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Chapter 420 – I’m His Boss

There were only things you couldn’t think of, but there was nothing you couldn’t make.

This was one thing the game was proud of. It didn’t matter if their words were just an exaggeration. It was indeed true. As long as you could find the item in the game, it was 100% possible that you could make it. This meant that Swordpoint’s unique special effect could be added onto a Silver weapon. However, even after many years of research, no one had found a way to do it.

“Swordpoint” ‘s unique special effect made it popular in the game and was considered as a top tier weapon for Swordsman classes. Because of its power, it was obviously a very rare drop. Loulan Slash had one, but he probably hadn’t gotten it himself.

“That Greatsword is called Swordpoint. You should know of it!” It wasn’t a secret that Loulan Slash possessed Swordpoint. Chen Guo was still introducing him to Ye Xiu, but she didn’t know that Ye Xiu had already recognized this weapon.

“I know. I already saw it.” Ye Xiu said.

“Oh.” Chen Guo didn’t say anymore because Loulan Slash and his four party members were in front of them.

Very soon, a chat bubble appeared over Loulan Slash’s head along with a smiley face: “Nice to meet you :)”

This was one of the most popular ways to chat in Glory. The player used his voice to communicate, but because the character couldn’t show the player’s facial expression, many people liked to use emojis as a replacement.

“Nice to meet you too :)” Ye Xiu did the same and added a smiley face as well.

“Brother Lord Grim, it’s an honor to meet you!” Loulan Slash said directly to Ye Xiu.

“Loulan Slash, it’s an honor to meet you too!” Ye Xiu replied.

“Liar! You just found out.” Chen Guo looked down at Ye Xiu and sent a private message.

“It’s just manners. He probably just found about me too a few days ago.” Ye Xiu quickly replied.

“Tell him you’re Ye Qiu! Then it really would be an honor to meet you!” Chen Guo replied. She was looking forward to see this scene. It would be very amusing to see.

Before Ye Xiu could reply, Loulan Slash continued to speak.

“Brother, reaching the Heavenly Domain at level 50 is unprecedented in the history of Glory! You’re amazing! I wonder which server you used to play on. Perhaps we know each other.” Loulan Slash said.

There was no way a new player who had just started playing on the new server would be able to finish the Heavenly Challenge at Level 50. Even an incredibly talented player like Tang Rou, who had passion, strong mechanics, and a God personally instructing her, couldn’t complete the Challenge.

During the past few days, many people had been curious about Lord Grim’s identity. Every famous player in the Heavenly Domain had been suspected. However, during the Spring Festival event, these characters were all busy in the Heavenly Domain, so the suspicions towards them were quickly dispelled. Then, people began to recall the retired elites, who were perhaps starting the game again.

After greeting him, Loulan Slash began figuring out what server Ye Xiu’s main account was from. Ye Xiu didn’t try to hide it and answered, “I used to play on the first server, but I hadn’t played on it for a long time.”

“First server……” Loulan Slash and his four friends took a deep breath. If he really had started playing when the first server opened, then he was senior of seniors! But there was also another possibility. He had started playing later and had simply chosen to start in the first server.

“Brother, do you have an account in the Heavenly Domain?” Loulan Slash asked again. He felt that someone so skilled must be an experienced player. It wasn’t possible for him to not have a character in the Heavenly Domain and the character must have been famous once.

“Not anymore.” Ye Xiu replied.

“You give it to someone?” Loulan Slash said.

“You could say that!” Ye Xiu replied.

“What’s the name of the character?” Loulan Slash thought if he knew the name of the character, he would have a much easier time figuring out his identity.

Loulan Slash was right. After Ye Xiu told him his old character’s name, it was really obvious who he was.

“One Autumn Leaf.” Ye Xiu said.

Chen Guo was excited. This was the moment she was waiting for!

“This name sounds really familiar? Do we really not know each other?” Loulan Slash thought for a while.

But right after the pause, before Ye Xiu could reply, emojis popped up above the heads of all five characters in the other party.

Shocked. Sweating. Surprised. A face that turned black after being struck by lightning. Loulan Slash chose an “unbelievable” emoji and he quickly followed, “One Autumn Leaf? You don’t mean that One Autumn Leaf, right?”

“Is there another One Autumn Leaf?” Ye Xiu laughed.

A moment of silence, this time, there wasn’t any emoji on all five of the characters. They seemed to be lagging and didn’t move at all.

“Are you saying you’re Ye Qiu?” Loulan Slash regained his composure the fastest.

“Yes, that’s me.” Ye Xiu didn’t hide his identity.

“Crash……” Everyone heard a crash, but didn’t know where it caem from. But they could hear someone quickly speak: “GOD YE QIU!!!!!!” He added an emoji as he talked, so everyone knew who had spoken.

He was one of Loulan Slash’s party members and a Battle Mage. As a Battle Mage, admiring Ye Qiu was very common and logical.
Aftera short pause, someone finally awakened and muttered: “Is this for real?”

“It’s real.” Ye Xiu smiled while saying.

“Can you prove it?” Loulan Slash asked.

“I don’t have to prove it. It’s up to you whether you want to believe me or not.” Ye Xiu laughed.

Loulan Slash was startled, but he was right. He immediately followed: “Fine! If you really are God Ye Qiu, then that’s even better! I’ve heard that you want to go back to the pro scene and make your own team?”

“Yes. I’ve thought about it.”Ye Xiu said.

“What a coincidence! I’ve been thinking about building a team for a while and I’ve been preparing as well. But good players are hard to find! God, are you interested?” Loulan Slash asked.

“Then too bad for you. The God has already signed a contract with me already.” How could Chen Guo bear it, seeing a person try to dig him out from right in front of her .She jumped out and pushed Ye Xiu aside, standing in front of Loulan Slash while speaking.

“Who are you?” Loulan Slash hadn’t paid attention to Chen Guo and Forest Landscape after greeting them. These two characters weren’t famous in the Heavenly Domain.

“I’m his boss.” Chen Guo said.

“What boss?” Loulan Slash was puzzled.

“You don’t know what boss means?” Chen Guo looked down on him.

“Investor?” Loulan Slash said in a more professional way.

“Eh…. Kind of…..”’ Chen Guo suddenly lost her confidence because all she did was provide food and shelter for Ye Xiu. She hadn’t really done much else for him. Loulan Slash was quite famous for having money. No one knew what his background was, but there were quite a few rumors saying his family were at least millionaires. In any case, it was a lot stronger than Chen Guo’s background, who only owned an Internet Café.

Having support from someone like this might be better for Ye Xiu. It didn’t seem quite right for Chen Guo to jump out like that. After all, she and Ye Xiu hadn’t officially signed a contract or anything. Even if the guild had already been made in the tenth server, what did that mean? They were still far from starting yet!

Thinking about this, Chen Guo wasn’t sure. She turned around and looked at Ye Xiu, but all she saw was him laughing! Even so, he said to Loulan Slash, “ Yes, she’s my boss.”

Just this sentence made Chen Guo’s confidence come back, even she even straightened her back as if Loulan Slash could see see her. She said. “Did you hear that? That’s what boss means. Do you still need to ask?”

Loulan Slash thought it was a bit suspicious, but this was their first time meeting. He knew nothing about Chen Guo’s background. He heard Ye Xiu admitting it himself, so it naturally wasn’t a good to try and buy a player in front of her. He said “ I see. What a pity!”

He followed: ” Then if it’s convenient, how about we add each other as friends? Later, if anything comes up, we can help each other!”

Ye Xiu agreed and sent a friend request to Loulan Slash. Chen Guo paused for a second because Loulan Slash also sent her a friend request. Of course, Chen Guo accepted too.

Loulan Slash looked around asked, “Are you three leveling?”

“Yeah!” Ye Xiu replied.

“Then we shouldn’t bother you guys any longer. Let’s keep in touch!” Loulan Slash said.

“Let’s keep in touch.” Ye Xiu nodded his head.

Loulan Slash turned, carrying his Swordpoint, and left together with the other four players. On the other hand, Chen Guo was in a daze. After a while, she turned around to look at Ye Xiu: “They left just like that?”

“What did you expect him to do?” Ye Xiu asked.

“He should’ve pulled out an empty cheque and then give it to you. Fill in how much money you want and then come with me or something.” Chen Guo said.

“Yeah, what a pity. Why didn’t I meet someone stupid like that?” Ye Xiu said.

“That’s not being stupid. This is your value. That’s how much you’re worth in Glory.” Chen Guo said.

“Sis, he can’t even confirm if I’m Ye Qiu or not!” Ye Xiu said.

“That why I said he’s stupid. He can’t even figure that out.” Chen Guo continued to looked down on him.

Ye Xiu didn’t say anymore. He could tell that Chen Guo had some sort of prejudice towards players who got power through money. She probably thought that they were useless except for being rich. She turned her camera to look in that direction. Loulan Slash’s group had come fast and left fast. They had gone far away enough that their IDs couldn’t be seen clearly anymore.

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