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Chapter 364 – Next Stage

Many of the participants in the group chat already knew what Blue River was going to say. The leading top guilds were especially quiet, but then, Samsara’s Lonely Drink stood out. Seeing that no one was speaking, he typed in an angry face emoticon to express his feelings and then asked: “What’s the answer? I want to know what’s so scary about it!”

“Happy’s guild leader, Lord Grim, is Ye Qiu.” Blue River didn’t try to decorate his words. They were very blunt.

The people who knew this continued to stay silent, but Lonely Drink continued to jump out: “Ye Qiu? Which Ye Qiu?”

“Which Ye Qiu do you think?”

“F*ck, no way!” It wasn’t hard to imagine what Lonely Drink’s expression was and he wasn’t the only one, either.

After a moment of cold silence, Lonely Drink once again spoke up.

“If Lord Grim is Ye Qiu, then that Launcher Cleansing Mist is……..” Lonely Drink was already beginning to carefully pick his words.

“Yeah, you’ve probably guessed correctly.” Blue River replied.

“Sweat……. So what?” Lonely Drink had been the most aggressive towards Lord Grim, but at this moment, everyone felt like he had suddenly weakened.

“Nothing really.” Blue River’s words were as if he had nothing to do with it: “Guild Happy has Ye Qiu and Su Mucheng. That’s the reason why there were people who left to go join Guild Happy.”

“Guild leader Blue River, you seem to know a lot.” Tyrannical Ambition’s guild leader Jiang You suddenly said.

“Same to you.” Blue River replied.

“What….. You guys already knew about this?” Lonely Drink had just realized that he had been the only one asking questions. The others just sat there like spectators.

In truth, there weren’t that many who knew of this; it was just that everyone in the chat group was of high status. No one answered Lonely Drink’s question though, whether they already knew of it or had just learned of it.

“Don’t tell me……. No wonder the overall guild leaders of the Three Great Guilds all ran over to manage the tenth server. It was because the opponent this time wasn’t normal.” Lonely Drink said.

Changing Spring, Arisaema, and Jiang You going over to the tenth server was something that only their respective guilds knew of. They obviously didn’t tell outsiders. It was just that more perceptive people could tell.

“Don’t blame me for being too blunt. With opponents such as Ye Qiu and Su Mucheng, even with you three here, it still won’t even be close to enough, right?” Lonely Drink clearly wasn’t in a good mood. These guys seemed to have known everything all along, while he was the only one completely in the dark. To them, his previous actions made him look like an idiot. Lonely Drink obviously wasn’t happy about that.

The others understood what he was thinking, but they didn’t bicker. Herb Garden’s Plantago Seed came out to mediate the situation: “Aren’t we going off topic? The main issue is that we originally thought that Guild Happy wouldn’t be able to compete with us for dungeon records, but now it looks like the situation has changed. That’s what we should be trying to figure out, no?”

“Ha ha ha, you’re right! This issue really is very troublesome. You guys hurry up and think of a solution.” Lonely Drink said.

Everyone was stumped for words at first, but quickly recovered. This troublesome issue didn’t really matter much for Samsara. This was because during the last Christmas event, Guild Samsara hadn’t been in the list of guilds working together with them, so their first-string characters weren’t in the same level range as them. They had already been left behind in the Level 40-43 dungeon record competition.

There was also one other guild that was like Samsara: Excellent Dynasty.

Speaking of Excellent Dynasty, everyone was even more puzzled about their situation. In the Christmas event, if Lord Grim hadn’t interfered, Excellent Dynasty would have definitely taken the lead, but due to the interference, not only did Excellent Dynasty’s lead fail to appear, their numbers advantage didn’t bring up anything good and they ended up like Samsara. They had invested the most into the tenth server, but right now, they were still rushing towards Level 40. In terms of their investment and return, they were doing even worse than Samsara.

Samsara doing poorly wasn’t important. However, Excellent Dynasty was the guild Ye Qiu came out from. His previous account, Battle God One Autumn Leaf, and Su Mucheng’s Dancing Rain were both under Excellent Dynasty’s name. It was already unexpected that Ye Qiu would be so unfriendly with them, but to torment them to such an extent?

Ever since learning of Lord Grim’s identity, this question had constantly been on their minds. They had invited Excellent Dynasty to this group chat this time and had even revealed Lord Grim’s identity. They wanted to see how Excellent Dynasty would react, but it turned out that they didn’t react at all and only Lonely Drink stood out.

“Guild leader Chen, what do you think?” Excellent Dynasty’s people weren’t speaking. Their biggest rival guild’s leader, Tyrannical Ambition’s Jiang You, directly called out Excellent Dynasty’s Chen Yehui.

“Oh? I have the same line of thinking as Lonely Drink. This dungeon record issue is very problematic. You guys should think of a way to solve it.” Chen Yehui said in a dull voice.

Nothing new came out from him. If the others were in their situation and their guilds wouldn’t be able to gain anything out of this, they’d sit there watching the drama, too, but this wasn’t what everyone wanted to know! They wanted to know why Ye Qiu and Excellent Dynasty were on bad terms with each other. There was definitely gossip to be had in this……

The disagreement between Ye Qiu and the team was a rumor that had been circulating around for a long time, despite both side’s avoidance of the subject. Ye Qiu’s retirement had been extremely sudden, too. An abrupt retirement during the middle of a season and then the rookie Sun Xiang immediately taking his place made this seem like a purge.

It seemed like they wouldn’t be able to get anything out of Chen Yehui, but with Ye Qiu’s conduct in-game, it seemed like the rumors really were true.

For the other large guilds, this was good news. If not, with Excellent Dynasty having such a top tier God looking after them, besides dying and giving up, what else could they do?

The situation wasn’t like this, though. Excellent Dynasty and Samsara were currently at the foot of the mountain looking up at the tigers fighting because they hadn’t been able to gain any benefits. Everyone knew that neither side would be able to dupe the other.

As a result, a new group chat quickly formed. This time, the people who were only there to watch the drama weren’t invited.They didn’t want these drama-watchers to know of their plans. If not, then who knew which of those drama watchers would try to take advantage of it.

“What should we do?” A formal discussion began in the group chat. The group didn’t forget to make sham gestures of politeness.

“I say that we need to rely on killing!” Jiang You said. As someone who liked Tyranny, he liked to use the simplest methods to resolve his problems.

After a moment of silence, Arisaema helplessly said: “You’re right. There really isn’t any other way…..”

“How do we go about killing them?” someone asked.

“From the looks of it, the current level structure in the tenth server is pretty much set. Our leveling speeds are already at their peak. Even a God like Ye Qiu wouldn’t be able to level any faster. So as long as our characters don’t make a wrong move, Happy will only have these five high-level characters.” Arisaema analyzed.

“So you’re saying we should target these five?”

“No need. We only need to choose one. As long as we kill him until his experience drops by a significant amount, that’ll be enough.” Arisaema said.


“First, we need to be able to guarantee that everyone’s characters won’t leave. Can everyone guarantee that?” Arisaema asked.

“That won’t be a problem on my side.” Blue River said.

The others hesitated. They couldn’t be confident that they could guarantee it.

“Or just promise that no more problems will occur.” Arisaema said it in a different way.

“We’ll do our best!” someone finally replied.

“Good. Besides this, there isn’t anything else we need to be concerned about. You guys shouldn’t be a stranger to hunting down one character. The other guild members need to watch out for Happy’s movements and defend against any rescue attempts. I bet that they won’t dare to initiate any large-scale guild battles. With their levels and skill, they would only be looking to die.” Arisaema said.

“I say that since we’re all in this together. Why not just eliminate Happy directly?” Jiang You said.

“That wouldn’t look good for us.” Changing Spring forced himself to speak at critical moments, so he usually only spoke during these moments. Everyone agreed with his reasoning. They had to consider their own guilds’ image, too. Teaming up with other guilds was fine, but they had to have a good reason to. And right now? They didn’t have a good reasons. If you said that you were going to wipe them out because they were a threat, didn’t that make you a bully? Their guilds couldn’t do this sort of thing.

“Then, who will our target be?” The discussion moved onto the next stage.

“Thousand Creations.” Changing Spring unexpectedly spoke out.

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