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Chapter 363 – One More

In the end, Thousand Creations left the guild. Blue River had been prepared for this though, so he wasn’t too surprised. It was just that the way Ye Qiu had used him to prove himself made Blue River want to cry.

Thousand Creations leaving the guild gave Blue River less worries. He was familiar with the players in his guild, so apart from Thousand Creations, the rest weren’t big fans of Ye Qiu. This meant that using his identity to pull them in wouldn’t work. For example, Bound Boat had known of Lord Grim’s identity long ago.

Blue River thought that everything was good now, when a bunch of messages suddenly popped up. He opened them and looked. Most of them were old veterans of the guild asking what was going on with Thousand Creations.

A cold sweat ran down Blue River’s back. The top elites weren’t fans of Ye Qiu, but it was hard to say whether or not the others were. Blue River also couldn’t tell them all that Thousand Creations had left in order to follow Ye Qiu. This answer could very likely send another batch of talents running off.

“It’s nothing much. He just chose to.” Blue River could only give them an evasive answer.

Luckily, Thousand Creations wasn’t a very popular character in Blue Brook Guild. It was just that he had been with them for so long, so most players still recognized him. When he suddenly left out of nowhere, it was natural for them to question it. The only reason they wouldn’t want him to leave would be because of how the loss would affect the guild’s strength. Aside from that, it’d be hard to say if anyone else cared about Thousand Creations leaving.

“Is there anyone else in the guild like Thousand Creations? Just tell it to me straight so that I don’t have to try them all one at a time. It’d be very embarrassing if I had to do that.” Lord Grim messaged.

“Do you even know what it means to be embarrassed…….” Blue River didn’t even have the strength to comment sarcastically.

“Of course.” Lord Grim said, as if he had standards.

“That’s it……. You’ll know if you look. Players who idolize you usually play as Battle Mages.” Blue River replied.

“That’s true.” Lord Grim added a nodding head emoticon, but he quickly followed up: “But it seems like you guys have a Launcher?”

Blue River began to sweat like mad. How could he forget that there was still Su Mucheng! In terms of skill, Su Mucheng couldn’t be considered as top tier, but through her appearance and methods of publicity, her influence didn’t lose to God-level players. Su Mucheng had the absolute majority of fans, who played as Launchers, as her fans.

Blue River panicked, but let out a sigh of relief when he looked at the name of the Launcher in his guild list.

“Yeah, there’s a Launcher, but even if you call out Su Mucheng, he won’t leave.” Blue River replied.

“Oh? From your guild?”


“How about you kick him out of the guild?”

“F*ck off!!!” Blue River growled. After five days of being a spy, Blue River had gotten a lot more irritable, though he couldn’t pinpoint why……

“It looks like there really isn’t anyone else from Blue Brook Guild.” Ye Xiu had been very serious when he studied the list of high leveled players. He understood that his identity really only worked for Battle Mages. If this was a few years earlier, he might have been everyone’s idol, but in the past few years, Glory had been continuously developing while more and more experts from all different classes were emerging. It was currently the golden age. His influence couldn’t compare to how it was before.

If he just wanted to expand, relying on this method would work. However the problem was, Ye Xiu needed players who were at least Level 40 in order to challenge the Level 40-43 Thousand Waves Lake dungeon record. This was where most of the competition was amongst the top guilds right now.

“You can’t find anyone?” Chen Guo asked.

“For these players that have higher level accounts, even if I can persuade the player, I can’t get their account. What we need are the high-level accounts. The player really doesn’t really matter.” Ye Xiu said.

“What about others?” Chen Guo asked.

“There’s only this one left.” Ye Xiu clicked on a name near the bottom of the top 100 players. His name was Horse Shooter, a Launcher from Misty Castle.

“Launcher……” Chen Guo immediately understood Ye Xiu’s intent when she saw the class. She had been watching Ye Xiu the entire time and didn’t feel that using his identity as a God was shameless. She actually felt quite good about it. If she had been Ye Xiu, she would have directly announced to the world: “I’m Ye Qiu. If you like me, then follow me.”

“I have to get Mucheng to do it. Though…….” Ye Xiu hesitated.

“Hmph hmph! She’s definitely not as shameless as you!” Chen Guo said.

“I’ll let her figure it out!” Ye Xiu said and told Su Mucheng what to do.

“Okay, let me try.” Su Mucheng’s reply was very simple.

Su Mucheng had been even faster than Ye Xiu. It hadn’t even been a few minutes, when she replied: “Done.”

Ye Xiu opened up the level standings and saw that Horse Shooter no longer had a guild name next to him like Thousand Creations. He had clearly left the guild already.

“How’d you do it?” Ye Xiu asked.

“It was nothing. I added him as a friend, then said that Guild Happy was recruiting with Ye Qiu and Su Mucheng taking the lead and asked him if he was interested.” Su Mucheng replied.

“And then?”

“He was obviously very amazed. I then told him that I’m actually Su Mucheng!” Su Mucheng said.

“And then he believed you?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Of course not. I then gave him a cellphone number and told him to call it if he didn’t believe me.” Su Mucheng said.

“You gave him your cellphone number?”

“Huang Shaotian’s. He likes to talk, no? So I had to give him this opportunity.” Su Mucheng said.

“Hey……” Ye Xiu began to sweat. It was still a private number. In particular, for Gods like Huang Shaotian, randomly giving out his number wasn’t good.

“I’m just kidding! I just video chatted with him for a bit and that was enough.” Su Mucheng said.

“Okay, okay…….” Ye Xiu suddenly understood. It wasn’t that he hadn’t thought of using this method, but it was just that it wouldn’t work for him. No one knew his appearance, so what would a video chat do for him? Su Mucheng was different, though. Pictures of her were everywhere.

“Okay, after five days, we’ll be able to form an elite team. We can use these five days to start practicing.” Ye Xiu announced.

“Will that class comp work?” Chen Guo asked.

“Not really…… But it’s better than not having enough people.” Ye Xiu was helpless. This team had two Battle Mages and two Launchers. It was quite a mess.

At this moment, Blue River took another sweep at the level standings and saw that Horse Shooter didn’t have have a guild name next to his name like Thousand Creations. He immediately understood that Ye Qiu had gotten him. Truthfully, Blue River had noticed him and guessed that he would be Ye Qiu’s next target. It turned out to be true. Using Su Mucheng’s fame, they were able to recruit a Launcher. Now, Guild Happy had a high-level dungeon team.

Thinking of how the dungeon records could only have been made with the dungeon guides, Blue River felt like the future for the top guilds in the tenth server were looking very grim. How were the top guilds going to compete? Blue River racked his brains. He had already forgotten that as the tenth server guild leader of Blue Brook Guild, this was supposed to be an issue that he should be trying to solve and not just thinking about it as if he were an outsider.

The level standings weren’t something the top guilds paid much attention to like Blue River did, but there were still players that noticed.

Two characters not having a guild wasn’t something that the top guilds thought too hard about. Seeing that these two high-level characters didn’t have guilds, the first thing they did was try and pull them in. As a result, Thousand Creations and Horse Shooter were receiving invites from all the top guilds in the server.

But after receiving their replies, as if lightning had struck them, the guilds immediately understood the truth.

These two high-level characters had gone to Guild Happy???

Like Blue River had initially thought, these guild leaders hadn’t thought that these high-level players were able to be dug out by Guild Happy, and from the reports given to them by spies in Guild Happy, they knew that Guild Happy wasn’t able to compete with them for the Level 40-43 Thousand Waves Lake dungeon because they didn’t have enough high-level players. This was the result of Lord Grim’s work in Sin City. If he hadn’t come out, the top elites from their guilds wouldn’t have pulled so far apart from the rest of the playerbase. It could be said that Lord Grim had suffered the consequence of his own actions.

The top guilds were happy about this, but who would have thought that Guild Happy would be able to persuade two high-level characters to join? This news made them feel very uneasy.

What the heck was Blue Brook Guild doing? What the heck was Misty Castle doing?

The guilds that had their characters leave immediately received a bunch of hate. They obviously didn’t know of Ye Xiu’s method of persuasion. They just felt lucky that he didn’t persuade their players.

“In five days, Lord Grim will bring his team to compete for the dungeon record!” The top guilds were all discussing about this issue.

“Five days…… Will we be able to pull our levels apart?”

“Not by much! Lord Grim’s team doesn’t need the highest level characters to take down the record. Unless we can pull far apart enough to reach another dungeon, one or two levels won’t make a difference.”

Everyone was silent. No one knew what to do.

As a result, the guild leaders created a group chat again and began tackling this difficult issue.

“How could Blue Brook Guild and Misty Castle let these high-level characters go?” This question started the discussion.

“The answer to that is very scary. Are you sure you want to know?” Blue River said dully.

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