing off her and Forest Landscape would just be in passing. They wouldn’t spend any effort to bother with them.

“What do you mean run? Let’s fight them!” Chen Guo suddenly stirred.

“What do you mean fight?” Ye Xiu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “Going out and fighting is suicide. Use your brain.”

“Splitting up is using your brain?” Chen Guo disagreed. That type of plan where you guys run first, while I’ll figure something out was something she couldn’t accept.

“Uh, splitting up and running is so that I can focus on myself instead of taking care of you two……” Ye XIu said.

Ye Xiu’s honesty once again made Chen Guo want to cry, but she still persisted: “You don’t need to take care of us! If we die, we die! It’s just a bit of experience. It’s not like we die forever.”

“You’ve bound all of your equipment?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Don’t say it like we’re definitely going to die!” Chen Guo said.

“It was just a kind reminder.” Ye Xiu said.

“Is your Silver weapon bound?” Chen Guo asked.

“It’s too late.” Ye Xiu said.

“Same for me.” Chen Guo said.

“That’s why we can’t die!” Ye Xiu said.

“Definitely!” Chen Guo said.

“Then why aren’t you running?”

“Don’t mind me!!!” Chen Guo fumed. She didn’t need to send an emoticon in game, she could just directly glare at Ye Xiu for him to see.

“Okay okay okay. Then you follow me.” Ye Xiu didn’t persist.

“I know my own limits!” Chen Guo said, “I just wanted to stay and fight, that’s all. So what if I die in game? It’s not a big deal. You can send me as bait and I’d be fine with that.”

“You say you know your own limits. What type of value do you have as bait?” Ye Xiu said.

“You….. Why are you so blunt! Go die!!!” Chen Guo shouted.

“Jump to the rock at 1456, 856.” Ye Xiu suddenly quieted down and his tone turned serious. Chen Guo was a bit confused, but she did as she was told and hastily checked the coordinates. Sure enough, it was a large rock and she ran towards their.

“It won’t be easy to jump on. You have to jump high. Let me see your weight.” Ye Xiu said.

Chen Guo opened up her page. Ye Xiu glanced at it: “Your weight is a bit high. What are you carrying on you?”

“A bit of spare equipment!” The open-minded Chen Guo opened up her inventory and threw out some equipment. Her weight immediately dropped.

“How is it now?” Chen Guo asked Ye Xiu.

“F*ck, so wasteful.” Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim used a Falling Light Blade to get to the ground faster and swiftly picked up everything Chen Guo threw away.

Chen Guo was speechless. She was seriously doubting that he was a Glory God.

“Your weight is fine. Go jump. It has to be high. You have to find the right place. Over here.” Ye Xiu said and told Chen Guo to look at his screen, where his mouse pointed to a spot on the big rock.

Chen Guo turned to look at her screen and immediately found the position on her screen. She rushed underneath the big rock, jumped up, Aerial Fired, and then crashed into the rock and slid down…….

“Pay attention to the angle.” Ye Xiu said.

Chen Guo tried again. This time, she didn’t crash into the rock, but she had been too careful with her angle. She missed the rock and failed again.

Looking back, the three were quickly closing in. Chen Guo was starting to get very worried.

“What do I do if I can’t jump on?” Chen Guo asked.

“You’ll be like a clown who the enemy laughs at.” Ye Xiu said.

Chen Guo heard this and got angry. She tried again and this time, she succeeded. She was a bit surprised that she made it on. How did she do that?

“And then what?’ Chen Guo asked after jumping onto the rock.

“Move back. A bit more. A bit more. Yeah. That’s good.” Ye Xiu directed.

This big rock was so big that it was almost like a platform. Chen Guo listened and had Chasing Haze continue moving back. When Ye Xiu told her to stop, she discovered that she couldn’t see what was going on down there anymore.

“And then?” Chen Guo asked again.

“Wait for my order.” Ye Xiu said.

Chen Guo sat there anxiously. Her right hand was on the mouse. Her left hand was on the keyboard. She was ready at any moment to do something complicated. She really wanted to see what Ye Xiu was doing, but she knew that her opponents were already close. What if Ye Xiu’s arrangement for her was very important? As a result, she didn’t dare be distracted and stared at her monitor.

Her line of sight was completely covered by the big rock. She couldn’t see anything. However, she could hear footsteps coming closer and closer, faster and faster. The sounds of a gun firing were getting closer and closer as well. Chen Guo knew that this was the enemy Sharpshooter’s Aerial Fire. Had they already gotten on to the rock? Or were they still below it? Or perhaps they were only a few steps away from her.

But she didn’t dare move. She didn’t know what Ye Xiu was planning. Maybe he was planning on using her as bait and then doing something after that.

Except……. Chen Guo looked around and saw that no attacks came onto the rock. This rock was very big. The Spellblade and Elementalist wouldn’t be able to reach up here. If the Sharpshooter used Aerial Fire, his recoil wasn’t as strong as a cannon, so he wouldn’t be able to reach this height either, unless the Sharpshooter learned the Mechanic skill to directly fly up.

Chen Guo thought about it, when she suddenly heard the loud sound of gunfire. It was continuously firing, which meant that it wasn’t an Aerial Fire, but actual firing. Then, she saw a bright flame rush up. She didn’t have a full view of it, but form the visual effects, it had clearly been done by the opponent’s Elementalist.

If she could still bear to not look at her surroundings, then she wouldn’t be Chen Guo. However, she was still too afraid to move her character, so she looked at Ye Xiu’s screen.

Bullets and magic were flying all around in Ye Xiu’s line of sight. Chen Guo looked at it anxiously for half a minute, but she couldn’t see what the situation was. Once he started maneuvering, his character camera would constantly be turning. Chen Guo couldn’t figure out what his intent was, but she was at least able to see Lord Grim’s health and mana pool. From the looks of it, the situation wasn’t looking too bad.

Chen Guo really wanted to know what she could do, but she didn’t dare bother Ye Xiu right now. Just seeing his screen spin around, making her eyes go blurry, Chen Guo often only realized after several moments later: Oh, that guy just did that type of attack.

Chen Guo, who was unable to see anything clearly, finally discovered a smart method. She started looking at Lord Grim’s coordinates and from there, she could figure out his general direction. However, the coordinates didn’t constantly update and only changed every second. In the end, Chen Guo wasn’t able to get anything out of it.

At this moment, Ye Xiu’s left hand suddenly extended out towards her. He shouted: “Give me your mouse!!”

“Ah?” Chen Guo was startled and let go of the mouse in her right hand in panic.

Ye Xiu’s left hand grabbed Chen Guo’s mouse. His right hand was on the keyboard and he seemed to be moving his character around, while shouting: “Stinger!”

Chen Guo was a bit confused, but hearing Ye Xiu’s shout, she immediately used a Stinger. The, she saw Ye Xiu’s left hand control her mouse, aim in a direction, and throw out the Stinger.

“You can do that?” Chen Guo was frozen.

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