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Chapter 362 – There’s Still One More Trick

In the tenth server, the highest level that players could be was Level 42. There were differences in the experience within this group, but the differences weren’t too big. The main reason for their level advantages was because of the alliance with Ye Xiu in the Christmas event.

Ye Xiu, Su Mucheng and Tang Rou could be considered a part of the top players in the server. But since they couldn’t be online 24/7 like the characters from the top guilds, they were among the bottom and were only at Level 41 right now.

The guild leader account Blue River was also amongst these top players.

This account’s level had been outstanding. But because it hadn’t been played on for five days, it was immediately left behind by the other elite characters.

Ye Xiu’s mention of this account was a reminder to Blue River. Since he hadn’t been on his main account for five days, his character’s level hadn’t really changed. Even though the guild leader didn’t necessarily have to be the highest level in the guild, levels were still the most direct symbol for one’s status in the game. Having a higher level as a guild leader gave more power to their words. Blue River’s account was still at the top of the guild, but if he continued to neglect using it, that would soon no longer be the case.

“I have to go back to Blue Brook Guild to take a look.” Blue River thought. He sent Lord Grim a message and hastily logged off his account Peerless Looks. In the blink of an eye, he logged back in with his Blue River account.

“How fast! I wasn’t even done talking yet!” Lord Grim had chased after him.

“What else is there?” Blue River asked. As soon as he logged on, he received quite a few greetings. Spies were a very secretive matter in the guild, so not many players knew that Blue River had been using “Peerless Looks” to infiltrate Guild Happy. The majority of guild members thought something had happened to him in the past few days. Seeing Blue River suddenly return, they quickly asked him if anything had happened, making Blue River feel very moved.

Blue Brook Guild was still his home. With so many friends and memories…….

Blue River replied to everyone with a tinge of emotion. Ye Xiu once again messaged him: “Among those that are high up on the level standings, do you think there are any that can be dug out?”

“No way.” Blue River decisively said without looking at the standings. These characters were definitely loyal to their guilds. How could such carefully groomed characters be pulled away so easily?

“Not even one?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Uh…….” Blue River had been very confident initially, but Ye Xiu’s question had made him hesitate. Nothing was absolute! He didn’t understand other guilds as well as his own. How could he be certain that others might not feel the same way?

“You might not be so sure of other guilds, so go check on the ones from your guild.” Ye Xiu said.

“F*ck, you even know that they’re from our Blue Brook Guild!” Blue River replied with an emoticon of a crumbling face.

“If their hearts aren’t there, then there’s no point in forcing them.” Ye Xiu replied.

“Whose heart isn’t there!” Blue River replied, but he felt a bit lacking in confidence. Because in these past few days, his heart wasn’t really there. But after logging into his Blue River account and receiving the concern of everyone in his guild, he still felt that he belonged to Blue Brook Guild.

“It’s just analogy.” Ye Xiu replied.

“Even if the player’s heart isn’t there, the character is still going to stay!” Blue River wasn’t lying. These characters were all being leveled by using the guild’s resources from up to three players. The character was considered the guild’s; not a single person could just take that away whenever they wanted to.

“There isn’t any exception?” Ye Xiu asked again. Blue River hesitated again because when he looked at his guild’s member list. He discovered that there really was an exception in their Blue Brook Guild.

Thousand Creations…….

This guy loved to KS and he was the only one who had leveled his own character. The guild didn’t really provide too much help for him. However, his skill in the game was truly top notch, so whenever an important activity happened, Thousand Creations would usually be brought along.

For the Christmas quest, Thousand Creations had been specially called him over, too, so he leveled up like crazy. Afterwards, he continued with his play style. His leveling speed couldn’t compare to those characters that could be on 24/7, but he was still among the very top.

“I know how you guilds groom your elite characters. But because Glory requires that you use an account card to log in, there’s a limit to your method of leveling. There can’t be too many characters that can be leveled this way. From the looks of it, the highest leveled ones are definitely being leveled in this way, but the ones that are just on the border are probably leveling on their own, no?” Ye Xiu said.

That…… Blue River felt powerless against Ye Xiu’s message because his analysis was completely correct. For example, by looking at the level standings, Blue River had been dropped off of it because he hadn’t played for five days. As for Thousand Creations, who was being leveled by only one person, he was on the very edge.

“So from the level standings, you can test it out starting from the bottom to the top!” Ye Xiu said.

“How are you going to test them?” Blue River couldn’t help but ask. Even though Ye Xiu’s decision made sense, his decision still stood that there were players that had the qualifications to take their accounts with them. This didn’t have anything to do with the player’s loyalty to the guild either. Trying to rope these players in would be very troublesome, so Blue River was curious as to how he was going to achieve that.

“Sigh, there really isn’t any other way. My only choice is to use my old name and tell them that I’m Ye Qiu to see whether or not they’ll follow me over.” Ye Xiu replied.

“F*CK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Blue River’s hand shook and he typed a string of exclamation marks. How could he have forgotten about this move?

Ye Qiu’s identity…….

Thinking about this and checking the name list, Blue River’s eyes turned black.

Thousand Creations!! How could he not understand his own guild’s players? Even though Thousand Creations was a member of Blue Brook Guild, his favorite player was still Ye Qiu!

Any player whose favorite class was the Battle Mage would have Ye Qiu as their idol. With such power, he’d be the same as their guilds who were backed by Clubs who used their teams to attract fans!

It couldn’t be said that them support a team and liking a player from another team were conflicting.

Especially for players like Ye Qiu, or Huang Shaotian, or Han Wenqing, Zhou Zekai, these players who represented the top of their respective classes. Battle God, Sword Saint, King of Fighting, Great Gunner……. How could people who played these classes not idolize these pros?

“Uh…… if we start from the bottom, the first one is you…… So it isn’t convenient for you to come over with your guild leader account?” Ye Xiu began.

“…….” Blue River was silent.

“Next up is…… Thousand Creations. Hey, I think I recognize this guy. He’s from your guild, right?” Ye Xiu gave a live report of what he was doing to Blue River.

Blue River was speechless. He didn’t know what to do……. Should he go warn Thousand Creations first? But how should he go do that? Was he just going to tell Thousand Creations that in a bit, Lord Grim’s going to tell him that he’s Ye Qiu and that he can’t trust Lord Grim because he’s a dirty liar?

The problem was…… It was actually the truth. If he actually said that to Thousand Creations, then he’d be the dirty liar……. But then again, how was Ye Qiu going to prove that he was actually Ye Qiu?

Blue River still didn’t know what to do! He suddenly received a message. At first, he thought it was from Lord Grim, but when he opened it, he saw that it was actually from Thousand Creations.

“Lord Grim said he was Ye Qiu!! Did you know that?” Thousand Creations messaged.

“Ah?” Blue River was startled, “Where’d that question come from?”

“That guy added me as a friend and said that he was Ye Qiu. He said that if I didn’t believe him, I should go and ask you.” Thousand Creations said.

“GOD D*MMIT!!!!!!!!!” Blue River’s hands trembled. He hadn’t thought that he’d become Ye Qiu’s proof. What should he say? What should he say??

“What’s wrong?” Thousand Creations replied quite quickly.

“Lord Grim isn’t anything special!” Blue River replied.

“Oh? He’s pretending to be Ye Qiu?” Thousand Creations asked.

Blue River struggled for awhile, before finally replying: “Yes! He’s a dirty liar!”

“Uh…… Guild leader. Are you saying this because you’re afraid that I’ll run over to Guild Happy?” Thousand Creations suddenly replied.

“How could that be!” Blue River stared blankly after replying, because Thousand Creations wasn’t wrong.

“Because he said……. He said that you wouldn’t help him prove his identity because you’re afraid that I’ll abandon you…….” Thousand Creations said.

“How could he be so shameless!!!” Blue River was about to go mad.

“Guild leader……. Is he really Ye Qiu?” Thousand Creations asked.

“What about you…… if he really is him? Are you going to leave?” Blue River asked.

After a long pause, a message finally flashed. Blue River looked and saw Thousand Creations reply: Leave.

“He’s not!” Blue River decisively replied.

“Guild leader……” Thousand Creations could already see the reason for his answer.

“Fine……. He’s Ye Qiu. He really is…… Quite a few already know this. If you want to go, then go!” Blue River sighed.

“Thanks, guild leader :)” Thousand Creations added a smiley face and in the next second, a guild notification appeared in Blue Brook Guild’s chat: Player Thousand Creations has left the guild.

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