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Chapter 418 – Entering the Heavenly Domain

Entering the Heavenly Domain was an exciting event for Glory players. You have to look at it from Chen Guo’s perspective. Choose a good day, relax, take a bath, pay your respects to those gods of luck, and then enter the Heavenly Domain. But for Ye Xiu, after completing the quest chain, he didn’t look excited at all. He just strolled right into the Heavenly Domain.

Ye Xiu might be calm, but the world wasn’t. Getting into the Heavenly Domain was a major event. The system would publicly announce it. It would be announced to the tenth server, as well as the Heavenly Domain.

This was the first announcement of this kind for the tenth server and another one wasn’t going to happen any time soon. But because the tenth server was full of new players, many of them didn’t really know about the difficulty of the challenge, so they weren’t too shocked. In their eyes, it was just another announcement about Lord Grim.

But for the Heavenly Domain, their response was enormous!

Since the character entering the Heavenly Domain was from the tenth server, the announcement would naturally make it clear which server the character came from. Tenth server. These two words dazzled as brightly as the name ‘Lord Grim’. The old birds of the Heavenly Domain obviously knew that the tenth server had just opened for two months and knew what level they were at. Entering the Heavenly Domain at this time was definitely a record.

Lord Grim’s fame these days was already great enough. Most of them had already prepared for this, so they weren’t surprised. However, there were always a few slow ones. They weren’t aware of Lord Grim and went crazy after seeing that a tenth server player had entered the Heavenly Domain.

The instant that Ye Xiu stepped into the Heavenly Domain, he received who knew how many system notifications. The excited Heavenly Domain players had been waiting for this famous player to arrive for several days already. As soon as they saw the announcement, many of them immediately sent a friend invite to pay their respects, trying to pull him in —– and for all sorts of other reasons.

No matter how friendly Ye Xiu was, it wasn’t possible to answer all of them. The Heavenly Domain had players from all of the nine previous servers. The total population surpassed that of a single server. Everyone knew of Lord Grim because of his recent popularity, so the number of friend invites sent had to be a record. Accepting or rejecting the invites one by one could only be done by a machine.

Ignoring these invites, Ye Xiu first took a look at where Lord Grim was located and confirmed his coordinates. In the game, entering the Heavenly Domain looked like a teleport, but in reality, the servers were doing a calculation. There was no set starting position when going into the Heavenly Domain. But because the Heavenly Domain was created on year five of the game, the level cap had been Level 55 at that time. The Level 55 and up areas hadn’t been created yet, so the random teleport location to the Heavenly Domain was limited to within the Level 55 areas.

Ye Xiu checked his coordinates and looked around him to get a general understanding of where he was.

Even though he was in a Level 55 area and most players in the Heavenly Domain were Level 70, it didn’t mean that the area was empty. The majority of low-level equipment, apart from those with special effects that had a bit of value, weren’t valuable to Level 70 players. However, materials didn’t have levels. Whether it was a piece of self-made equipment using an equipment editor or an in-game piece of crafted equipment, they often used a few pieces of low-level materials. Moreover, the lower the level of the material, the greater the amount of material was needed. As a result, even for Level 55 areas, there were still quite a few players wandering around.

Ye Xiu didn’t seek for these yet. Leveling was still his main goal. However, an only Level 50 Lord Grim couldn’t even enter the Heavenly Domain dungeons. He couldn’t even do any quests. This was also because of his level. Ye Xiu could only grind it out for these five levels and these monsters were also higher leveled.

Of course, a monster that was five levels higher wasn’t a problem for Ye Xiu. However, in the Heavenly Domain, the dangers were never the NPCs, but the players. In the Heavenly Domain, killing someone didn’t need a reason. If you wanted to kill, then go ahead. It was just that chaotic.

It could be said that the Heavenly Domain and the normal server were almost two different games. One was more PvP-oriented, the other more PvE-oriented. Of course, the players could choose and the game wouldn’t force the choice. Moreover, in order to maintain the fun for those who didn’t like the Heavenly Domain, they didn’t stop releasing post-game content in the normal servers either. As a result, there was also a large amount of players who didn’t like the Heavenly Domain and stayed nice and safe in the normal servers to have fun.

But no matter the case, the Heavenly Domain would always be a sort of attraction. Here, the materials and equipment were better than those in the normal servers. No matter what content the game company released, that distance would always be maintained. Thus, quite a few players ran to the Heavenly Domain to get equipment and brought it back to the normal servers to show off their might. These types of players were naturally looked down on up to the point where players unanimously attacked them. The Heavenly Domain players looked down on them. The normal server players hated them. With the general hate for them, there were very few players of this type left.

However, it wasn’t possible to eradicate lowly people. The tenth server might not have anyone like this yet, but that was only because no one had reached the Heavenly Domain. In other servers, as long as one searched the forums, there would often be posts looking to suppress this type of people.

Ye Xiu urgently needed more levels, so after understanding where he was, he immediately began training.

It was true that Level 55 areas weren’t empty, but they weren’t too populated either. Ye Xiu also knew how famous his Lord Grim was right now, so he didn’t want too many people watching him. He took great pains to avoid others and found a place where no one was at to peacefully level.

Just as he began, he suddenly noticed that there were people coming over from a certain direction. Ye Xiu didn’t care too much in the beginning, but he soon realized that they were heading directly towards his position. He immediately took up his guard and hid behind a wall. Then, he moved his head just a tiny bit out to see the two characters heading towards him.

“Ha ha ha, how could you be so scared!” Chen Guo laughed.

Ye Xiu turned his head and looked at her: “I can’t be careless.”

“Trust me. It’s nothing.” Chen Guo said.

“How do you know?” Ye Xiu said. He glanced at Chen Guo’s screen and went speechless.

Sure enough, it was nothing. Because among those two players was Chen Guo’s Chasing Haze.

The two had finally met each other in game. Chen Guo was still a bit excited. No matter the case, she was still meeting up with one of the Gods she respected greatly, even if her respect for the God had gone down a lot after getting to know him better.

“Why didn’t you accept my friend invite!” Chen Guo felt quite good using such a tone towards a God.

“How am I supposed to do that?” Ye Xiu said as he pointed at his friend invites. The system notifications filled up the screen as friend invites continued to be received. The scroll bar was becoming shorter and shorter by the second. The amount of friend invites he was getting kept increasing.

“You’re really popular.” Chen Guo began to sweat.

Ye Xiu was helpless. He cleared away all of the invites.

“You add me first and then I’ll accept.” Chen Guo said, but after no response for a long time. She turned to look at Ye Xiu who just sat there silently staring at his screen dumbly. Chen Guo looked at his screen and saw that his message window had stopped moving. The entire game had froze.

“Frozen……. Frozen?” Chen Guo had a hard time believing it. With today’s technology, the word “frozen” had practically been forgotten by everyone. Today, Ye Xiu had just tried to clear his invites, but the game froze because of it. Just how many invites did he get? There were so many that his computer wasn’t able to handle it in a short amount of time.

“Just wait a bit……” Chen Guo was the owner of an Internet Cafe, so she still had some understanding of computers. It looked like a frozen computer, but it wasn’t actually. The system was trying to clear all the invites and couldn’t deal with his other commands. The clearing was still going underway. It was just that the clearing was using too many resources and seemed like it was ignoring the user.

Ye Xiu could only wait. From Chen Guo’s screen, she saw that Chen Guo’s Chasing Haze had a Battle Mage called Forest Landscape next to her.

Chen Guo had introduced this Battle Mage to Ye Xiu before. When she had left Excellent Dynasty, he had left with her. According to Chen Guo, his mechanics were just a bit worse than hers, which meant that he could really only play in-game. There wasn’t much hope of him being good enough to join the team.

“Look at this guy. His computer froze. Hold on a sec.” Ye Xiu heard Chen Guo talk to Forest Landscape.

“Does he know who I am?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Yes, I told him.” Chen Guo nodded her head. After leaving Excellent Dynasty with Chen Guo, the two had gotten quite close. Chen Guo had already told Forest Landscape of Ye Qiu in private. Forest Landscape was one of Ye Qiu’s loyal fans and was obviously very shocked. He had hoped that he would one day meet with him. Today, after hearing that the God was coming to the Heavenly Domain, he immediately rushed over with Chen Guo. Once he heard that the God’s character was frozen, his admiration for him increased even more.

He really deserves to be called a God! How long had it been since he heard of a computer freezing from Glory. God truly was extraordinary.

Ye Xiu sat there for five minutes. His screen suddenly moved and all of those previous messages were cleared. But Ye Xiu quickly discovered that another flurry of notifications flashed. Players were still sending friend invites. How could Ye Xiu have such a tragedy occur again? He clicked rapidly and rejected all of the invites.

“Forest Landscape.” In-game, Chen Guo introduced him to Ye Xiu.

“IDOL!!!” Forest Landscape blurted out, not waiting for Chen Guo to introduce Ye Xiu.

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