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Chapter 365 – No Friends to the Left or to the Right

Changing Spring was usually too lazy to speak up in chat, but everything he said had been reflected on carefully.

Why did he say ‘Thousand Creations’? Others on the side might need to take some time to think, but Blue River instantly understood the reasoning and felt a chill in his heart.

Thousand Creations’s personality was unsociable and eccentric. He didn’t really have any friends in the guild. Outside of the guild, because of his love for kill stealing, the reason he hadn’t become a notorious rat to the public was because the tenth server had only recently opened.

However, Thousand Creations’s skill level was the real deal. Changing Spring had seen this, which was why he had put in a great amount of effort to get him to join his guild. After spending so much time together, there were moments where he stirred up trouble, but he would always perform outstandingly at crucial moments. Even without all of his merits to the guild, he had been with them for so long, so there was still a bit of a relationship.

As soon as Changing Spring saw that Thousand Creations would not help his guild anymore, he immediately used the black marks on Thousand Creation to make him the target.

This choice coincided with his previous words of “the effects wouldn’t be good” because dispatching troops to kill Thousand Creations could be considered for a just cause. When Thousand Creations came over to the tenth server, his personality hadn’t changed and he would kill steal from time to time. Even though he hadn’t aroused any public anger yet, if they went after Thousand Creations, there would still be many who would stand out and call it a justified act.

But for Blue River, pushing down Thousand Creations just like that didn’t feel right to him. Although, in the end, Blue Brook Guild was led by Changing Spring and he had the right to command what to do in the tenth server.

“His moral conduct is improper. We have reason to kill him.” Changing Spring added to give everyone a reason for choosing Thousand Creations as a target.

“Oh? If it’s just him alone, then even with Happy Guild taking him in, we can still act out. This might even develop into a reason to go to war!” Jiang You’s eyes lit up when he heard this. He still liked his idea and wanted an excuse to fight against Guild Happy. If they fought, Guild Happy definitely wouldn’t be their opponent. Right now, the top guilds had to pay attention to their image, so they couldn’t simply attack whenever they wanted to.

“Yeah, but this condition alone isn’t enough. It can be considered as one reason to attack, though.” Herb Garden’s Arisaema gave his approval.

With the approval from the guild leaders of the Three Great Guilds, the plan to kill Thousand Creations was pretty much decided on, so in the end, Blue River didn’t say anything. He didn’t have anything that he could criticize Changing Spring about anyways. He should perhaps even be admiring Changing Spring because Changing Spring was clearly more suited to leading. As Glory’s competitive scene developed, these guilds, backed by Clubs, became more and more professional, and Changing Spring had already grown from a player who only regarded the game as a game into a professional who regarded the game as work.

He no longer felt that same type of pure joy from playing the game. He now considered the game as work and instead felt feelings of satisfaction and success.

Up until now, Blue River still hadn’t been able to reach this point. During the past few days with Guild Happy, he had found it fun playing with others, even for simple events like beating the Level 1 and 2 Guardians. He was certain that if he had been Changing Spring, he wouldn’t have even batted an eyelid. Let alone for a Level 1 or 2 Guardian, he wouldn’t even care for a Level 20 Guardian. To him, it was just another necessity required to develop the guild. Beating it wasn’t something that needed to be mentioned. What was there to be happy about for something so insignificant?

With the target chosen, the following steps were something that everyone had much experience with and not too much needed to be said. They only needed to make arrangements for organizing the hunting squad and deploying them. Blue River watched attentively, not saying a single word. From time to time, he would switch back to the game and look at Thousand Creations’s name on his friends list.

Honestly speaking, he didn’t have much of a relationship with Thousand Creations, but Changing Spring’s coldness still made him feel too uncomfortable.

“Should I warn Thousand Creations?” Blue River was conflicted. What to do! He saw as the details were worked out in the group chat and knew that the operation would begin soon. The guild only needed to tell those online who to kill and they would do it. With the top guilds working together and watchers scattered throughout the server, Thousand Creations’s whereabouts were already known.

“Should I or should I not……” Blue River had already opened and closed the chat window with Thousand Creations several times now. He was extremely conflicted on what to do.

In the end, Blue River finally came to a decision. He opened up the chat window with Thousand Creations and typed two words.

“Be careful.”

Blue River didn’t say much. It was only two words, but he believed that Thousand Creations would understand. As soon as the message was sent out, Blue River felt as if a large burden had been lifted from his heart. When he looked back at the discussion going on in the group chat, he suddenly felt as if none of it was related to him.

“I know. Thanks.”

At this moment, Thousand Creations sent back a reply. He didn’t ask for any details. It was simply an “I know.” From the looks of it, it seemed like he had already known this was going to happen.

“You already knew?” Blue River couldn’t help but to ask.

“Yeah!” Thousand Creations replied.

“What do you know?”

“The top guilds will definitely move against me.” Thousand Creations said.

“It seems like you’re quite understanding of the situation?” Blue River was a bit surprised. Even though he hadn’t interacted with Thousand Creations that much, they had known each other for a long time, so he at least had a general idea of his personality. For Blue River, Thousand Creations was simply someone who was good at fighting, but wasn’t someone who had the mind to understand a lot about the battle between guilds. He hadn’t thought that he’d have seen through all this.

“Nah. It was Ye Qiu who told me.” Thousand Creations replied.

Blue River was startled. He had forgotten about this God. If Ye Qiu already knew this was going to happen, that meant he probably had plans for Thousand Creations, no? Even though he didn’t know what the plans were, he knew that they would definitely be difficult to deal with. Should he or not……. Should he or not……

Five minutes hadn’t even passed and Blue River was once again conflicted.

He had wanted to tell the top guilds that Lord Grim already had preparations against them, but just before he was about to speak out, he suddenly realized that he wasn’t clear on what to report because he had no way of explaining himself. He couldn’t just say he had warned Thousand Creations and then in return, Thousand Creations leaked important info to him.

Blue River couldn’t come to a decision before the group chat’s discussion ended for the time being and everyone returned back to the game.

“Is it starting?” Blue River messaged Changing Spring.

“Yes.” Changing Spring replied bluntly.

“Be careful. The other side might have made preparations……” Blue River said it in the end and then let out a deep sigh. He knew that if his words were looked into carefully, he would no longer have any friends to the left or right. However, he still felt that he would feel bad if he didn’t say it.

“I hope so.” Changing Spring replied, which made Blue River astonished. He soon understood that the top guilds wanted to go into a large scale battle with Guild Happy. If Guild Happy protected Thousand Creations without restraint, then that would be exactly what the top guilds wanted.

Both sides were trying to outwit each other…….

Blue River sighed and discovered that he was having a bit of trouble keeping up with everything. Even though he had still figured it out, he had been slow.

“Move out!”

At this moment, whether it was the overall guild leader or the guild leader of the server, all of them gave out the order and the operation began.

Thousand Waves Lake.

It was a Level 40-43 leveling area, which had a glittering lake with blue waves rolling about.

But as long as it was a leveling area, no matter how beautiful the scenery was, it would still be filled with danger. At the edges of the lake, savage monsters roamed around. In the lake, numerous water beasts at the Level 40-43 range lay hidden. In the middle of the lake was a small island. This was the Level 40-43 Thousand Waves Lake dungeon and the competition location for the tenth server’s first-string players.

Thousand Creations was currently wandering around the edges of the lake and randomly killing monsters.

There were very few players here because there were only a total of 99 players that were at this level range. Even if all 99 players were there, with them scattered around the vast lake, it was very unlikely for them to coincidentally meet.

However, the top guilds had already begun shadowing Thousand Creations long before he set out for the leveling area. The shadowers verified that Thousand Creations was the target and then gave out his coordinates.

“Coordinates 2568, 4653. The target is currently over there.”

The players, who were following Thousand Creations, quietly reported back and then spread the word to the dispatched troops.

Changing Spring and Blue River, these guild leaders, personally joined in on the operation and were currently headed towards the target. With the two face-to-face, Changing Spring was no longer so cold.

“Has anything happened recently?” Changing Spring asked Blue River.

“Nothing much. I’m just a bit tired.” Blue River said.

“So you’ve been on that other account the other time? How’s Guild Happy doing?” Changing Spring asked.

“Their development has been going very steadily.” Blue River said.

“With Ye Qiu leading, I doubt they’d make any low-level mistakes.” Changing Spring said.

‘Yeah.” Blue River nodded his head.

“He really isn’t easy to deal with.” Changing Spring sighed. Blue River didn’t follow up though.

“We’re almost there.” Comrade Bound Boat said. For this operation, the top guilds sent out their elite members. This was because Thousand Creations himself wasn’t easy to deal with and they also suspected that Ye Qiu had something prepared against them. They hoped to use this opportunity to create a huge wave, the bigger the better, and directly topple Guild Happy.

“Over there. It’s Thousand Creations!” Thundering Light saw Thousand Creations.

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